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Distraction [Judina & Alice | Quest]

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Distraction [Judina & Alice | Quest] Empty Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:51 pm

There were a couple of things that Alice needed to arrange, all the guest rooms needed to be clean, she had hired a company while she was in Baska still and they had showed up yesterday and cleaned the last rooms. She had not asked Kon about this idea, he had given her the reign on planning their wedding and well she wasn't in any way able to clean it and she didn't plan to ask her friends to do that for her. She was actually waiting for Judina to get here, to the manor, she wanted to invite her to get a room up here.

They had taken a bit of time to arrive because she had wanted to walk, she now sat in the living room, looking at Hecate who was looking at a list of things that they needed to arrange, she looked at the frown on Hecate her face, "Why don't you take a break today? You could do something else?" She heard her companion call out, her voice so pretty and very calm, she still had to get used to Jupiter changing into a human but she was easily adjusted to Hecate. "Perhaps I can ask Judina to do a job with me." If only the heavy pregnant lady could do any jobs. But sitting still was so boring!

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Judina †
Time, it was their either so little or too much of it the balance was hard to achieve and figure out. Judina's case the passing time to her felt a bit longer then normal but allowed for a bit more settled thoughts for her she did have a lot to think about during her travel with a few things turning the tided of how she should think and trust people around her realizing she had been maybe fooled either intentionally or unintentionally, She had to rethink about that she had hoped that the one she had to think over had better and good intentions about covering her how she was up around Judina then cruel ones, But easily kept in his mind she could have too much faith in other people.

It was interesting to returned to an area she had been too before, it was a nice area and she did like this place but had never been use when this situation would be. But better then never going again she was fine with how it was going currently. arriving where she was not too long much longer then she expected too.

But the almost was a bit lost trying to find were Alice told her to go mostly because she had kept it in mind and thought yet slowly but surely making her way their, but found the manor not too longer after and mostly just quietly letting herself in since she was to be expected thinking it wouldn't a problem.

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The three of them heard a door and it could either be Lycoris or someone else, Jupiter walked to the hallway and looked up to see Judina, he had seen her once after all in Baska, she looked different with her hair and her clothing but he recognized her easy enough, "Hello Judina," He guided her to the living room and Alice stood up from her chair, "Hi, good to see you. Did you bring everything? I mean if you want you can stay in the manor, there is enough room." She leaned against the other chair to get a bit of a support from standing, "I actually have another request for today, would you mind doing a job together? I'm quite done with sitting still inside." She gave a bit of a shy smile because well sometimes she understood; she needed her rest.

It was depending on Judina, she had not found a job yet but she knew where the request board in Orchidia was, thanks to being here before and starting some jobs. She wondered if there was something they easily could do, Hecate would stay behind here to do some more things on the list, she had offered to help out and took that very strict, Jupiter would probably keep an eye on her. Having some sort of personal bodyguard. She felt a bit jealous that the two of them were together and she knew that she was exaggerating with these feelings but it was probably due to her circumstances that she felt it so quickly.


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Judina †
It was normal to be guided places she had to expect to at this point but it kept in her mind that fancy places and expensive places were far too strange to her. It wasn't something she would buy and keep herself like now. but personal thoughts aside it was good thing she just came straight here.

"I had not found anywhere to stay yet." Normally the one to plan ahead with such things but she didn't this time mostly because it was just go and go for the moment but she did not mind for once. the room would be nice for her." I would love to stay here, good thing i had not plan where to stay yet."Hopefully Judina enjoyed her choice not like it was anything too bad in the end that could come from it.

"Work and moving?"Judina questioned why Alice would want to do so but in the end realize that maybe in come manner it could easily reflect her own mind set, Sitting around easily get anything restless whom was use to being on the go all of the time. "I am fine with working just simply do not force too much upon yourself." Judina mentioned Alice but agree too it nonetheless it was not a hard nor unreasonable request, just if anything happen Judina was more likely to take a different kind of action which was normal of her nothing to not be shocked or not expected from her.

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Alice felt a happy feeling when Judina seemed to enjoy the idea of staying in the manor, "Wonderful! We are redoing the house or well Kon is mostly, he got it around August but than a lot of things happened and well, let me show you your room." Which would be in the same wing as hers, on the second floor and she hoped Judina liked it, it was simple because they were still changing a lot and before she was aware of the manor, he did it himself. She shook her head to the idea.

When she also asked for her request to go on a job, Judina questioned working and moving and she simply smiled, soon enough seeing the realization on her friend her face, "I'm getting crazy with sitting still. But I promise, I won't do anything when I can't." she smiled reassuring, glad that Judina agreed, Jupiter came into the room now as a companion, obviously not leaving the two of them alone on this job. And she simply shook her head slightly. She told Judina she would wait down stairs if she wanted to unpack first or so.

Once the two young women were ready to leave, she took the key of the manor and locked the door behind her even if Hecate and Lycoris might be home. She just didn't want to risk anything. As she told Judina that she actually felt very fine and that walking to Orchidia albeit sometimes resting on the carriage was great, she wanted to be more outside. While walking they came past the castle from the Muramasa family, there was one of the guards man that clearly didn't watch them before asking if they could do a job. Than staring rudely at her pregnant bump, "Sure, what job?" So the guard shook off his embarrassed feeling and told the two of them that there was a party at the castle soon and that they needed to distract and keep an old senile man called Leis away from the castle. Which sounded like an easy job, so Alice looked to Judina and let her decide.

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Judina †
Judina took  a moment to think about and she seemed to have a good idea, wasting not time to mention it being on point like she normally is or attempting to be. "I have an idea one we can do."it would be pretty simple in thought and how it could easily work out as well, hopefully Judina would never attempt to second guess anything, Second guessing was something she would have to stop for the moment.

"I will be simply enough to explain on the go, since we have the time I will explain on the way, Shall we go now or do you need a few things before we go?"
Judina asked since she was already good to go then again Judina looked ready as well she was in her normal outfit, hair tied back and and everything else normal with her.

"Whatever you think of Jelies Sov, Apparently he has a rather simple job that won't take much effort or much to do." Judina said while they were on their way. "from what i gather just talk to an old man, It makes me wonder he won't do it himself." Judina said while they were just either heading out of the door or walking there either way it was that simple in her mind.

While they would be arriving Judina had to talk how she would talk to an old man, anyone around that age she did not remember interacting with or what subject they enjoyed, her father the only person she could think of was too quiet by nature to read, then again maybe her father could be younger then this one time would tell.

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The plan that Judina had unfolded slowly and she actually liked it, it's exactly what she wanted, to do something that wasn't too difficult, "Sounds like a great plan." As soon as they arrive at the castle they met the Guard as Judina had said and they told them that they would take the job. She leaned against the short stone wall waiting for the old man to show up. "I bet Jelies has to protect the castle, if he works for the owners." Alice mentioned a little later when she remembered Judina asking why Jelies didn't do it himself, "If the man talks well disturbing texts by yelling at the castle, we better bring him to another spot so we can just talk to him." She could still walk albeit with some difficulty and slowness but that didn't change things. She wasn't uncomfortable much, just quickly tired.

She looked up after waiting for what seemed to be twenty minutes, an old man showed up and she looked shortly at Judina, this must be the guy. Especially because he stationed his wheelchair in front of the castle gate and opened his mouth. They had to be quick, "If you are holding a speech I don't think this is the best place, only we are here and no one else will be here to listen. Let's go." She looked shortly again at Judina for some back up.

When they managed to get the man away, she talked to him a bit, asking pretty interested why he talked like that. She was a Holy Knight afterall and interested. They talked a bit, she didn't really understand but as soon as he noticed her baby bump he started to whimper about his wife and she let him, feeling sorry for him. She complained about missing Kon but his wife would never return. In the end he asked the two of them to bring him home and she would push the wheelchair which gave her some support in walking and she didn't mind. Once he was home, he thanked the two of them for the talk and she closed the door. "I think some people are greatly misunderstood." she couldn't help but say to Judina as she walked back to the castle to wait for Jelies to reward them.

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Judina †
Maybe Judina just worked different, maybe she also just did not get how this man Judina almost seemed borderline almost insult with how it seemed to be going as well but for the most part realizing it was her and only her thoughts and maybe her fuse was getting too short Judina kept her thoughts to herself about how a rune knight should her their job and how he wasn't doing his job and wanting to call him out on it.

Judina then realized she was with her boss and was trying to be peaceful for the moment so still keeping her thoughts and mouth quiet. Keeping herself in line was something she had not had to do for a while then again Judina did not get insulted very often but being lazy was one of the things bugging her quite easily this situation was a bit of a good test for her.

For the most part Judina would seemed quiet the most time like she seemed to have nothing to say or nothing she really needed to say. It was peaceful from that part on for a while Alice seemed to simply had taken over to talk to the old man, Judina just make sure Alice would be fine walking and did not push anything too hard on herself.

Judina felt like a shadow if anything a guard, a quiet by stander over the end of this mission, She had spent it listening to the old man thinking maybe to herself if one day her father would reach that way in age and if she would be effected as this old man, it seemed almost sad in thought.

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