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American Pie

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Now for ten years we’ve been on our own

And moss grows fat on a rollin’ stone

But that’s not how it used to be

When the jester sang for the king and queen

In a coat he borrowed from James Dean

And a voice that came from you and me

Oh, and while the king was looking down

The jester stole his thorny crown

The courtroom was adjourned;

No verdict was returned

And while Lennon read a book on Marx

The quartet practiced in the park

And we sang dirges in the dark

The day the music died

We were singing

Singing, "This’ll be the day that I die

"This’ll be the day that I die."

#2Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
She placed her hands on her knees for support, gasping, already pretty exhausted from the long sprint she made to reach the Westgate. The girl had trotted along to find another region to protect from devastation. A Seated Knight had requested aid at Mercurius's Westgate; trouble was assumed there considering the attempted breach of the Eastgate. Now at her destination, Akira was glad, it looked like they'd made it in time. There is hope... feeble as it may be... she thought. 'If this guy is anything like that fire mage, you realise we're pretty much done here right?' she mumbled.

Her eyelids wrinkled as she squinted, the rays of the sun fell like large pillars of light between the sparse clouds... 'Do you think I should risk using my light...? It'd probably be harder to see right?' Despite the adrenaline, the stakes of war had driven a spear of fear in her heart. The Shimada could use some reassurance, even from Tsuru, in fact, given everything that had transpired, especially from him. As the first rule of business, her job was to clear the civilians out... Accompanied by her partner, she hoped that task would be easier to accomplish in time... While Tsuru busied himself with the people, she mapped her surroundings, her brain whirring to attempt setting up an ambush.

The west gate opened into a large open ground that led to the colossal ornate archway, which supported the massive doors... The archway and the main Westgate stood thirty-meters apart. She rolled her eyes at the grandiosity of Mercurius. On either side of the archway, two-storey watchtowers stood, each of them, about fifteen meters tall and standing ten meters apart from each other. Spiraling stairs were carved, along the towers, supported well by fancy beams, that grew like a vine around the structures.

Akira bit her lip as she hatched her plan. Given the kind of stunts, they had pulled off against that darkness mage—a fight that seemed to have occurred aeons ago—the two Rune Knights had built a slightly better and collaborative tandem. Akira was pretty unsure of her plan, but at least she had an idea. She tugged at Tsuru's robe to gather his attention and relayed her intentions to him. Upon exchanging a nod, she made her way up to the watchtower on the right. Instead of climbing straight to the top though, she took the sharp right to the chamber on the first floor. Standing almost stupidly in front of the wall that would face the main Westgate, she jumped and shook out her hands and feet. Limber up for the fight... Come on Come on, she spoke in her head.

She placed her hands over her eyes to create her light lens, allowing her vision across the wall. Akira needed to wait for Tsuru to do his thing, but in the meantime, she rubbed her hands together and traced the shape of the weapon she wanted to create... As the moonlight crossbow materialized, she harnessed as much light magic as she could to notch the most powerful arrow she could make... It would be kind of hilarious if the enemy assumed he had no resistance and just walked in, she thought. If someone got close enough to attempt crossing the arch... She'd have the option of taking a straight shot at them.


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Haru took the boy he had saved from the rubble straight to the closest medical camp, while his partner went on ahead to scout for any further breaches. Immediately after he brought the boy in, a medical squad took him under their care and Haru was about to leave the camp to go help more civilians who might be caught up in the attack. A beefy, tall Rune Knight called out to him as he exited the camp. “You there! You are a Rune Knight, aren’t you?” he asked, pointing towards Haru. The healer turned towards the voice and recognized the scarred face immediately; it was the same guy who had saved him and Akira the other night. Unfortunately, they were again in an emergency situation and had no time to proper introductions. So, he simply nodded and said, “Yes, sir!” The higher official sighed softly, seemingly relieved and gave him instructions. “Get to the west gate of Mercurius immediately. It is highly likely they will flank from there with powerful mages,” he said. There was no time to gather more intel; so, the red-haired Rune Knight nodded again and began running towards Mercurius.

The rush to the west gate of Mercurius was extremely tiring, especially when he had to take a couple of detours to avoid getting into pointless skirmishes. When he finally made it, he saw the familiar figure of his partner and that brought about a great relief. He had always felt a little confident when he had someone else defending alongside him; although, he wouldn’t call Akira’s methods ‘defensive’. He sprinted to catch up with his partner and called out to her once he was within her earshot. “Hey! Wait up,” he said, panting. “Glad I ran into you,” he said, breathing heavily between each word.

Haru shuddered when Akira mentioned that fire mage they had fought before. “Yeah… That guy was crazy. But… We still gotto try,” he said, finding the courage to utter those last words so that they don’t lose hope before even the fight began. Haru was surprised when Akira suggested using her light spells. She had been avoiding it for so long. He reckoned the girl had finally escaped the denial phase and had begun to accept what’s within her. “That’s a great idea,” he said enthusiastically.

The duo then proceeded to scan the area for any civilian survivors and guide them away from the Mercurius so that they don’t get caught in any crossfire. Haru helped any who were disabled in their movement, while Akira took in the surroundings and crafted an ambush plan. Once the area was secure, Haru ran back to his partner to hear out her plan. Although he really liked her plan, as it had worked once before, he still wasn’t too confident about it. But considering the circumstances, he couldn’t really suggest anything better. And if they stay around in the open field between the main gates and the inner door, they will sitting ducks for the incoming attackers. “Alright… Let’s do it,” he said, following her to the first floor of the right watchtower.

Once they were inside, Haru put his palms together and touched the wall right in front of Akira. His magic flowed through his hand and into the wall reducing its density drastically. Although its appearance remained the same, the wall now had such low density that anything would pass through it. After successfully casting the spell, he turned towards Akira and nodded, as a sign to inform her that it was ready. Haru wasn’t really at peace because even though Akira could see through the wall, he still couldn’t. Being inside the circular tower without knowing what was happening outside irked him a bit. “Let me know if something is coming our way. I’ll try to shield us,” he whispered, and got ready for a fight.



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Ahh wartime. The smell of smoke and flames filled the air. Screams of terror and panic echoed throughout the town. It was truly of beautiful sight to behold. Most of the Grimoire Heart grunts had already provided a distraction so the higher ranked members would be able to make their move. That is where Caius came in. They weren't meant to complete any objective but rather keep their foes at bay so Crowley would complete his ambitions without being hindered. Caius' job was a simple one. Go to the Mercurius and engage the forces that he found there on the western side of the Castle.

Arriving at the main west gate, Caius put his hand in front of his mouth and inhaled deeply. This made him translucent so his body was only visible if you were up close to him. Though the sun revealed him a bit, you would only be able to see a faint outline of his body. He was pleased to see the metal grade door was already open leading into the grounds and the inner westgate about 30 meters ahead of him. The open field was surrounded by 10m walls made of stone and the only entrances was the main door Caius was coming from and the Archway gate that was straight ahead. Caius would activate the switch on the inside which closed the metal grated gates behind him so he would be able to cover himself from behind. Looking at the grounds ahead of him and to the left and right, there was nobody around to oppose him. Apparently nobody had the guts to challenge Grimoire Heart. Caius would cautiously walk towards the main archway where his objective lied.

Stopping at around 20m, Caius looked up at the two towers connected to the massive archway. Both of them were still in his peripheral vision checking for movement. Nobody had thrown an attack at him yet but there was a possibility that soldiers resided in there. Not only that, but there could be forces on the other side of the gate to the Mercurius ready to engage him. In order to draw the rats out of hiding, Caius lifted up his left hand and pointed his index finger towards to gate. A hidden blast of crash magic the size of a bullet would zoom towards the gate and collide with the metal doors. Being S rank, the blast of crash would explode and rip through the metal grating giving him a hole to progress through. Caius raised both his arms forward and prepared for whoever came out. He would wait a few moments for any soldiers to respond before proceeding.


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#5Jeremiah Ali 

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Jeremiah Ali

Finally, here he was. Jeremiah approached the western gate of Mercurius. Considering he was on the outside, he felt as if this was where his journey stopped...but only for a breif moment. At this moment he stood in the middle of two gates...walls, whatever one would call them. His mask sat on his face hiding every expression he was making but right now he was frowning. He needed to get through this wall if he wanted to get to the castle, thus beginning his small display of strength. The young Phantom leaped back, clearing a distance of about 3 meters before dashing forward with his shoulder aimed towards the wall, slamming it against it with full strength. There. By ramming the wall he was able to create a crack. Hm. That one time was enough for him to finish the job with his bare fists. Quickly he squared up with the wall, punching it three more times before it created a hole big enough for him to step through and enter.

Damn... Even inside the walls... there was war. Knights running back and forth fighting Grimoire Heart mages, Grimoire Heart mages running back and forth fighting Knights. There was fire almost everywhere on the ground inside the walls and blood continuously spilled onto the soil. History was being created right before his very eyes and knowing that shit only excited him. However, these people dying didn't interest him not one bit because that castle had all of his attention. It felt almost like hitting the jackpot just to gaze upon the glorious structure. That was his target. What did he intend to do? It was simple really ... Jeremiah planned on murdering whatever royalty remained inside of the building. Many would believe it to be a long-shot, but with an ego as big as his nothing seemed impossible. If there were no royalty for him to ruthlessly slaughter then he would make it his business to destroy the royal castle.

Now there was no time to waste, he had to move. Swiftly he sprinted forward, dodging sword fights and swords just to get to the castle but then... Boom. In the midst of the battle a large explosion could be heard and it came directly from where Jeremiah had just entered. The explosion was not only noticeable by himself, but almost all the other mages as well. Most - if not all eyes were focused on where the explosion had came from. Only 10 meters from the wall Jeremiah could see a figure directly through the hole. Immediately about 30 Rune Knights swarmed to where the figure had been, running through the wall in attempts to fight the man off while other Knights stayed to fight off the Grimoire Heart mages who were being pushed back.

The young Demon on the other hand decided almost instantly after seeing the the Knights rush to the scene, that it would be best to wait and watch how this mysterious being handled things. There were trees of approximately the same size all around, but the closest tree was only 5 meters to the left of him which he decided to utilize to get a clearer picture of what would happen. It only took him a second to leap into the 50 foot tree, simultaneously activating a crown of eyes that would give him the ability to see everything around him. It was already hard to see the figure behind the explosion so he would need to watch closely in order to successfully analyze this man and the situation before him.


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#6Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Now they waited, with bated breath. She wondered if it was tougher for Tsuru; he had no idea what the hell was going on outside the walls of the tower. The girl chewed on her lip, a bead of sweat forming on the side of her temple. Her eyes were trained onto the west gate, as she assumed that’s where any attack would come from. Then she noticed it... A cold chill went down her spine. It is definitely not normal for large gates to close by themselves.

'Tsuru...' she hissed. 'I can't really see anyone, but someone is around because the main Westgate just closed... It was even locked.' she whispered with urgency as she scanned the area, combing it with her gaze as carefully as she could, but almost to no avail. 'I... I think I see something, but then it’s gone like the light is playing tricks on me...' she added. 'Stupid light...'

The girl kept her voice very soft, so it stayed within the four walls of the room, but still it made her nervous that it may be audible. She was usually not very talkative, but since she was the eyes for both of them, it was only considerate if she attempted keeping Tsuru in the loop... 'If the enemy is in, they should be nearing us every sec-.'


The sound reverberated in the walls, it echoed in her very being. It took a lot of courage to not wince and just give up, but she scanned the area to assess the damage. 'Ok we definitely have company, the doors have been blasted open, a perfect hole through it, outside-in' she said shakily. From the debris, and the way the iron had been blasted, it wasn’t too difficult to gauge the direction of the spell. In fact, she could decipher the trajectory of whatever hit the metal door, it seemed to be a direct hit. She stared straight ahead, focusing on the area between the gate and the door… There was definitely something… someone there? The presence was hazy and even then, sinister, something very creepy about it. Of course, it could just be an illusion, some sort of a trap to weed out anyone setting up an ambush. Akira wasn’t going to take the bait, she was still too far to shoot. ‘I can’t do anything…’ she said through grit teeth, quite frustrated.

She swallowed and momentarily turned towards the other wall behind them, a faint hint of some commotion on the inside attracted her attention. As she faced eastward, in the direction of the castle she noticed the gathering Knights. ‘I think that blast gathered attention, we might have reinforcements...' she hissed, but she was unsure about what they'd accomplish. Swivelling her head to check the other directions swiftly, so far nothing in the north. Towards the south-east, she noticed another man, somewhere behind the other tower, he was up in a tree. She couldn't make out his face, it looked like he had a mask on. From the vague idea of his robes, he seemed familiar. Could she have crossed paths with him on the street earlier that day? There wasn’t enough time to assess that man too, just the knowledge of his presence would have to be enough for now.

'There's someone else on a tree behind the other tower… I don't know whose side he's on!' she added sounding quite beside herself with anxiety. Why the hell did I agree to do this? The loyal Rune Knights had gathered their forces. She noticed them pool out through the blasted iron door, carrying large shields and standing in a small crowded formation, with shields held above and to all their sides. Akira's heart sank, she was definitely not as brave... Or maybe foolhardy. They were attempting to engage an unseen enemy, one that had just left an eight-meter wide and tall hole in the iron gates... She hoped to god the Rune Knights had a plan. They seemed like the combat specialist kinds, given the precision in their formation, archaic as it might be.

'I suppose we wait...' she sighed and then grit her teeth. Maybe she shouldn't mention that the reinforcements had arrived... But he must have heard the scuffling and orders underneath them. The girl just attempted bargaining with him. 'Tsuru, don't even think about it. Stay right here. If there is further trouble, you'd be of more aid without being an early target... If these Knights can get the enemy to reveal themselves somehow, our plan will still work.' she added urgently, ordering and beseeching all in one go.

She just didn't want Tsuru to try to give into his protective instinct and get caught up in something he couldn't handle... again. Her breathing was shallow, just to have some more ammunition, as a back-up, she briefly lifted her hand off the trigger of her light-crossbow and clicked. A coin materialised in the palm of the other hand, the one that supported her created weapon... The girl really didn't have too much up her sleeve…

WC: 848

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To say Haru was uncomfortable would be an understatement. The damp and dimly lit chamber they were in did not make things any easier; the healer hated lack of light. And not to mention, the wait was killing him. He knew there was going to be a fight and every second of the wait felt like eons. He stood next to Akira, impatient and restless, waiting for his partner to tell him something. At the same time, he did not want to rub off his nervousness on her and make things even more difficult than they already were. So, he kept quiet until Akira chose to update him on her own accord. When she did finally spoke, it was nothing good. The gate closed by itself? What the hell?! The fear that ran through Akira also affected Haru. He bit his lip and tried to keep his composure. “How are you supposed to hit someone you can’t see?” he asked. Her frustration towards the light made him wonder if her spells are going wonky, but he did not pose that question fearing that he might cripple her confidence.

He listened keenly when Akira spoke again, but before she could finish, the blast occurred. More than the deafening sound, the vibrations that travelled through the tower’s floor he was standing on, made his knees wobbly. He knew something had gone terribly wrong but needed confirmation and further details from his partner. Apparently, their invisible assailant had blasted a huge hole through the arch door. Haru saw those doors before entering the tower; those were thick ornate metal doors. His hands trembled at the thought that there was someone out there who was almost invisible and could blast through such thick metal doors without breaking a sweat. But there was a silver lining… He presumed that the attacker did not know of their existence yet; if he did, considering the amount of power he wielded, they wouldn’t be standing still. So, initially, he was thinking the same thing as Akira. To wait until they can actually see the enemy. But all that was out the window when Akira mentioned Rune Knight reinforcements, and another anonymous individual.

Haru could hear a huge platoon of Rune Knight march on. He assumed they were going to block the hole to stop the incoming Grimoire Heart mage; typical army strategy. Haru’s protective instincts kicked in; he couldn’t believe he considered cowering inside the tower while his fellow men marched on to face the enemy despite knowing that they didn’t stand a chance against someone who could crush metal doors to nothingness. He shook his head as Akira beseeched him to stay in and wait. He was not a coward; he was not going to sit here and let the men die for nothing. However, at the same time, he was not a fool to walk in without a clue as to where the enemy might be. Haru looked around the circular chamber they were in. It had a central pillar that ran straight up to the top of the tower and this pillar had missing bricks, leaving holes for climbing up. The annular opening around the pillar at the ceiling of the first floor was the only source of light and it was big enough for one man to climb through.

“I’m going up to get a better view,” he said to Akira, ignoring her warning and rushed to the pillar. He climbed the pillar and reached the top. Once his head was above the opening, he pulled himself slowly up while keeping very close to the floor. He laid completely on the floor and crawled towards the one-meter high short wall around the top of the tower. From there, he slowly lifted his head over the short wall just enough for him to see the courtyard between the locked main gate and the blasted inner gate. Except for the large Rune Knight platoon that stood in defensive formation right in front of the blasted door, he could frankly see nothing else. He squinted his eyes and scanned the area; he thought he saw someone stand ahead, but from fifteen meters high up, he really couldn’t be sure. Just then, he remembered Akira mention the presence of another person. So, he looked around, still keeping his head very low so that it is hard to spot him while he was behind the short wall. As he scanned around, his eyes caught a small movement behind the identical tower on the other side, on top of the tree that was on the inner Mercurius. His pupils constricted, and he could see a masked figure perch atop the tree. There were a million questions that arose in his head. The very first and obvious one was, if he was an ally or an enemy? Unfortunately, there was nothing the healer could do but stay there and wait for further movement. Besides, if he went too far away from his partner, he can’t sustain his Phase spell and that would completely ruin the ambush they had set up. He turned back towards the seemingly empty space between the Rune Knight platoon and the main gate, squinting really hard to try and spot their enemy.

<1000 Words

OOC Note: Jeremiah confirmed his and the Rune Knight platoon's positions.

#8Káilètte † 

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Arisa started to run through the building as Zade left the area. Was this a win or did they lose in a way? It was questionable and to be fair, Arisa didn't know what to think of it when Zade said what he said.

''I don't hate you, we were just standing on opposing sides. I'm sure if you ever took the time to understand us, most of us in here would be on the same side."'

It sunk down in her heart and actually drove whatever-self being she was away. It was like a crash of reality. Her blonde hair flowed aback due to the speed of running which was only a small difference to what a regular human could do. She heard there was some chaos happening outside of the walls in which she wanted to help all she could. 'I have to do something...' she thought while she turned away from the first hall and towards the outside door just as it was destroyed by something. Before running outside, she made her staff glow by channeling into the staff of her spells. First she became invisible to the naked eye, next she was soundless and then she stopped running. 'Wait... I should go up there.' she thought as she tilted her head up towards the window next to some tower on the right side of the right tower about six meters from it. She formed her wings to fly up there to sit on the ledge and watch what was happening. The area seemed to be destroyed a little here and there, but where was the enemy? He/She had to be here and perhaps there is only one person because the last guy she fought came alone as well. She kept her staff hidden behind the wall (from the inside) by holding the staff still while observing before taking action.



American Pie Empty Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:51 pm

It looked like his "knock" on the Mercurius door was answered in kind. The sounds of marching approached through the hole in the wall to reveal a small rune knight squad about 30 strong. They didn't look like much. It was a weaker platoon while the stronger ones were out protecting more vital areas of the castle. About 20 marched towards his position carefully as they vaguely could make out his translucent silhouette. 10 stayed back near the hole in the wall with bows. When the squad was about 5m from Caius, his demonic presence would take hold of them. The squad started to tremble in fear at the unseen terror in front of them. Caius held both arms up and moved his left index finger out. A small crash bullet would fire and peg a rune knight member in the temple causing him to be knocked down.

Being overwhelmed by the presence and seeing their ally get knocked to the ground caused them to panic and break formation. The archers in the back blind fired hoping they would be able to slow down or kill the unknown presence and to cover their soldiers.  Some knights ran through the hole Caius created while others would run to the towers seeking protection and begging for help. This in turn clogged the door to exit and enter the tower.  Caius smiled at the chaos he had caused. Right when the rune knights started to retreat and fire at him, Caius would start to sprint towards them. At the same time this would activate a spell to make any spells move through him. The arrows would pass through him like air.  He had no intention of letting them escape.

As he reached the 10m mark towards the hole in the gate, Caius would clench his fists and hold both his hands outward towards the towers. The tower towards his left had more knights funneling into it so he would use a more powerful spell there. An invisible shockwave 16m in diameter would project forwards towards the tower. All of the soldiers, anyone inside, and the entire tower itself would be engulfed by the blast. After anyone was hit by it, they would be thrown from the tower and be crushed by the stone rubble. . As far as the 2nd tower. Caius fired off a blast only 5m in diameter at the base of it. It would smash into the soldiers running at the door and continue as it smashed into the bottom foundation of the tower. Seeing as the towers were about 15m tall and the blast took out a 5m wide chunk. The tower had no base and would collapse on top of everyone just like the previous tower. Caius would continue to run forward through the hole in the gate to chase the other stragglers keeping his head facing forward for any foes.


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#10Jeremiah Ali 

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Jeremiah Ali

From a distance, Jeremiah simply watched everything that was happening. With the shadowy figure being a total of 30 meters away from him, and the tree he was hidden in mostly filled with leaves he was pretty will hidden at this distance - at least from the man. Jeremiah's tactics as of now was to watch the man, see what he was capable of and then react off of that. The Knights bravely marched on, 10 of them staying to block the hole while the other twenty continuing on until they were within 5 meters of their enemy, stopping before getting any closer. Jeremiah raised an eyebrow. Why the hell did they halt in fear all of a sudden? They were already risking their lives...why stop now? Right after the knights stopped, the shadow man raised his arms and in an instant a Knight before him fell to the ground. Apparently the enemy hit them with some sort of undetectable attack in the head. The force of the attack caused the man's head to lean, causing his entire body to fall. Invisible attacks? There was no indication of energy...just an invisible attack. Wind magic, maybe? Jeremiah watched, attempting to figure out what exactly had happened so quick.

The archers fired off their arrows after seeing what had happened to their comrade, probably realizing that they needed to take this man out as soon as possible. It was safe to say that this was a mage on a different level of power, far stronger than Jeremiah currently was and beyond even the collective strength of the Rune Knights. If this was the strength of Grimoire's top mages, then everyone was in trouble. Some Knights decided that there fate was to survive, causing many of them to attempt to get to safety by going back through the whole from which they came. Pussies. One thing that stood out to Jeremiah was the fact that not one arrow touched him. Instead, it was like they went right through his body. Invisible attacks, now a phasing technique? Ghost magic? Miah never came across anyone with "Ghost Magic", but after seeing this man that's what he decided to deem it as. "Ghost Magic."

This was the moment of truth. Once seeing that the man was actually destroying shit, The young Savannian drew his blade from his back and let it stand in front of where he had been standing with his hand on it's hilt. Already he could feel Samehada eating his mana. With the man never putting his arms down, Ali wanted to be ready to defend himself against any invisible magic attacks that may have been released. Jeremiah kept his eye on the man as he passed through the hole, raising his other hand and following the man with it as he calculated when would be best to strike. Already 30 feet into the tree he would wait for the correct moment to strike. The man was 10 meters away from Jeremiah once he approached the hole, but was also 5 meters to the right of him which would keep Miah of the view of the man considering he was facing forward. Jeremiah also wore a black cloak and the leaves would also do their part in successfully camouflaging him  a bit, unless of course the man decided to look up , but Jeremiah would react accordingly. Once the man reached a 5 meter distance from his entire self, he would release a small ball of white fire towards the man's foot - missing on purpose so that the fireball could land only 1 foot away from the mans right foot. When the fire ball hit the floor, it would only become a small white flame.

Game time.


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#11Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

"Damn thing... Stop followin' me!"

Haggard and covered in sweat, Fiammetta Barone found herself sprinting in her regular form along the inner walls surrounding Mercurious, having gotten there as fast as she could from the embassies she'd just finished defending. The Titan had wrought her havoc there, crushed many 'Grims' under her massive form, and worked to back-up Asmodeus as she'd dispatched a Grimoire Heart elite. But even after all that, their work wasn't done, and a report from Sebastian had indicated there was another elite attack the western gate, where Fia was headed now. Her work was not yet done, after all. She was still standing. Grimoire Heart was still in the city. And she wouldn't stop fighting until one of those things stopped being true.

"Dammit! I said stop!"

But when she'd entered from the opposite side of the walls, and began making her way to the western gate, Fiammetta had noticed an unexpected comrade following her into battle. A black cat was bounding alongside, ignoring her demands. Was this one of Asmo's demonic servants or something? Or just some retarded cat? Fia groaned under her breath and continued looking forward. Whatever, if that cat wanted to run to its death, so be it...

As Fia neared the Western Gate, approaching from the angle of a certain 50-foot tree, there was something immediately noticable she caught. And it had nothing to do with the hooded figure perched in a nearby tree, which she just assumed was some Rune Knight scout. No, it was the much more obvious and alarming fact that the gate had a massive whole torn in it, like it'd been hit by some kind of explosive. Did the Grimoire Heart have siege weapons now!? Fia stepped closer, in line with the tree as she observed with an odd nervousness, a gut feeling of unease that only grew when she spotted the archers who'd filled the gap, and the cautiously approaching platoon ahead of them... Just what the hell were they fighting? She stepped forward until she was about 10 metres behind the archers, trying to see what they firing at... And yet... All she could make it was some vague shape, that for some inexpleciable reason, sent a shiver up her spine.

Arrows loosed passed through the outline, like it was some kind of spectre. That settled it, whatever this was, Fia wasn't about to just let it continue to harm soldiers, as it had evidently already done, indicated by the few knights that continued to flee from the ghostly shape. It was just as Fia was approaching, when she was roughly 10 meters behind the line of archers, that a sudden ear-piercing reverberation sounded out, and some kind of invisible explosion blew out the entire bottom half of the tower to the Grimoire Heart's left. And at the same time, the one to the right had its base blown out, causing it to begin collapsing too. The sudden destruction would've left many frozen, shocked. And for a split-second, Fia was. The next however, she was angry.

Fia dashed forward til she was 5 metres past the door, her muscles tense in a firm stance. Barely a couple seconds after his own explosions, it would seem a new one would occur by the girl who'd suddenly appeared from within the wall. Only this one lacked force, and was less akin to detonation, more like a smoke grenade. In moments, vapor rose from the girl as her entire form expanded outwards, covered in the steam like its pressure had forced her to explode outward. And just like that, in that brief moment, a 1373cm metre tall Titan stood as the new defence for the inner gate, situated right between the two watch towers with an armspan equal to her height, more than enough to reach both.

She'd been quick enough, towers still falling, even if Caius' approach past her was imminent. Regarding the towers, Fiammetta knew she had to what she could to save those within, even if so many were already killed. Fortunately, her form was more than large enough to aid both towers. Toward the one that had been so thoroughly destroyed by Caius' bigger explosion, the one beyond hope, Fia would reach out a massive hand, trying to grab from the air those who'd been sent flying by the blast. To her other side, that tower had only had it's base knocked out, and was still able to be saved. All it needed was a decent support. And what better support than a near 14m giantess? A massive, powerful hand grabbed the tower as it fell, pulling it toward her so the crumbling structure had something to lean against- her own body. It's weight was nothing to scoff at, but at the very least, as Fia supported the baseless structure with her own arm and body, leaning it against her side, she would hopefully give some of the knights within a chance to escape.

Of course, that did little to stop Caius' approach while Fia dealt with things. In fact, there remained a sizeable gap between the Titan's legs, and she wasn't moving until the Rune Knights still within the tower she supported had escaped. But rather curiously, between those legs was the black cat from before, having bolted in after all the explosions. It'd just sit there as Caius ran in, uttering a single word - yes, a word - under its breath.


Mana: 592.5/1250
*Starting Mana was 750, carried over from last thread
*10% Mana cost reduction applied by Intelligence



#12Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Crap. she thought, when Tsuru climbed higher onto the tower. A frustrated hiss escaped her lips as she noticed the Rune Knights slowly start making their way towards the gate. The plan was all out of whack now, their ambush was no longer going to work with the other Knights having chosen to advance instead of defend. She tore her gaze off the slinking Rune Knight formation, they were barely six meters away from the door, slinking forward, inching cautiously almost taking it foot by foot. Swiftly she turned around and climbed up through the annular opening to join her partner, struggling a little as she continued holding onto her light bow.

'I asked you to stay.' she snapped, upon joining him. She mimicked his movements and stayed low so that there was almost no way for the enemy below them to spot the two. Akira still had better vision, considering the light-lens that still covered her eyes. 'Anyways whatever, our ambush isn't going to work because the platoon is here, they'd probably buy us some time to set up another, but we have to get off without being seen...' she muttered, mostly talking to herself, but keeping him in the loop.  'Our best bet is to just jump off that side...' she said lifting the thumb of her free hand to point behind them towards the main castle while keeping her eyes on the marching platoon, they had walked about ten meters from the blasted door now... she held her breath as they continued approaching the mirage-like man.

'Tsuru we have to go now if we want to set up...' she beseeched, crouched almost like a frog she made her own decision and began waddling backwards to the other end of the tower. She'd give Tsuru's robe a quick tug to get him to follow suit. The formation of the Rune Knights seemed to be teetering on the brink of breaking. They're hesitating... Akira was at the edge of the tower now. Her Luminare aided her in seeing through the short wall on top of the tower, which would otherwise block her sight. Towards the castle, the platoon was almost halfway between the wrecked iron doors and the main Westgate. And then things went south. She saw the Rune Knight being taken out, she got a good glimpse of the man they were up against too. He looked so... normal and yet so freaking creepy. Her heart skipped a beat as her self-preserving instincts kicked in. Even the brave Rune Knights now scattered, some of the ones behind were streaking towards them, Akira barely got a glimpse of all that though as she turned away. Time to jump. 'Tsuru... now!' she ordered.

Akira leapt off the tower, pushing off the edge to give her about a meter from the tower's side. As she fell she quickly slapped the forearm, that held the light-weapon she had created, casting disintegrate. Just before she hit the floor, she tore into dregs of darkness, the shreds streaked five meters east, towards Mercurius, to meld into, here again, recreating her physical form again, along with the weapon and the coin she had created.

He didn't save me! but her whiny thoughts were interrupted by two loud sounds shattered the air yet again. Akira stared wide-eyed as the base of both the towers exploded, the right more violently than the left. 'Holy crap!' she muttered as the debris took out all the archers. Any Rune Knights that had been trying to escape, were probably crushed under all the rubble now. He'd have to pay for this... Akira had known this could happen, but witnessing it, made her blood boiled in a way it never had before... All those Knights snuffed that way. How could she live with herself if she truly didn't do a single thing, if she ended up being among the only survivors? That would be disgraceful, she'd have to carry the tag of 'the coward' for the rest of her life.

On her left, she noticed another fellow Knight, a girl much like herself. She shouldn't have escaped so unscathed from those blasts... Unless she's a crazy powerful mage too... Perhaps she had joined them from elsewhere and Akira not noticed her amidst all the chaos that had ensued after that very first shot enemy took against one of the Rune Knights in the platoon. Akira was just about to warn the girl to take that cat and get away from here, but almost within a moment, the girl was no longer a normal tiny human... a giantess almost as tall as the crumbling tower, stood in her place. Okay... Perfect she thought. Amidst all this, a fireball flew from the large tree, aimed at the enemy no doubt, but it didn't connect.

The pre-giantess appearance of the girl would have attracted the Grimoire Heart in through the blasted iron door. Hoping that the enemy would be quite distracted by the transformation and the giant obstacle right in front of him, it was time for Akira to attack. Akira's luminare would allow her to see her target clearly. She'd dash towards him from the north-east, stopping about nine-meters away from him, till he was reliably in her range. She'd pull the trigger of her crossbow, aiming for the demon's torso, the bow would dematerialise after the shot. Closely following the first assault, she'd immediately toss her light coin, upon impact it would explode in a one-meter diameter sphere.  If the arrow penetrated, it would hopefully slow him down and leave him staggering, allowing for her second attack to most likely connect... After finishing her offensive moves, she'd make another dash towards the giantess, to take some cover and to aid her in finishing off the enemy in whatever way she could.

WC: 969

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The scarlet-haired Rune Knight crouched behind the short wall and peeked to see the happenings underneath. Finally, he could see the vague silhouette that stood about ten meters from the main gate. If he could see it, he was sure the Rune Knights on the ground could too. The platoon broke into two groups; the ten archers stood took their positions at the blasted hole, while the rest of the twenty fell into a decent defensive formation and marched forward at a slow pace. In fact, he found them to be a bit slower than what he had seen in training before; but who could blame the poor men. They were walking towards something that blasted an eight-meter-wide hole through a metal door. When the formation had just crossed the six-meter mark from the blasted gate, Haru heard Akira’s voice behind him and turned to see her crawl up to the top just like he did. He hated to face the truth, but he had to agree with Akira on the fact that their ambush was now completely ruined. He clenched his fist and cancelled the phase spell, knowing there was no need for it anymore. However, there was no way he was going to agree to use the platoon as fodder while they retreated and prepared for another ambush. “We can’t just let them die so that we get another chance at this,” he hissed.

As much as he wanted to help the Rune Knights below, he had no idea how to. Meanwhile, Akira had made her decision and was now tugging at his robes to make him follow her. He turned just for a moment and saw that she was almost at the opposite edge, ready to jump off. At the same moment, he saw that the Rune Knight formation had reached halfway between the blasted door and the main gate, and was now hesitating to move any further. The next thing he saw was probably the most chilling thing he had witnessed in his life. The almost-invisible figure was now completely visible, and all of a sudden, one of the Rune Knights among the formation screamed and fell limp. Seeing this, the rest of the men broke formation and began running towards the towers, holding onto their dear lives. By this time, Akira had already jumped off the tower and Haru’s eyes widened in disbelief and fear. He was torn between the two sides, unsure whether he wants to jump towards the attacker and try to save the fleeing Rune Knights or if he should go after Akira and help her with the fall. Before he could make up his mind on either of those options, he was forced to choose a completely different one.

Suddenly, he heard a huge blast from under him and more than half of the tower he was standing on was blasted away. The top part of the tower that was still intact was propelled upwards slightly due to the blast and since Haru was standing on top of the tower, it set him off balance. He knew the fate of the tower and did not wish to share it. Reacting quickly, he put his palms together and cast his feather-light spell, which allowed him to push off from the tower higher than he would normally be capable of, and also let him glide gently.

After the blast, while he was still gliding mid-air, he turned around to see if Akira had gotten away from the blast. It looked like she had managed to make her landing a fair distance away from the blast zone. In the meantime, after the explosion, he witnessed something heroic. A young girl dashed forward from the inner Mercurius towards the door, followed by what looked like a small black cat. She briefly paused for a moment a few meters away from the door, and then, while charging towards where once a mighty huge door existed, transformed into a giantess. Haru was losing height, but not as rapidly as he would be had he not used his Feather-Light spell. Nevertheless, he did not wish to land right on top of their attacker and be blasted away; so, he was extremely grateful when this giantess picked him up while he was mid-air. “Thank you!” he yelled, as she lifted her other hand to stop the less unfortunate tower from crashing to the ground. Haru held onto the giantess’ huge hand and looked down at the destruction that was caused. Several limp bodies of the Rune Knights lay among the rubble and the healer felt terrible for being unable to do anything to help them. He watched as their attacker ran through the hole he blasted, looking for any Rune Knight survivors. Once he crossed the gate, Haru saw several attacks be shot towards the target. One was a small white fireball from the mystery man who was on the tree, which seemed to be very poorly aimed. The other two seemed to come from his partner’s direction. Haru sincerely hoped this would work. He hoisted himself up on Fiammetta’s arm and sat with his legs on both sides so that his arms are free to cast any spells if required.

<1000 Words

#14Káilètte † 

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Arisa's eyes gazed towards the Knights that were grouped up, started from below and to the top. Something was off due to the fact that whoever blew up the door right as she got here, they were no where to be seen. Were they invisible like her? It was possible. Her eyes pierced at the men as they then cowered. 'Wait... What?!' she thought quickly as it happened. Her hand grasped onto her staff tightly as her golden eyes saw someone's arm gleam just barely with movement and his whole body appeared, shooting some kind of spell towards the Rune Knights. She couldn't see the spell, but she could easily react to its effects. Arisa reacted immediately when she saw that knight fall to some invisible attack, faster than the knights did, as she was a far stronger, more experienced mage. This meant she casted her spell from her heart and to her staff before the archers opened fire on the invisible man. 'I don't wish to waste my time dancing with this one. Not after the last one.' she spoke as the spell instantly casted away. All those that were her enemies were smited by the heavens with pure light. Due to her battles in the past, she was well timing of casting immediately and was good with timing. Since the spell was instantly she moved off the window-like ledge and hoped whatever was there in it's own invisible cloak would appear or leave this place. She was still by the wall that was six meters away from the tower closest to her, but now she stood outside of the castle still in her cloak of her own.


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The towers would crumble and soldiers would fall. The screams of agony and destruction filled the air as he marched forward. Suddenly, a giant light would envelop the then entire castle. It seemed to appear out of nowhere instantaneously giving him no time to react. This wasn't good. The light burned his demon skin and sunk deeper into his body. It went limp as he stopped in his tracks and fell face down on the ground in front of the main west gate. The flashing light suddenly turned to darkness as Caius passed out. Though he had fallen, he could only be happy at his work. With all the damage to the gate, the mages would have to be stationed there to protect it and help the injured. His job as a distraction was completed. The rune knights wouldn't even know what hit them when Crowley completed his objective. The emperor was going to fall today. They may have won a battle but they were going to lose the war.


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#16Jeremiah Ali 

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Jeremiah Ali
What had just happened could only come as a surprise to the Phantom Lord mage. As he watched the series of events unfold, a giant woman would be the thing to catch his eye. The girl saved people from not only one, but both of the falling towers. Most were saved by her quick appearance. The Magic seemed to be a magic told to be one of the naturally stronger ones. Giant magic... though that was just an educated guess. The enemy was getting closer and had just passed the west gate when a flash of light so bright that the world appeared to be totally white for a second. The light caused many mages to react with a frightened shout. When Jeremiah opened his eyes he could only see bodies of Grimoire Heart mages on the floor, gone... completely? Where the hell did that light come from? & Who exactly had the power to use such a magic? Jeremiah looked around but never turned his head. Instead he used the eyes around his head as well as his own eyes to scout out the person that could have used this spell. At first he thought it was the enemy, but when he looked at where the man stood last, he witnessed him fall to his knees, then falling face first into the dirt. The Grimoire ghost wasn't the user of that powerful light magic, but that didn't matter anymore.

Luckily, the Grimoire Heart mage fell only a few feet in front of where Miah shot his fireball. Upon seeing the invisible Grimoire mage fall, Jeremiah placed his fingers on his forehead before rising out of the flame a second later, placing his foot and on the fallen mage's back, while Samehada stabbed the dirt Jeremiah's hand gripped onto the hilt of his blade as it stood immediately beside him. There he stood, fearless and demanding the attention of everyone else. The light spell that was previously used seemed to take out everyone who fought against the knights, so if these idiots knew any better they wouldn't think of him as the enemy. Obviously he was an enemy, but not an enemy of the war. They could only assume that he was on their side.

Jeremiah glanced down at the body. The clothing on him was mostly gone. That light must have been something real dangerous if it did this type of damage. The mans skin was nearly burnt off, his body steamed and he smelled rather...rotten. However, Jeremiah did notice the Grimoire Heart tattoo on his shoulder, it was an obvious red and ironically the only part of him completely unscthed. The cloaked demon stood quietly for a moment. By placing his foot on the back of the enemy, he was claiming this body as his. With a Grimoire Heart member in such a condition, it was probably important that someone take advantage of him (no homo). If Miah used this man correctly, he could probably obtain some information about Grimoire Heart, right?

His eyes met with a girl behind the body he claimed. She was the closest person to him and was obviously a Knight. Knights were the only people still standing...and him.

Then again, there was a big chance that this man wouldn't dare tell on his own guild he was willing to die for it. Maybe a better thing to do would be to get intel on the Magic Council. This woman behind the fallen Grim... she was a knight and the closest one to him...she'd be the one he'd take advantage of. There were far too many Knights around for him to just openly abduct her... instead he had a better idea. Jeremiah lifted his arm and pointed at the woman before speaking only loud enough for her and anyone close her to hear. Jeremiah was taking a risk by speaking, if anybody was obsessed with finding out who he was they'd listen to his voice for future reference. However, the odds of them ever coming across Jeremiah any time soon was slim...except this Rune Knight woman.

"I'll be taking this body to the Council Headquarters, I would appreciate it if you escorted me so that they don't give me a hard time when I arrive." It was the best he could do on the spot. Either way he was taking this man, but he wasn't bringing him to the council...that would be stupid - this girl wouldn't know that though. If she agreed then Jeremiah's current goal would be easily accomplished but if not...he'd just have to find another Rune Knight to do it.

"I'll do it." A random knight only a meter or two beside the girl spoke up - offering his services. Would this woman just allow the man to do so, his arm seemed to be quite injured what a brave knight. Jeremiah turned his head to the man. He was an even easier target...Jeremiah liked where this was going. All he needed was one Rune Knight that he could try to convince to do his bidding. If convincing didn't work, than he'd have to just kidnap them and keep them long enough so that they develop Stockholm syndrome, that way they would feel obligated to do just as he commanded. A plan like that would take some time and it's not something that's guaranteed to happen. Something about this girl though... she wasn't like the rest of the knights. For starters she looked far younger than a lot of them, but she also had a look in her eyes that couldn't quite be described. Like the eyes of Jeremiah... young, and rebellious.

Word Count: 2,175/3,000


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#17Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

The black cat watched ever closely as Caius made his way through the entrance, the feline's gaze both focused and impassive. It pondered for a moment, whether it ought to do something, whether it ought to notify the Titanic girl who still gave her all under the weight of the tower, or perhaps do something to stop the man. Was it too soon to interfere? Should he remain still and observe, or finally choose to make himself known to the eldest child of Baldo Barone? A difficult decision, to be sure, but fortunately, it wasn't one he'd end up having to make, thanks to the intervention of a certain Angel's swift dispatching of the demon.

Moments before the world went white, Fiammetta was still struggling under the immense weight of the tower she supported, forcing herself not to buckle or yield, not until everyone was out. On her other side, she'd managed to snatch a few Rune Knights from the air, some of which were quick to think their massive savior. She would've told them "You're welcome", but she couldn't speak with her teeth grit in sheer effort. And then, when that blinding light finally came, she at first thought she'd finally succumb. Lost her consciousness, maybe even her life. But when that supposed light at the end of the tunnel faded, it was not nothingness that awaited her, only... Awe...

The Grimoire Heart presence had faded away, bodies lay about without any fight left in them, including the body of the demon who'd charged his way into the wall. It wasn't hard to figure it some kind of magic was at play, but it was difficult to determine who the hell it had come from. Who had such power, and if such a divine judgment was on their side, why had it struck now? Fia had many questions about the light of salvation that had cleansed their foes from the battlefield, but didn't have the focus to ask them just yet. Not while there was still a tower falling onto her, not while there was nothing stopping more Grimoire Heart from charging in and taking advantage of the little entrance their demonic friend had made for them.

But, first things first, Fia needed to make sure her fellow Rune Knights were safe. She'd sworn to herself that would be her primary goal in this war, to ensure the protection of those who didn't deserve to die for doing their job, who didn't deserve to be struck down just because they were 'pawns' in the master plans of the tyrannical monsters on either side of the battle. And it was that oath she would be sore to follow through. First, the Rune Knights she'd caught. As carefully as she could, without dropping the tower any, Fia would bend a knee and lower one of her arms, allowing the Rune Knights that had latched on to get off and prepare themselves for whatever Grimoire Heart offensive came next. Though it strained her to do soo, a booming a voice came through the giantess' teeth, an almost beast-like groan though the human words were clearly heard.

"GET... BACK... FROM... GATE..."

Many of the Rune Knights, still stunned by the appearance of the giantess and the white light that had filled the air a moment ago, froze at first, unsure what hell the Titanic lass was even planning. But, in all their confusion, many still complied, and those that didn't were hurried along by their comrades. Once those that from the tower had that fallen were undoubtedly saved, Fia turned her attention toward the one that was still in the process of falling. She still supported it's weight, her massive muscles already straining underneath it. But fortunately, she now had another hand free, and used that to steady it somewhat as she held the tower up. Below, she looked down to see that those within had already been escaping. One Rune Knight was helping others from within down throughout the hole in the base created by the demon, and slowly but surely, they poured out, until the Rune Knight helping those out exited himself. Taking that to mean all within had escaped, Fia then made her move.

After looking around to make sure the area around was clear, the Titanic lass suddenly shifted. The tower, still leaning against her, now had both her arms around her wrapped around the tower, in what seemed to be a giant bear hug. And then, slowly, and with a mighty roar, Fia leaned back, bringing the tower back with her, lifting up the entire thing as she tried to haul it, the tower leaning against her and putting her under even more weight.

The black cat below watched, seeming more than a little impressed. Espescially when the cat saw the giantess' goal, her gaze set on the hole in the gate, a hole that could quite easily be forced closed with the use of some great amount of stone in its place. Like, for example, from the tower that Fia was currently struggling to lift in her bear hug. Now it was just a matter of getting it there before more Grimoire Heart came in...

WC: 868/3000

Mana: 435/1250
*10% Mana cost reduction applied by Intelligence



#18Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Akira had no freaking clue what it was, but a blinding light engulfed them. At first, it made Akira feel hopeful much like a light from a beacon on a stormy sea like... Then warm and safe, like home... Following that she recognized a that there was a certain protective ferocity to the bright entity, like it would singe through everything unjust. Akira shuddered, it almost seemed like this luminescence was a warning, to stay firmly on the right and the good side of things. Akira swallowed as the illumination got even brighter, forcing the mage to shield her eyes with her arm. Her forehead buried in the crook of her elbow, and the girl invariably had to slow down to avoid tripping over something. Her heart raced, the lack of movement made her feel vulnerable, like a sitting duck. Even though her arm and her lids, she could sense the orange hue... Till it finally faded.

Slowly the girl uncovered her eyes and squinted them open as they slowly started readjusting. Carefully she turned, already wincing as she expected attacks, but none arrived. She scanned the area and spotted the figure atop the rubble. A morbid curiosity took over, and almost mechanically she began inching towards the seemingly lifeless body. This couldn't have been her doing, did her arrow even connect or the coin, did her attacks aid in doing him in? That light was so powerful, even if she had a part to play, it'd probably be inconsequential. should've been no way just the two of those engulfed them in so much light though... The man did seem injured, not exactly burned, but something like it, the tattoo made his allegiance apparent, he was still recognizable, it was the face she'd briefly seen before the first Rune Knight died... Upon closer inspection, she noticed the very very gentle rise and fall of the chest he was still alive.

Initially, she was filled with revulsion. With the back of her hand, the girl swiped the strands that were slick with a sheen of sweat and stuck to her face a slightly twisted expression lingering on her face. He didn't deserve to live after he'd killed so many... She was momentarily filled with the same vigor that made her impulsively attack to begin with. Then she realised he could be an asset, if the war was still being waged, not to mention, the actual thought of taking a life, to have the blood of someone else on her hands, was not as appealing. Even that fierce light that had left him this way, had shown mercy... Akira knew her powers paled in comparison. Sighing softly, she realised that her decision to not inflict any more pain on the man would sit well with her partner... Wait where the hell was he?

She snapped back into the moment, tearing her gaze away as she turned, her eyes searched the large frame of the woman for any sign of Tsuru. In all the chaos that had wrapped itself around the ragtag group of defenders, Akira had lost track of her partner. Last she recalled, he didn't accompany her or attempting aiding her as she jumped off the tower... And then the tower had exploded and collapsed and... No, it can't be. she reassured herself, but her heart plummeted to the depths of her body cavity. Frantically she continued scanning the area, her gaze unfocused, as it snapped from the giantess's parts to the rubble and back to the titanic woman. No... No... No... her mind screamed. Till finally, she caught a glimpse of the orange hair. The relief that surged into her was so sharp it was almost painful, it quickly turned into annoyance, like she held it against him for disappearing on her like that. Like it was his fault her mind was filled with those dreadful seconds of uncertainty. Akira wasn't even sure when she started caring this much, the war had brought some interesting facets to the forefront.

'Down here... down here.' she tried, waving her arms but the dust from the rubble, post the explosion had parched her throat and her voice, which was already soft and mumbly without this added hindrance. Whether the giantess heard her or not, she swooped down to a knee and dropped Tsuru to the ground as gently as she could. She opened her mouth the speak to him when the masked man addressed her. 'Wait right here.' she said through grit teeth, her glare piercing her partner like daggers, but it was probably something the healer was immune to now. Sharply she turned towards the masked man, her face still wearing the annoyance she held for her partner for disappearing on her like that and not following her instructions. 'He's alive by the way, so HQ is a good destination but... it's not like the guy can walk away, we should clear up everything here first, help the others...' some other battered looking Rune Knight wanted to help and she almost cut him off. 'No, you'll just become a burden in your current state.' the page looked distraught but agreed and went to aid the other Knights.

Following that she beckoned the masked man to follow her as the giantess aided the few men from the tower the other tower. When she was near Tsuru again, she posed the question to both the men. 'So do either of you have any idea what exactly happened?' she started. 'Did you take him down like this?' she asked trying to keep an impassive expression towards the stranger. She still maintained annoyance towards the orange-haired healer. 'Tsuru scout on ahead to see if there are any more enemies we need to deal with, maybe our friend here-' she said jerking her head upwards to the giantess who was hugging the tower. '-Can just roll the empty tower and finish them up in a neat sweep?' she suggested. Her need to have a plan taking over...


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Even from his height, as the dust from the fallen towers settled, he could see his usually brooding and second-guessing partner spring into action. He wondered if it was her latent thirst for violence or her hidden yearning for righteous justice that propelled her to throw herself towards the opponent like that. He habitually winced as the arrow shot forth from her bow, but then a burst of pure light engulfed them all. He hadn't quite seen Akira's light magic before, since it was something she had acquired quite recently, after a series of unfortunate events. In that moment, Haru wondered if she had lost control, like the girl had once feared. Had he been wrong to encourage her to use that particular line of magic without her having completely grasped control of its power and harnessed its abilities? His eyes remained clench shut as the piercing brightness waned.

But I'm fine… he thought, a little hopefully. He finally opened his eyes to analyze what had happened. He noticed Akira standing over the still body on the ground amidst the large broken and scattered pieces of the towers. After reeling from the joy that came with knowing that the petite girl was fine, Haru's gaze focused itself on the victim. The young man flinched, visibly cringing at the exhausted and drained state of their opponent. Despite everything, he was surprised to find the urge to heal the enemy just as much as he wanted to aid his fellow Knights. He bit his lip, attempting to wipe away any trace of empathy for the opposition. He knew if anyone noticed it, they probably would not respond too well.

Haru realized that there was no more reason for him to remain perched on the giantess' hand. Especially considering that she was struggling with keeping the tower upright and doing that literally single-handed was not going to be easy. Perhaps the same thought traversed the large woman's mind too, now that she could confirm that he was fine and they were all out of danger. “Thanks again!” he said with a friendly salute, as she lowered him towards the ground. He didn't want her to struggle too much, so he used his glide ability to float towards Akira, landing next to her with a small unsure smile. He extended his hand, wondering if it'd be okay to pat her shoulder as reassurance, but before he had the chance to find out, the man who shot the fireball had called out to Akira. “Right...” he responded, a little dejected at her tone as she asked him to wait where he was. Why is she mad at me now? he wondered.

He trotted along, as he looked around for people to aid. Unintentionally, he eavesdropped on the masked man's request. The healer was about to pipe up and offer to help, but he noticed another injured Rune Knight had already taken the bait, only to have his offer shot down by Akira. His need to aid overwhelmed the healer again and with great interest, he quickly skipped to the injured man. “While they decide what to do with the body, let me help you with that,” he offered, quickly casting his Mend spell to repair some of the damage that the page had braved. “There you go, don't run off and exert yourself too much though. It still needs to heal more… So, rest for recovery is highly recommended!” he said, holding his thumb up and attempting his usual reassuring smile. It was a little more difficult to pull off though, considering that the landscape was a daunting reminder of the bunch of people that he couldn't save. He sighed softly, attempting to wear his usual resolutely hopeful face. Exude his positive and optimistic demeanour, even in the face of tragedy.

When his partner returned, he shuffled around hesitantly waiting for the right time to ask her about the details of this attack. She brought it up herself, thankfully, but her question confused him, since it was directed towards the stranger. “Wait, you mean you had nothing to do with this?” he asked, his eyes widening in the shock as he looked between the stranger and Akira. “Then who was it?” he echoed his partner's question and exaggerated the sentiment of surprise associated with it. Before he got any confirmation, Akira requested---more like ordered---him to look for any other incoming assailants and made the suggestion of using the crumbling structure the giantess was struggling with as a weapon. He nodded slowly and took it upon himself to gather more intel. While on this small excursion, if he found any Rune Knights that required a little aid from him, he'd stop by to patch them up, using his magic almost like first aid.

There seemed to be no follow up to the frightening man they had miraculously defeated. So, Haru dashed back towards the inner side, sprinting along the edge of the wall from where it was still intact a hundred or so meters to the right, then back amidst the assembled group towards the left. From his observations, not only were the Grimoire Heart forces not approaching anymore, the ones that had infiltrated previously were either knocked unconscious too or were now pulling out. Confused by the kind of attack that had been executed, he returned to his partner to relay the information. “Doesn't look like we'll be dealing with them any more... I suppose the battle is over,” he said, a little warily. The healer wondered what they intended on doing with the unconscious enemy...


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