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Welcome To The Jungle

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Welcome to the jungle, it gets worse here everyday

You learn to live like an animal in the jungle where we play

If you got a hunger for what you see, you'll take it eventually

You can have anything you want, but you better not take it from me


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Haru was sleeping in his quarters when he heard the fateful boom. After all the events he had to go through in the past two days, he thought nothing would wake him; but he was wrong. The rumours were very true and it would seem the infamous Grimoire Heart dark guild had chosen to attack the Capitol. Haru woke with a start and exited the quarters to find huge holes on the capitol walls and smoke rising up on every direction. Rune Knights and guild mages raced across the streets, while civilians screamed and ran to safety. Despite the precautions and the drills they were put through, the real thing was a lot different from training.

Like every other Rune Knight, Haru ran towards the walls, helping people who were stuck under rubble, while dodging the random projectile attacks coming from the attackers. The boy’s speed and adrenaline helped. Haru wished his team mates were here, but this was no time to go searching for them. The closer he got to the wall, the grimmer the situation had gotten. There were several people who didn’t make it despite his best efforts. For the first time in his memory, the healer was truly angry. He was so angry that the pacifist could now almost punch someone. And the opportunity did present itself.

One of the attacking mage charged at Haru as he was helping a young boy get out from under the rubble. “You should be more worried about yourself,” he said, attempting to strike the red-haired Rune Knight. Haru yelled and lifted the huge rock to free the boy and then pushed it towards the charging attacker. The man tripped over the rock and fell face down. Haru took this opportunity to lift the boy, whose legs were broken, and ran out of there, trying to escape the attacker’s vicinity. Considering he had zero combat experience, and the fact that he had to protect the boy, he knew his chances were very low if it came down to a fight. He sincerely wished someone came there to defend with him.


#3Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
The incessant sounds were too much for the girl to ignore. The trip to Crocus had leeched her of so much already. Even though she knew it was coming, the shock jarred her entire being. The menacing explosions, the utter chaos that ensued, screaming, crying... A perfect storm... Just for a moment more, she wanted to shirk her duties, the girl pulled a pillow over her head. It did little to muffle the sound of danger and despair that hung ominously in the air. It got closer and closer...

The memories of the town, from just a few days ago, shattered in the inner eye of her mind. Even without witnessing the wreckage that was being caused this very instant, just from the noise was enough for her to assume the very worst. Gulping she finally sidled to sit in her bed, and dared to look out of her windows. No. Her mind had not been able to fathom and truly recreate the horrors that the attack brought. Mages relentlessly fired, blowing everything to smithereens... The bangs, the lights they flashed in her eye. Come on Akira, you can't be rendered useless like this! she exclaimed to herself, finally finding the courage to scurry off the bed. Her essentials didn't matter, she wondered if the Inn would even be left standing. Lucky her, she didn't get attached to things easily.

She stuffed her pockets with as much money as she could, and picked up her trusty dagger, kissing its blade ceremoniously. Cowering here is useless... she talked herself through everything she had to do. Get dressed, get out... Find the nearest enemy and hope with all her might that she was stronger and smarter than them, in order to take them out. It couldn't get simpler than this... an all-out fight. Maybe the girl should be grateful for the experience Crocus granted her, despite the hefty emotional cost.

Her mind wandered, for an instant, she thought about her comrade... Her partner, was he already out there? Was he ok? Her heart jolted for a second. Did she actually care? For some reason, his memory invigorated her with strength, she had to find him... With her new found motivation, she rushed out into the street screaming for her partner. 'TSURU!' TSURU!' she called out. Every lack of response, made her heart drop a few more inches. He was an annoying piece of work, but she didn't want him harmed. The sounds ate her words... At least she had a clue as to which area of town he might be in, convinced the attack was closing in, he'd chosen to join the ranks and sleep in the Rune Knight barracks. She rushed towards it, for the moment, selfishly ignoring the destruction around.

Lucky her, thank god for his stupid orange poofy hair! He stood out amidst the chaos. She noticed him bolting with something in his arms... a sack? Some goods? That was unlike him... She continued screaming as she made a bee-line for the Rune Knight who had endured so much with her already.


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Haru was fast, but lacked strength. This became apparent when he had to carry an adolescent boy in his shoulders and run. But run he did, more for the boy than himself. The poor innocent child had already lost his legs, and Haru was not going to let the egotistical fight for power between adults kill this innocent youngling. Panting and panting, he turned corners erratically to lose the tailing attacker; but his pursuer was unrelenting. Finally, he heard the voice he had been craving to hear. The one who he had been mad at only a few hours ago, swearing to never see her again. But here he was, thanking the heavens for bringing her to him. “AKIRA!” he yelled, turning towards the direction from which he heard his partner yell. He didn’t care if the attacker heard him too. He wanted him to follow and get knocked down by his partner. No matter what, Haru knew Akira’s heart was in the right place and she would do anything to protect the unconscious boy, just like he would.

Struggling to still be on his feet, Haru rushed towards Akira and panted, dropping the boy gently down next to a wall, resting his back on it. He watched as their attacker came around the corner with a sadistic smile on his face. “You will pay for pushing that rock to my feet,” he said through gritted teeth and charged towards the defenders. Haru couldn’t say anything as he was still out of breath. But he looked up at Akira and then at the man coming straight at them. “Guess you gotto do what you gotto do. Don’t go overboard,” he said, smirking. Knowing Akira, this guy was toast.

Meanwhile, Haru left Akira to deal with the attacker and he turned his attention towards the injured boy. He analysed the injuries and realized there was nothing he could do for him. The huge rock had done multiple fractures on both of the young boy’s legs. Haru knew even if he tried to mend it, he wouldn’t be able to make much difference. He would simply be wasting his mana. The youngling needed proper care and probably years of recovery, and even then he may never walk normally again. The implications struck the healer and made him a lot angrier. He wondered how many more such innocent souls have endured such injuries throughout the city. “YOU GUYS WILL PAY FOR THIS!” he screamed, turning towards the attacker.



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The Nature's Bonder
It was only the sudden explosion that she heard, the first thing that rang loud in ears as it woke her up abruptly. The girl had been taking a rest within the room she was staying to prepare for the upcoming and inevitable battle against Grimoire Heart. She needed it as to be in a better condition for something that was certainly going to take a toll on her.

And the moment she heard such a loud noise, Liana quickly woke up, the first thing that came to her mind was to warn the others if they weren't already warned by the noise. The others in this case being the two friends she came with to help; Esperia and Fiammetta. The young Sylvaine was already wearing the right clothes to move out, taking her sheathed katana and strapping it over her waist as she hurriedly rushed out of the room.

"Esperiaaaa! Fiiiaaaa!"

The elf yelled and yelled, and yelled, yet it was futile. They were gone, they had already moved out. She even tried to visit their rooms since she was given a key to be able to do so in case something of urgency happened, but they had both already left. Did they hear it first? Was the first noise she heard not actually the first for real? Were people already in danger? The moment she moves closer and closer to where the walls leading into the capital were present, she was already able to hear the screams of the citizens. Some of them even passing by her, sprinting for their lives.

It was too late. She could not fight with her friends any longer. From outside the walls, the forces of Grimoire Heart were already rushing, battling with the people standing by them. Once she started to step closer and closer, one of her hands was already closing in with her katana, when a guard proceeded to jog to her with a widened gaze.

"Why are you just standing there?! Get to safety!"

She blinked and briefly turned her attention to him, shaking her head twice. "No, no! I'm a mage from Blue Pegasus, I came to help!" He appeared to be relieved for a second, before pointing towards the walls. "The enemy is there, they are coming in fast. Don't waste any more time, please save the city!" Liana didn't need to hear or say anything else, a quick pace immediately assumed as she began to get closer and closer to the walls.

That's when the elf noticed a single person running while carrying what appeared to be a child, as one of Grimoire Heart's mages chased behind. There was also another woman rushing towards that same location. It appeared like a battle was to ensue. All she could do for them while she attempted to close the gap was to watch their backs and surroundings. If someone decided to intervene, then she was the first to act.
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#6Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Just this simple objective, granted her a small dose of clarity and purpose. It was strange how she sought answers from that healer. It was just that, he seemingly knew the right thing to do, she didn't usually have to waste time and energy debating the morality and ethics of her choices when around him, she could pretty much blindly follow the boy with his protective instincts and sleep soundly at night. She was convinced that when they finally caught up, he was going to be rather cross with her having neglected the various souls pleading for help around her...

She paused momentarily, to stare at the debris that had already begun to accumulate. Injuries she could do naught about, but... She could stop the onslaught... Could she? So much doubt inhibited her, it was like being inebriated. The moment she began considering alternatives and lost sight of her first simple objective, the blurriness of her purpose returned, rendering her emotionally incapacitated again. A bright orange glow grew nearer and nearer. Oh crap. she noticed the ball of fire barely in time to dash away from the ground it fell on, leaving a ring of fire in its wake... This danger was worse than the fight they'd fought to save that stupid noble... Ser Jackson... There at least things were just between her and her enemy, in this war zone, her life could end and she would simply be collateral damage.

Her usual pessimism was really a baggage today, almost every fearful thought that crossed her mind, made her feel paralyzed, she heard a voice... It aided in snapping her out of it her eyes snapped forward and she noticed her partner's figure swim into her view again. There it was, that easy peaceful clarity. He set the boy near Akira, she looked at him, then the boy and then back at him, a little dazed and lost. Tsuru had brought company. That drawl, it instantly shattered the calm that had just befallen her, but it gave way to something rather aggressive. She felt like she could channel eons of frustration, into her response. She cracked her fingers.

Just as Tsuru took the boy aside, the man's eye met her. 'Oh yeah right!' she scoffed. The man charged at her, she sidestepped with ease and let her backhand slam into his cheek, while simultaneously tripping him over her foot. Within seconds, she had him pinned to the floor, and then it was just her onslaught of punches, till he was left a grunting, on the floor, for the moment, almost unrecognizable, as blood seeped out of the multiple wounds. She finished her kick like she usually did... Stamping over his ribs. 'Good enough, Tsuru?' she asked a little dryly, now that he was in her vicinity, she recalled the fight they had.

In the distance she noticed an elf, watching them, her guard heightened, for she wasn't sure which side this person was on. That's when she noticed an arrow fly past her ear. 'What the -' she turned just in time to be able to dodge another. 'Tsuru get out of the way!' she said, unable to locate their assailant. Noticing the elf wasn't really aiding in the attack against them, she tried to garner the woman's attention. 'Hey you! Think you can you locate that vile archer?' she called out, desperately.


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Haru didn’t have to watch the fight. He knew who was getting beat to a pulp from the groaning voice. Akira had barely broken a sweat when she was done with him. And as usual, she ended it with a solid kick to the ribs. Haru could hear the crack and he was not happy about it. “How many times have I told you not to break bones?” he chided, but his heart was not completely in it. Somewhere deep within him, even the pacifist knew these guys deserve it.

The healer was sweating so much that at the time the arrow came soaring towards them, a bead of sweat had ran past his forehead and fallen onto his eyes, making him blink and look away. If not, he could have warned Akira of it earlier and not have it come that close. Thankfully, the marksman was not the greatest around there and his partner survived. The arrow went past Akira and buried itself right between Haru and the injured boy. Haru’s eyes widened and he immediately lifted the kid and dashed out of there before the archer could send another one towards them.

It wasn’t until Akira turned towards Liana that Haru noticed her. He swiftly turned to see the blonde-haired girl and had the same suspicion as Akira. But considering she had not made a sneak attack when she could have, Haru assumed she was friendly. “We must get this boy to safety as soon as possible and then rush to the wall to stop further attackers from entering,” he yelled, as he carried the boy to the inside of a building. He knew it would be difficult for an archer to aim his shot when they were around corners and close to the entrance of a building.

Once at a relatively safe spot, Haru scanned the rooftops. He predicted the archer to have taken the high ground for better visibility and he was right. He spotted just the tip of the head, but he was sure there was someone behind terrace wall on the building right of them. “There he is!” he said, pointing his finger towards the archer. Just then, the attacker rose up from his cover and shot an arrow straight towards the defenders. This time, the arrow was not a normal one. It had an icy tip and Haru did not wish to wait and see what it does.

“Get under cover… That’s not a normal arrow,” he said, trying to get both the ladies to enter the building and dodge the incoming ice arrow. Just as he suspected and warned, wherever the arrow would land, it would create a meter-tall and meter-wide ice berg shoot out from the target it pierced. If it had landed anywhere on or near one of the defenders, it would have definitely caused some serious frostbites.



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The Nature's Bonder
Liana could even watch from afar the kind of hardcore treatment the other woman gave to one of the already advanced attackers. While she thought she would have to end up helping both of the Rune Knights, that didn't appear to be the case and that was revealed only after a few brief moments. How fast and how quick was the beatdown, enough to almost instantly knock out one of their foes. The moment both of them gave her the suspicious eye though, she felt the need to make herself clear.

Either way, just as she was about to show them the tattoo of her guild, someone else decided to intervene in what everyone thought was a moment of peace when an arrow came shooting from far and flew right by the other woman's ear. Another one came, though that one was successfully dodged, the first one enough to warn the elf as she moved over to a safer spot. She then heard Akira's question, not taking long to respond to it as she attempted to take a few sneaky looks from the corner she was using to protect herself.

"Mnnn... I wasn't able to see exactly where that arrow came from, though it must have come from a really high place. I was at least able to notice the angle at the right time, it was clearly shot from above."

That's when her eyes momentarily trail up to the nearest higher structures, ones that the archer could use to still somehow see and shoot them with precision. Unfortunately, no sign or sight of the enemy was made. They were truly a sneaky one. Once Hatsuharu also approached and spoke, Liana nodded, observing him step inside the building. Though, both her and Akira would have to end up doing the same as their foe decided to shoot yet another arrow, this time one which appeared far more dangerous due to its appearance. Icy and all, surely it was meant for more damage.


The young Sylvaine grumbled, quickly making her way inside and now entirely safe. Truthfully, she didn't possess any spells that could be used from afar. She could only hope that the others did, as stepping outside was already proving immensely dangerous.

She moved to a place where people couldn't even see her from windows, but if there wasn't any, then she'd merely crouch down, staring up and down her current allies. Now she could finally share who she truly was and what exactly was her role in the current situation.

"I'm sure you both may still be doubtful of me, but my name is Liana. I'm a mage from the guild Blue Pegasus. I'm here to help fight for Crocus against the big threat that is Grimoire Heart."

Once they also made their own introductions, which she hoped since they should at least know each other's names if they were going to be fighting together, no matter for how long, even if it was short or lasting. When that happened, and whether it occurred or not, the elf would look around for a moment before returning her attention back over to them.

"I don't really have a spell that can be used from afar, I'm not sure if I could be of much use here. But I'll try to do my best."

Liana states confidently.
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Akira Shimada
Ever so often, despite all the activity around her, internally the girl found herself struggling, found herself haunted. She still didn't trust her new magic enough, to find it in her to put it to use. Unless something spiraled out of hand? Could she avoid that... Could they aid in their small ways, without attracting too much attention and waging a large war against the bad guys? The two had to know their place, the pair had already extended themselves way beyond what was usually required of mages at their ranks. They were only apprentices, for crying out loud and barely just that... In fact, it was only in Crocus that she had bothered to officialize things and fill in the paperwork to receive her shiny Rune Knight badge.

His voice anchored her again. 'Pah!' she scoffed rolling her eyes at the half-hearted admonishing. But now, here they were... Defending a city? What the hell were they supposed to do? With so much destruction, they should have had more help... Now she had to deal with the damn arrows too. 'You want to go to the wall?' she countered. 'What about all the mages that are already past it, shouldn't we be stopping them from advancing further?' she asked earnestly as she followed him into the building. She felt uncomfortable in the confines of the place, if someone blasted through the building, they'd have a tough time making it out unscathed. While following Tsuru's lead on making the right choices, was like second nature and reliable... She still trusted herself more with battle tactics.

'We should probably find a back door and get the hell out of the building.' she muttered. She didn't really want to contradict or reconfirm everything he said, but that comfort to annoy each other with abandon is what made them special. They may not be the most collaborative, but their ability to doubt each other sometimes made for some impeccable moves. Perfection could never be attained without a struggle. While her mind raced to find the ideal scenario, Tsuru scouted for the attacker. The stable mind that dwelled in the present... and the unstable mind that dwindled in the past and the future... That Alice woman had not been wrong, the did complete each other... as a team.

The elf had now joined them. Akira almost wanted to snap at her... This was really not the time for introductions or excuses... What was the point of all three of them huddling in here? What a damn drag... but the girl couldn't afford to lose the support they had, so she spat out an introduction to her and her partner. 'I'm Akira, he's Tsuru... we're Rune Knights.' she muttered as finally, she came up with a simple elegant plan. Her eyes scanned the area, the risks and she quickly assessed them all... Noticing a bunch of crates facing the building the archer was atop, she dashed out, straight for them. 'Keep the boy safe.' she called out eagerly, she wanted the archer's attention. Once on the crates, he was just about in her range...

Of course, the guy took her bait, but he had to come straight to the edge of the building to aim the arrow at her. She watched him notch another arrow, pretending to be paralyzed by fear. She held out her hand, like in a desperate attempt to defend herself, but it was only to cast her destabalize spell. A dark disc would form under the opponent. She wobbled her hand sharply, causing him to lose his balance and get knocked off the building... Even she had to turn away, as he splattered to the ground, she didn't want to know if he was dead or alive... all she needed to know was that the danger had been averted and that was done. She was sure he wouldn't be notching arrows anymore.

Then she noticed another grim looking mage approach from the end of the street. That fire mage... the one she had dodged earlier... 'One of you get the boy out of here... We have to stop that guy and his explosions, the building is a really bad place to be...' she warned.


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The idea of walls all around them seemed great in Haru’s head, but once they were inside, he realized what a terrible mistake that was. Akira was right. Now they were like trapped rats and what if the archer had a fire arrow similar to the ice one? Haru panicked and he could no longer think clearly. His eyes darted from the injured boy to his partner and then to the newcomer. The blonde girl introduced herself and officially declared that she was there to assist. One less thing to worry about. Even though he had assumed it already, he sure was glad to hear her say it. While usually Haru was too eager to talk to people and make friends, that day was different. His head was swimming with the many different possibilities ahead, and none seemed ideal. Thankfully, Akira came to the rescue and introduced the Rune Knight duo to the Blue Pegasus mage.

All the while, Haru simply stood there looking around to see a way out. The last thing he expected was for Akira to just dash out without a warning. He couldn’t believe her; the archer had been waiting for just this. He had notched an arrow and was aiming at the building’s entrance, ready to shoot the moment someone stepped out. When Akira dashed out, he did exactly that. Thankfully, Haru’s protective instincts kicked in and he quickly put up his Windshield to stop the arrow from piercing Akira’s legs. The arrow hit his shield instead of his partner and fell down motionless. The shocked archer did not know what hit him after that. Before he could reposition himself to aim at Akira again, she had already got him in her range by getting over the crates and knocked him off the terrace using her destabilize spell. The man fell off and crashed face-down onto the street. Haru cringed and looked away, unwilling to see the gruesome sight. The loud scream was followed by more groaning indicating that the man was alive. But it was apparent that he was no longer going to be a threat for the defenders. Despite everything, the healer in Haru was itching to rush to the suffering man and attempt healing him, but he was not given any such opportunity.

The fire mage Akira warned about had closed in and decided to enter the building by breaking the window. Haru heard the glass break and turned around swiftly to see what caused it. A brown-haired man with half his face covered with burn marks entered the building by jumping over the window sill. “Fries… Crispy…” he said, looking at them with a crazed look. With no warning, he immediately shot a huge fire ball straight towards where Haru and Liana stood. Haru reacted immediately. He put his palms together and pointed one hand at the incoming fire ball and another at the ceiling. Using his Redirect spell he diverted the attack upwards. It hit the ceiling, destroying it completely. Large wooden blocks fell between the fire mage and them, slowing the guy down.

Haru turned towards Liana with wide eyes and spoke with urgency. “Stall him for sometime… Do something. I have a way to get us out of here,” he said, before running to the entrance and getting ready for his big spell. He did not wish to use this and make them a visible target for all to attack. But it seemed they didn’t have much option. The attackers were rampant all over the streets and they were going to encounter them no matter what. Besides, the injured boy was losing his chance every moment they waste. Haru breathed and put his palms together; then, he pointed both of them down towards his feet.

Meanwhile, the fire mage had destroyed the wooden logs blocking his way and approached them like they were his meal. Akira was too far to come to the rescue. Haru hoped the Blue Pegasus mage would somehow stall him while he executed his escape plan.



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The Nature's Bonder
They were clearly way more experienced than her when it came to battles of such size. Or any battle at all. All her life, the girl never had a chance to truly fight, only having learned how to use her magic properly not too long ago, merely a few months ago. From that day onwards, the only thing she has been doing is practicing. Yet, that wasn't enough for the elf to feel confident in situations like in the one she is right now.

It was foe after foe, and even as the archer was eventually beaten by one of the Rune Knights, there was another who had somehow closed in and made its way inside the building both her and Hatsuharu were staying.

"He's here!"

She yelled out, immediately taking a stance, one hand by the hilt of her katana, the other ready in case there was the need for her to perform any kind of spell. Luckily, her ally had just enough reaction time to be able to redirect the huge fire ball coming at them up towards the ceiling, slowing their foe down even if just for a few seconds, enough for them to formulate some sort of strategy in order to escape such kind of predicament.

The moment she can finally make herself useful had come.

Liana had no idea what the male had planned, though, there was no time for pondering. Not too long afterwards, their foe would have eventually destroyed the wooden logs that were blocking his way. That single second was enough for her to realize her position. She had the role to stall the foe, enough for Hatsuharu to put his plan into action, successfully. In that sole moment, the young Sylvaine had just the right combination in mind.

Before allowing him to react in time or at the least expect it, a simple flick of her wrist would be enough for a one meter wide wooden trunk to sprout from a magic circle created right behind him, to strike him on the back and knock him straight in her direction. Immediately afterwards, she'd tap her foot on the ground once whilst she leaped forth, allowing two dowel rods to be materialized underneath her feet as they'd ultimately thrust her in the enemy's direction at high speeds. In half the time it would take for her to use one of either spells to close the gap with the man, she'd end up right in front of his face, hoping to swiftly land an almost instinctive elbow strike right against his stomatch to push him further away.

"You and Akira go on ahead, I'll watch your backs!"

She offered to continue to stall the same foe, knowing that she wasn't going to take him out with a mere elbow. Even if he had fire and had an advantage against her, the girl had gained an immense amount of confidence from fighting alongside and for others' safety.

Used 50 Mana:
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#12Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
The mage tore through the crowd, leaving screaming victims in his wake. The brutality was... cringeworthy. Aki began feeling a little nauseated... They had probably saved that little boy, but in protecting him, had they just lost the opportunity to save the others? Was this destruction too inevitable?It annoyed her no end, that the best mages were all busy saving the neck of the king, shouldn't he save his people first?  But a loud blast broke her bitter thoughts. She sucked in a breath and swore. The fire mage had propelled himself with a particularly nasty blowback of fire behind him. He leered at the building her partner and that elf occupied like it was an oven and had his favorite dish roasting inside it. That crazed look... Impatiently he blew away the large windows in front of him... She had no plan to take him out. But she couldn't lose Tsuru. Why goddamnit! Why did they have to come here at all? No matter what they did, the outcome, at least for the citizens seemed to be inevitable... death, pain, and loss...

She wondered if things would have been any different if she never set foot into this god-forsaken town. Within that time frame, that she had been in Crocus, she had Tsuru had fought, the underling of some secret organization, to save a promiscuous, good for nothing noble, whom they'd taken hostage. Then, they were followed by a higher ranking mage from the same organization, who sought to recruit them after being impressed at the way the duo so efficiently took out his junior. Perhaps the way things ended up, that burly man did get his revenge against them, for the way they decimated his plan to threaten the noble into funding him for apparent safety.. How had he gone about his revenge? He used some experimental artifact and ended up instilling Akira with a fragment of a new magic... Light... An element that was in complete contrast and conflict with the one she already had. Had it not been for the sacrifice of the high ranking Rune Knight that came to their aid, the duo could've been dead already.

The magic she had in her, did nearly kill her anyway. It made her weak and unstable, the turmoil inside too much for her frail body to bear. Had it not been for the freaky woman who helped her reign it in a little, Akira was probably going to pop and releasing all this unbridled energy, she'd have taken some people with her, most likely. At least, now she could do some basic things with the light, but she'd not had the time to really practice and get anywhere close to perfect all the things she wanted to do with it. But the fact that it stopped being in total and utter destructive conflict with her darkness... Was the best she could hope for. Besides, all her troubles failed in comparison to the unexpected chaos the townsfolk had been plunged into, with no real way to defend themselves, the world was one twisted place...

She slid back towards the building the smoke and the glow from the fire, made it difficult for her to see what was going on inside. 'Liana! Tsuru, what's going on in there?' she screamed, cautiously. She coughed as the smoke grew thicker, making it more difficult to suppress the urge to throw up. Sputtering she fell back a little... She had to play off something, her magic wouldn't be enough to take out a mage like him. She wasn't sure of what Liana could do yet, since she had barely any vision of the events inside... In a last-ditch effort, she wondered if she could exploit the man's cruel and crazy bloodlust... Maybe deception could work?

Squinting and braving the heat and sting as she neared the fire, close enough to try and relay her message, without letting herself burn. 'KEEP HIM THERE! I'M USING THE NEXT BUILDING AS A SAFEHOUSE FOR CHILDREN AND SOME OF THE INJURED.' she screamed at the top of her lungs. She hoped it would do the trick... He may savor the idea of relishing causing pain to all the poor helpless souls... which luckily didn't really exist cooped up in any building. She didn't reliably have much else up her sleeve at the moment. She swallowed and backed away, peering into the golden flames, for a little longer hoping for Tsuru to show up. But after seeing the kind of trauma the people were enduring, she couldn't find it in her to turn a blind eye anymore. 'I'm going towards the outer walls, Tsuru is right, we have to stop more of them from infiltrating.' she yelled again... Skidding forward towards the direction that the fire mage had come from. 'Catch up with me.' she said, in a rare burst of hope, because it was all she had...
~~WC objective complete~~

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With his hands pointing towards the ground, Haru slowly increased the density of the air and water molecules around him, casting the Nimbus spell. The fire mage walked towards them getting another attack ready. Fortunately, Liana stalled well as the cloud began to form at the exit of the building. Slowly, the cloud grew until it was three meters wide. He then looked up and found Liana elbowing the crazy fire mage. He also noticed that their Blue Pegasus ally’s magic element was nature. Oh shit! He realized this was probably the worst match-up and felt bad for letting Liana handle it alone. After knowing, there was no way he was going to leave her and run away.

The fire mage’s creepy smile faded rapidly and he was now angry. He yelled at the top of his voice and said words that made no sense when put together. Who let this guy loose?! Haru had to wonder. Enraged, the Grimoire Heart pawn put his arms above his head and began to create a huge ball of fire. However, he stopped the moment he heard Akira’s voice, claiming to be helping the children and injured in the next building. Haru had no idea this was a bluff and sincerely hoped the man didn’t stop his attack for reason he thought he did. With his lunatic smile creeping back to his face, the attacker then dashed past Haru through the entrance, straight towards the building from where Akira’s voice came. Believing Akira’s words to be true, Haru quickly reacted to stop the man from going any further. He put his palms together and then pointed it right below where the fire mage was, casting his Phase spell. The ground under the fire mage instantly lost so much density that he fell into the two-meter deep hole. Just before the man’s head was about to be submerged too, Haru clenched his fists turning the ground back to normal. This bound the mage underground. Haru knew it was not a permanent solution and their crazy attacker can get out of it. But this bought them some more time. He lifted the injured boy and placed him gently on the Nimbus, and then climbed onto it. He would then offer his hand to Liana and ask her to climb the cloud too. “Come on! We’ll be faster on this,” he said. If Liana agreed to come with him, he will help her get onto the nimbus and then steer the cloud out of the streets, towards Akira.

Once he caught up with Akira, he would lower the cloud to allow her to climb the cloud too. With that many people on it, the cloud didn’t even hover two meters above ground and struggled to drag them at any significant speed. But at least it allowed them skip running through the debris and assisted a bit in dodging the projectile attacks. As Haru steered the cloud towards the wall, he scanned the region for any other survivors. About a minute in, he saw a fight going on. It would seem more defenders were fighting another wave of Grimoire Heart members who managed to break through the front line defense. Haru turned to Liana. “Looks like more people need help. I can drop you off here, if you would like,” he said. “We will get the boy to the medic and try to stop any further breach. Sounds good?” If Liana agreed, he would lower the cloud to floor level so that she can get down and then thank her. “Thank you so much for your assistance. Couldn’t have made it without you!” With that, he would fly his cloud away from the fight along with his partner and the injured boy.


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Asura Nightshade
What Asura had hoped would be another ordinary day had turned out to be completely different. The city of Crocus was engulfed with screams, cries, shrills of terror and erupted in fires that spread their claws throughout the entire Capitol. Asura stood up from the bed that she was asleep on and looked outside of the small window as she witnessed the civilians running, clutching their loved ones in order to get to safety. What happened? Yesterday, the city was at peace, gleeful and full of joy and today, terror raged within the heart of Crocus. Immediately, Asura slid out of her night gown and put on her uniform as quickly as she could. It looked like a mess as she had hurriedly put it on and tied her hair in a bun as fast as possible. Asura took her sheathed sword as well as her shoulder plates and ran out of the room into the main hall of the inn she was staying at to find it completely empty. Guess everyone must have evacuated already.  

As she was about to leave, Asura heard a sniff somewhere in the corner and immediately stopped wondering where it came from. She roamed her eyes around the vicinity of the inn, wanting to leave soon as structures were extremely dangerous in situations like these when all of a sudden, she saw a puff of hair underneath a table. Quickly, she went towards it and kneeled down to see a small boy, cowering and crying. He immediately tensed up when he saw her and Asura held her hands out in a gesture that stated that she was a friend and not a foe. "Hello little boy, it's okay, you don’t have to be afraid of me. I'm a Rune Knight, let me help you get out of here."

The boy hesitated for a moment but eventually, nodded. She held his hand and rushed towards the door of the inn. When she asked the boy why he was all alone, he claimed that he had lost his mother while they were running outside and hence, remembered that she told him if ever he was to be lost, he should find a place to hide. Asura nodded as she opened the door slightly and looked outside to see if the coast was clear. He asked her what was happening and frankly, Asura herself was lost. This was a first for her as well and the only thing she could reply with was, "I'm not really sure but it'll be alright." For now, she had to get this boy to safety and see if she could find anyone else.

Asura rushed out of the inn with the boy clutching her hand as she swiftly ran through the streets making sure no one was anywhere near them. She didn't really know who she was keeping a look out for but she'd probably know when she would see it. And just as she had thought that, a small dagger went past her, nearly missing her ear and attaching itself to the wall right next to her. Asura stopped abruptly as a grinning man came into her line of vision. As soon as she saw him, she knew. It was Grimoire Heart that were causing this pandemonium! She'd heard the tales but it was now, for the first time that she witnessed a tragedy caused by them and if he thought they'd get away with it, they were wrong.

She was standing somewhere close to a burning building and could sense that this fire was caused by magic. She hoped whoever was inside could make it out safe. She would have gone to help except that she had an enemy of her own to handle. She looked at the boy behind her and leaned down slightly while keeping her eye on the enemy.  

"Listen to me, it's going to get dangerous over here. So, I want you to run and find people and stick with them, do you understand? I saw a small crowd not too far from here from my window. Join them okay! Now run!" She told the boy as he nodded and ran. Asura turned back to the Grimoire Heart mage and her heart beat loudly. She could sense that he was strong and as she unsheathed her sword, she wondered whether she would be able to defeat him by herself.  

In the corner of her eyes, she spotted two familiar faces. Haru and Akira! But it appeared that they were leaving. Damn it. However, it seemed as though they had dropped someone off and Asura just hoped that this person would come to her aid as she charged towards the enemy, her Warrior set at her disposal.
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Jeremiah Ali
Jeremiah held the man by the throat. In the midst of all the commotion that was going on, he was completely distracted by his own personal goals. The man in his hand squirmed , attempting to hurt Jeremiah by punching his arm, but only caused the Phantom to tighten the grip around his neck. This mask came in handy for many reasons, though one of them was for keeping his identity a secret. Jeremiah would definitely need something like this if he planned on doing some mischievous things. There he stood in a building, gripping the neck of a Rune Knight who's purpose in this war was to die anyway. "Idiot. You'd rather die a pawn than live a pawn." Jeremiah whispered, glaring at the struggling man. It was obvious that he didn't want to die, but his loyalty for his beloved Magic Council ran too deep. Either that, or he just didn't know where the Council members would be. They played an important role on what was happening here today and if they weren't participating in the war then what could they be doing? Last he remembered the Etherion canon was down so they couldn't be preparing it. Tears began to trickle down the mans face as he pleaded for his life. A couple more seconds and he would be a goner, a couple more seconds and he'd move on to a realm of nothingness... or not- whichever he deserved.

"Oh well."

The young Phantom clenched his hand around the Knights neck with even more strength and within another second he was done. One thing he hated more than a Rune Knight was a weak Rune Knight. Miah released his grip on the man and allowed his limp body to fall onto the cement floor of the building. It wasn't long after that he heard voices in the distance. He couldn't count how many voices he heard, but he did realize that they came from the lower floor so quickly he moved, dashing through the halls of the random building he was in. "Hey you!" A voice in the distance would should as he dashed down the halls. This was no Rune Knight. Jeremiah glanced behind him and saw no standard Knight uniform which could only mean that now Grimoire Heart members were after him. No point in running, the less of them there are, the better. Which was true for both sides. The new slayer needed both Grimoire Heart and Rune Knights alike to perish one way or another. Without another thought, he stopped. His mask still fixed perfectly on his face, he was able to see about five Grimoire Heart mages before him. They seemed to be confident considering the way they stopped running and walked towards Jeremiah.

"Are you one of us? Why'd you do that to that man back there!?"

Jeremiah remained quiet. Both his arms rested beside him and he did nothing but wait. Talk was cheap and he knew that sooner than later these mages would realize that he wasn't one of them. Still, they questioned why he did what he did to the Rune Knight only moments prior. "So that's a no, huh? Well then who the hell are you?!" The mages tensed up, readying themselves for whatever Miah may have done. Nothing happened though, he stood waiting for the Grimoire Fucks to do what they would think needed to be done. "Fine. After we beat you to a pulp, we'll take that mask off your face and see who you really are!" Thus it began. The mage in the front of the group had dark blue hair, he was the first to move forward to take a jab at Jeremiah. His attempts were futile though. The Phantom stepped to his right before grabbing the man's wrist with his right hand, bending it back quickly and snapping it with ease. Then proceeded to lift his left knee and crash it directly into the mans stomach, forcing him to fall to his knees. It was then that other mages would charge forward in Unison, but it only took a few moments for Jeremiah to kill them all with his bare hands. He snapped the necks of the rest of them. Now it was time to continue moving. The building seemed to be rising in temperature, indicating that there was some sort of fire happening. Of course he was now immune to fire so that was the least of his worries.

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The Nature's Bonder

The girl showed her concern the moment the fire mage just didn't appear to want to desist. From a small fireball, to a big fireball and now to a huge fireball, he was just ready to turn everything in his way into mere ashes. Thankfully for her and for the rest of the others, Hatsuharu came to the rescue, having just done what he desired to do in order for them to escape. But even after that, something caught the Grimoire Heart's mage attention. He halted the process of charging up his own spell only to suddenly make his way towards a specific building.

"--... Wh-What?"

Liana could only quickly turn around and look at that same structure, only to hear Akira's voice coming from it. "Oh, no...!" She was prepared to sprint her way after the evil mage, yet she didn't need to do it. Hatsuharu once more came to the rescue. Using one of his spells, he was somehow able to dig the foe underground, where he couldn't move. Even so, he still appeared to struggle and didn't appear too worried, meaning he could probably escape such a grasp.

Thankfully, the Rune Knight was there and had found another way to save both her and himself, with the creation of a nimbus of sorts. "Alright!" She responded, only to quickly make her way over to where he was and ultimately climb on top of the cloud he materialized.

Along with Akira and the child, they'd continue to make their own escape, until another fight appeared to be going on. At his question, she'd simply nod, watching as he lowered down the nimbus and dropping herself off of it. Briefly, her attention is turned back to the three of them as she smiled, nodding again at his following words.

"It was great fighting alongside you all. Stay safe out there!"

When all was said and done, she'd turn back around and begin to rapidly make her way towards all of the commotion. The first sight she got was of another female, apparently ready to fight a Grimoire Heart mage standing in front of her. She could instantly guess who was an ally and who was an enemy. Thus, she got closer, with the intent to help.

"Hey, you!"

She yelled out at the foe, mainly to perhaps buy the blonde woman some time and give her an opening to finish her opponent. If he was distracted by her shout, obviously. If not, then she'd continue approaching, a hand already lowering down to stay right near the hilt of her katana.
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Asura Nightshade
As Asura lunged at the Grimoire Heart mage ahead of her, a shout caught her attention. She immediately slowed down a little in her assault and noticed a blonde girl on the other side of the evil mage. Asura knew her; or at least, recognized her. If her memory served right, while Haru and Akira were leaving, they had a third person with him and this girl had the same shade of blonde hair that the third person did. Asura assumed that this girl had come to help her out and frankly, she couldn't help the light sigh of relief that left her at having another ally with her in this fight that she was unsure of whether she could handle alone.

Asura diverted her attention back to the Grimoire Heart who seemed to effectively be distracted by the newcomer's shout and turned his whole attention onto her, completely ignoring Asura. Good. She took this as a sign and ran swiftly towards the evil mage while slightly bent down to increase her speed, holding her sword diagonally with the hilt near her waist. She neared the evil mage and leaned down in a crouch as she slashed upwards, yet again, diagonally on the enemy's chest with her Warrior Sword. A loud gasp of pain erupted from his mouth and beads of blood frolicked upon his chest. Asura swiftly jumped backwards by putting more pressure on one foot and watched as the Grimoire Heart mage clutched its chest as slight blood seeped out. But, Asura could sense that the battle wasn't over yet. This mage seemed like he had something up his sleeve as he snarled and glared towards Asura's direction who stood about five to seven feet away from him. Quickly, his gaze traversed over to the blonde girl who had joined their battle and his snarl became even more ferocious. He was angry, extremely angry.

The Grimoire Heart mage raised his hands towards the sky and roared as a ball of water developed in his hands. Immediately, he lowered his hands and shot it towards Asura who stepped to the side just barely avoiding it. He then turned around and threw another shot of water at rapid speed towards the blonde girl's direction. "Watch out!" Asura yelled. She grit her teeth and charged towards him again, her Warrior Sword held up with the hilt now facing the Warrior Shoulder Plates she had on. However, before she could land a hit, another mage stepped in and intercepted her attack with a sword as equally big as the Warrior Sword. The water-based mage then decided to focus all his attention on the other blonde girl as the new Grimoire Heart mage faced off against Asura.  

She jumped back from him, creating a little bit of distance between them and stepped on pieces of rubble that littered the ground due to the buildings nearby that collapsed. "This is such a pain," She mumbled as she bent forward with her sword at the ready, glaring at the opponent that stood before her.

He howled a cry of laughter and looked Asura up and down as if he couldn't believe someone as weak as her was facing off against him. "Hmph, this'll take no time," He said and charged towards her again, sword at the ready as the two clashed with each other. Asura could guess by the feel of his weapon against her that his sword was comparatively heavier than hers which meant that it was also more forceful but in terms of speed, it was lacking when compared to her Warrior Sword. However, unlike her, this mage seemed to have some form of experience with handling swords. Asura, was still, not quite that good. Damn, this is bad.

She quickly glanced over to see how the other girl was facing off against the other water-based Grimoire Heart mage and hoped that the both of them could emerge out of this victorious. For a second, her mind drifted and she wondered whether the boy reached the people she had spotted from a window, alright or not. She prayed that at the least, she could save one life, no matter whose it was. Her slight distraction was enough of a leverage for the Grimoire Heart mage to jump upwards and slash his sword vertically down. Asura's eyes slightly widened and she quickly jumped and rolled off to the side, the sword having scratched her skin slightly when by reflex, her arm was thrown out to the side. There was a tear in her sleeve and a little bit of blood seeped out. At the most, it stung however, if Asura had been even a second later, it would have ended up bad.  

Okay, it's time to end this now.
She got up and charged towards the enemy, her sword held within her hands. They yet again, clashed and Asura managed to land a few slight hits and scrapes on the enemy. His attacks were comparatively, better however, Asura's Warrior Shoulder Plates managed to protect her from damage most of the time. Their scuffle continued for a little while until Asura started getting exhausted and decided that now would definitely be the best time to end this. She focused on her enemy and tried to wait until he got distracted, even for a slight second. And, she got it when he slightly glanced over to see how his partner was facing off against the other girl. Asura took her chance and kicked him hard in the shin to make him lose his balance and topple over with the sword falling from his hands. She quickly kicked it away and raised her sword to slam the hilt down on his head as she bent down. She did it hard enough that he would be rendered unconsciousness but not dead. She couldn't afford to have anyone's blood on her hands. At least, not yet.

Thankfully, he lost consciousness but after she hit him twice with the hilt. Asura, still bent on one knee, released a sigh and got up glancing towards the other girl. She walked over to her, sword clutched in her left uninjured arm and nodded towards her. "Thank you for your help. My name is Asura Nightshade, I'm a Rune Knight. I greatly appreciate you coming to help me, I don't know what I could have done otherwise." Asura bowed to the other mage as a sign of gratitude and stood back up, staring blankly at the other mage wondering what she was going to do now.
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Jeremiah Ali
Everything was about Jeremiah. At least that's the mindset he had at this point. Leaving Fairy Tail... was about him, joining Phantom Lord was about him, even this war...it all was about him getting closer to his goal. Sure as of now he was nothing more than a random teenage boy with a vandetta, but soon everything would fall into place. Of course he knew that everything literally wasn't about him, he was glad events were unfolding the way they were. This made thing so much easier for him and the rest of Phantom Lord, though he hardly cared about the guild. He was only using them until they no longer needed to be used if that wasn't already obvious enough. As it stood, he was one of two Phantom Lord mages that participated in the war - valuable mages, that was. Jeremiah wasn't sure where Shura was, but he was sure that the fire demon himself was doing just fine. Jeremiah's sole purpose of being apart of this whole war was to work in the shadows. He couldn't risk getting seen by anyone mainly because he needed to destroy members who were both Rune Knights and Grimoire Heart mages. Samehada rested on his back as he sprinted down the hallway, stopping when he saw a a flight of stairs leading to the roof. Perfect. Just what he needed. Right about now he it would be best for him to get a clear view of the entire battlefield so that he could easily analyze both sides of the fight. For sure he knew that the Rune knights and other mages from the light guilds were doing a pretty good job at keeping Grimoire Heart back. No bueno. I need to help Grimoire Heart push the Rune Knights back he thought to himself. It didn't take the young Phantom long to reach the roof, where oddly enough nobody else would be. Hm... Looking first to his left, he saw that on the other roofs there was also nobody. On every roof of every building around him, he realized that there was nobody. Odd. However, he paid this little detail no mind, instead he could hear the clashing of swords from below on his right side and so he moved quickly to the edge of the roof. There he was able to see two girls fighting two men, both seemed to be holding up pretty good against their foes. They were obviously the good guys.

A few moments passed and the girl who wielded the Katana was in fact the first to take out her opponent. How shameful. Miah was slightly disappointed in Grimoire Heart. All that they had done and still it was hard for them to battle against a few Knights and some lowly light mages. Without another thought, Jeremiah leaped from the building, activating a spell that he only recently learned while in the middle of the air and landing right between the woman who began walking to the other blonde girl before she could even get within 5 meters of her. The spell he activated mid-air would be used to see everything around him within a 5 meter range, so even if the woman behind him decided to attack him, he would be able to see her.

Due to his immense strength, the ground beneath him cracked slightly, and there he stood glaring at the woman who previously knocked out her enemy. Standing exactly 3 meters in front of her and exactly 5 meters in front of the other girl she was going to with his mask covering his face. Jeremiah didn't say a word. Instead he was silent, his mask covering his face and his black cloak covering his entire body with Samehada on his back. He wasn't sure if these women were Knights or just members from a light guild but he'd find out in a second. If they didn't cooperate then he'd have to end them both.  Jeremiah was never the type of man to actually enjoy murdering someone, but when it came to Knights he simply thought of it as a sport. They all needed to perish in order for his plan to truly work and they would all perish by his hand. The girl in front of him was skilled to say the least considering how she took out her enemy, but Jeremiah was sure it wasn't anything he couldn't handle. This didn't mean he underestimated her, he was just pretty confident in himself.

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The Nature's Bonder
Her attempt at distracting the first enemy appeared to have worked and allowed her ally to find an opening in order to strike. It was a successful one too, able to weaken the Grimoire Heart mage, yet not enough to actually beat him. While she was easily affected by the fact he now started bleeding, the girl knew she still couldn't feel bad as they were people willing to actually kill others to get what they want. They were selfish, just bad people. She wouldn't do the same, of course, but she would still somehow find a way to defeat them without having to end their lives.

As she moved closer and closer to find an opening herself in order to be able to help the other woman, the mage, seemingly enraged, decided to attack her due to the fact she was the reason why his first wound was inflicted. Thankfully, her ally had warned her beforehand, the young Sylvaine quickly jumping to action and literally jumping, rapidly leaping to the side and barely avoiding the shot of water that came her way.

"Oof... Thank you!"

Liana shouted out to the other female, moments before another Grimoire Heart mage appeared, making the battle no more handicapped. Now it was her against the water mage and her ally against the man with the blade who had just now showed up. He kept unleashing shot after shot of water, the elf using all of the speed she could muster in order to start running around her opponent in circles, focusing her sights on him and him only, hoping to find an opening. Surely he wasn't going to keep that forever.

"Damn you, pesky elf...!"

And then, right at the moment he stopped, at the very same second he stopped, the girl would instead continue her dash, now in his direction. He was still able to shoot two or three more balls of water, yet with her sharper reflexes, she was able to barely avoid all of them, as he proved to be much inferior to her when it came to battle. She wasn't trained by Alisa for nothing, most likely one of the best mages in the world. When she closed the gap, she lowered down for a moment to surprise him before swiftly striking upwards, her arm rising at high speeds and a single palm hoping to hit him right on his chin area, knocking him unconscious.

Whilst he fell to the ground, she straightened herself and returned her attention now towards her approaching ally, who had also equally beaten her opponent. She allowed a sigh of relief to escape her lips, smiling as Liana awaited. Though, it wasn't over. Just as introductions were about to be made, someone else decided to do one of his own.

Silent, yet threatening. The young Sylvaine just couldn't identify such a man as an ally. He looked just as evil as the rest of the Grimoire Heart mages, if not even more. And even stronger.

She merely kept her eyes up on him for a moment, waiting for him to say something when she noticed the crown of white flames that surrounded his head. For him to make such an entrance, even allowing the ground to crack below him, he just couldn't be here to help.

"I can't fight someone like this..."

With that thought, she looked up at the sky, noticing the sun was still hitting the tiles below all of them. That was good. And without even a second thought or a word, she rapidly turned around and tapped one of her feet on the ground whilst leaping, two dowel rods materializing below her feet to push her forwards at even higher speeds than normal. She intended to quickly move away from the area, making sure to stay under the sunlight, for whatever reason.

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#20Asura Nightshade 

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Asura Nightshade
For a second, Asura thought that everything was okay. That for the time being, they were fine as she approached the other blonde girl. However, just then, something that she hoped wouldn't happen occurred. A man had landed, from seemingly out of nowhere, in between the two girls, closer to Asura than the other one. She flinched slightly as he made his appearance, the eerie mask that he wore along with his black cloak and massive sword sending a shiver down her back. But, it was only when the ground shook due to his immense strength that Asura felt the hair on her back rising up. This man was strong, compared to her, he was infinitely strong.  And, she had a feeling that he didn't seem to be on their side. She wanted to wrap her arms around herself, to protect herself from the negative aura that he gave off. There was absolutely no way Asura would ever be able to defeat him; she was far too weak and she knew that.

The man was quiet for the longest time. Asura didn't move, her Warrior Sword clutched in her left hand as she stared back at him, wanting to cower but resisting the urge to do so. In the corner of her eye, she noticed the other blonde mage departing while leaping into the air. Asura gazed as her as she left and decided that the other blonde mage had probably come to the same conclusion as she did. That this man was too strong for either of them to handle, alone or together. Asura was relatively unskilled and her recent victory against the Grimoire Heart mage was frankly, a stroke of luck. She didn’t know whether this man would hurt the civilians but she couldn't afford to fight him. She had to find a way out of her somehow.

But, she didn't know how. Especially, as she was standing right in front of him. Call her a coward and as much as she wanted to protect the people, if she was hurt, she wouldn’t be able to protect anyone. Asura decided to take a chance and cleared her throat.  

"I do not know who you are or which side you may belong to. But I do not wish to fight you or anyone unless I have no other choice but to. I merely want to protect the citizens. So, please, I hope that you too try to protect them, at least in this time of need."
She paused for a second and then continued, "If, by any chance, you have a grudge against the Rune Knights, I implore you to please let it go for this once and let us join together to help the people."  

Asura took a step backwards, hoping that her words reached him to an extent. She was in no condition to fight nor did she possess the strength to last even a minute against him. Asura wanted to grit her teeth in frustration but instead, she readied her stance to try to leave as soon as possible.  

"I do not want to fight you,"
Asura reinstated again, more firmly, this time, making it clear that her priorities lay somewhere else. "At least, not right now. Perhaps some other time if we ever cross paths again but for now, there are bigger things at risk here than our animosity towards each other, especially if you have not hurt anyone."  

With that, as swiftly as possible, without looking at him and hoping that he wouldn't stop her, Asura braced herself and jumped on the roof of a small building nearby, not stopping to look back even once. She just hoped that this battlefield would not become her grave. A little bit of guilt seeped into her heart at blatantly running away but how good was she if she was dead? That wouldn't help anyone. No, she needed to stay alive. If she needed to make a change, she had to stay alive. And, she would make sure of that, no matter the cost.  


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#21Jeremiah Ali 

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Jeremiah Ali
Hm? The young man raised his arm, readying himself to grab Samehada but what the woman did next shocked even him. Did she really think that by speaking to him, he would stop what was inevitable once he spotted her? Jeremiah was going to murder this woman here, however he did pause to hear herher speak. Just as pitiful as it was it was also quite amusing. A part of him wished that she wasn't a woman. He hated to feel like he was being a "Bully" in a sense. She went on, first saying that she didn't know who he was and then stating her purpose for being apart of the war that was taking place. Sadly the world didn't work like that. Seeing that he wouldn't even need to use Samehada for this one, he took another step forward. She just wouldn't shut the hell up. She went on once more, asking him to put his possible grudge with Rune Knights aside. How dare she speak as if she knew his issues with the world? Just as predictable as he was, she also was. Predictable... cowardly was the only way to express the type of woman she was. Her job as a Knight clearly meant nothing. She wasn't protecting anyone by begging for her life and hoping to escape the clutches of the vulture of her life. Rune Knight... what a joke.

She stepped back. Still... still this woman was speaking. She didn't want to fight...is what she said again. Jeremiah was unfazed though. He couldn't make any exceptions. To do so was to contradict what his purpose was. All Rune Knights were enemies, the pawns, the bishops, and those at the very top. Even the King and Queen of Fiore was his enemy. All of them didn't stand for real justice. They were actors, manipulators of society and the truly villains in this war. The cowardly woman spoke again, saying that her and her enemy could fight if they ever crossed paths again. Did that mean she was going to try and take her leave? Not on his watch. Just as she turned, Jeremiah stepped forward, but stopped as a group of 10 Rune knights approached from behind him.

"What do you think your doing?!" a man shouted at Miah. The cloaked teenager Savannian boy turned, allowing the woman before him to escape safely. Damn, how embarrassing was that. Being a Rune Knight and running after your fellow Knights come to help you. The only way they couldn't see who their peer was was if they were totally blind, and unluckily for her, they weren't. The lady wasn't his problem now. He stood facing 10 Rune Knights with sword and armors. They were ready to kill and good thing Jeremiah was too. Now it was time for play time. He dashed forward as two rune knights stepped forward, attempting to swing their swords at him, but it was futile. Stepping to the left, he was able to dodge the knight on his left side, quickly grabbing him by his neck and slamming him into the ground. The Knight to his right missed with his first attempted, but attempted once more by swinging his sword downward onto Jeremiah's neck.

Again, futile. The mysterious mage simply leaned forward, parrying with Samehada on his before shooting a fireball at his foot, missing, but making sure it hit the ground directly on the floor. White flames. All the Knights around him seemed surprised to see such flames though he wondered if they understood what he was right then. Probably not, he thought. The Rune knight who attempted to hit him, stumbled to the side as he tried to avoid the flame, and then it was on. Jeremiah dashed forward and drew Samehada from his back, approaching each Knight all at once as they all charged at him and  easily swung the blade with two hands horizontally starting from his left. The first 3 Knights had no time to defend themselves, getting sliced  across their stomachs, causing them to fall to their knees immediately. The next 4 brought their blades in front of them just in time to weaken the force of Jeremiah's swing, still, Samehada easily breaking through their blades and slicing them across their guts as well.  It made it easier that they were semi-circled around him so his blade would easily hit them.

The young Phantom turned with Samehada's momentum, facing the last Knight that attempted to attack him. The man just stood there, seemingly shocked at Jeremiah's display. Without another moment wasted, the Demon Slayer placed two fingers on his forehead before disappearing, rising out of the white flame on the ground directly beside the rune Knight placing Samehada back onto his back as the Knight turned in surprise. Only seconds after, Jeremiah snapped his neck and that was the end of that.

All this couldn't have been done without a few eyes noticing him. Quickly Grimoire Heart members approached him from behind.

"Whoa. I sure am glad you're on our-" Only about a meter in front him, Jeremiah turned and kicked the speaking man in his rib, sending him flying into another two Grimoire Heart members. "What the hell are you doing?!" The man shouted angrily as he and his peers struggled to stand. With Jeremiah's crown of white flaming eyes, he was able to see yet another group of Rune Knights approach him. These seemed to be a little more prepared as their armor was heavier and their weapons were more complex. "You! Don't move any further. I'm Hank Murrow,
seated Knight of the Rune Knights. Stand down."

Jeremiah was no fool. Immediately he leaped onto a building. He drew way too much attention, continuing forward would only cause even more eyes to watch him. It was time to fall back. Luckily he didn't turn around, so these Knights weren't able to see exactly what kind of Mask he had on. Everyone who did see him except those two females that fled earlier were dead. Swiftly the Phantom Lord member leaped onto a building, hopping from building to building until eventually he could exit through the broken walls that attempted to keep Grimoire Heart out.

"I won't allow you to escape!" the Knight shouted as he chased Jeremiah. Swiftly the fire mage moved towards the woods, hoping to escape through there. It was truly disappointing that he couldn't move any further. His plan was to at least return with one Rune Knight for further information, but it seems today he wasn't mean to achieve that. However, maybe considering the role he was playing, it was best for him to leave.

~ EXIT ~

WordCount: 2,500+/2,500


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