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Hargeon To Magnolia [Foot Travel: Chelvaric]

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#1Venus Rosé 

Hargeon To Magnolia [Foot Travel: Chelvaric] Empty Sun Jan 28, 2018 7:06 am

Venus Rosé

Her stay in Hargeon has eventually come an end—though it wasn’t even as long as she had wanted to be. It was mostly due to the fact that she still had business unattended in Magnolia and it was no doubt that she was going to drag her lover along with her, as well as her newly attained dragon named Draco. Quite a silly name, but that was the first one that popped into her head when she named him. Heels clacked against the wooden floorboards of their guild as she entered the hall and her eyes would finally land upon one whom she had been searching for. A rather large luggage trailed behind her as she proceeded towards him and attempted to get his attention with a gentle rest of her hand on his shoulder.

”You ready to leave?”

Upon his agreement, they would travel out of their guildhall and meandered over to a secluded place far from the city as well as their own guild. ”Draco is coming with us as well,” she flashed a smile at her beau, excited about their travel as shown by a slight glimmer in her eyes. Shortly after, the dragon soared over the air and landed safely before them to allow its master to climb on board. ”Come, its faster than walking at the very least,” she’d gesture Chelvaric to follow her lead and wait for him to climb onto the dragon. Her heart skipped a beat and it could be seen that she was exhilarated for the adventure that was about to take place.

As she settled herself on top of the dragon, she’d gently run her hand over the rough features of the beast’s body, admiring its scales and taming the animal at the same time. It was still a dragon after all and no one could possibly dare to test its patience despite how loyal it may be to its master.


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#2Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was drinking at the guild hall of blue Pegasus and he was storing his travel stories with the newbies of the guild as he and snow and two others in the guild were the famous mages of blue Pegasus they were seen as the strongest and all the newbies would look up at them. He took a big sip of his beer before he started talking about how they fought there way through a thousand of raged citizens in Baska town that were sick from a disease that evil bandits had released on the city. “On that moment we released the cure and the whole city fell to sleep and they raised up as healed people”, he wanted to say more but he suddenly fell a hand on his shoulder and asked if he was ready. He said goodbye to everyone as they all bowed to there guild master before leaving the two alone as they all knew they were a couple.

How are you babe, aye I am all ready to travel", he said and he kissed her on her cheek. It seemed they were going to travel with her companion. Elisa came running and they all went to the giant serpent. Not much later they were flying high in the sky over the landscape. They could see for miles far and he was enjoying the view as it was amazing. He was holding snow around her waist so that he wouldn’t fall off while Elisa had her vines wrapped around the both of them to keep herself steady on top of Draco as well.

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Hargeon To Magnolia [Foot Travel: Chelvaric] HVEbuMl

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