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Crocus to Magnolia (foot travel)

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Crocus to Magnolia (foot travel) Empty Sat Jan 27, 2018 9:13 pm

Varian slid down the hill quickly jumping over the multitude of rocks. He was getting accustom to who he was. Pressing off one of the rocks he jumped down a cliff like some kind of Ibex. His back pack was tied tightly to his back, the only thing in it for the moment was clothes and the book that he had found when he woke up. Rolling down another hill he was enjoying his full force run. Stretching his legs he jumped across a small ravine where a stream flowed quietly threw. Taking a breath he skidded to a stop next to the road. Varian felt free, he felt peppy. Brushing his hand through his green hair. Taking a deep breath he looked around to what he saw. The trees were beautiful, even with the less leaves. Taking a deep breath he looked at the world even more vibrantly. everything seemed to be even more amazing. Taking a deep breath he broke into another run, sprinting across the forest he went as fast as he could possibly do. As he stretched as legs as far as he could he showed up near the end of the road and was nearing his destination. He had gone to crocus but he wanted to go back to magnolia, he had been there for awhile and wanted to go home, well thats what he thought of home. Magnolia was where he woke up and it seems like the best place to be currently. Blinking a few times he began to walk down the road back into magnolia. He slowly got closer to the middle of town, it felt odd to say he felt so good to be home since had barely known the place for a short time but it really did feel good.


Crocus to Magnolia (foot travel) ULuOEQW
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