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Worth Woodsea to Era Town [foot]

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Worth Woodsea to Era Town  [foot] Empty Tue Nov 14, 2017 1:44 pm

Requiem looked back one last time, she wasn't sure if she wanted to remember or not the place where she had been given a second chance. Brushing a loose strand of hair behind her ear as the wind blew, she turned back and started walking. She guessed it would take her two or three days to reach Era, plenty of time to think as she headed south.

She watched as birds flew among the trees while squirrels chased each other over tiny bits of food they were storing for winter. It would be a cold one. Requiem hated the cold, often associating it with the fear and hunger she had dealt with a lifetime ago. She stopped and took off her pack, getting her hoodie out. It was Conner's fare well gift when she first left and it pained her to realize she hadn't grown at all since then. Settling her pack and marching off once more, she started to ponder how to best train herself.

"I don't have a very strong body, so I should focus on my spellcasting and my speed. Although, with proper training I could make myself strong enough that I won't need to worry about getting hit" She put her hand under her chin as she thought. She had failed to realize how difficult it would be to join the Holy Knights yet again.

She reached an inn and set herself up for the night which passed uneventful and headed out the next morning. This time she ran part of the way until coming across a wagon in a ditch, "Do you need help?"
"Aye, that we do lass, get old Germain over there to pull while we lift this damn thing."

Requiem saw the horse in question, he didn't seem too old but she wasn't good with animals all that much. Shame too since she loved them. She carefully pulled on the harness, getting the horse to finally move as the two men lifted and pushed, "well, thank'ee kindly young lass, where be you headed off to?"
"Era Town."
"Well, so are we. How's about we give ye a lift there as our thanks?"
Requiem bowed, I greatly appreciate it." She hopped on and rode, occasionally speaking when spoken to but mostly thinking to herself as the day passed. They finally reached the city gates, "Thank you very much sir."
"Ah, think nothing of it, just remember old Jethro if you're ever out by Baska." Requiem bowed as they left and she headed towards the barracks. She planned on sleeping late tonight since she was finally somewhere she could call home.

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