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Worth Woodsea - Nanuq [Walking]

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Worth Woodsea - Nanuq [Walking] Empty Mon Nov 13, 2017 9:06 pm

She needed something better than a sea of wood and that's why it wasn't bad to go and move. The only thing that was a problem that she was a bit lost and instead of going to Orchidia, as she sort of had planned to do; she lost Kon. And with that she walked towards the North and towards Nanuq and a lot colder area than she intended to go to. Which made it much colder.

Hecate seemed to be in her element as she was dartling around, skipping and gliding through the snow. While her companion and Jupiter walked behind her, Alice was closing her leather jacket closely around her, thank god it still fitted and she would walk on to where she would find a house. She knocked on the door, no plan yet but it was snowing and windy and that made it crazy cold. "Oh dear, come in, come in!" So she followed and Jupiter too, Hecate lingered a bit but in the end she did enter the house. Now that Alice was inside she finally understood that this was more like a hospital but thanks to the blizzard she had not seen it, "Weird question but where am I?", she said looking around, "Oh you are in Nanuq deary." Oh boy, she had gone the wrong way indeed, as if that wasn't clear yet.

Wordcount: 235/200

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