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Sign Me up (solo quest)

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Syliph groaned, he couldn't believe he had agreed to do another job for Jay, last time he had helped Jay he had so felt uncomftorable the entire time. He wouldn't be surprised if he had to run away to a trashcan to go throw up his lunch after being at the outdoor gym. Taking deep breaths to center himself, Syliph was prepared to reenter the outdoor gym, which was unsurprsingly given a wide berth 24/7. As it came into view Syliph said a silent prayer, "Leione, hel el pouer." Which translated to Leo, give me strength. Opening up the metal gate Syliph stepped inside The chorus of grunting seemed to grow as everyone saw him, as if they were trying to prove themselves to him, someone who was obviously scrawnier then the rest of them. Jay sat on the other side, managing to do his own bench presses this time. Jay spotted him and nodded for him to come over to him. As soon as Syliph came over Jay told him to grab a pen and paper and to write down everything Jay said, "Name: Jay Holiday, Age: 27, profession: weight lifter, Address: 2027 Shark Street, Hargeon Fiore. You got all that?" Jay asked, Syliph nodded. "Okay, you're gonna have to run there, the line is gonna close soon." Jay barked his orders and went back to lifting weights. Syliph rolled his eyes when Jay wasn't looking and ran back out the gate, happily escaping the awful sweaty smells and grunts.

Syliph took off down the beach, the line was all the way on the other side of the beach, just his luck. Syliph was running as fast as his long legs could take him, He had to leap over some kid's Sand castle, he'd feel really bad. The beach was crowded at this time, he was dodging people left and right, he felt like a fly trying not to be stepped on by a person's foot. At one point a drunken teenager grabbed Syliph's arm and began to talk, his words slurring together into a jumbled mess, "Y-you love me bro? Right? I'm not a failuue? Am I? Sandra said I wasss usseles, what doez she know?" The teenager mumbled some more, "I-I-haven't told anyone yet, but I don't wanna be fizerman like my pa, I wanna be a teasher!" Syliph tried to comfort the kid while also trying to slowly back away and get out so he could stand in the line. To his dismay the teenager began to cry and let go, one of his friends though wondered over and relieved Syliph. Breaking back into a run he tried to close the distance between him and the kine, he really wanted the money out of this job, it would totally help him in the long run. Suddenly tripping over a rock, he did a flip and skidded over the ground, flying at least 7 feet and skidding 7 more. Pushing himself back on his hands he wiped of his pants, at least he was running on the beach and not pavement, that would have hurt WAY more. Standing back up he was blocked by a group of elderly people crossing the boardwalk. Waiting for a few painstakingly long minutes he was finally able to make it in line with the rest of the sweat weightlifters waiting to sign up. Syliph didn't understand people's obsession with weightlifting, he thought it was kind of stupid to make one's self super buff and really big, imagine the arthreitis when they were older. The line felt choked, and all the bodies were causing Syliph to be unbearably hot, removing his sweatshirt the cold, beach wind felt amazing on his bare arms, it was soothing and helped him calm down a little bit.

When he reached the front of the line, a obviously under dressed woman who was clearly being sexualized by the weight lifting company greeted him, "Hi, how can i help you?" Who voice was high and extremely feminine, "My name is Angela Hergez." Syliph tried not cringe at how she was acting, "I'm here to sign up Jay holiday for the competition, he's 27, his proffesion his a weight lifter, and he lives on 2027 Shark street, Hargeon Fiore." Angela nodded and wrote down all Syliph said, "Thanks, come back again another time, here take this note." Angela passed Syliph a note. Taking it, Syliph was worried what it might say and/or contain. Walking back instead of running Syliph opened the note given to him by Angela, reading it over he sighed, "Meet me behind Andrew's bar on Builee street at 9:00pm" was all it read. Syliph probably wouldn't go, he had no Idea what he was going to do in his life and he had no idea where he and Raina stood, Raina. Syliph's brain began to stop thinking, it had become Subconcious habit to think about other stuff when he thought about Raina, their last quest together had been a little out of ordinary. As the gym came back into view Syliph began to hold his breath as long as he could, only taking breaths when he had to talk or it was absolutely neccesary so he wouldn't pass out. Jay Holiday, weight lifter extrodinaire looked at Syliph as he came back, a questioning look on his face, "did you complete the quest?" he asked. Syliph nodded, "you're all signed up for saturday, don't be late." Jay laughed at his obviously not funny joke, "Your reward is underneath my bench, it might be a little wet from where sweat got on it, "thanks..." Syliph said. Grabbing the bag, he was met by a cool wet feel that sent shivers up his spine. Waving goodbye he headed out towards the beach to go swimming and get a nice tan before he had to go do other quests to make more money.

As he sat sunbathing on the beach he looked at the time, he debated whether he should go meet Angela, he was single, and it wasn't like anything serious was gonna come out of it, they'd probably get a drink and that would be that. After a few moments of deliberation he decided it'd wouldn't hurt to try, standing up he slipped his shirt and pants back on, he had taken them off to get tan. He walked back towards The bar Angela had mentioned on the note, he wasn't very expectant of anything to happen tonight, matter of fact, he didn't really want anything to happen tonight, he just wanted to have a calm uneventful night where he got to chat to someone before he left Hargeon.


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