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Magical bait

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Syliph stared at up at the morning sun, its warms rays settled on his face and warmed all edges of his face, filling him with a warm tingly sensation that caused him to sneeze. Taking a moment he looked at the job board infront of him, waht did he want to take, he decided it was best to give a break from taking jobs with Raina after that awkward encounter he had with her during his last job. Glancing around he saw one that asked for someone to help reel some fish in while using magical bait, grabbing it off the edge he headed back towards the dock where the add said he could find this so called fisherman under the name of Jacob Ficher.
The dock stretched way out into the water, at the very end of it a guy with blue hair sat there tying a boat around a pole. Syliph spotted a man chewing on a toothpick, needing to find Jacob Ficher he asked the man, "Sir, do you know where Jacob Fisher is at the moment?" He asked. The man nodded and pointed down towards the end of the dock where the blue haired boy sat, "He's the small kid down there." Syliph nodded and waved the man goodbye. As he got closer Syliph finally got an idea of the sheer size of the dock, it was 10-20 feet wide and stretched all the way out into the water until you couldn't see the bottom. Jacob Ficher was all set up to go on an expedition he had a huge rod, some bait, which Syliph presumed was THE magical bat. Syliph took a gander at the boat, that's when he was taken back, it was surprising small for a deep sea boat, it would barely survive in any kind of storm, but it was probably all Jacob Ficher could afford. Jacob finally looked up, "Are you here to help with the bait?" He asked. Syliph shook his head yes and produced the flyer, " I sure am." Syliph responded. Jacob nodded, "all right then, let's go, it'll be a trip out there, but whatever fish this brings will be worth it." Jacob tossed the rod and magic bait in the boat and hopped down into it, "Come on, we don't have all day." He waved his hand at Syliph who obediently got down in the boat, he realized her preferred Raina's company over Jacob's now, it was his mistake, Jacob's attitude wouldn't ever stop him from taking a quest with him, he just had a different personality from the others.

Once inside the boat Jacob reached for the oars, but Syliph had already gotten to them, "I've got it, don't worry." He reassure Jacob, who just sat back and idly watched the waves and wind, and the occasional fish that would leap out of the water. Jacob didn't chat much he was deep in his thoughts thinking about his future, something Syliph let go of not to long ago, he was ready to accept whatever happened. After about 15 minutes of rowing Syliph had gotten them way out and Hargeon was just a blue strip on the horizon, "Okay," Jacob began, "I'm gonna throw some bait in the water, and if I ever need your help I'll tell you." Jacob pulled out a bit of Bait and attached it to the rod, it looked like some kind of glowing sphere, it changed hues and was transparent, it looked like it had the consistency of jello too. Rearing his rod back Jacob cast it way out and it landed in the water with a plop. They sat for a little bit as they waited for something to happen, at first the water was silent then with a might burst a humongous fish came from the depths and swallowed the entire hook and bait. Jacob began to reel but the fish was obviously stronger and began to drag the anchored boat. The rod bent the under the pressure, reaching his hands around he tried to help Jacob by pulling both of them back with his superior strength, the fish was still stronger. Jacob was panting but barely hanging on, "Here, take my fillet knife, jump into the water and get real up close and straddle the fish. Oncce your able slip the knife between its gills, it should begin to bleed out, you'll need to get out of the water quickly afterwards, sharks will smell it almost instantly, since it'll have lost a lot of blood we should be able to reel it in rather quickly afterwards. Syliph took the fillet knife sitting next to Jacob on the bech and he dove into the water. The fish was a few feet away and writhing violently in the water, causing biubbles to obscure Syliph's view. Swimming closer he
reached out and grabbed the fishes tail. Trying not to loose his grip on the slippery fish he sawm around and wrapped his legs around the huge fish, aiming for its flared gills he quickly sliced the inside of the gills, blood began to pour from them like a broken faucet that you couldn't turn off. Syliph climbed back on the boat and watched the water becoming even more red. Slowly but surely the fish lost power and Jacob was able to drag him in, just before the sharks began to arrive. The fish was massive and took up most of the boat, its scales were dark except for the small bioluminecent patches that flickered every once in awhile. It was bleeding everywhere and about every five minute Syliph had to take cups of the blood and dump it overboard so the boat wouldn't be drowning in fish blood.

As they arrived back at the dock Jacob produced a bag of jewels, "Courtesy of Jacob Ficher who thanks you for helping him today." Jacob smiled and handed him the bag, "Thanks a lot, I would've lost the fish if you hadn't been there, feel free to take another one of my quests anytime, i'd be more then glad to see you." Syliph waved goodbye, he was seriously making money now.


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