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Mermaid Picture |Syliph|

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Syliph was chilling at the docks today, he didn't really have any plans to do any quets today, he had decided it was going to be his day off. Closing his eyes he pointed his face towards the sun, that way his face would be warm and his body would get that tingly sensation that spreads slowly and feels amazing. Unfortunately it was interrupted by someone swearing they had seen a mermaid and then a bunch of other voices laughing and saying, "Yeah sure ya did." and "Whatever you say." Then afterwards you'd here the other voices whispering, "He's crazy." and "He's missing a few screws." Sylip sighed, he was tired of non-believers, and people who were so miserable in their own life that they had to put other people down. Deciding he'd step in and help the poor person in trouble. "You weren't there how would you know what he saw?" Syliph asked the crowd, he hadn't even turned around yet. Turning around he saw who he was defending, Jacob Ficher, Syliph had just signed himself up for a hefty job, defending Jacob was no easy task, he was grumpy a lot and always lost his temper, but he always seemed better when he was out fishing. "SEE, YOU WEREN'T THERE YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!" Jacob yelled. "I saw one, she was beautiful her tail sparkled in the sun and her hair was all wavy, you all are just jealous that I saw her and you didn't see her." Jacob stuck his tongue out at the crowd who shouted back at him. "Syliph will help me, won't you Syliph?" Jacob looked at him accusingly, Syliph groaned mentally, he had signed himself up for a task that wouldn't end well, Jacob was a known exagerrator, "Yes, I will help you get proof of the mermaid Jacob." Syliph responded. Some of the crowd gasped, some laughed, but most said, "Poor soul, he don't know what he just got himself into." Jacob smiled and waved for SYliph to follow him toward his boat at the dock.

Jacob removed a magic polaroid camera from a lock box back at the dock, "So, we're gonna have to sail way out to where I saw her last time, but luckily we have a new boat so this should go faster then my original boat in which you helped me catch that HUGE fish. That fish actually helped me buy this polaroid camera." Syliph nodded and got in Jacob's bigger more elaborate sail boat. Jacob removed the rope and started the sail, they began to move their way out of the harbor and into the big blue ocean, waves lapped at the sides of the boat. Every once in awhile a dolphin would surface and click in unison to their pod, Syliph leaned over the edge looking for any sign of the mermaid. Jacob stopped for a moment and pulled out some goggles and a rope, "Tie this rope to the edge of the boat and put the goggles on, then I want you to jump off the edge of the boat and go underwater, look for any sign of the mermaid, if yo do see her swim to the surface and ring this bell." Jacob handed Syliph the Bell, goggles and the rope. Following the exact instructions he had left Syliph tied the rope to the edge of the boat and he slipped the goggles over his eyes, with a dash he jumped off the boat and into the water, bell in hand. He could feel the tug of the boat as it sailed through the water, dragging him along. The sea was filled with fish and Syliph would see something move in the black depths below him, it was a very ominous moment when that happened, the only thing he didn't see was a mermaid, he saw brightly colored fish and octopusses, but nothing else. Syliph felt bad for Jacob, he always wanted to prove himself as not a liar, but people were tough and unaccepting in the fishing business, which was why Syliph hated it, people should be more accepting, discrimination is for the weak. For a moment he saw something colorful slip under the boat and he swam down some to see under the boat, but it turned out just to be a colorful fish nawing on something dead, probably a smaller
fish. Suddenly Syliph felt himself being tugged to the surface by Jacob, as he broke the water Jacob began to speak," Why dont you take a break from swimming and see if you can see any of them surface to get some air. Syliph didn't know if mermaids could breathe underwater of if they still needed air. Deciding not to question it, he climbed back aboard and changed back into his dry clothes. Relaxing against the front of the boat, he looked out and din't see anything, "I don't know if were ggonna see anything today Jacob." Syliph mentioned, "We will." he responded with confidence. Syliph shrugged, "Its getting late, maybe they only come up in the early morning, maybe they hunt at night, there's so many factors we don't know about them, it'd be hard to predict." Syliph tried to use logic to convince Jacob, who seemed rather unmoved by Syliph's logic. A few moments of silence hung in the air as Syliph waited for some kind of response from him, "I guess your right, lets head back home, thanks for your help, you can find your reward next to yout stuff." Jacob became oddly quiet and stared off at the horizon. Syliph collected his reward and stared off at the horizon, it was a beautiful orange, except for an odd spot of blue off to the left, the thing waved its tail and dove back under, it had been a mermaid, Syliph laughed quietly so Jacob wouldn't hear him, he'd have to be quiet he didn't want to be out any longer. He hoped the other fisher man wouldn't make a big deal about it


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