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Restless Souls: The Final Recipe [Snowflake]

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

Restless Souls: The Final Recipe [Snowflake] Empty Tue Oct 24, 2017 7:45 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
A hand was stroking over the plants as they softly gave in to his touch. The hand wasn’t fierce or forceful but went with the leaves as a gentle touch. Some animals looked up at the man who was the owner of the hand but they weren’t afraid or scared of him they saw him as there king and bowed down as he passed them. the man was accompanied by a little creature that had a plant like an appearance but was still walking around like a living animal. It was his guardian spirit and kept close to him at all times.

This duo better known as Chelvaric and Elisa were on its way to the city of druids in the middle of Worth Woodsea it was a hidden village where only those that knew its location could find it. It was mostly meant for druids to retreat but some other individuals like traders and cooks sometimes found this place to get new herbs and ingredients for some special dish that they wouldn’t find anywhere else. That was also the reason that he was traveling to Ishtar, a ghost had asked of him that he had to cook his final best dish because the cook had died before he could do it. He had sent the location to Snowflake and would await her there so that he had some help in making it.


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#2Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

A few days prior, after Snowflake’s arrival at Worth Woodsea, she had visited the rumoured carnival that was growing attention from the townsfolk all around. Curious, she went to the location to see what the carnival was like and so far, she was impressed. Not only did she won a lot of games, she had even gathered many pumpkin pops from the event, though she was still unsure of what she should exchange it for. Yesterday, at lamplight, she received a letter from Chelvaric, stating that he was already at the same town as her and invited her to assist him with cooking some special dish for a spirit. The female was slightly irritated because she wasn’t informed about where or when he actually left Orchidia Town and figured that she would definitely bring it up to him when they meet again.

Blue was her theme today; dark blue jeans and a loose sweater, accompanied with some low wedged heels. Since the weather was not that cold today, she figured that a sweater would be enough, and besides, the cold does not have any effects on her, so she didn’t have to worry about herself freezing out in the open place. The journey to Ishtar took longer than she had expected and since she was not used to the area, she would often mistake the wrong way and thus, it delayed her journey to her destination. Chelvaric didn’t mention where he was exactly located in his message so she assumed that he would be walking towards the market since they were required to get ingredients to cook a recipe.


#3Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was enjoying the view around him as he was nearing the village. There were lots of farmland patches with herbs in-between the trees. For an untrained eye they would like wild grow of herbs but if you looked carefully there was a pattern in how they were ordered around each other so that each herb would grow to its fullest. Although druids tried to not intervene too much with nature they did help it a bit so that it could become better faster. Especially since humans were so keen on destroying every forest they saw. the days were busy for the druid clans to keep the balance in each forest around the world.

But he neared Ishtar as he saw the little huts appear between the trees. There was no need for walls or anything in that kind as the animals and wild beasts respected the druids and kept out of there way and they would make sure that no one with ill intention could reach the place easily.

When he arrived at the place he saw Snowflakes white hair and blue clothes stick out like a sore thumb in-between all the green and red colors that the druids where wearing. He walked up to her and slide his hand in hers before giving a kiss on her cheek.

Nice to see you Snowy, it’s good that you arrived safely. Was the village hard to find for you?

He asked of her while they continued to the market. He wasn’t sure if they were going to be able to find everything there but he hoped they did. Otherwise, they would have to go out into the forest and find the herbs they needed in secluded places. Elisa walked up next to Snow and rustled her leaf tail against her to say hi to her.


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#4Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Worth Woodsea was the most peaceful town Snowflake has ever been to out of all the locations that she had visited; she loved the relaxing burst of green all around her, the gorse of bushes and trees that grew wildly and the quiet little horde of huts that were scattered within the area. Just when she began looking around for her beau, a hand was slipped into hers followed by a gentle touch of a kiss on her cheek. A blush quickly rose up her cheeks and despite how they’ve been together for a while, she still feels butterflies in her stomach whenever Chelvaric shows his affection towards her.

”A bit. I’m still not used to the area yet.” She’d say and the expression on her face would immediately turn serious with her arms folded across her chest. ”You didn’t even leave me a message that you were going to Worth Woodsea.” There was a hint of anger in her voice but it was more to convey it to her partner that she didn’t like it.

The Ice wizard looked away swiftly, her strands of white hair smacking across his face. It was very unusual to see Snowflake acting so childish but being in love brings out everything within a person, supposedly. ”What ingredients are we supposed to get anyway?” She asked, switching the topic to get the work started before they drag it on too long.


#5Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric looked at snow as she had a slight blush on her cheeks. He liked that a lot and smiled at her to show her that he liked how she looked quite a lot. He wondered if she minded that Elisa was stroking her leg but she didn’t say anything about it so she was probably okay with it. He listened to her and it seemed she had a little bit of difficulty to find the area. He was a bit annoyed with himself that he couldn’t travel with her since he had felt the pain of his god resonating trough his body.

I, I had some problems, I can’t talk about it yet but ill explain it to you later once I figure out what precisely happened. Just trust me okay nothing bad happened so far at least

He said to her as she seemed to be mad that he had left without saying anything. His face turned worried and he looked in front of him with a blank stare thinking back to the pain he felt. He needed to get this job done fast so he could go check on his Mistress to see if anything was amiss. He may be a great priest but he couldn’t contact his god by himself yet.

When she asked about the ingredients his mind was being pulled back to reality and he stopped his depressing thoughts. He took the little list out of his pocket and started to read out what they needed. “We need lemongrass, green onions, chicken breast, Scarlet Fourclover and marrentill”, he said out loud to her. They shouldn’t be too hard to find he thought to himself.


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#6Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

It seemed that Chelvaric had some excuse to escape from her wrath, but since it was not a big matter to begin with, she just let it go. She didn’t want to force him to tell her something related about himself and she was not one who would pester him; everyone should respect their own privacy. The point of being in a relationship is to trust each other, the least she could do was to understand the man and help him solve his problems and Snowflake believed that he would naturally talk to her about the topic when he is ready, so she wasn’t going to push any further than that.

”Lemongrass, scarlet four clover and marrentill…”

The female repeated the words as she rubbed her finger against her chin. It was the first time she’s ever heard those ingredients and assumed that they were most likely herbs. ”I can get chicken breast and green onions. It should be in the market. We’ll meet here again, okay?” She split up the work so that they can finish it faster. Honestly, she wasn’t even sure what they were supposed to cook so, Snowflake was just tagging along with whatever her partner was doing. She separated ways with Chelvaric, assuming that he would take care of the rest and felt that he would know more about the herbs and leaves more than herself.

The market was less crowded than she had expected, but it was mostly due to the fact that there was significantly less population in Ishtar, compared to thriving towns like Magnolia or Hargeon. She liked it that she didn’t have to push herself through people and Snowflake was always uncomfortable being in crowds, therefore, this time, she could do her grocery shopping without worry about bumping into people.


#7Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric nodded to Snowflake as she wanted to split up so that they could get the ingredients faster. He didn’t mind that and he motioned to Elisa that she had to follow him so that they could go look for the herbs. He normally would go to the shop to get them but he knew where the herbs were growing and could find it cheaper that way then when he would buy them. they wouldn’t be hard to find even if they were already picked since Leafeon could find any plant in a matter of seconds since she could communicate with the plants around her since she was a plant herself.

Alright Elisa go find those herbs for me

He asked of her and she darted away. He quickly ran after her and dashed through the bushes and around the trees. After a while, Elisa would stop and sniff a plant after which she made a sort of meowing sound. He picked the plant and was pretty sure it was the marrentill. They continued there to search and not much later they had picked the last herb. Since he had everything he should return to Snow so that they could cook the meal.

It didn’t take him long to find the town again and was searching the market for Snow. Once he had found her he would walk up to her and presented the herbs. “I am back with spoils of my search. Since your such a good cook ill let you make it Snow here is the recipe, but just ask me anything if you need help okay?”, he said to her and gave her the ingredients.


Restless Souls: The Final Recipe [Snowflake] HVEbuMl

#8Venus Rosé 

Restless Souls: The Final Recipe [Snowflake] Empty Wed Oct 25, 2017 12:19 pm

Venus Rosé

It was most likely easy for her to find the green onions since Worth Woodsea was entirely a large realm of woodland, so any kind of herb or vegetables can be easily grown and sold in the area. The first section of the market was mostly about the fruits and vegetables and though, there was nothing that she wanted apart from the ingredients for the recipe, Snowflake window-shopped around the market, curious to see what they would have compared to the ones in the central Fiore. As expected, there were more greens than any other location that she’s ever been too and there were even other herbs and vegetables that she’s never seen before in other towns. As she moved forward, she’d eventually stumble across the section where they sold fresh meat, such as fish and whatnot.

Even a mile away, she could smell the pungent smell of raw meat, which she disliked but she endured the scent and looked around, searching for the stall where the sold chicken until her eyes landed upon a large wooden sign with the slogan of ’Chicken! Chicken!’ engraved on the board. After she purchased all the ingredients, she began to walk back towards their rendezvous location that she had promised to Chelvaric. Upon seeing him, he’d hand her over the recipe and since they were in the middle of the market, she had to travel to the forest to start a fire out of some wooden logs and there, she’d cook the meal that spirit had requested.



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