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From Worth Woodsea to Dahlia Town [Foot Travel | Arisa]

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#1Daiko Flayme 

From Worth Woodsea to Dahlia Town [Foot Travel | Arisa] Empty Sat Oct 21, 2017 10:01 am

Daiko Flayme
Once when the ghost activities were taken care of, Hyōen finally did it. Ana had said her goodbyes, the chef was gone, and he collapsed on the couch in slumber that wouldn’t go away until the morning sun would rise once again. His snores sounded rather peaceful than anything, and Coda had enjoyed her sleep as well during the rest of the night. However, he only had like 4 hours left to sleep in, because the majority of the evening and night was spent on the carnival and ghost helping. He still found it weird that he helped dead people find rest again, but that was something worth experiencing.

The sun began shining rays through the window, brightly lighting up Hyōen’s sleeping face as he felt that things got a bit brighter in his blackened vision. He slowly opened his eyes and looked to his right side, spotting Coda who was still asleep. He guessed that it was morning as he began going out to pull off a daikon for breakfast; along with seeds and wheat that he had prepared a month ago, he made himself a decent, tough meal that would keep his stomach sated for a long time. His things got packed ready as he had plans now; after having checked out Worth Woodsea after such a long time, he felt like going out and explore the areas where he hadn’t been to yet.


#2Káilètte † 

From Worth Woodsea to Dahlia Town [Foot Travel | Arisa] Empty Sat Oct 21, 2017 10:08 am

She made what the cook person wanted. The recipe was really weird, but in the end it turned into some kind of pie. Sadly, they had to try it since the cook person couldn't -- they were a ghost, a dead one. Arisa took a bite and it surprisingly wasn't that bad. No, she wouldn't take it to some prize convention, but she would feed it to her enemies. She looked at Hyoen after the ghost left and waved off goodbye to her friend, but before she left she spoke to him. ''I heard there's some things going on at Dahlia. Want to join me?'' she spoke and questioned. She was going to bring Yasuki, but she felt like she was doing other things. A huge part of her hoped that her sister was going to be okay being here by herself, without her. It didn't feel long since she first met Yasuki and truly she didn't really regret it neither, unlike a lot of other things. Slowly she departed from Hyoen's place (if that's where they went) and went to her little camping ground. The fire blazed like the sun during the day at noon and her eyes fell asleep like the sloth is tends to be.

The day arrived as a couple if not few hours, went passing on by. It was time to get ready and that's what she did. She straightened up her outfit that she has been wearing for a couple of days and her suitcase that had only a little bit of clothes. She didn't want to really change as of yet as she wanted to shower first. Oh my. A shower sounded amazing right about now as it's been a couple of days without good cleaning of her body. Her soul felt dirty and disgusted as she loved showers. Usually, she couldn't survive without showering everyday, but she had to sadly. Finally, she went up to the location of where Hyoen was to meet her so they could finally leave and go towards Dahlia.


#3Daiko Flayme 

From Worth Woodsea to Dahlia Town [Foot Travel | Arisa] Empty Sat Oct 21, 2017 10:22 am

Daiko Flayme
He quickly grabbed his things that were laid ready for him at the entrance to his cottage, readied his shoes as he slept with another pair earlier, and called for the sleeping raptor: “Hey, Coda! We’re going..!” The raptor came in haste by his call, landing atop Hyōen’s shoulder and peeped happily. Today was a bright day, and as he exited the cottage, things looked more peaceful than at night. That was an obvious effect, though, as things used to look much gloomier at night wherever you were, but it was nonetheless a time to sigh in relief after tonight’s carnival. He wondered if it was still running like crazy.

He suddenly remembered that Ana had promised to meet him somewhere; she was planning to go to Dahlia Town, a place that Hyōen had never been to before. It caught his curiosity when he heard of that place, and he decided quickly to accompany her on the way. Whilst crossing the roads that were made of sand from several walks across the dirty ground, animals began passing the woods in commotion. Hyōen didn’t really know why, though, but none of them paid a mind to him. He even saw an aurochs pass by without even noticing his presence, despite the fact that those oxen had fascinating senses of smell. Coda felt a weird type of air that moment as she rose her beak up, curious and wondering just like the other animals. The Fire Mage couldn’t feel the same things as the bird, but his thoughts were quickly redirected to his feet as a small serpent tried to crawl the other way in-between…

He found himself atop a treetop in fright by the revelation, sweating like crazy. Coda had flown off in shock by his sudden movement that lead up across the wood, but from there, he quickly spotted the presence of Ana. Rapidly, he proceeded to land at a spot near her, in which his presence was known. His backpack was readied and filled with all sorts of goods. “Hey, there..!” he greeted joyfully.


#4Káilètte † 

From Worth Woodsea to Dahlia Town [Foot Travel | Arisa] Empty Sat Oct 21, 2017 10:27 am

Arisa waited for Hyoen to get the hell out of his place and boogy towards Dahlia. She didn't really mean actual dancing, but she wanted to get the hell out of here so she can get things done. Her arms crossed against her chest as her sunset eyes gazed towards his door. 'You should go knock...' spoke a voice that was stating the obvious. Arisa would listen and go knock on his door, but she rather stand and wait, maybe sit like some sloth as she waited for her friend to leave. Yawning softly her sunset eyes wandered, looking around and questioned about the things that were here. When Hyoen finally came out, she yawned. ''I thought I was a sloth...'' she joked and chuckled sleepishly. She felt tired and maybe that was because of a little something that was in her stomach. She still hasn't told anyone besides Alisa who was there when she found out. No one else knew... She was in the thought process on rather or not she was going to have it. Arisa didn't really believe in killing something that was within her so she didn't want to do it herself. Finally, they left as they traveled through-out the forests, towns and everything that was in their way. Of course every-so-often they got something to eat and drink, slepts as they took a nap and asked for directions. She didn't want to fly so she rather talk to someone she didn't know for directions. As they got to dahlia, her eyes were fully golden, meaning it was noon after some days.




#5Daiko Flayme 

From Worth Woodsea to Dahlia Town [Foot Travel | Arisa] Empty Sat Oct 21, 2017 10:33 am

Daiko Flayme
For some reason, he had taken a huge circle path or something that would describe taking a way that lead you to the exact same spot again, because apparently, Ana had been waiting in front of his back door. Feeling rather idiotic, he didn’t hold himself back from facepalming and, afterwards, laughed a little when she resembled a sloth due to her similar exhaustion. They were both exhausted after tonight, and that also indicated that she may have been at the carnival too; he never saw her around, though, but that could have been the case. Either way, it had been a whole night, and they both had time to sleep and recover. The Fire Mage didn’t feel so dead like last night anymore, and it appeared that the glow on Ana’s eyes were about to return.

Upon their way to Dahlia Town, he often found Ana asking for directions from strange rangers and tourists that were hanging around the forest for the same carnival too. He did know lots of the roads and paths in the woods himself, though, but he had never been to this Dahlia place, so what could he do? He simply followed as they got to their destination sooner or later, after a couple days of everyday traveling…



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