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Restless Souls: The Last Recipe [Hyoen:Arisa - Hallow Event Quest]

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#1Káilètte † 

Restless Souls: The Last Recipe [Hyoen:Arisa - Hallow Event Quest] Empty Sat Oct 21, 2017 7:44 am

Arisa remembered the time when she helped the mother and the rest of the family get together. The time when she saw the dead child all curled up inside of that tree hole, reminded her of seeing Fye in one. It was months ago when her Sin Country friend died by her own Country folks. She didn't know why they went for  Fye though. Was it because of their relation? The friendship they had or how Fye was serving her family? Her body was rotted to the core, like a apple that's been sitting out for days in the heat. The moisture of the body of said thing left, sizzled into nothingness.

The child that she had to find was in the same grave condition in the end, even if they died differently. She wondered if Fye's spirit was wandering now... That poor girl, dead, didn't live a full life. She imagined the tears of her blue haired friend who was so sweet, dumb and innocent. Her full lips were licked by her hot tongue to moisturize her own lips as she turned onto her side to look outward on the right. She wondered now where Hyoen left. Tonight she was sleeping in a whole different area of the forest. Maybe or maybe not closer towards where Hyoen walked. She didn't know much for directions to wherever he was staying, but she'll find out on of these days. Not only that, doesn't he have pops too? 'Am I really going to let you over-come that want?' she questioned the obvious sin. It was silent as she too became silent, later hearing some bushes motion, make noise as if something was in there. Arisa wasn't sure if to panic or to calm herself down to find out what it may be. It could just be a cute baby bunny... Right?


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#2Daiko Flayme 

Restless Souls: The Last Recipe [Hyoen:Arisa - Hallow Event Quest] Empty Sat Oct 21, 2017 7:57 am

Daiko Flayme
The ghosts of those who had suffered a terrible fate in the depths of Worth Woodsea had finally been reunited in peace. Their sorrowful voices could no longer be heard; silenced forever by their smiles, helped by two Lamia Scale mages. The night had yet to even finish itself, and the Fire Mage had yet to recover fully after the carnival that had been going on a mile away from his little cottage. Exhausted, he decided to stroll back to his cottage after having made sure that Ana could do fine out in the forest herself. He was still surprised that she just slept outside in the wild and all that, but beside the tired eyes - which he did share himself, given that the night had been long - she appeared to have been fully capable of finding a place to rest. Remember, he saw her as a more experienced wizard than himself, and it would have been pointless to worry about her… if he didn’t have a cottage out here, let alone a history with these woods, he should have been the one to be worried about.

He slowly went through the already open door and took a look around. Things seemed to have been pretty silent around, but if any beast managed to enter the house during his assistance with the ghost family… he wouldn’t hold back. Already now, flames began to erupt from the sides of his arms in anxiety, but as he went further into his own home, nothing went out to try and ambush him. Nothing tried to take him by surprise or backstab him, either. With that clear, he leapt back to his lovely couch and began slumbering into his small dreams once again.

Something made its way into the house, though. Its light was as strong as the entire family from before, but it quickly took a look at the wizard and went out of the house again, seemingly heading towards another person that this specific manifestation of a chef had spotted earlier. What was his plan, though..?


#3Káilètte † 

Restless Souls: The Last Recipe [Hyoen:Arisa - Hallow Event Quest] Empty Sat Oct 21, 2017 8:13 am

She looked and gazed at the bushes that were moving. Out of no where they suddenly stopped though as she was hesitant to get up and look herself. Slowly her eyes closed as the unholy brown gazed no more. Her body slowly started to relax and then, Greeeeetings. Her eyes shot open to see a ghost. The dude was a big guy who had a chefs hate, white looking coat and black sleek shoes. ''Let me guess...'' she started with a bore-tired ass look. ''You're a chef that died... But what is your case?'' she questioned, guessed and stated to the ghost who was about five feet away from her. Slowly, her body motioned forward to lift herself up, sitting up straight and looked at the stranger-like ghost. Simply he nods, ''Why yes! I was a very famous chef and sadly I died without achieving what I lived for. I died 20 o' years and I still feel the cracken pain in the neck.'' he started to state and answer her question as it was only one. Her hands pressed against the cold dirt as her body went against the dead-like tree that she was laying against. She wondered if Hyoen was going to pop out of no where again like last time. Did he live around here? She didn't really know and if he was standing there listening without coming out, he was going to regret it in the future case as she'll note it down.



#4Daiko Flayme 

Restless Souls: The Last Recipe [Hyoen:Arisa - Hallow Event Quest] Empty Sat Oct 21, 2017 8:34 am

Daiko Flayme
The sounds of his snores could be heard right outside his cottage as he had quickly went into slumber. He was extremely tired after earlier, and for now, he just needed his rest. Coda was still hanging on her favorite branch that stuck into the house from a tree outside that had emerged with the cottage over the years, sleeping with silence and using her wings as blankets. His face was silent too, but when the sound of a curious male entered the room, the Fire Mage had a feeling that he got company. It was a faint feeling that crossed his mind whilst in the resting state, but it was still enough to cause him to rise up slowly. He rubbed his eyes a little and began thinking about the sound… in which he quickly moved out to see a bright phenomenon not too far away from his cottage. Once again, he rubbed his eyes to see if he was dreaming or not, but the light was still there… and he felt very much awake.

It lead him to enter the forest again, not because that he didn’t want to sleep in his cottage at all, but simply due to his curiosity overwhelming humane wishes such as rest and all that. He was still capable of using the branches above the ground for paths, and as he approached the light, he noticed a familiar voice talking with what appeared to have been the source of the light. Was Ana still around here? At first, he wanted to jump in, but… something made him lay down on a branch and slowly submit to slumber again. He was only a few meters away as the branch was thick but not too long, causing him to look like some kind of sloth at first sight. “Zzz…”

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#5Káilètte † 

Restless Souls: The Last Recipe [Hyoen:Arisa - Hallow Event Quest] Empty Sat Oct 21, 2017 8:45 am

The ghost looked around as if he was looking for someone. ''Are... You looking for someone?'' she questioned the obvious as she crossed her arms against her big chest and had her legs/feet in a posture of thinking. His head tilted as he spoke in his ghoulish ways. ''I believed I have brought a frieeeeend along.~'' he spoke and looked around still. She didn't know what he meant, but then he disappeared and went to where this friend was or so she assumed. ''I really need to get myself a place to stay. I seem to catch ghost spirits wherever I go...'' she spoke to herself, duly noting things in her head. Next thing she knew, a branch broke not so far from where she was, plopping was Hyoen on the ground. Her hands rested against her hips quickly, got about five feet away from him and glared down at him like some disappointed mother. ''Were you peeping on me?! Hyoen?!'' she spoke angerly, grabbing his shoulder and shaking him after walking up to him and leaning -- hoping that he woke up if he didn't from the fall. She hated peepers, that's why when that dude was peeping on women at that spa, she got pissed off. Sure she wasn't naked nor was she taking a bath and such, but it was still rude. She thought he was a friend so now she wanted an explanation. After doing that, the ghost would finally appear before them to then explain more on the situation.


#6Daiko Flayme 

Restless Souls: The Last Recipe [Hyoen:Arisa - Hallow Event Quest] Empty Sat Oct 21, 2017 9:05 am

Daiko Flayme
Whilst in his slumber, he barely paid attention to the branch’s state. Was it tough enough to carry his sleeping corpse? Would it break, instead, and let him fall 3 meters down to a world of knocks? He paid almost no mind to that as he was simply too tired to even think properly at that moment, instead doing the prompted and leaving himself to the demons of slumber that kept suggesting him to sleep with their enticing voices. He didn’t realize it, but all of a sudden, he wasn’t sleeping anymore… how come? He slowly opened his eyes to the feeling of wind pushing him upwards, but he wasn’t flying… rather, he was heading straight down to the-

He felt the ground completely now. It had slapped him in the face, or rather, in the front body as he landed. His fingers twitched a little when the dust settled, while he found himself either unlucky or interrupted. “U-Urgh…” he let out vaguely, until he was suddenly grabbed by someone. That person began shaking him back and forth, whilst his face was so abnormally tired. However, her voice was pretty recognizable; it was Ana, so what was the commotion about?

“Uh, I’m-“ he was trying to explain, “I saw someone enter my-my house… I-I didn’t peep, I swear…” His voice was terribly tired, and he found it struggling to reply whilst being flung around like this.

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#7Káilètte † 

Restless Souls: The Last Recipe [Hyoen:Arisa - Hallow Event Quest] Empty Sat Oct 21, 2017 9:14 am

Peepers, rude ass thugs and those who disrespect her privacy deserved no less of a punishment than to be punished with blazing light, but Hyoen was her friend and honestly if he didn't peep then he didn't. She trusted him and she would trust him this once before questioning him more. She had a tad little trouble trusting people now-a-days. As she was questioning him, the ghost appeared and he answered. Her hands that were gripping onto his shirt started to let him go and stood up straight. Her body turned towards the ghost as he explained that he needed them both to work together to get some ingredients to make something somewhere. Wherever they could cook things at the most. She nodded and if Hyoen agreed, they looked together for these things. The recipe was quite weird and bizarre, but she wasn't going to lie and say she wasn't curious on what it made. Slowly one after another they found what belonged in this recipe. Some of the stuff could be found in the outside and some things was found in some weird ass shop that was broken down into nothingness other than the old wood that held it together. The items there were good unlike the shop. It didn't matter as she questioned Hyoen about if he had a place to cook. If he replied with a 'yes', she followed and they cooked there, being done with this. If he didn't reply with a 'yes', she went to some cooking free place and cooked there. The ghost spoke his thanks and left, giving them pops.




#8Daiko Flayme 

Restless Souls: The Last Recipe [Hyoen:Arisa - Hallow Event Quest] Empty Sat Oct 21, 2017 9:24 am

Daiko Flayme
Ana had been listening to his words, despite how low of a voice that he had due to the exhaustion. She had quickly let him go as he almost fainted, but luckily, he began recollecting strength and leaned on a hand, until he got to stand up properly. Slowly, he turned his gaze towards the ghost that required assistance for some reason, his eyes almost dead from lack of sleep. The ghost was that of a chef, and he wanted them both to work in order to gain some specific ingredients that were spread out in the forest. They were all edible, and that caused Hyōen’s stomach to growl a little, but if he began eating the ingredients, then that would just cause trouble for both of them. What if the ghost wanted to seek revenge?

After having been told of the recipes, both he and Ana went out to search for these ingredients, and because of his knowledge of the forest and Ana’s cooperation, they got to it quite quickly. The chef was surprised, but they still had to cook the ‘meal’ somewhere. Hyōen suggested that they used his cottage’s kitchen where he used to cook, and he simply loved what they had made. The chef decided to use his body to taste it, and he didn’t leave them out without any pops as tokens for his gratitude…

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