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Checkmate (solo) (Syliph Kamae)

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Checkmate (solo) (Syliph Kamae) Empty Sat Oct 21, 2017 7:11 am

Good ol' Hargeon, it felt nice to be back in the beach's embrace, when Syliph reflected on his past hate of Hargeon he laughed, it seemed ridiculous, Hargeon was a warm comforting place, plenty of beach to run along, a nice town with everything you needed filled to the brim with nice people. Syliph glanced down at the paper he held crumpled up in his hand, it asked for someone to play chess against a child prodigy, Syliph knew he would loose, he hated chess, he sucked at it matter of fact, putting him up against a prodigy would be like trying to watch a bird fly withoutting him up against a prodigy would be like trying to watch a bird fly without any wings. Checking the paper once more to make sure the person wanted him to meet the prodigy at the far right corner of the city park.

Once inside Syliph looked around for any kind of small chess table at the far right corner of the city park. His eyes almost glanced over the small child who sat swinging his legs back and forth as he sat beneath the bench. Syliph walkked over and sat down, "You must be bart? I'm Syliph im here to play you in chess." Bart looked at him oddly for a few moments, "I doubt you can, but it'll be nice to talk to someone for once, all the people in the park are a bunch of seniors who forget their dentures half the time. Stifling a laugh Syliph moved his pawn, his understanding of chess was mediocre, he knew which pieces went where, well at least most of them and he understood what checkmate ment, or at least he hoped he did, he was a hopless mess. "Geminis, ju de imahyn el he unh juick emumie." Bart looked up at Syliph's prayer, "what'd you just say?" He asked, Syliph smiled, he was glad some kid had a love for languages, Syliph was proud to be bilingual, but he barely showed it off because many extremist illumin hated the zodiac religion, the funny thing was, the extremists were the only one who even knew it existed. "It's my native language, my parents spoke it to me when i was just a baby." Syliph liked to talk to his past, maybe he'd be able to teach Bart a thing or two about acceptance, SYliph truly hoped everyone would become accepting of everyone in the future, he hated discrimination, it was the plague very few edmitted existed. Bart moved his knight and took Syliph's pawn, "both my brothers are bilngual, one knows Helivan and the other knows the ancient illumin text, he's really into religion. My parents keep forcing me to choose a language to learn, its so stressful, I really enjoy Chess, i just wish they'd ease up on me a bit, it really gets to me sometimes." Syliph felt really sorry for this kid, he had a lot of stress on him for a young kid, "Well, life is life, and you'll have to eventually be smart, but you shouldn't compare yourself to brothers, you are
you're own person." Bart looked at Syliph inquistively, "I guess you're right, I am my own person.You really don't know how to play chess do you?" Bart asked. Syliph nervously laughed a few times, "yeah, my knowledge of chess is equivalent to nothing, its pretty bad." Bart snickered and swung his legs a few more times, "Don't worry, you're your own person." Syliph stifled a laugh, this kid had some spunk. Bart stood up and grabbed a juice box from behind his bench. Syliph and Bart played a few more rounds, Syliph managing only to get one of Bart's pieces, finally Bart yelled at the top of his lungs, "CHECKMATE." Syliph laughed and raised his hands in defeat, "you beat me Bart, you're way better at this than me, im pretty bad at this, at least i manged to get one pawn." Bart laughed momentarily, "I gave you that one Syliph. Here's you're reward thanks for talking to me, I don't get a lot of peopple who are interesting to talk to, and my parents either want me to play chess or they want me to study, I wish I could play, but thanks for taking the time to do this with me." Syliph smiled and gricously accpeted the payment, he kind of felt guilty. "Here have a juice box." Bart handed a juice box up to syliph, "o-oh thank you." Syliph was stunned, such a small kid had such innocent kindness, "you're really nice Bart, thank you." Bart smiled and walked over to where his mother sat, he began instantly talking to her, she seemed very happy to see him and was honestly listening to him, that made Syliph feel good, he was actually able to make a difference in someone's life for a change, not just sit by quietly as the stronger people did more. Syliph sighed dramtically, he would get stronger, it would just take time, a lot of time, a lot of training and a lot of money, so in some way Bart had just made his life better, he was glad someone was able to do that. Suddenly the world seemed brighter to Syliph, ever since the cat moment in Dahlia his life had been seen through
different eyes, worried ones, for quite awhile he had been worried around every corner, now he wasn't he saw life as it was and was happy, whatever the future held, bad or good, would come eventually and for now he would just have to be happy, he hoped he could do that. Walking away quickly he was headed back towards the job board so he could make more money, so he could get stronger, so he could eventually make a difference in some way. Syliph looked to the east, a new sun would rise tomorrow, starting a new day. Whatever the cat had predicted could start tomorrow or in ten years, whatever it was, he was ready for it now, he'd be the bigger person it was time.


Checkmate (solo) (Syliph Kamae) ULuOEQW
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