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Miller Time [Job | Snowflake]

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat

Chelvaric was laying in the grass as he was resting from a long night of working. He had to help some night creatures that were moving since winter was coming. Not that he minded working so late. Cat’s were night creatures after all. He folded his arms behind him and thought about what had happened that night. It had been quite perfect and he liked it. He hadn’t been here for that long yet either. He arrived only yesterday and he already did some work. He was quite proud about that. He smiled and fell asleep while Elisa kept watch over him.

The sun started to shine and it was in the middle of the day. Even though the sun was out a very chill breeze was running over the lands of Orchidia. He sighed and pulled his robes closer together. Since it was getting chilly he was walking in more clothes than usual to keep himself warm and to not get sick. He got up and motioned Elisa to follow him to Orchidia. He needed to do shopping and he didn’t want to arrive too late at the shops so that they would still be open. He wondered what Snow was doing right now. He missed her smile since he traveled to Orchidia alone.


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#2Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

It wasn’t a cold afternoon, nor was it a warm one, but it was quiet and lonely and there were far more whispering breezes over the roar of crowds. The markets were always filled with hordes of people, shopkeepers yelling from the top of their lungs to attract customers and others bargaining to the lowest possible prices. Snowflake never liked being in a crowded place as they and if it wasn’t for the fact that she needed some groceries to cook herself dinner, she most likely wouldn’t be in the location. Hargeon has kept the snow haired mage there for quite a long time that she had been yearning to go out and travel to the remaining places on her list.

Now that she was finally able to leave the town, Orchidia was on the top of her list for her next destination since she hadn’t been at the town for months. The thing she enjoyed about Orchidia the most is how relaxing and peaceful the town was, with a burst of green here and there; yards of lawn stretched beyond the city. She wasn’t sure where all of her other comrades were travelling to as they never informed each other, but she was aware that all of them would be together again, at some point. Fingers glided idly over the vegetables sprawled on the wooden desk in front of her before she selected the best one and tossed it into her bag.


#3Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric walked into Orchidia as he had finally arrived to do the shopping he needed to do. He wondered what he should buy and made a list in his head. He shouldn’t forget anything or he had to come back here again, which would be annoying as it was a couple of hours to walk to here from the location he was. The forests were quite far from Orchidia and it was a struggle at times to go back and forth between them although it was good for his condition and figure since lately he had been studying magic than anything else and it would be showing on his body. A mage out of shape wouldn’t be good in fights so he had to train and become strong and fast again.

He walked through the streets that were not too busy but also not empty as well just regularly crowded. He walked to the shop he needed to be in but instead of going in, a man came and stopped him. “Sorry to interrupt you but I have a letter for you from Dex Miller”, the man said and handed him a letter. Chelvaric took it and opened it up to read it. His face went a bit annoyed after finishing it. It seems the bad detective needed his help again. He hoped it wasn’t a ghost job again.


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#4Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

”Thanks for the produce, sir.” She’d say as she rolled a few jewels across the table for the deal to be dealt with. The old man flashed a withering smile at her, his eyes creasing by the corners causing the wrinkles to deepen. The female eased the bag over her shoulder and proceeded onwards until she received a gentle tug on her clothes. The woman swiftly turned around, her silver ponytail whisking behind her. The crease in her eyebrows indicated that she was clearly annoyed at the person who was trying to mess with her expensive clothes. Once she turned around, she’d meet a young man, probably even younger than her, trying to gaze past the hood of his hat. The boy appeared startled and jumped up slightly as her hair whipped against his face.

”Oh, sorry.”

The male let out a nervous chuckle and rubbed behind the back of his neck, embarrassed with a slight tint of scarlet on his cheeks and looked down at the sheet held in his hand and then back at her. ”If I’m not wrong, are you Snowflake?” The mage nodded in response, her eyebrows raised in question. ”I was asked to deliver this to a person called Snowflake.” With that, the boy handed her a piece of envelope and bowed at her before he quickly shuffled away to disappear into the crowd.

The envelope danced in her hands before she flipped it open with a finger. She scanned through the words written on the sheet, not reading much of it and skipped to the bottom of the paper where a familiar name was signed on it. Dex Miller, it’d say and the thought that crossed her mind was the reluctance to immediately recoil away from the responsibility that was placed on her.


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#5Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric looked as the guy went off after he had said goodbye to him. He didn’t want to look like a prick after all. He needed to leave to the location and he motioned to Elisa to follow him, “Let’s be off Elisa we have a job to do. Not a nice one but well it pays for our bills I guess”, he would say to Elisa before he started to walk off. The town was starting to get a bit more busy as he walked on. He wondered why suddenly everyone was starting to come out on the streets maybe it was nearly time to go to work or something like that.

He walked through the people and tried to get through them without trying to walk into anyone otherwise he would have to apologize and all and that would take too much time, he didn’t want to end up late at the location after all. Eventually, he arrived at the location he was supposed to beat. The miller guy was waiting for them there and he had the same look as always, his hair was a silly afro that didn’t look good and he had a paranoid look into his eyes. He wondered what his plan would be this time.


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#6Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Her steps would all but falter as she addressed the message properly, the crowds that littered through the streets of Hargeon shuffling quietly around her still figure. Once she was done, she edged the letter into the pocket of her jeans that hugged tightly around her slender figure. She tries not to dress up too much on these occasions, but even in casual clothing, her curves were prominent and never ceased to gain several stares from the crowd. The woman did not want to acknowledge whatever they found interesting on her features, be it her hair or her expressionless face, and she simply busied herself with herself with her daily morning routine of picking up food for the long road but, since she was just requested with a mission, she had no choice but to head to the destination written on the paper.

”...Is it here?”

The female mumbled to herself, looking down at the paper to check if the address that she had been searching for was correct. It wasn’t until then she noticed a tall figure standing a few feet away from her and even at this distance, she could immediately guess who the person was. Surprised at the person’s emergence, she approached to the man and slightly tilted her head at an angle to attract his attention. ”You’re here for the letter as well?” The youth asked, and the client would finally appear, with a grin on his face as if he had been waiting for them. No matter how many times she sees Dex Miller, the afro of his brings the sudden urge inside her to shave his head off, even though she was highly aware that she shouldn’t. But, who knows?


#7Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric turned around when he heard a sound behind him and suddenly saw his unexpected team mate Snowflake, she was tilting her head slightly and asked if he was there for the letter too. Chelvaric nodded and smiled before he started to talk, “It seems we ended up taking the same job again. Quite funny that we even bump into each other in a same town”, he then focused his attention back on the miller guy.

It seemed he was ready to tell his plan and he clapped his hands together, “Now that we are all here let’s get started, the people in Orchidia still don’t see my greatness as a detective!”, he said while he paced around and he was putting a finger up into the air, ”My brilliant idea is to stage a crime scene so that I can go and solve it then. It’s fairly simple to set up and it will be brilliant when I solve it, nobody will ever question my skills again”, he said a bit full of himself. Inside he was dying to tell the man that he needed to stop his delusions as they would bring him in even more trouble. But he just let it go as he was getting paid for this anyway.


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#8Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

”Indeed” She’d say, in reply to Chelvaric’s comment of meeting each other uncoincidentally. Perhaps, it was concidence -- though, almost too many times now, that they have met in the same location, applying for the same quest but it didn’t matter to her that much. She was just glad that there was someone she would prefer to be with, instead of a random person, which she definitely wouldn’t be able to get along with. The sound of claps echoed in the air, almost too loud for her ears but she had always known Dex Miller was the odd one from the crowd, which she didn’t mind apparently but sometimes he was just a...bit too much for her. The man continued to ramble about how he wishes to impress Orchidia Town with his rather lousy detective skills but she’d just let him get along with his own thing since she was never one to give much attention to anything.

“To make this investigation work, you need to get these things for me first.” The man handed them a piece of paper where he had listed down all the things that he would need, including a bag of animal blood, which rose a question in her head. What in the world does he need animal blood for? But, she did not let her doubts pass her lips. Then, he continued to explain the rest of his investigation plan which was to create a fake crime scene to increase his reputation. All of it sounds pretty silly to her but at least she was getting rewarded for this.


#9Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric waited as the man was explaining his plan to them. it seemed he needed a lot of weapons and a bag of blood. Did he want to fake a murder incident? That is kinda weird and who would he blame for the crime anyway. He hoped they weren’t supposed to be acting the bad guys or anything. This was going a bit far for a job. But well it paid and nobody would get hurt so it would be fine. He looked at the list that the man had given them and then when he was done explaining they said goodbye and started to walk out of the place.

I guess we should first get the bag of blood from the butchery nearby?”, he asked Snow and then they walked to the butchery. Chelvaric looked from the window into the butchery. The butcher was busy cutting up pieces of meat and preparing the meat to be sold to his customer. The shop was riddled with knifes and raw meat. A head of a pig was laying here and there and in the back a magic fueled freezer to keep the meat fresh. When a customer suddenly came in a ring went off in the front of the shop and he left to there. “Alright now is our chance let’s go in and get that bag Snow”, he said to her quietly and pointed at the door leading into the workshop of the butcher.


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#10Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

The woman nodded to confirm if they should visit the butchery nearby, although she was never aware that there was one close to the location but whatever the reason, at least they didn’t have to go back all the way to retrieve some unnecessary things. It only took them a few minutes to reach the location and upon their arrival, they would peep through the window of the store, as if they were trying to hide from sight even though they weren’t doing anything suspicious -- or so she had assumed, until Chelvaric suggested that they should get the bag laid by the side of the table where the butcher had chopped up all the meat. It was filthy just looking at it though she couldn’t blame him since it was his job and the food was most likely for the townsfolk.

The bag, which she presumed as the blood of the animals that were already butchered up, was supposed to be the item that they were required to retrieve but seeing how disgusting and smelly the place was, it just wasn’t suited for her and she was very unwilling to do so. ”Can you get it? I’ll distract the man.” With that, she approached the shop nonchalantly, pretending as if she was a customer looking to buy some meat.

”Sir, how do you sell these meat? By weight?”

”Yes, you can just tell me how much you want and I’ll tell you the price by weighing it on the scale.”

Although she already knew of the answers to her questions, she acted as if she was a complete idiot, questioning about everything concerning meat, the marbling and so on while he was distracted to make sure that Chelvaric was getting the job done.


#11Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Snow seemed to not want to go inside, maybe she found raw meat disgusting or something, so instead she went to the front of the shop to keep the man distracted. He didn’t mind that, he didn’t have a problem around butchers since he did the same job for his own hunted food. A man has to do what he has to do too get food on the table after all. He had lots of mouths to feed back in the forest as he took care of abandoned animals there. He wondered if they were okay since he was away on this job far from Hargeon.

They should be aright he left a lot of stuffs behind so that they could take care of himself. Anyway he had to get that blood bag first. He sneaked up to the door and started playing with the lock. At first he didn’t get it open so he punched the claws of his right hand out of his fist and used one of the blades as picklock. After hearing the right click he opened the door and started to walk slowly but steadily inside the room. With his neko ancestors making him so silent that no one would hear him. He grabbed the blood bag and placed it slowly over his shoulder he had to make sure not to lose blood or they would know where they would walk too. He went outside and then waited for Snow to come back.


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#12Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Snowflake quickly glanced over the shopkeeper’s shoulder to see if her partner had accomplished the job. When she saw Chelvaric and the blood bag missing, a smile crept onto her lips and she’d thank the man for answering her questions and quickly walked away before he would begin to notice that something was missing from his shop. Their next stop was the forge, where the two mages were tasked with stealing some weapons. The thought caused her to let out a sigh of exasperation, clearly showing disapproval of the entire situation but since they were hired to do so, she had no choice but to do whatever her client had requested.

Since the forge was located nearby, it took them only a couple of minutes and a few turns down the street to arrive the location. There were quite a decent amount of mages in the town so, the forge was crowded with customers testing out weapons and whatnot. It seemed that luck was on their side. They could use the opportunity given to sneak inside the shop and steal some weapons nearby while the owner was distracted. ”Are you ready?” She whispered at Chelvaric, making sure that they were hidden from plain sight at the same time.


#13Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Snow, him and Elisa quickly walked away from the butcher shop before they would be found out. Chelvaric wasn’t too happy that they had to steal and that they had to do it again. But as they said the client was the king, so they didn’t have much choice if they wanted to get the reward from the job. He wondered if he would ever fight against some monsters in his jobs as it had been all really low key jobs or more police kind of jobs. When they arrived at the forge he scouted the area to see if anyone was nearby. Snow asked him if he was ready.

Yeah, let’s get this over with, I don’t want to waste too much time on stealing things. Elisa, you keep watch and make a sound when you see someone”, he said to Snow and then to Elisa so that they knew the plan. He looked into the forge to see if anyone was in there but it seemed to be empty, maybe the smith was after some recourses or something, this was their chance and they had to move quickly. He went through the door and picked some weapons that looked old and inexpensive so that the man wouldn’t lose too much money before he rushed outside of the room. “Did you get everything you wanted Snow?”, he would ask her as he laid down the weapons on the ground.


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Venus Rosé

While the owner of the forge was distracted, the two Blue Pegasus mages snuck inside the building to steal some weapons. Chelvaric was nimble and quiet on his feet and Snowflake, on the other hand, was quick with whatever she did. She grabbed the nearest weapons lying around, mostly old and ruined ones discarded by the smith, since she didn’t want to steal any of the weapons that the smith had freshly made through his hard work. Elisa, her partner’s pet, kept watch near the store to check if there was anyone nearby so as to not get themselves caught. Once she was done, she nodded over to Chelvaric, confirming that she had everything she needed, more like what Dex Miller required.

The entire time, Snowflake didn’t even realise that she had been holding her breath the entire time, until she sighed loudly once she got outside and inhaled a large intake of breath, glad that they weren’t found out doing these illegal activities. Now that they have obtained what their client had ordered, all they had to do was to return back to Dex Miller. As they walked, she’d notice a Rune Knight figure walking towards them and froze in her spot for a while. ”There’s a Rune Knight coming towards us.” Snowflake nudged Chelvaric with her arm and she wondered if she should start running to escape from the scene.

She decided to slowly turn away from the Rune Knight, but it didn’t take him long to find them suspicious as they called out for the two of them. ”Hey, hey. Why do you have so many weapons in your hands?” The man observed them carefully, and even threatened that they would be put into jail if they didn’t tell him the truth.


#15Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric followed Snow as they had everything there client desired, the only thing left to do, was to create a fake fighting scene so that the man could make his investigation about it. He wondered who he would appoint as the criminals and his stomach turned about the thought of some innocent person to be caught up in this. Maybe they should report the man to the police after the job was done so they could deal with him in private and that he wouldn’t do things like this anymore. But before that thinking line was finished a rune knight would come towards them.

He asked them what they were doing with the weapons and was threatening them, he was going too throw them into jail if they didn’t respond fast enough. “There is this person who seems himself as a great detective but no one else does, that’s why he put out a job to the mages. We had to steal these weapons and blood for him, I have to say I was quite uneasy about it but we can’t deny a job we took. I hope you can understand our situation officer”, he said to the man with regret in his voice about what they did.

It’s okay ill follow you and oversee this fake crime, I’ll make sure the magic council takes over the investigation. I hope this will serve as a lesson to you both to not take a request before knowing all the details, I won’t be as forgiven if I ever catch you again!”, he said with a firm voice and they continued their journey while the rune knight tagged along.


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#16Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

The Rune Knight seemed to have understood their situation once Chelvaric explained the details of Dex Miller’s plans. The man had been obsessed with all these investigations ever since God knows when and who knows when he will finally cease this silly work. With the Rune Knight tagging along behind them, they would walk to the alleyway where they had met their client to create an artificial crime scene for Dex. As per requested, she would begin to toss the old weapons at random locations, after soaking them with the animal blood that they had stolen from the butcher’s place while the Rune Knight just watched them create a scene as he shook his head in dismay. She couldn’t blame him, she thought the entire idea was pretty silly as well, but at least she was getting paid for it.

”Chel, move back a little bit.”

The female suggested as she began to walk up to a brick wall right in front of them. They were required to create some kind of chaos to attract attention so she thought about breaking through a wall, though, she made sure it wasn’t a building. With her gloved fingers curled into a tight ball, she pummelled into the bricks stacked up on each other and once her fist collided onto the surface, it would come rumbling down onto the ground. She immediately leaped back, making sure that she wasn’t buried among the bricks.


#17Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
They finally arrived at the place and he took the weapons out of his bag. After he had drenched them in blood he started to place them all over the place. He hoped it would be convincing in enough and that no one would question that it was fake or that nothing had happened. Although that seemed likely since there weren’t any bodies that went along with the weapons. Snow suddenly asked of him to stand back. He first looked at her a bit questioning till he remembered that they had to make a scene and he walked away from here. So that she had room to throw some spells or something. But it seemed Snow had something harsher in mind as she walked up to a wall and punched through it. The sound alone would echo to the nearby streets.

I hope you didn’t break your hand with that, it was quite impressive how you can punch a wall In one hit”, Chelvaric said as he looked at the damage before they made sure to run away. They stood near a house not too far from the ally when a huge crowd was starting to gather around the crime scene. He wondered where Dex Miller was as he had to go in and start acting like a detective, too bad he wouldn’t see millers face as it will probably turn pale when he hears that the magic council would oversee the investigation.


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#18Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Regarding Chelvaric’s compliment of breaking the wall, the white haired woman simply smiled at her beau before quickly escaping the scene. If they were present, people would already find out that it was either fake, or they were responsible of destroying property. Soon, the townsfolk began to crowd near the area, whispering amongst one another and asking if anything happened in the location. The Rune Knight was still apparently with them, as if he was waiting for the scene to be over to actually take the case in his hands. From the corner of her eyes, she could see Dex Miller hiding behind the corner of a building, secretly grinning to himself as he watched the scene unfold. He seemed to be satisfied with they had done, which was a good thing.

The man walked up to them and quickly paid them for accomplishing his request and it wasn’t until the officer called out the client’s name, ”Dex Miller! So, it’s you. Once this silly thing is done, you are to come with me to the station.” The Rune Knight commanded and one could see an obvious disappointed look on Dex’s face and nodded at his command. He’d quickly scuttle back into the scene, pushing himself through the crowd of confused people and acted as if he was solving the investigation.

Since they got paid already, she decided to leave the area, leaving the rest to the Rune Knight who stood watching by the side with arms folded across his chest. Snowflake quickly slipped her hand on his arm and somehow, she realised how childish she was with Chelvaric. ”Would you like to go eat something together?”


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#19Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
They didn’t had to wait to long or Dex Miller came from behind a corner and towards them. it seemed he was all ready to solve the crime scene and gave them a bag of money. But before he could hurry to the crime scene the rune knight would ask him to come to the station after it was done. He seemed to have lost his happy smile but after he agreed to it he quickly scuttled over to the crowd and tried to press himself through it. He wondered what the man did in his youth to become so obsessed with being a great detective. Well in one way you could say that they were obsessed in becoming great mages.

Although Chelvaric wouldn’t try to take any shortcuts in getting power. He knew what price Snowflake had paid for that and he was going to make sure she had a better live now that had happened. He didn’t want his girlfriend sad or have her go through the same experience again. Since they had their money already they could just leave and get this job over with. When he suddenly felt Snows hand on his arm he would smile to her. These little things made his day always so much better. He liked how they shared little things with each other.

Yes let’s full our stomachs till we burst and then we can play some board games at my place. Let’s make it a great evening before we get some sleep”, he said to her and they walked trough he streets. He couldn’t wait to finish his day with some relaxing and bonding moments with Snow. this was how a happy live felt like.

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