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Worth Woodsea to Magnolia [Foot travel]

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Worth Woodsea to Magnolia [Foot travel] Empty Wed Oct 18, 2017 3:04 am

It was better for Hecate if they would leave as soon as possible. She wanted to get out of here as well, the smell of the 'delicious' food that had made her puke for hours, hit her nose again so she wouldn't want to stay here much longer. She had looked how the event was, if the carnival was alright and apart from some strange ways of playing games and that the hosts were all Skeletons, everything looked rather normal. Nothing much to worry about. "Let's go Hecate." she said and she didn't have to say much else as her companion started to run to get out of the forest. Which meant that Alice and Jupiter had to grab all their stuff and hurry after the glaceon, "She could at least tell us she wanted to get out of here as soon as possible."

Once they were outside of the forest, she had to catch her breath, but Hecate was waiting there, so that was good and it seemed that Jupiter scolded her for leaving them behind. She waved it away as the two of them watched her, she felt alright, she just needed some good food. "Where should we go? We could walk all the way back to Hargeon?" Which didn't sound like a very nice option, as the memories of Hargeon weren't that great. On the other hand she knew Judina was there. That was one thing, and probably Eva still and well who knew. She had to probably find people.

While she sat there, just outside Worth Woodsea, she made the decision to go to Magnolia because she didn't feel like going towards Hargeon, if there was one place where she liked to go it was towards Magnolia and she stood up, asked her companions to come along and eat one of the last apples that she had. Not thinking about the eyeballs that she had seen, otherwise she would never be able to eat apples again. She found some food for Jupiter and Hecate and made sure to spare the rest of the food and buy some when she arrived in Crocus. This time she didn't avoid Era, she left a report on what happened in Worth Woodsea before she continued without much further ado towards Magnolia.

She wasn't entirely sure what to do here but as soon as she noticed the grassland where she had trained with Konstantin months ago, she was glad to be here again. With a quick step she headed into town and towards the bed & breakfast where she had spend many evenings. For some stupid reason she hoped that she would bump into Kon there as if it was normal for him to be there, while she had seen him last in Hargeon. She opened the door to greet Clara, who seemed to be happy to see her and she introduced Jupiter and Hecate and she was so excited to be here, that she knew that she had made a good decision.

Wordcount: 502/500 Arrival in Magnolia.

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