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Hargeon Town to Worth Woodsea [Foot Travel]

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Hargeon Town to Worth Woodsea [Foot Travel] Empty Tue Oct 17, 2017 8:52 am

With a pouting face Alice sat on her bed, staring at all the clothing and books (it were just a handful) that she had and that she had to take with her. Normally she had stored it in a dimensional pocket but that pocket wasn't available at the moment and this meant she had to carry all. Which didn't sound as pleasant as it had done before: travelling. She had bought a sportsbag, one that would fit around her shoulder, one she could hold and one she could use as backpack and she was trying to stuff all her clothing in there. She really needed a house where she could leave all of this and.. oh wait, she sort of had. She dug through her bag to look for the key and fuond it, only to realize that she absolutely didn't plan to go to Orchidia any time soon. So she pocketed the key carefully again and made sure that everything was now in the bag and wouldn't get out.

When she finally was done she made sure to pay for the room for the days she used it and let her companions out to get some fresh air. She bought a few bottles of water, some food for the trip and decided that it would be best to walk, even though it was getting colder: she would be moving, she wouldn't notice. It wouldn't be so difficult to walk, she had done this before but this time, she was going to a place where she had not been before and she heard there was no map of the place: Worth Woodsea. There were rumours about a carnival and she wanted to see it with her own eyes. Surely she would have asked Konstantin to come along but well there were no buts: she couldn't find him and they would probably see each other in Oberon Forest as they had made that plan.

It would be a long journey, one that brought her past a lot of places where she had been and because she was going past Orchidia, she thought for a second about dropping her clothing there and take only what was needed, which wasn't actually a bad plan but she had like five to six days to think about that before she would arrive. One foot in front of the other and see how long she would take it. She thankfully had more energy than the last couple of weeks and had recovered completely apart from the nightmares. Hecate was always walking close beside her, eyeing their surroundings but never making another movement. Jupiter walked much more than the two of them did as he walked in front but sometimes disappeared off the road and ended up behind them as if he was making sure they weren't being followed, she let him be and even though she was tired at some point: he never seemed to give up. Perhaps he promised Konstantin to watch her and she rolled her eyes at that thought but she couldn't also help but smile at the idea.

With a quick step she hurried on, she passed Dahlia, a place where she had never been and she wasn't even sure if she wanted to go there: especially not alone. Magnolia, her hometown thank god she could remember that and she hoped to find more answers but probably not in Worth Woodsea. She avoided Era, which cost her a lot to walk around, which was very strange considering she was able to use magic. It wasn't that very impressive yet: that might be the problem. And finally after walking for seven days and sleep in shady places, except when she was in Orchidia: she made use of that house. She finally arrived in a dark forest that was a mystery to her and Jupiter and Hecate stayed even closer to them. By the looks of Hecate, Alice guessed the two of them had never been here before, "We will manage." she said and with one last look over her shoulder, the three of them disappeared between the trees to find this mysterious carneval that everyone seemed to be talking about. She was rather curious herself.

Wordcount: 705/700 arrival in Worth Woodsea.

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