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The Sun is Shining [Training | Private]

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The Sun is Shining [Training | Private] Empty Mon Oct 16, 2017 10:03 am

There was a heavy pressure on her chest and she tried her very best to fight it off but it didn’t work. She didn’t know what happened, most of all the room was almost completely dark, and she was standing upright with her back against the wall. She wanted to do her very best to fight against the feeling but she didn’t see anything that would create it and basically: her magic still had not returned. If she didn’t hurry up she would be fired very soon. She felt so lost if there was no Evangeline and Selena to hang out with and maybe that explained the heavy feeling at the moment now that she was alone in quite a bad situation. She was sure she wasn’t alone and she tried again and again to hold up her hand and summon the straight spear that she had to have but nothing happened. Neither when she spread her arms to summon her Scarle armour. Nothing happened and she still didn’t understand, even if it was damaged it must show up. She couldn’t show it to a smith this way and it was ridiculous. She wanted to kick something but when she moved her leg forward, she heard a growl and closed her eyes. The pressure on her chest got off and she opened her eyes again, closing them against the light. What happened to the darkness from a minute ago?

Alice Baskerville opened her eyes again to stare in the blue eyes of her companion Hecate, a Glaceon. She had not noticed her friend a few seconds ago and the light still confused her for another couple of seconds before she realized it was just a dream. She was not that tired lately but she felt so tired after the weird dream that she sat up straight in bed to see what the situation was and try to forget the dream. She couldn’t even remember how she got in that room so that made everything very difficult and thus not able to understand it. She pushed Hecate a little off her but scratched her a little under her chin. Her eyes guided over the empty side of the bed but it seemed that Hecate slept there. It was probably because of the dream that her companion had tried to wake her up by stepping on her chest. She stared at the rest of the room, at Jupiter that was next to the window staring outside. It looked very windy today and cold with that. She should get something to eat for she was getting hungry. Which was definitely a good sign. She pushed Hecate a little further, ”We should get up girl.” she whispered to her friend and she swung her legs to the left to get out of the bed. Her feet slipped into the wool of the carpet and she was glad that they didn’t have another sort of floor. She would have to hop onto the carpet into the bathroom because the tiles were cold.

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She stared at her reflection, this was the first time her skin looked so clear. She leaned over the sink to look at her face close up. The summer freckles were disappearing again but her face looked fine, she turned from left to the right to look at it before leaning back and smiling at her reflection. She finally didn’t look that tired anymore as well. She nodded at her reflection and looked up surprised when she heard some purring and stared at Hecate. She shook her head with a smile and made sure the glaceon had some water in her little bowl before she turned back to look at the disaster that was called: long orange coloured hair. She must have fallen asleep after reading, she headed back into the room to find the book between the sheets and she placed it on the bed stand before handing back into the badroom, ”Jupiter, water.” for she filled his bowl as well but he didn’t immediately came into the bathroom and when he did, you could hear him growl as if to say that he didn’t like mornings. She shook her head and stared at her hair again, she got the stool away from the make-up table and sat in front of the mirror and grabbed her hairbrush. Considering how stormy it looked outside, she decided that it was good to braid her hair before she would go outside. But for now she first had to fix the mess that she was in. She started at the bottom and started slowly. Alice grabbed one orange lock of hair and brushed it from down to a bit up every time she got through it, to the top of her head and moved onto the next lock and start again. From the bottom, up every time she would brush through it, until she ended up on top of her head. It would take a few times before it was done and she could easily brush her hair again. She would put the hairbrush down on the table and move her hair up with her thumbs. She would make three parts of her long hair and closed her eyes. With her imagination she would see her hair as she started to braid, right over the middle, left over the middle and right again, so on and on she went until the last part where she opened her eyes again and grabbed a hair tie to make sure the braid wouldn’t break up again. Once she was done with that, she stood up to brush her bangs away with her hand and walked to the sink again to wash her face. With one last look in the mirror, she walked out of the bathroom, where she found Hecate and Jupiter again, both patiently waiting or that’s how it looked. She looked into the wardrobe, muttering a bit to herself. She had to spend a lot of money to find clothing and she couldn’t simply change into a different set of clothes later on the day because of Requip Magic.

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The whole situation with her Requip magic was what happened in her dream. She had not been born with magic and for as far as she knew, neither Lacie. Her sister was given a magic by the Divine or so had she heard and Alice had worked for it when she was in the orphanage. She had been bored after losing her memory and simply worked hard to gain control over something to defend herself with and her mind, with that she had been given the opportunity of using Requip magic. She placed a hand on her stomach, not entirely sure if it was the possibility of her pregnancy that had destroyed her magic or that something else was going on. She froze in her movement of finding a right sweatshirt when she remembered how she pushed away the representative of the Rune Knights, back in the hospital. She couldn’t remember and Jerry had described it as a magical energy but what if there was more. If only she remembered how she created a energy or power for magic so many months ago: three years. She grabbed the sweater and threw it on the bed, accidentally full on Hecate but she didn’t notice as she went to search on for a pair of jeans. She didn’t plan to go to work today, not that she wasn’t willing to but she didn’t want to push her luck with still not being able to use magic. She found one and grabbed clean underwear and started to undress from the t-shirt that functioned as her night gown. She changed into a clean slip and bra before putting on the dark gray sweater and the blue pair of jeans. All she needed was socks and to put on her shoes before she would finally be able to get some breakfast. She was glad that she felt more energetic than the last couple of weeks and her legs had not hurt in days, she was rather positive in this way. She heard Jupiter growl and looked up at him but he simply stared at her from the door and she shook her head. She had been scared and he had just wanted to tell her to hurry up. She grabbed the two socks and made sure her Chelsea boots were around so she could leave.

Most of the stuff that she needed was in the little blue backpack so once she had that she opened the door. Jupiter immediately trotted out and Hecate followed lazily with one last yawn she jumped off the bed before she walked into the hallway. Alice closed the door behind them and locked it before she headed after them to go downstairs. Luckily companions were allowed in this hotel otherwise it would be difficult to find a place where she could stay. She walked to a table in the corner, the one she had stayed at for the last couple of days. She had picked this table to be in no one’s way with the two Eevees.

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She simply sat herself down and grabbed the menu, but most days she simply ordered the same as she had done before. Another reason why she picked this table was because it was far away from the kitchen and didn’t make her able to smell things that she didn’t like. Although that had been worse as well a few weeks ago. She scratched her nose as she stared at the menu, not noticing the waiter coming towards her but thank god she wasn’t a jumpy person that would be surprised that someone was talking to her, she placed the menu down and ordered the basic food for Hecate and Jupiter, while asking the waiter lovely if he could place it on the other side of the table, on the ground, so she wouldn’t have to see or smell it. Which was fine as usual. She ordered pancakes with strawberry jam and chocolate. She needed a good strong breakfast if she wanted to work on magic, so she ordered the one with oats and some extra yoghurt. The whole idea of eating so much made her already nauseous but she had to eat good as well. She was sure of that and she ordered a few things to go, mostly fruit.

It would take a while for the food to be prepared and to make use of that time she would take her diary and write a few pieces in it. Mostly she wrote about her memory loss, that she was still looking for the clues towards her father, that she wondered how Lacie was doing, and the pregnancy. Not something that she was always very happy about but she also didn’t hate it any longer as she had done before. She ticked with the pencil at her cheek as she stared at a fragment that she had written earlier and she wondered again how her cousin was doing. She simply decided that because she was probably leaving again: to leave a letter. It went something like this:
Dear Selena,
I’m sorry to inform you that I have been ill for a while which is the reason I didn’t contact you. Please forgive me for not telling you sooner, I had a lot on my mind and I would love to talk to you to it in person. I don’t know when this would be but please keep me informed through the pages that work for the Rune Knights. The same way I send this letter to you.

I am leaving Hargeon Town again to go on another adventure and job for the Knights as well as for myself. However I have promised one of the pages to keep an eye on her and work a lot with her together. I wonder if you, if you have the time and opportunity, would be able to support her in my absence. Her name is Judina Karlinius, you will find her in Hargeon as well.
May we meet soon again Selena,
Yours truly,

It could be better but it could also be worse. She tore the paper from her diary and found an envelope in her bag to send it away as soon as possible.

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She left the letter on the table so she wouldn’t forget it and quickly cleaned up her diary because she noticed people walking towards her to bring the food for her companions as well as the oat pancakes for herself. Which she smiled at and thanked them and watched them leave before she would start eating. She placed the fruit that she ordered as well already in her backpack and the bottle of water before continuing to eat. It was really nice but she didn’t have much time for this. She needed to get out of the town before anyone of the higher knights would spot her and ask her for some information or a job or anything and she was trying to avoid them at this point. Not that it would be smart to eat fast.

As soon as she was done, she placed the jewels on the table and left together with her companions. She slung the backpack over her shoulder and grabbed the letter. She wondered how to let it deliver to the right person by the pages if she was afraid to see one but she bumped into one that looked in a hurry, which meant that person wasn’t waiting for her. She made use of her status as Lieutenant, the page bowed to her bidding her an apology for the sudden bump into her and she waved it away and saying nicely that she was glad to bump into him and if he could deliver this letter to Selena Maelstrom, it wasn’t an urgent message but as long as she got it today it would be great. The page hurried off once he got the letter and she waved after him before quickly leaving as well. She missed Magnolia where she had the grasslands where she had trained with Konstantin, but also where she was still able to use Requip Magic. But fine that was in the past, she would have to move forward and decided to head to the beach, near to the forest and still far away from the water. She was still a cat afterall and apart from that she had a companion that used lightning magic, she didn’t want to electrocute the cute couples that were holding hands and walking in the little bit of water. Although she was sure it wouldn’t work with ocean water: she didn’t want to test her own luck. She placed her backpack against the sand dune and dropped herself on the grass. She took of her boots, emptied them from the sand and took of her socks and left them next to her bag. She stared at Hecate and Jupiter and sighed loudly, ”If only I had a solution to this problem.” She wondered how Lacie got her magic and how she herself had fixed it so many years ago. She closed her eyes and emptied her mind, she was just Alice at the moment. She forgot about the beach underneath her and the rest.

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It was a black world that she was in again, but no pressure on her chest and no wall against her back. She was like an orb in some space that was nothing, nothing divined, there was no top or bottom. It was basically just her and her thoughts. She checked herself, listened to her breathing, steadying it. Hearing her heart beat and she felt the magical energy that wasn’t gone. It was still there but there was no access to her Requip magic. What if there is simply no Requip Magic anymore but you could make something else? is what she thought but that made no sense. She automatically placed a hand on her stomach, on the other hand: who knows what pregnancy did to a neko with requip magic. Would the baby be a neko as well? She wasn’t sure if she liked that idea but it would be weird to be not a neko with both.. parents to be one. She shook her head but kept her eyes firmly shut, she was distracted again. No she had to think about magic, there was potential, the energy was here and she had pushed the representative away: so there was simply a complete different magic going on. The darkness that was just the space of her thoughts, what sort of could be compared to the dimensional pocket that she had always used, suddenly become a little brighter and she opened her eyes in the space version and stared at the first invisible horizon. Suddenly there at the edge of the horizon was a pink colour and a small line of the sun that was coming up, dawn. But she didn’t understand how because she didn’t.. the sun slowly came up, it would still take a time but the simple and cold place of this sort of dimensional pocket became warmer and she felt it resonating with her own being, with her heartbeat and her breathing. Her eyes turned bigger as she saw the answers dance in front of her eyes. She had missed a big part but no one would be able to blame her, magic had never worked for her in this way. It had been a pocket and nothing more. A smile appeared on her lips though because she finally would be able to proof that she was worth still to have the rank of lieutenant. She clenched her fist and opened her real eyes. She didn’t knew she was holding a breath but Alice quickly let go of that and stared at the sea. This brought a different perspective and she would have to work hard to get to the point of understanding this new thing: this magic. She stood up and dusted off the sand that would be able to be everywhere again in a blink of an eye. ”Jupiter, should we train a bit?” this mischief grin sure made Jupiter curious to the events and he jumped up as well, ready to test this out.

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Hecate made a sound and looked sternly at Jupiter and for some reason the Jolteon sat down again and stared at Alice as if to say that something must be wrong. Alice looked from one at the other because she didn’t completely understand what was going on, ”You guys, I can still train I’m not a weakling or something like that. Sure as hell must be able to handle something.” Okay maybe electric wasn’t a good idea but Hecate.. she was different than fighting Jupiter. She didn’t sit down, she didn’t want to be treated like this by her own companions, ”Fine don’t use magic, you are strong enough apart from that.” she said to Jupiter as the two of them still sat down or lie down in Hecate her case. She was at least glad to see that Jupiter looked pleading to Hecate that she had to approve, which meant he didn’t mind to fight her as well. She made another sound and finally Jupiter jumped up again and move a bit away from Hecate. Now Alice still didn’t make a good plan for herself, she was going to trust on instincts as she had done with her requip magic and her fighting abilities, now she had to depend on her mana more than she had done before. She simply moved up her hand and a glyph appeared in front of her that pushed Jupiter away, which was a good thing as he had come running towards her. She jumped aside to make sure that even if he would be able to get the speed again he would miss her. The Jolteon shook his head, not looking happy with the collision of the spell and turned to run towards her again. Think Alice think! As she didn’t have want to hurt any of her friends before, she didn’t want to hurt Jupiter, but she had to practice. She could capture him! So she held on to her hand and looked at Jupiter before moving her hand to his direction, this time a ball of light appeared, it wasn’t that big of a ball but it moved quickly towards Jupiter in which his front place clicked together as if some magnets were placed between them and the Jolteon fell face forward into the sand. Which apparently Hecate found funny as she sort of heard her other companion laugh. She herself made sure not to laugh and get Jupiter angry who sort of coughed out the sand. Well that had worked fine, the next time though she was too slow in thinking something and he bumped so hard into her left leg that she tripped and fell herself, face forward in the sand, ”Thanks for the payback buddy.” she said coughing out the sand but she couldn’t help but laugh as she saw the happy look on Jupiter his face. In the end they fought a little more but it wasn’t ideal as Jupiter didn’t want to use spells on her.

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She tried to think of other things and went to look for her diary in her bag and worked on a list of ideas of the light kind of magic that she had. She thought of a reflection shield but only noticed that it worked after Jupiter closed his eyes rapidly, when she walked in front of it she had not noticed and he didn’t look at her for thirty minutes, as if it was her fault that she didn’t warn him: she simply had not known. She scratched, wrote and tried a few things but most of it was just weird. Her sensory spell, something she never had been able to use as a requip mage gave her an eerie feeling that someone was watching her but in the end it had to be simply Hecate. She made a spell to be able to dash at the ultimate speed that she had at the moment and another spell that seemed to make a shower of sun orbs in an area of one by one meters and another star like orb that she could make. At first she had thought and linked the light magic towards Konstantin, maybe it worked that way but now she wasn’t entirely sure and sometimes stared at her almost invisible bump thanks to the sweater. The spell didn’t only use light, it also radiated heat that didn’t hurt her but Jupiter didn’t seem to like it and she noticed Hecate was prepared to throw ice at any offensive like spell that she made.

When she created another star shower that was bigger in size around 2 by 2 meters, people at the other side of the beach started to watch and that was something she didn’t want. Surely Alice was very happy to know that she was capable off magic, she still didn’t understand how but she wasn’t going to complain about this at this point. For a second she chuckled as she leaned on her left leg to stretch and get back into shape, for she had not done much training for the last couple of weeks. It felt like the Divine picked her again and gave her a new magic. She felt a bit guilty for that as she remembered how her sister had yelled at her that she got everything and Lacie was losing everything. She had no idea how to contact her sister at this moment because what to write in a letter. She also hoped that the healers in Era would have found a solution for the coughing. Had she sworn at that point that she wouldn’t care, now she stood here in Hargeon hoping her twin was alright. Jupiter nudged her right leg and she turned to look at noticed the people staring at her, ”Let’s move.” she whispered and she picked up her shoes while Hecate already got her bag and they moved into the forest. Slow steps, missing the branches and pine needles and so on, Hecate in front of her and Jupiter behind, they moved into the forest.

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She moved along with her companions further into the forest, she had no idea where Hecate was leading her too and she was basically not paying attention as she was paying attention to where to place her feet. She was sure that her companions knew the way as she believed that the two of them had travelled much more in Fiore than she had done. So when Hecate stopped and Alice looked up, she noticed a green open spot into the forest, perfect to train though she was a bit worried for the possible destruction of the solar magic, as she just named it that. But that would be seen during the training, she simply put on her socks and her boots again before she followed Hecate to a spot where her Glaceon dropped itself on the soft forest moss and Alice followed her example. She grabbed her diary again out of the bag and noted down a few of the ideas that she had during the walk. Because she was now in an environment that had well objects to use this other spell with, she immediately wanted to try. She made sure she got the idea properly in her head and stood up, focused the magical energy on her feet, prayed it wouldn’t burn her shoes and wait for something to happen. The idea was to use the solar magic to create the ability to walk onto different surfaces and well she fell down a couple of times from when she was trying her other foot to be placed on one of the thick pine trees but in the end she was standing in a horizontal line on the tree and held up her hands to celebrate this moment, ”If only I had been able to do this when I had requip magic.” which made her remember how much she missed a weapon in her hand. It was obviously not the same as just throwing magic spells. She frowned and crossed her arms while she remained standing on the pine tree, which she found far too funny than that it really was. That’s when she looked at her hand and wondered if she would be able to make a spell that was basically a weapon, if you could shape every sort of spell to whatever it was that you liked, wouldn’t you have to be able to make a sword? She decided to move down from the tree and deactivate her spell. She went to sit on the moss again and decided to write down names to the spells that she had just created. But the inspiration for names were far to find, and she chuckled, for that was the same problem for the little peach. Finally she decided to name her spells after stars: Crucis was the Jupiter, Auriga for reflection. She frowned Phoenix for this one even though she couldn’t fly, Delphini for the spell that made a bigger rain shower and had her move into the forest and Ursa Minor for the orb like spell that she used and a few other names for the smaller spells.

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She still had no idea how to make a sword but in the end she pictured a handle in front of her and closed her eyes, extended her hand and just simply thought about it, what else should she do. Magic was created with the creativity from the person that controlled it? Or so she believed it and it was something completely different than three years ago, where she didn’t have this creativity. But she had meet people, she changed from Phantom Lord to a Lieutenant, she was engaged now and well there was a little peach at this point and she felt a handle in her hand and held on to it with a stronger grip and she opened her eyes to stare at the metal in her hand and the light yellow light that formed the solar blade. She could wield this sword, laser sword, with one hand but also with two and she couldn’t wait to train it again and this time Jupiter didn’t stop to wait for approval from Hecate and used some spells on her so she could block or slice through it. It felt great to be able to hold a blade again and she let it disappear to make it again, it felt completely different from summoning something from a pocket dimension and yet it felt some sort of similar with the way it worked with Requip magic. It felt a bit like she was homesick to something that wasn’t even something to feel sorry about. But maybe it would be easier to let go of it now.

She worked a few more times with it and called it Castor and let it disappear for now. She had to make better and other spells as well. She felt tired all of a sudden and lost her balance and fell on the moss. Thank god that was soft enough to break her fall. Jupiter looked sternly at her and walked around her but Hecate simply brought her bag and she grabbed an apple. She felt like a child with the two caring about her but she didn’t say anything she let it be for now and took a bite out of the apple. She checked how her heartbeat was sounding, a bit faster but she was training hard again, it costs a lot of magical energy as well. Apart from that her breathing was fine and nothing really did hurt, so she was fine. She was just exhausted and using too much magic at once, especially to someone that wasn’t used to it. She pulled up her legs and leaned on it, still eating her apple slowly and giving bits to Hecate and Jupiter. Once she finished her apple she would drink and wait a little more, scribble some more things in her diary to potential spells. She wondered how much power she would have with this spells, it was a different ratio as the power and strength that was behind fighting with weapons and she was sure that she would have to get her hands on a good weapon as well, but how.

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It was not of her concern at the moment, maybe once she was back in Magnolia or Era. She should go back to Era to see how Lacie was doing. But she didn’t feel like having a fight about how she had everything and how her sister had nothing. Lacie had her memory. She didn’t feel like going through all the discussion again who was the most sad of the two of them because she didn’t want to feel like that. She was apart from her memory loss rather happy about everything that was going on. Of course it would be nice to get some new information about her father but it didn’t happen and thus it would take a while but she could handle that. That’s how her life had been going on since she turned eighteen. It was a rollercoaster but she liked it from time to time, apart from the nauseous moments but those were over. She stood up again and stared at the small list that she had made in her diary. She wondered if she should try a solar spell here in the middle of a forest, but she doubted her power would be so high, she felt that she was getting tired from using so much magic at a short time, how much hours had she spend here and at the beach? Three to four perhaps? Was it already getting darker? Were it more hours or was it just the forest? She thought she heard something and quickly turned around to look into the twilight of the forest but she didn’t see anything. She remained quiet but noticed that her protector was lazing around which meant there was probably nothing wrong, she bet Jupiter would hear things quicker than she would do, but her cat ears remained flat on her head. She would just be prepared for something probably, she was a knight after all this was her job. Which made her flashback to the torture of weeks ago and she took a step back and tried her best not to fall and shiver in fear because it was not her. She no longer was a coward!

She didn’t want to cry and she refused and clenched her fist together. She felt something boiling inside her and when she dropped her hands a circle of the solar magic appeared around her and exploded in quite a big area and her eyes turned bigger. What had she done? She looked at Jolteon and Hecate and hurried to see if her companions were fine but the trees close to her were burned and she had to push Hecate to make the flames go out with her ice magic. The two of them seemed to hurt and she felt very guilty. She sat down next to her bag, who was still okay because it stood next to her. She couldn’t help but sob an apology to Hecate and Jupiter who nuzzled her as she hid her face. She would be fine with the two of them.

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She hugged her companions and dried the little bit of tears that had showed up. She had done enough crying and walked with Hecate through the parts that she destroyed, it was mostly the grass and parts of bark but thank god no animal or anything. She surely didn’t believe she would have simply burned something to a crisp. That gave her the shivers though. But the idea that she was capable of such destruction was horrible, she must have been able to reach at least three meters, she just wrote it down in her diary when they got back and called this spell Cassiopeia. She put a warning sign next to the line, she wasn’t entirely sure if she would be able to use it again and she looked at the forest again, ”Maybe we should move back to the beach again,” but what if people would get closer to her, the three meters was quite much, but she could always see. This time she was wearing her shoes and she grabbed her bag herself and walked again after Hecate whom brought her back to the beach and Jupiter whom followed her again.

When they arrived back at the beach, she noticed that everything had taken much longer than she originally thought and thus it was already that the sun was setting and most people were gone or further away. The wind was getting stronger and that would probably be the main reason, something she had obviously not noticed in the forest. But it was perfect, so she could train her Canis Major named after one of the easier spells she had thought of first but this one did a bit more damage as it exploded or so it seemed. She grinned as she was staring to like it again but she made sure she wouldn’t bring harm to Jupiter and Hecate again and had moved at least three meters away from them but they kept a close eye on her. She asked Jupiter at some point if she could try another binding spell on him and he seemed to not mind too much about it and headed towards her to give her the opportunity to test her Vulpecula, still she thought Jupiter would be strong enough to break the spell but it was more difficulty than the one spell that made him bite the dust. But it worked and they tried a couple more times before Jupiter was done with it and she let him go and found some snacks in her bag to give to the both of them. One more spell she wanted to try today and then she would be done. She was sure she wouldn’t have any magical energy after that left. She lifted up her hand and focused very hard on making a bigger orb than the last four she made and she narrowed her eyes to see through her eyelashes and imagine it as well as see it at the same time. The orb grew to two meters tall next to her and she simply moved it into the direction with another flick of her wrist and let it disappear into the ocean, her magic was obviously not strong against that. Which wasn’t bad because she as a neko hated it anyway.

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She wondered if there ever would be a way to return back to normal. Not that she entirely hated being a cat but lately it started to worry her and it had been an accident. Maybe she should visit Merlin again but she wasn’t sure if the woman liked her, she clearly liked Konstantin better. She sighed as she had not seen him before training and she was feeling alone which was strange considering her companions. It was probably because he said he wanted to be everywhere where she was and she did see him a lot again, which was wonderful after completely disappearing out of each other sight for a month. She sighed again and stood up, ”Let’s go, we trained enough.” She wobbled but stubbornly blamed the sand and took her shoes and socks again and her back and walked towards the road. She was exhausted, she was so tired, that’s where the wobbling came from. She was alright, there was no pain and most of all there was magic. She would be able to stay a knight again. She didn’t say much to Hecate or Jupiter, she just wanted to go back to the hotel and fix herself. Get the sand away, which meant she would have to already mentally prepare to take a shower. Which was a hateful feeling and she already got the shivers when she thought about getting into the shower. But she didn’t give up and continued to walk. She wanted to go back to the hotel, which she kept in mind, with a little hint towards the shower. She would be fine. Her legs felt heavy but she continued on and started to hum a little. Once they hit the road, she put on her socks and shoes and hurried on towards the hotel, she even started to run a little. It felt very annoying to have sand in your shoes so she wanted to be even quicker.

Once she arrived at the hotel and had opened the door, she didn’t even check much, she simply stripped of her clothing again and threw it immediately in the laundry. She threw out her shoes, slammed the door of the bathroom closed and stepped underneath the shower without a second thought. It didn’t matter anymore, she had magic, she was happy well not with the shower and probably a lot of other things that she didn’t think about right now. But she could go back on the job and that was wonderful if only she could proof it. She wondered if she controlled her Solar magic enough for this. The idea was simple: how did she get it? But she had trained the whole day it would only make sense? She heard her stomach rumble but ignored it as she continued to shower and made sure there was no grain of sand on her body anymore. She didn’t know entirely what else to do when she got out of the shower. She simply took the menu card from the desk and placed it on the bed where she dropped herself on. She had no idea what she wanted to eat, god she missed eating meat but there were other dishes. She frowned thinking about it, perhaps she could order something like a hamburger? Nah only thinking about that gave her shivers, so she gave up. She picked up the lacrima next to her bed side table and ordered some fries with a salad and a milkshake. It didn’t sound like the greatest combination and she was even surprised it was on the menu, most of the time she expected super fancy food, but who was she to complain. She made at least sure that she was wearing a bathrobe before they would come to bring her food. You didn’t want to be simply the towel girl.

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She quickly stepped into the bathroom again to at least get rid of the towel that ought to dry her hair and quickly use the hair dryer. She was sure that if the room service would arrive, one of her companions would tell. Once she was done, her hair still wasn’t completely dry, she stepped into the room to get the food for her companions ready. She had still too much leftover and she obviously didn’t want to smell it. She fled the bathroom which right on time the roomservice showed up and she looked at the trolley that was brought into the room and she simply took the chair: eating at your bed was a disaster. So she continued to skip through her diary to read the spells and some sessions that she wanted to remember all while eating a fry one at the time and eating some salad. She had placed the milkshake in the mini fridge for later. She hated how exhausted she felt, which wasn’t completely her body it was like all energy. So once she finished eating, she would simply drop herself on the bed again and read to kill the time. She still wasn’t entirely sure if she should write the Magic Council that she was capable of using magic again or that she should simply go to Era but then again they had decided to leave Hargeon and she didn’t think about the planning so she had no idea where she and Konstantin would go. She would prefer Magnolia though but who knew.

When Hecate and Jupiter were finished eating, they came back to the room and Hecate jumped onto the bed to lay down at the end of the bed and fall asleep while purring. Jupiter kept an eye on her but she felt tired and she wasn’t even sure if she would be able to finish reading the chapter. So she finally stopped and put the book aside to not fall asleep with again. She simply didn’t want to ruin it again. She lifted up her hand after she tucked herself into the bed, careful to not disturb Hecate. Actually Alice didn’t want her to sleep on the bed but as long as she was alone, she let Hecate, and she believed Hecate knew that as well and wasn’t actually sleeping. It were strange creatures but she didn’t complain, she was glad not to be alone. She lifted up her hand a little higher and made the star shaped object that she called Canis Minor and stared at it, she felt a little bit off heat coming of it and she liked the size and the looks, who knew where the magic came from but she liked it.

She let the star shaped orb disappear and made sure her pillows were nice before she lay down completely and closed her eyes. Wondering what to do tomorrow and many other questions. She wondered if Selena had already read the letter and if Lacie was doing better without coughing blood. There was still so much that she didn’t know and things that she needed to discover and she had to read the diary from her mother but she was a bit afraid of the answers. That’s when she sat up straight, oh no. The diary of her mother. She had kept it in the dimensional pocket, did this mean it was destroyed? She almost jumped out of bed but her muscles complained and she felt so frustrated that she simply turned around, her back towards Jupiter, as if he was not allowed to see how shocked she was. Either it was destroyed or someone must have picked it up or there was this dimensional pocket that she couldn’t reach until another point. But how? With that disaster in mind: she fell asleep.

Wordcount: 7456/7437
15% discount on wordcount for spell training due to intelligence stat.
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