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Bar Chat [Yumi]

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#1Odin † 

Bar Chat [Yumi] Empty Sun Oct 08, 2017 3:43 am

Odin †

In a very central location in Hargeon, a nice little bar had sprung up. It wasn't as good as the Swineherd Pub in Oak town -obviously- but it had a good atmosphere, and decent booze. Odin took another drink out of his wine glass, filled with a very nice imported red wine from Caelum: one of the countries outside of Fiore. It had a strange, unique taste to it, one which Odin couldn't quite put his finger on. Whatever the ingredients, it was lovely, and definitely one he was going to have to source to pull in more customers in his own pub.

Sitting at the bar itself as he drank, Odin seemed to simply be a well dressed man in a pub, having kept on his shirt, trousers, waistcoat and dress shoes from earlier that day. The only looks he received were from men thinking he was rather overdressed for casual drinking, with none of them knowing that they were staring and murmuring about a demon: one who could murder them all in cold blood without batting an eyelid if they so much as looked at him the wrong way. And honestly, with how boring his day had been so far, he was certainly tempted.


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Yumi strutted her way through the streets of Hargeon wearing her typical attire, a gothic lolita style of dress that did well to flaunt off her small yet developed body. Yumi's skirt was short allowing her to show off her long slender legs and ivory white skin. The clothing she wore could be described as inappropriate for someone so young to be wearing, with the way it revealed her legs, part of her chest and back, with such a low skirt that acted almost to invite you to look. On the demons back as always was her massive Executioner's sword fixed in place by a black leather strap. The sword was titled at an angle with the handle over Yumi's right shoulder, positioned for an easy draw with her right hand. With the way the sword was placed it made it impossible to be drawn with both hands meaning you could only draw it with one.

The demon clicked her teeth as she spotted a bar in the distance. The demon needed to cool her head, everything that had been happening with the guild and this failed attack on Blue Pegasus, especially with how easy she got knocked down, wasn't helping to keep her anger in check. The demon was usually capable of keeping her anger bottled up, she had done so for the past sixty years. The lolita inhaled as she stepped into the bar and walked right up to the counter not even looking around, meaning her guild-mate Odin also known as Lucifer went unnoticed, for now. The demon slammed her hand on the table, "Strawberry thick shake! Heavy on the ice cream and cream!" demanded the tiny lolita. She just managed to look over the counter. The entire bar turned to look at her before bursting into laughter.

Yumi gritted her teeth as the foul mood she was in revealed itself. A thick killer intent unlike anything they would ever feel erupted from her tiny body like a dam breaking open. The intent washed over the entire room making them all collapse shaking in fear, some even fainted, others screamed in horror. Yumi turned her focus to the bartender as the killer intent was sucked back into her back, "NOW!" barked out the demon. The bartender gulped and quickly raced off to buy groceries. The youthful lolita sighed in annoyance as she sat on the bench and looked around finally noticing Lucifer.

"Oh if it isn't Lucifer, I didn't expect to run into you again so soon. what brings you here?" asked the demon with a sweet little smile as if what just happened hadn't occured.

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#3Odin † 

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Odin †

As Odin enjoyed his drink, he heard a somewhat familiar voice ask the barman for strawberry shake with extra cream and ice cream. Not knowing where to place it, and assuming it was just someone he'd heard before, Odin ignored it, opting instead to just enjoy his wine, as the rest of the bar began to laugh in hysteria. It was then that he knew who belonged to the voice. A familiar feeling of dread and sorrow filled his mind, and his breath left him briefly, and he was handling it better than the others in the bar, many of whom began screaming, and a few of which even lost consciousness. The feeling passed, and the bartender went to fetch the order that he had been given by the little demon girl, who turned to look at Odin just as he turned his head to see her.

Yumi, the Witch of Carnage, also known simply as Carnage to members of Grimoire Heart, sat in her normal attire as she waited for a drink, greeting her comrade inquiring as to what brought him to the pub that day. Coughing to clear his throat after Yumi's little outburst, Odin smiled and spoke, "Hello Yuni, pleasure to see you here. I'm just enjoying a drink myself, you?" Odin had decided to use her fake name as he spoke to her, instead of Carnage, simply because it sounded less out of place than her moniker. Then again, Lucifer was hardly a common name.


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The demon sat on her stool placing her right hand on the counter and strummed her fingers while waiting patiently for her drink. From the fact the bartender had run out while grabbing his wallet probably meant he needed to go buy the supplies to make her milky dessert, she Yumi guessed she would be waiting for some time. It seemed like her, Lucifer had the same idea to come relax with an alcoholic drink. The demon lolita swivelled around in her chair in order to face the Take Over casting mage. She would cross her right leg over her left, and rested her left hand on her knee, sitting in a manner befitting say a noblewoman. But Yumi was no noblewoman that was for sure.

"I require something to calm myself. My emotions have been in turmoil lately so here I am. Sadly it is too late to visit anywhere else for the beverage I desire as such I must employ forceful tactics to get what I want." Answered the Witch of Carnage as she briefly glanced at the cowering customers, the brave ones remained behind, how foolish of them while the cowards had run off with their tail behind their legs. The only ones incapable of running had been those Yumi had knocked out with her intent.

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Odin †

Sitting in a rather refined manner, one that both fit the appearance of the girl but was completely different to her true nature, Yumi replied, stating that she had to go somewhere to calm herself, as he emotions had been in a bad place and that, due to how late it was, she had to come to this bar to request the drink, even if the bar itself didn't actually offer a strawberry shake. That was one thing Odin had noticed about Yumi. she may have been the oldest in Grimoire Heart, but she was much more suited to her new body, as she often acted like a spoiled child that would always get her way. Although, due to her powers and massive sword, she often would.

Her eyes wandered briefly to the other people still in the bar, and Odin took a look at them himself. They weren't unconscious, so they clearly possessed level of willpower, but they hadn't run out like the others when Yumi had unleashed her menacing aura. Some were still just too stunned to move, which was understandable, but others felt like they had something to prove. Regardless, they all watched the two mages sitting at the bar, most confused as to how Odin could so casually talk to Yumi after what she had done, as the olive haired mage took another sip of his wine glass, deciding to make a little bit of small talk.

"Can't say I've ever had one of those shake things you've ordered, but why strawberry?"


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It appeared lady luck was on Yumi's side as the bartender had burst through the back door and into the bar with sweat dripping down his forehead, his clothes dishevelled as he carried two big brown paper bags. The man would lay them down and quickly get to work fearing for his own life. He got a blender out placing it on the counter gulping as he laid a tub of vanilla ice cream on the counter, taking out a punnet of strawberries, strawberry topping, a can of whipped cream and a bottle of full cream milk, along with a large glass able to hold two litres of liquid, plus a straw. He would then get to work while the demonic woman spoke with her what appeared to be friend.

Yumi allowed a pleased smile to make its way onto her lips, she had hoped he wouldn't take to look. For a moment she thought he might have run off in fright and may not be coming back, but being the owner of the bar he no doubt had a responsibility to keep his 'guests' happy. "No particular reason other than I like strawberry." Answered the demon as her comrade decided to make a little small talk, "I could ask you the same, why red wine dear Lucifer?" asked the little demon as she eyed the glass of red wine in his hand.

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Odin †

Just as Odin spoke, the bartender burst through the entrance, carrying two large bags with him, no doubt full of the ingredients he would need to create what it was that Yumi had requested. What Odin didn't expect was that he had also bought the tools required, such as a blender, the actual glass the shake would be housed in, and a straw for the young lady to drink it out of. Realistically, at least with the last two, the bartender likely had some of those items lying around in his pub, but it was no doubt fear that pushed him to buy even that which he would not likely need, to save him fumbling around trying to find something, and risk Yumi's wrath should he not locate it.

Odin poured himself another glass of red wine, having finished his initial glass, just as Yumi answered his question, amusingly making reference to the glass in his hand as she asked him the same one. She liked strawberries, so she chose the strawberry shake, it made sense honestly, just a lot more simple than Odin had considered, as it was a word he would rarely attribute to someone such as Carnage. "Can't say I've ever tried it myself, but to each their own." He took a sip of his own drink before continuing, "Working in a pub, one develops a taste for the finer things in life, such as a good wine. That, and its a much more dignified drink, one worthy of a demon prince." He brushed his hair back with his free hand, while his dominant hand swirled the red poison within the glass, smiling all the while.


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The demon in the body of an innocent little girl allowed a mischevious smile to play on those supple pink lips of hers. In a way she was enjoying the stench of fear coming off the bartender on the opposite side, but began to grow disappointed as the longer the bartender remained in her presence the less the stench of fear made itself known as the man slowly overcame his fear. He most likely believed since she hadn't killed anyone or done anything else she meant no harm, but he still kept his guard up lest he be killed. That and the fact Lucifer opposite her was so calm surely meant the little lolita didn't mean to much harm.

The lolita rested her right elbow on the bar top counter and rested her right cheek in the palm of her hand, resting her head. "Ah yes your other half. It amuses me greatly, how you yourself are human, but he is not. I'm curious, what happens when two creatures of the same blood are in the same presence. Can your other half feel the new me?" spoke the demon in a cryptic tone as she brushed a stray strand of hair out of her eyes, as she did those crimson hues glowed an eerie red. Yumi wasn't hiding her demonic presence and while it may not instil fear, another demon should surely be able to realise just what she was.

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Odin †

As the bartender made the drink for her, as fast as he could without dropping anything to save his soul, Yumi spoke of Odin's 'other half', or Lucifer as he was usually known, stating that she found it amusing that both a demon and a mortal could inhabit the same body without tearing it apart from the inside. Honestly, it was something that Odin himself had questioned many times, but he felt like he knew the answer. If Lucifer wished to destroy the vessel, he no doubt could, but that would leave him searching until others summoned him into this world, a feat that was becoming much less common with the ever increasing rise of the church of Illumin. If the demon wished to be free, he would have to roam as a spirit, something Odin doubted his pride would let him do.

Then Yumi asked a much more cryptic question that any she had asked previously, curious about what would happen if two people 'of the same blood' were together in one room, and if Lucifer could feel her new change. Curious himself by her question, and interested to see the bartender's reaction, Odin initiated the change, "Superbia."

He changed in an instant, growing the wings, horns, and golden hair that signified the arrival of the Prince of Darkness: Lucifer. Taking a deep breath before opening his eyes, the demon glanced towards the bartender, who was once more terrified for his life, seeing a true demon -in every sense of the word- standing before him. But that was not the most interesting thing now, as Lucifer looked towards Yumi, squinting as he noted how something felt different about her presence now. The aura she had used earlier, as well as her younger form after having once been old, it made sense really.

"So, who did you sell your soul to become like me?"


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A soft laugh escaped Yumi's lips long after Odin had transformed into his other half, Lucifer. Her laugh followed after Lucifer questioned her about just who she had sold her soul to in order to become what she was. The soft laugh that escaped Yumi's tender lips was like an angelic song as it echoed over the bar, but it soon grew louder and fiercer. The demon's body shook with mirth as her laugh went from a soft angelic sound to a sound of madness. The laughter echoed out from her tiny form as a wave of madness erupted from her body. A demonic presence leaked out with full force consuming the entirety of the bar. If they had been frightened of Lucifer's appearance at being in the presence of a who they thought was a true demon, they would be deathly frightened of Yumi. The demonic presence washed out like a raging river blowing tables away before it began to settle disappearing into Yumi's petite frame. It had been a show more than a display of might.

"I didn't need to sell my soul. I was blessed with this gift." Remarked the demon as she raised her left hand to examine her youthful frame. "For years I have spilt countless amounts of blood, sweat and tears and I was repaid, repaid my Almighty God Malum. The Demon God of Chaos rewarded me for my patronage and hear I stand as his Demon Acolyte on Fiore." Spoke the demon in a passionate tone as she remarked her Dark Lord. Yumi's transformation had been a gift passed to her by the Demonic God Malum who she was renowned for worshipping, having taken countless lives in his name offering them up like sheep. It was no secret to the guild Yumi was a religious fanatic when it came to the Chaos God Malum.

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Odin †

In response to Lucifer's question, the little demon girl began laughing uncontrollably, beginning as a soft laugh that fit her innocent girl motif, but then it grew, becoming a maniacal laugh which, coupled with the aura that once again spread out, made for one truly terrifying monster. In his demonic form, Lucifer was much better at withstanding the demonic presence, but he still felt its power, despite being more able to breathe through it. He could only imagine what the poor bartender, at this close proximity, was currently feeling, both seeing and feeling a demon in two different locations in front of him.

The presence soon passed again, after having changed the scenery somewhat, with tables having been thrown about the room by its awesome power. She stated that she didn't have to sell her soul at all, and rather she was blessed with her ability, blessed being the key word Lucifer picked up on, curious as to who it was that had 'blessed' her. She soon cleared it up, by invoking the name of her demonic god: Malum, the god of chaos. That got Lucifer's attention of course, as this was Yumi's reward for countless years of blood offered up in the god's name. Malum was a name Lucifer knew well, as he was one of the strongest of the gods that resided in the underworld. He was also, in the hierarchy of death, placed higher than Lucifer, if only slightly. While Lucifer and the other sins were princes of hell, and masters of legions of hell servants, Malum was in charge of his own realm, and was one of the most powerful beings Lucifer had ever come across, despite never meeting in person. He took another brief swig of wine before he continued, "How intriguing, did Malum do this free of charge or did he take something of yours? Other than your former body of course."


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Yumi extended her left hand and began wiggling her index finger back and forth, "Oh no no no, why would my Lord dare to take something from me after all my years of service to me?" retorted the demon lolita as she made a tsk tsk noise with her teeth before slowly lowering her hand back down. From the corner of her eyes she spotted the bartender shakily approaching and placing her order down, sliding it over with a pool cue so he wouldn't have to get closer to her and could keep his distance. Yumi snorted in amusement, a rather unladylike snort, as she grabbed her drink and raised it up to her lips. Yumi's lips locked their way around the straw and she took a sip enjoying the cool sugary taste as it brushed along her taste buds igniting them. With a gulp she parted with the drink and rested it down on the counter focusing back on Lucifer, a demon who was a few ranks lower than Malum.

"Because of Illumin nd his blast church. If it wasn't for their purge of my Lord's worshippers over one hundred years ago he was severely weakened. Only I remain as his last true loyal follower, the rest are all pitiful cowards who chant but dare not kill in his name lest retribution be brought forth upon them by the church. But thanks to my offerings, my sacrifices my Lord has been slowly regaining his power. My on mass killings enabled him to grant me with a single blessing before he returned to conserve his strength in thanks for my countless years of service under his name. Now with this new body I can continue to serve loyally at his side." spoke the fanatic worshipper of Malum. The demon didn't care as she blurted it out loudly, if anyone in the bar dared to talk she wouldn't hesitate to hunt them down, slaughter them and their family. In fact for good measure after she may just hunt them down and send their souls off to Malum. Not the bartender though as for being his first time he had made a surprisingly good shake.

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Odin †

It seems that Malum, for all he was the god of chaos, had been generous to Yumi, not taking anything from her when he gave her the form she now took, due to her being one of the last surviving 'true' worshippers, as all others seemed to have died out. It was an interesting topic of discussion, as Lucifer too hated the church of Illumin, and often wondered how much more chaotic the world would be if it wasn't for them and their holy knights. The demon also released a light chuckle as the barman gave Yumi her drink in a most impractical fashion, just so that he could stay as far away from her as physically possible, even going so far as to use a pool cue to push the drink to the demon child's side. Yumi didn't make any sarcastic, or ominous remarks as she tried the drink, suggesting that the bartender had done a good job, and wasn't going to die that night. Well, not yet at least.

After listening to Yumi's recount of the church, her god, a purge that occurred many many years ago, and the way she was able to be granted a gift from her god before he once more left to consolidate his strength, Lucifer became curious, and couldn't help but ask, "So, pray tell, what exactly is it this new form can do?"


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Yumi leaned towards her thick shake, leaning over the counter to enjoy its sweet taste. She sipped on the strawberry texture allowing it to burst a world of flavour on her delicate taste buds. A cold shiver ran down her spine from the coolness of the drink as she sipped. THe demon sucked in causing the shake to drop significantly in volume, a noticeable decrease. The demon's brow creased as she reeled back and brought her hands up to her hand clutching the side. She had drunk the deliciously cold sweet drink too fast resulting in a brain freeze. Yumi shut her eyes tight and shook her head slightly attempting to relieve herself of the symptoms. As they calmed down she released a sigh of release.

Yumi licked her lips, as a little cream resided upon her upper lip, before turning to face the transformed Lucifer once more. "Why my dear Lucifer this body offers me a unique strategic advantage to my foes. As you have already felt, as have these weaklings my Demonic Presence is truly a force to be reckoned with. Just the mere release is enough to make people tremble and cower with fear, but that fear will inherently weaken any who are below me. While it is useless against foes of equal status or higher for cannon fodder it is quite the useful tool." The demon released a soft chuckle at her words as she rested her chin in her right palm.

"OF course that is not all I can do. I have an immunity to Darkness Physical and Magical damages. And depending on what Magic is installed in this body I gain an immunity to my Magic's element. Originally I possessed a Magic with No elemental immunities meaning I had an immunity to magic of the same. But that's changed I have a new magic, and it's electrifying." Said the demon giving a little joke at the end as she raised her left-hand small bolts of lightning moving between her fingers.

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Odin †

Yumi seemed to really enjoy her drink, as Lucifer noted how quickly she drank a large amount of it in one sitting. Unfortunately, due to the contents of the drink itself, that resulted in her unprepared body getting brain freeze: an expected development that reminded the demon prince that he truly was, indeed, talking to a child, more so in mind than she would no doubt care to admit. Rolling his eyes as Yumi closed her own to deal with the effects, Lucifer once more took a drink of his wine glass, finishing his second glass before pouring another. The bottle itself was nearly finished, only having perhaps one more full glass remaining, not that it made Lucifer feel remotely intoxicated. He was a very good drinker, mostly due to burning out any of the alcohol the moment it entered his fiery body, thus never clouding his mind or his judgement.

Yumi, after having cleared her own mind, spoke of the gifts she had been given by Malum, and they seemed to be both powerful and numerous. For one, she was immune to the element of darkness, both magically and physically, making her a powerful enemy to other dark mages, but it was an aspect that wouldn't help much against light mages, which were probably seen more in the legal guilds, which would be the enemies of Yumi more so than, for example, Phantom Lord. She also mentioned the demonic presence: the aura that Odin had become all too familiar with, something that greatly irritated the demon prince, as Carnage spoke of it being useful against weaker 'cannon fodder', suggesting she thought that of both Odin and Lucifer, but he masked his rage with intrigue, as it was always useful to hear about the abilities of allies, in the off chance they became enemies.

As well as darkness, it seemed that Yumi was also immune to another element, one that had changed during her new time in that form. Originally, due to her magic being without element, she was also immune to other magics that lacked elements. However, now that she had gained a new power, it had changed. She also called this power 'electrifying', giving away that the new element was Lightning, a powerful one that wasn't seen too often in the world. Either way, she could still be hurt by Lucifer if it came to it, not being immune to fire, not yet anyway.

"Well now, Malum has been kind to you hasn't he? That's a powerful arsenal you've got, especially along with that sword of yours. One day we should have a battle, to see which is stronger: an artificially created demon, or a demon prince inside another's body. That would indeed be interesting, no?"


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Yumi smiled playfully as she held her left hand up into the air, a small bolt of lightning moving back and forth between her fingers as she moved them. The bolt of lightning wrapped around each finger as she manipulated it with her magical energy, in a way showing off her perfect magical control. Yumi was someone who always had a strong grasp on magic especially manipulating and controlling it making it bend to her will. Yumi clenched her fist snuffing it out and returned to her sweet sugary drink, listening with an open ear as Lucifer spoke. It appeared the demon was interested in seeing just which of them was stronger a demon prince inside another's body or an artificially created demon. The remark was spot on, as Yumi was, after all, an artificially created demon, she wouldn't deny it, after all, what would be the point. Besides as long as whoever she met didn't know anything about her she could pretend like she had been born and a demon and had been around for centuries. It was always fun to mess with the minds of others. As she finished up her strawberry shake she began to answer the demon prince.

"When there is a chance and the time comes, I will gladly test my abilities against thee. For now, I plan to leave Hargeon there's a dark little town I intend to visit. See if I can't test the strength of a demon against the noble bloodlines of Vampires and Werewolves. Theirs suppose to be superior breeds but its time they learnt which species is top dog." Said the demon as she paid for her drink placing a large amount of money on the counter, enough to cover the damages she causes, the shake and a decent tip for the bartender who went out of his way to please her. "Hopefully I will see you there too. Until then good luck." The demon bowed and walked off leaving the bar.


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Odin †

As Lucifer spoke about potentially sparring against Yumi in the near future, he noticed that she manipulated a small bolt of lightning, which told the golden haired demon two things. The first, her comment about her new magic being electrifying was indeed a hint, and she was now in control of the element of lightning, a relatively rare and unique ability no doubt, to go along with the rest of the abilities she possessed. But it also told another story to Lucifer. As Yumi perfectly manipulated and showcased her abilities in front of him, it suggested that Yumi was not afraid, and rather expected herself to be the victor if they ever did fight. It was a show of force, albeit a slight one, and reminded the mage that that was all Yumi had done throughout their interaction: show her own abilities, both in her demonic presence, giant sword, and now with the spark. For someone who had lived so long, Lucifer hadn't expected her to be so arrogant, perhaps this new body had changed her slightly, perhaps that could be her downfall.

Regardless, Lucifer listened to the demon child, who stated that she would be happy to fight against her guildmate, but that it would have to wait, as she was planning on making her way towards a town full of powerful lycans and vampires, a town that could only be Dahlia: a place Lucifer, too, wished to soon visit. He bade Yumi farewell as she left, leaving a surprisingly large sum of money for the bartender, which Lucifer instantly decided to use against the now hopeful and pleased man. "That's to pay for both her drinks and my own." The demon laughed as the bartender's face sank, as it left very little money leftover in total. With that, the demon reverted back, his golden locks changing once more back to olive green, as he made his way back through Hargeon, having gained new insight into both Yumi's character, and her abilities.


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