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Feed The Fish (Job | Alice)

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was watching as a group of children were playing tag in the grass he was enjoying it as they seemed to have a lot of fun and that was nice for him to see. He thought back on his youth and smiled as he remembered the countless days he had spent running around trough the fields with his classmates as they were pretending to be demon hunters. Ah where was the time, he was less of a demon hunter now and more of a friendly nature protector. If that was the wish of his god he didn’t mind it. Done where the days he had to slave from family to family to take care of fake ghosts or to realize they were just having a gay relationship or something else. Now he could just enjoy the time he had with taking care of his plants in the mild climate of fall.

The sun was still out and sometimes the heat could still make its way into there daily lives. The leaves were turning brown and yellowish. Well it was time that he got up and went to do the job he had picked up the other day. It seemed it was something about feeding a fish. He didn’t mind doing them make them nice and fat so he could later eat them after the job. He smiled devilish and walked over the corbeled road to Hargeon.


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Today was: not really considered a nice day for Alice Baskerville. She was grumpy, moody and mostly because she was alone and bored now that she finally was getting better. Officially according to her superiors she wasn't allowed to do some work but there was something that she should be able to do. She had not looked at the quest board, nor asked people becase she didn't want to upset the superiors but she was a Lieutenant with nothing to do. Besides she had a healthier colour on her cheeks, wasn't so skinny anymore now that she could eat everything again, except fish and meat. Which wasn't that big of a deal. She was actually eating a couple of strawberries now that she was walking around Hargeon to find something to do instead of reading again and again.

That's when she noticed a familiar neko a few steps away from her and coming her way. She quickly checked if she was alright, but the skirt she wore and the lose white blouse and black ankle boots were alright, she muttered to Jupiter to behave and took the few steps towards Chelvaric, "Hi Cupcake man." she said as casusally as she could, she was fine, she looked fine, no one had to ask why she looked unhealthy, she convinced herself. She looked around, but didn't see Scraggy, she didn't want to ask because he also met Ophelia and her faithful little clefairy wasn't around anymore.

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#3Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was still walking till he heard someone say, hi cupcake man, he was a bit shocked from the term used but then saw his fellow Neko friend Alice. He hadn’t seen her in a while. He wondered why he was being called cupcake man, she looked good as always with a skirt and white blouse. “Oh hello, Allice, weird to meet you here! Are you also here to investigate the attack and why am I a cupcake man?”, he asked of her as he knew some other Rune Knight that had appeared in the neighborhood. She didn’t look hurt so she probably wasn’t the one that got hurt in the attack as the Evangeline was searching for a hurt friend. Well, that didn’t mean it had to be a rune knight of course.

So I was actually on my way to a job, if you don’t mind you can join? It’s nothing fancy though just have to feed some fish.”, he said to her and hopefully awaited her answer so that he didn’t have to do it all alone. Elisa was walking behind him and popped her head out now and then to see who Chelvaric was talking too. “Oh this is Elisa by the way, my new companion”, he mentioned to her as he introduced his Leafeon.


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He didn't immediately stop but she watched him go by and laughed a bit when he finally noticed her and smiled at him, "Yes I came here to protect the town, a couple of weeks ago," her smile disappeared a little, she was still not completely recovered but she was fine, "Because I met you at the cupcake place in Magnolia." and she was bad with names but she knew his name: Chelvaric, she wouldn't forget a fellow Neko.

He asked her politely for a job and this was great! Nothing to do alone and that would be alright with the company right? Feeding fish though, she surely hoped she wouldn't puke from the smell, "If you don't mind I would like to come along. It has been a while since I have been able to do a job," she said without thinking much more about it. She looked at the little feline that showed up now and smiled, "Oh what a beauty. Hi Elisa." she said for some reason, and she turned her head to see where her companions were but they finally came closer, "she must be the same sort of species as my companions. They basically found me, liked me and stayed around." she watched how her Glaceon walked curiously towards Elisa but how Jolteon stayed behind, he didn't like many others and stood next to Alice as if to protect her, "He is called Jupiter," she eyed the jolteon, "And I call her Hecate."

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#5Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was actually surprised that she was the one that had helped in the defense of Hargeon. He was appreciative of the fact that she was the only Rune knight that was fast enough to come to their defense. “Thank you for defending us, I hope you didn’t get too badly hurt”, he said a bit worried now, he would feel bad if she got hurt over there town. But then again it was their job to protect everyone. He still would have to do something to show appreciation for it on a later time but now they had to finish their job as it wasn’t that much they had to do anyway. He chuckled as he had forgotten that they met at a cupcake place, he wasn’t someone who remembered small details like that. He nodded that it was okay for her to join and started walking to the warehouse.

Those are nice names it seems Jupiter is a good guardian.”, he said while they arrived at the warehouse that was super close by he jumped in got the fish food and went out again. “well what’s only left is to get on the boat and get our client to feed the fish.”, he said to her and pointed at the beach where the hardest task of all would wait, going over water inside an object only made of wood, one of the things a Neko would call suicide.


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When Chelvaric thanked her for defending the town she wanted to say something like it was her duty but it didn't sum up why she had done it, "Well apart from that it should be my job as a Rune Knight, I thought about you, Snowflake and Alisa. It was nice to be able to do something." she sort of ignored the comment about not getting hurt too much, she didn't want to think about it and she wasn't sure what he heard but in the end, she had to admit that it was why she felt some sort of pushed away from the world, "Well the fight was not easy, but I am fully recovered." She tried to wave it away as if it was not something important. She followed him to the warehouse and looked at Jupiter after the comment from her friend and looked in the feline his brown eyes. The reason he was such a good protector was because she had been so badly hurt.

She watched Chelvaric get the fish food and Hecate sniff it and walk away, which made her giggle, "It doesn't seem to smell nice." She mostly tried to breath through her mouth without showing too much as she didn't like the smell of fish and couldn't stand it, "Oh right, I forgot feeding fish involved water for a second." as they both were neko's, she wasn't alone in the progress to prepare, "Three gives a better balance." she said as she met up with the client that Chelvaric talked about and introduced herself shortly, it was easy to get in the boat, she was only afraid that it would turn and they would fall into the water.

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#7Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
It was nice that Alice had thought about the tree of them, although he didn’t know that she had met Snow and Alisa too. “Oh what a small world I didn’t know you met both Snow and Alisa”, he said in surprise as they took the fish bait that wasn’t smelling nicely as one of her pets walked away after sniffing it. It seemed Elisa had a chuckle as she smiled behind Chelvaric and made a sound that resembled a laugh. She had a point when she said that three would give a better balance, he and Alice could sit on the edges while the pets could balance all the corners.

were with six though! Even more balance”, he said, half laughing half in despair, to her. He greeted the client together with Alice and they quickly stepped into the boat, he said a small prayer, as they pushed it off to start drifting onto the water. It was a nice day and the sun was reflecting off the water making it a bit warmer than it normally would be. He wondered how Alice was handling the water as he had a bit of experience when he went on a row date with Snow. He still wasn’t comfortable it and was happy when they returned after the client had fed the fish. When they came back to the shore he thanked Alice for her help and went his own way back to his own problems.


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"Ah I assume they are your guildmates of course. But I knew that since they told me they were in Blue Pegasus or I saw the insignias. But anyway I'm glad that is over." for now at least, she hoped that Chelvaric didn't wanted to talk too much about it so she shut her mouth about it and focused on breathing through her mouth when the time was ready. She definitely didn't like sitting in the boat, she had not even wanted to take the companions with her but as soon as Elisa had joined the boat, Hecate and Jupiter didn't plan to stay behind, "It is very bad to take a lightning companion on board above water." she muttered a little scared towards herself.

However she didn't say much as she simply held on tight of the railing, which was something that wasn't really stable but it gave her the idea it was. She simply smiled when the client looked at her and watched the fish, which didn't smell like the ocean, the harbour or anything else did but she had to resist the urge to puke, it was simply as if her body reacted on seeing fish. She hoped it would be over soon. It wasn't like she had done anything but she was done with the job and happy with it, "It was nice to see you again Chelvaric." she said as they split their ways after getting paid. She and her two feline creatures would head back to the hotel to take a easy afternoon with better smells!

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