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Where Wild Things Gather [Yumi]

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Vance rose from beyond a rock, his eyes peering forward at a deer as it fed on the grass. The lycan’s eyes squinted, one must be quiet as a mouse to surprise a creature of such intricate elegance. The brown doe, feeding itself. Van wondered if it had a fawn nearby as well. He decided that if it did, then he was probably about to make it a bambi if he hurt the deer. Luckily, his intentions were not so sinister. Vance for some reason, was okay with hurting individuals, but animals were more innocent. They acted only on instinct.


Why did that feel like a familiar thought. Vance couldn’t recognize the memory. However, he felt it had pushed him to do very bad things in the past. No matter, this world wasn’t so kind. Even if Vance was nice on the outside, he was a switch to be flipped at any given moment. After all, he was someone much darker in the pits of his heart. Somewhere locked away, there was a serial killer who had once murdered in the name of Grimoire Heart. Nowadays? He was still on the more criminal-like side of the law. You can change the player, but as far as the alignment, not explicitly so.

Vance had crawled quietly over the rock. His pupils thinning and his muscles pulsed. In the blink of an eye, he launched forward. The deer sprang and Vance caught it’s back legs in a hug, and body slammed them both into the grass. He landed in a way that wouldn’t hurt the deer. He had nothing against the natural things in life and merely locked it in his arms, laughing a bit. The deer stopped struggling, as it found itself oddly liking the Phantom. He released it soon after, and it danced in a few circles around him on the ground.

Van had been practicing his skills you see-- and the deer was more or less just a sparring partner. The two bonded over the event. But things didn’t last forever. The deer trotted off and the boy sat on the ground, smiling. His Samehada sat by the rocks. The sky wasn’t very cloudy, so Van decided he’d enjoy the nice weather today. Better he-- than someone who couldn’t respect such things.
“Well then. That was fun. Hahaha.”

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The sweet echo of a young girls laughter echoed through the blue skies, travelling on a gentle breeze. The laughter was sweet and innocent to the ears, like heaven as it sailed. It was like the song of a siren that could lure in men just from a moment's thought, it was like a heavenly gift. Not only did it lure men, but the sweet laugh drew the attention of the wild animals as they turned in its direction, as if curious to the owner of the heavenly laugh. However the laughter did not last as followed it came a blood curdling cry and soon the thick scent of blood filled the air.

Through to the right, twenty meters away, just past a cluster of trees was an open clearing by a stream. The once green grass was drowned in the red liquid of life, blood. A number of corpses lay on the ground a dozen in total. The crisp blue stream was bleeding red as a corpse floating in the middle. The corpses were of men dressed in fatigues, wielding various weapons from swords to axes even spears, with the odd one carrying a crossbow. Standing around the corpses were ten men left gulping as they looked towards the middle as they sweet laughter echoed out again, its source a young girl.

In the middle of the clearing was a young girl no older than twelve maybe thirteen years standing only four feet ten inches in height. She could only be described as an otherworldly beauty with snow white skin that complimented her heart-shaped face with big round blood red hues that shimmered like a thousand blood diamonds, paired with dainty black eyelashes and soft supple pink lips. Long black hair cascaded down her back and blew in the wind highlighting her features. She was dressed in a black and red gothic lolita dress with a skirt so short it only just hid what was beneath. She wore long black stockings attached to frilly red and black garters that added a sexy vibe to her legs which were long and seemed to go on forever. Parts of her upper thighs were exposed revealing the creamy white skin that could make any man salivate. Hiding away her tiny feet were a pair of long red high heel boots.

The girl smiled coyly as her pink tongue rang along her lower lip in a seductive manner, licking at a speck of blood on the right. In the lolita's right hand was a giant weapon, six foot six in length. Raising her right hand the light of the sun illuminated the weapon revealing it to be a Greatsword. The metal gleamed with a menacing edge shaped like it was designed for beheading. With a flick of her right hand, she swung the massive blade with ease as blood dripped down the entire length. The sword was stained red. The lolita brought her left hand up to her mouth placing the index finger beneath her lower lip as she fluttered her eyelashes, "I thought you wanted to have some fun? Let's have some fun." Said the girl in a seductive manner as she released a soft moan from her lips. She slid her left hand down her body in a sensual manner bringing it to the hem of her skirt and raised it slightly.

Giving another laugh she then launched herself, dashing forward closing the distance between herself and one of the bandits. The massive sword of her swung through the air at such speed the man didn't even have the chance to scream as he was bisected at the waist his upper half sent sailing through the air. Blood poured down like rain as the girl twisted on her heels and began the slaughter. Each move was a like a beautiful dance as red droplets fell around the girl illuminating her form. The giant sword swinging out like a reaper's scythe taking a life each time. As the last life was taken the girl was standing in the middle, sword raised overhead like an umbrella as red rain fell around her. While it appeared as something from a horror film at the same time it was like something out of a fairy tale.

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Laughter first, then the stench of death to follow. Vance stood up from the ground, he jogged past the rock and grabbed his Samehada. Attaching it to it's custom holster at his back. The boy looked around as if trying to identify where the sounds came from. His nose though, acted on it's own. Carrying him to the bloodbath where his eyes fell upon Carnage. A demon witch, and in his past life. One of his most trusted 'friends'. if you could even refer to it as that, but Vance didn't recollect it of course. His mind was long ago erased.

His eye twitched when he glassed to his feet and a head rolled down the stream to his legs. Such sights were ones he would've been glad he'd forgotten, and sure as they come. He was already here-- repeating what was solemnly put away. Vance squinted at the woman, or... Teenager. His attention well and caught by her murderous impulse.

"Why would you do this," he started up. "Isn't this a bit much? Jeez..." Vance said blinking twice and gesturing to the decapitated bodies. His eyes briefly halted on the sword in her hand. Before returning to her face. Whereas his expression was a bit shocked-- her's looked as if the murder had given her orgasms or some kind of sick pleasure. It was pretty scary, very horrifying.

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Yumi came to a halt as a voice drew her attention asking why she had done this. Looking at who had addressed her the demon blinked, the boy soom familiar but she couldn't place it. Reflecting on her memories, Yumi recalled having seen him earlier during her trek through the woods, he had been hiding on some rocks while watching a deer like it was his prey. Yumi was curios about what he had been doing when she had been interupted by these ruffians. Yumi looked around at the bodies before her as she threw the massive sword up onto the back and fixed it into place with a leather strap.

The demon licked her lips as she eyed the boy, putting off the familiar feeling as she set it aside. She didn't recognise him but someone inside her, her insticts were saying she knew him somehow but she couldn't place it as she had never seen him before. "Too much you say? It is exactly enough for them. While I didn't kill them for any particular noble reason, if it put you at ease, they were scum, low lives who enjoyed towing with young women. It was written all over them. If anything they should of had a slow painful death, but my strokes are always merciful. Prolonging anothers suffering is against my teachings" spoke the demon as she walked back towards a large stone and sat down upon it.

"I believe I saw you earlier not far from here, stalking a deer I believe? I didn't get to seek the conclusion as I was interupted. Tell me did you catch your prey and spill its blood?" enquired the blood thirsty young woman as she crossed her right leg over her left knee. She appeared young but the way she spoke and acted made her seem far older.

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Of course Vance was uneasy, but also, somewhat understanding of her right to slaughter. These men might have been trying to rape her, or carry her away and sell her into some underground trafficking ring. Perhaps he jumped the gun with that one;the girl seemed to have been aware of his forest adventure, weird... He felt as though he would have smelled her.

Now that everything had toned itself down, his hands fell to their pockets. The lycan spoke up to answer her question. "Oh I caught her alright. But I didn't kill her, that wasn't my intention. I was just testing some recent abilities that I'd become aware of. I don't like, kill stuff much. Ya know, hurting creatures just isn't something I can see myself doing. Violence should only be used on people. Like what you did here to these umm-- 'low lives'. That's my opinion." Vance offered a smile to the young girl. Her etiquette was unnatural and olden. However, she was still just a lunatic kid... Right? The boy hopped over the sliced head and the bloody stream. He bit back vomiting until he was nearby Yumi.
"Why are you out here. I guess I should have asked you instead of rambling about deer haha."


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Yumi's right leg kicked gentle at the way, as it rested upon her left knee. The demoness kept her crimson gaze cast upon the young lad attempting to figure out just where she knew him from. Perhaps it was from another time, perhaps he looked like someone she knew long ago back during her golden years as a human. The demon raised her right hand and tapped her fingers against her right cheek, tilting her head to the right as she did so, allowing her chin to rest in the palm of an open hand. Yumi searched through her extensive length of memories attempting to place the face by matching it against others she had seen. Perhaps he was the descedent of someone she had run into during her travels. It was not impossible for her to eventually run into a grandchild or even a child later down the track, that was of course unless she had eliminated their entire bloodline, but it was possible she had missed a target.

Yumi was pulled from her musing however as she was asked the reason as to why she was out here. The demon turned her focus back to the young man, while she had appeared in thought the demon had split her focus in order to keep an ear on the current conversation. "What brought me our here? The peace of our current surroundings, to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city." Retorted the demoness as with a wave of her left hand spreading it out through the air in order to draw focus to the surroundings. The demon glanced down at the red stained grass, "But I do say, a hint of slaughter certainly does liven the surroundings" The demon released a soft laugh. The sight of bodies and smell of blood didn't seem to effect her, as if she was use to it from years of exposure.

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The boy's eyes followed her hand, as she used the environment to end her statement case and point. Only her statement was kin f upsetting, because a peaceful environment was one thing. She had just ended men in one fell swoop. Perhaps she meant it was peaceful after the attacker's had ben silenced.

"Hmm. Well-"

Van allowed the loli demoness to keep talking. Her next line sent a chill down the lycan's spine. However, that cam with this kind of territory. Vance felt he should have been sickened far more than he was, but Yumi was an oddity. One that drew him in to question, and for some reason. A part of Vance felt like a sociopath next to these bodies. Was it customary for him to be around them? Again. He could not remember, "I would hardly call slaughter a festive thing, but if it's your thing. I guess. And guys like this, or most people I suppose. I just don't click with." Vance stretched his arm, he didn't appreciate the stench of death but standing in was causing him to get use to it.

Vance took a seat beside her on another rock.

"Willing to bet you aren't some normal kid either. No regular person, let alone a middle school girl, should be able to swing a sword like that. What are you, and what's your story anyways?"

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Yumi released an angelic chuckle as her left hand extended out to the bodies. The tips of her fingertips were coated in blood that dripped to the ground as those eyes twinkled with bloodlust, "I would have to disagree, at least for me. I find slaughter to be incredibly festive and....pleasureable." The little lolita licked her lips in a sensual manner as she leaned forward puffing out her chest in doing so. It was clear the woman wasn't right in the head. She was completely at home while surrounded by dead bodies, that was not the markings of a mentally sane human. But even so Yumi had all her faculties she didn't speak in a crazed tone nor with a mad psychotic laughter. The way she spoke was clear and precise, revealing everything was where it should be with her mental state. They were no crazy gleam in her eyes, only a twinkle of bloodlust.

The demon released a laugh as the young lad questioned her existance after taking a seat beside her. The demon turned to face him giving a coy smile, "Who said I was a person to begin with? Ah human's always so amusing." THe demon placed her right index finger to her chin and smiled mischeviously. "As they say looks can be deceiving. I'm far from some child, as you put it. As for what I and my story..." Yumi trailed off for a moment before a sinister smile began to form on her lips that should have no place on such innocent features. A dark presence began to slowly unravel from Yumi's body reaching out into the surroundings.

A strong intent filled the surrounding area that would make everything appear distored as a wash of fear washed over the clearing. Any animal that was close by fled running in the other direction as the presence of an apex predator appeared. A black aura surrounded the petite woman as she sat on the rock. Her eyes glowed blood red piercing the darkness. "What am I? I'm something from the nightmares of children. Thought to be a legend. A beig that seeks chaos. I am a Demon from the Underworld" The fierce presence vanised as quickly as it appeared, Yumi went from a terrifying creature to a small innocent young woman who was sitting pretty on a stone boulder. Of course Yumi wasn't really from the Underworld, she was merely having a little fun with her demonic heritage, but the young man opposite her wouldn't know that.

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The horrible loli just continued to mystify the young lycan, she really was a murderous killer. In every sense of the word. His own lips grinned with hers, though he hadn't noticed the slightness of it. Then, out of no where, a pulse of heart wrenching fear took over his mind gazing at the girl. She revealed that she was a monstrous demon. An ancient deity from the ground down under. Whatever that meant for his life, he had no clue. The boy fell backwards onto the grass. As winds blew through his hair. At the end of her sentence. Everything returned to normal...

Just as immediate to it's beginning, it had regressed. The aura plummeting back into her body, as well as the dark after-shadow. The lycan hopped to his feet completely bewildered out of his mind. He thought that maybe he should run, but where too? And surely she could stop him. Shit. He was in a predicament. Nothing left but to play this out the brave way. Not that he wasn't brave he just wasn't moronic enough to be the next body in the stream.

"I see. So if you're a demon, why run around in our world?"


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Yumi gave an unlady like snort of amusement at the boy's actions as he fell off the stone and flat on his ass on the grass. It seemed her sudden announcement had frightened the poor little lost lamb. The demons eyes twinkled with mirth as she leaned forward watching him like a hawk, it was as if he was the prey and she was the predator. "Why does anyone do anything? For amusement. I grew so tired of playing with the little lost souls and those of the damned. So I decided to come to the land of the living and amuse myself with you mortals. And you have yet to disappoint me." Fluttered out the demonic lolita as she licked her lips again like a hungry animal.

"Relax, breath a little you seem tense. I'm not going to eat you. I've already had my fill of souls for today, even if they tasted a little bland." The demon gave a nonchalant wave of her left hand as if to get her point across that she didn't care about the young lads soul. "Of course if your willing to make a deal with your soul as the prize I'd be more than happy to accomodate you and make a contract." The demon gave a sly grin as a flash of fire formed within her eyes. "Though I should warn you, contrcts with me never end well, for my contractors that is. I always come out on top, ha!" The lolita released a barking laugh amused by her own words.

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This was just getting weirder and weirder with each passing second. First a killer, then a kid, now a demon offering him a deal. The way everything had started you'd think it was a dream. Yet it wasn't, this was all entirely real. The werewolf was just as supernatural as the girl in all truthfulness, but the fact he was offered such a deal by another entity... It drew out the temptation in his heart. Was he being offered something he couldn't pass up? What was there for him to obtain out of this, and was it worth his chance at afterlife. All these questions, yet not enough time to answer them. Or... Time to set over them either.

"If the books have taught me anything, it's not to deal with the devil."

Vance said, cool and calmly. The fear washed over his face, and he was stern. However, not a moment passed before his lips curled and he was amused. He couldn't help it. Such a thing was so interesting. Then again, this girl could have been just some dark mage serial killer with fancy magic. Van couldn't just trust everything he was told. It would make him weak. Regardless, he was pretty positive she was different. He spoke up again. Finishing his lines.

"But... What would I be staking my soul for? What do I gain."

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A sinister smile formed on Yumi's pretty petite features as her hand began to blow in a gentle breeze that blew on by. A sinister and vile demonic aura began to spread out from her body as wisps of black magical energy licked across her snow-white skin. The demon raised her right hand drawing her blade as she unclipped it from her back. The demon planted the blade in the stone impaling it in rock with a loud bang. The sword buried itself in the stone as the demon brought her right hand down to its edge, "only one way to find out." The demon licked her supple pink lips as she placed the palm of her right hand against the sword's edge and moved her hand down. The smell of freshly drawn blood filled the air as the crimson liquid trickled down the massive sword.

Yumi removed her hand revealing she had sliced open her palm on her own sword. THe blood that trickled down the blade seemed to dissolve as if being absorbed by the butcher knife like sword. Yumi kicked off the stone launching herself up into the air, a flying up a good five meters. She spun her body like an acrobat and landed on the ground a good ten meters from Vance. The demon extended her right hand and blood trickled down her hand onto the green grass. The moment the first blood dropped magical energy surged out from Yumi in the shape of hundreds of black tendrils. Magic flowed into the droplets of blood and as it did the sky turned black. Demonic red flames scorched their way across the blackened sky. The blood that had been spilt from Yumi's sacrifices began to rise into the air floating five meters from both of them. The blood gathered forming into a large ball.

The ball then expanded thinning out and shaping itself into a glowing red demonic array. The array lowered itself onto the grass as a fierce wind blew. The moment the array touched the earth black flames erupted scorching the earth removing all trace of crisp green grass in the clearing to make way for the seal. The seal glowed an eerie blood red as Yumi stood on outside away from Vance.

The demon clapped her palms together staining both with blood before placing them down on the array. Magical energy and fire surged out as a loud demonic roar echoed. "I call upon the oh Great Demon King, God of Destruction, Lord of Chaos, Bringer of Destruction, Ruler of Battle, Demon God Malum Come Forth! offer upon this lost soul a barter!" chanted out the demonic woman. The seal lit up as a black portal formed in the middle. Out of the portal a giant blackened hand coated in thick blood red armour with long nails rose out. The hand was fifty feet in size as it opened its palm and returned to the portal. As it vanished in a glowing red bubble in the middle of the array was a pair of .45 caliber revolvers, one a pure silvery white the other midnight onyx black.

A demonic chuckled escaped Yumi's lips as she walked into the array the image of a horned demon's head formed behind her with crimson fire in his eyes, "My God Malum has accepted my vow and offered you these! Offer an item of equivalent value to my lord and one favour to I, the Demon Yumi and they shall become yours!" Yumi held out her right hand as the revolvers in their bubble floated over to her waiting to be traded with. "If you accept step into the array." The demon held out her left hand and in a burst of black flames in floating in the middle a contract made of human skin with text in human blood would appear. At the bottom would be a floating fountain pen. "Lay the item of trade down, take the pen and sign." The pen would scratch those who held it drawing blood to be used for ink to sign the contract. "Once you have these will be yours and your soul shall be mine. If you wish for your soul to be returned to you, you must complete one favour for me when the time comes" dictated the demonic lolita. "So, do you dare to make a deal with this devil?" Yumi would flash a mischievous smile as if to egg the young man on.

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"Oh no."

Everything that happened in the next few moments was overwhelming. Quite a bit horrifying as well, looking into the portal, one could see into the underworld-- the afterlife, not meeting eyes with Malum however... Was what was really horrifying. An arm much bigger that the largest building in town came down from the skies to deposit the treasure being offered. If his arm were this big, to fathom his full size was nigh unbearable. Vance quickly pulled his eyes away from the monster, before his mind went mad.

Then the instructions to step into the array of light guided his ears-- it was Yumi. All of it made his stomach churn and his heart sink in his chest. The trade seemed like the biggest trick he'd ever seen. Though, temptation moved him along ever more. The two items hovering were something Vance assumed belonged to a duo who went to hell long before. His eyes had quickly locked with them, to ignore everything else scaring the daylights out of his mortal life. Vance was no coward, but he ha certainly never anticpated seeing what he would see just a few days after becoming amnesiac. Perhaps he was already dead and this was like his limbo.

If only that were true. But no. This was much too awful to be somewhere the soul was balanced on a scale. This was a living nightmare of the ultimate level. There was no God here to save him from this offer. This trap... The absence of God signaled the introduction to evil.

The guns were prizes to be kept within the troves of treasures of adventurers past; when a hero died so too did their items. These guns belonged to two brothers... Knives and Vash. A different universe they had stumbled into death from. But their weapons would be the beginning to Vance's plummet into a life even wilder than his forgotten one. Now the were being staked over for his soul, h only needed make a trade of equal value to his heart. His weapon The Samehada had been his closest company since awakening on that sidewalk. The last remnant of his past self. Erebus would have nothing against Vance, Erebus was dead, so his sword should be too now.The lycan would comply-- even if his heart told him no. Irregardless.


The lycan was scared, rightfully so. A bead of sweat dropped from his upper brow. The boy dropped his head, and looked away from the demons in front of himself; he pulled the Samehada off his back. He held it forward. The sword almost sounded like it was groaning and begging not to leave Vance's side, but a magnetic pull sent the blade forward before any retract could be given. It came to the feet of the demon-- Yumi, and Vance's feet carried him behind it slowly. He moved as if the body were without mechanic. He was a zombie in his movements and he was curious if this was himself or the dark magic pressing his body to get closer. SUrely it wasn't him, his vision was blurring, it must have been the ritual.

The black sky caused rough forces of air to bounce and slide off the boy's clothing. The human skin in Yumi's hand was terrifying, the floating pen baited him to take it in hand. After coming forward, his eyes locked with the metal from Malum's body above his head, beyond the tiny gate which was much too small to reveal his gigantic body completely. However was noticeably vast in comparison to the two standing on the ground making the deal.

Vance drifted back to the situation, broken in his understandings of what was occurring. He grabbed the pen which slice from his index finger down to the corner of his palm. Some of the blood hit the grass at their feet, turning into smoke and sizzling away. The rest slid down the pen and inked it. A drop hit the page. He brought himself to write his 'new' name. Though... There was hesitation.

"What happens to me if I don't sign?"

The boy was skeptical. However, before the demon could answer, his eyes squinted and he wrote out Vance in cursive. Initiating the exchange of sword and soul, for the underworld's guns. The contract was sealed. Van immediately felt all the knowledge of the weapons click within his mind, everything down to the smallest mechanic, fundamental, and terminology of them. The contract had ensured instant knowledge of their use. Despite feeling confident about the weapons nigh immediately, there was a tug at the back of his mind. Perhaps he shouldn't have done this. He was now a tool of manipulation. The haunting memory of being in a demon's favor wasn't just something to ignore. Then again...

The guns were beautiful.

"It's done."

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Yumi watched with the eyes of a hawk, the eyes of an apex predator, as the man seemed hesitant to accept the deal. She merely kept silent, as eventually, he would give into temptation. The other she laid out before him was just too strong for him to refuse. When her Demonic God Malum offered a tribute it was almost impossible to refuse. It had a way of drawing you in pulling on the deepest darkest desires within one's soul, their greed. Once they laid eyes upon the tribute offered before them they would sign away offering their life up to Yumi and her God of Destruction. The demon licked her lips watching as Vance stepped into the circle, removing the bandaged bundle from her back dropping his head to avoid gazing upon her. THe demon waited with baited anticipation for the contract to be completed. With a magnetic pull the sword came flying out towards her. The demon extended her right hand and it flew into her open palm.

The demon gave it a test swing, feeling the drain on her magical reserves, "You shall do nicely as an offering to the Dark God Malum." spoke the demon in a mystical voice. The array began to flow as black flames burst out from her palm and began spreading along the length of the scaled sword. The bandages were burned away as the flames encompassed it. The screams and chilling cries of the sentient sword rang out over the clearing as the flames dissolved it sending it to god knows where. The gates to the realm that Malum resided in began to open behind Yumi, demonic flames rushing out as a wave of heat pushed past yumi and over the clearing. The loud boom of thunder echoed and crackled as lightning danced across the blackened sky. Within the gate as it cracked open would reveal a horrifying image as if painted on a  bloodied canvas.

Within the gate was a hellbound domain, a giant ocean of blood surrounding the blackened earth. A pile of skulls stacked upon one another with corpses littering the earth. Atop a one hundred foot tower of skulls was a giant black throne. Sitting on the throne was a creature that could only be described as Demon. The being was several hundred feet tall. The creature's skin was black as night covered in thick demonic red and black armour, spikes jutting out along its length. A belt of skulls around his waist as skulls hung around his neck. Atop the demons head were twin curved crimson red horns that looked as if they had been dyed with blood. The horns were long curving to the air wide enough to impale a dragon upon. Fire poured out from the demon's mouth as he gripped a giant scythe in his right hand. The scythe was as tall as he was with a blade so large a single swing could cleave the tall mountains. The demon sat upon the throne his burning red eyes locked onto Vance as a demonic laughter escaped his lips. The laughter would fill Vance's being and would engrave itself deep into his very soul.

As Vance signed the contract, his blood drawn the gates began to close but that laughter still echoed. THe gates shot and the moment it had the sky began to clear. The array died down the light dissipating the blood seeped into the earth never to be seen again. The fierce winds, thunderstorms and flames disappeared as if they had never been. All that remained was the scorched and now barren earth they stood upon.

Yumi began to chuckle darkly as a mad twinge formed in her eyes. "Malum has blessed you with a look upon his glorious form! You should feel honoured! Only the truly deserving are allowed to lay eyes upon his magnificent body. He sees great darkness within the." The demon began to laugh, it was sick and twisted her laughter the sound of an insane woman. It would also be as if the ritual had driven her crazy, but as soon as the laughter came it stopped and an ocean of calm spread upon her youthful features.

"You should thank your lucky stars. It is not every day my Lord grants such a favour. Aside from myself in all of history, you are the fifth to ever receive his favour." The demon would then extended her right hand pointing it towards the giant boulder of stone that was scorched black, "Go one test them. Witness the power my gracious Lord has blessed ye with."

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The sight of such a being made Vance drop to his knees. Sheer size alone, he would lay waste to a planet like this, Vance didn't even know entities could reach such oppressive stands alone from a throne built atop nothing more than skulls. Malum was no demon. He was indeed, a hellish God. Just as Yumi had said and now... Did this make him a prophet in a way? Why was he given the bonus of seeing such terrible things. The laughter would creep into the heart of the newly made Gunman.

The portal or vision, hallucination, whatever the fuck it was ended. The guns were still hovering in the air, the bubble lowered them for his reach. Vance was quiet, adrenaline made him shake in his shoes. He pressed both hands through the magical shell and removed the items. One for each hand. Gifts from hell. Yumi's words had pierced the air.

Great darkness in me?

How could such a thing be true. Vance only liked to steal, maybe take what he wanted. Was he really a potential for chaos, such as this? Was he even on the same level as Yumi? Not possible. If the God of her world had only shown favor to herself and three besides her. Or four... Then what could this mean for him? Was he destined for something darker than he'd ever known? Vance's heart raced as the words kept relaying to him. He was an apostle in a way, but a slave in another.

The guns weren't as heavy as one would have thought. Perhaps that was his super strength coming into play. He turned to the boulder, about forty meters away. The pistols were aimed...

"Pull the trigger."

Click, click.

Gun shots rang off as two bullets, one purple and black buzzing with dark energy launched. The other solid white with a luster. Both were smaller than a quarter and moved fast. they pierced holes deep into the rock. Like power drills the magical bullets would dig. Though, lesser than a second afterwards, explosions of black and white energy stretched twenty meters in all directions at the boulder's epicenter. The wind erupting off such colossal spells blew the boy's hair back.

His eyes dropped to the guns. His lips arching slightly, as the broken man was beginning to be swallowed by the confidence. The power. The strength.

"Oh yeah. I like these."

Vance dropped the guns to his sides. The smoke cleared to reveal two craters; whilst the rock had been completely eradicated.

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Yumi's knees wobbled slightly as she struggled to maintain her balance. On the outside, she appeared calm as could be not showing a single sign of weakness. But in truth her body was exhausted, opening up an array like that wasn't exhausting but summoning the physical manifestation of Malum was, even if it was just his arm. It hadn't help that her God had decided to allow Vance to gaze upon his almighty form. If it was another worshiper of Malum it would be fine, but for an outsider the toll it took on Yumi's body was exponential, it had drained her magical reserves almost exhausting them. The demon kept steady as she gripped the human skin contract with her right hand and pen in her left, signing her own name at the body as the claimer of the contract. Once she was done the pen vanished into flames and the contract began to dissolve vanishing from sight. Yumi could summon the contract at well whenever she wanted for the meantime it would remain sealed.

The demon was suddenly knocked off her feet by strong winds, thanks to the testing of the twin guns Vance had obtained. Two shots caused a massive crater and gale force winds. This wouldn't have bothered Yumi if she was at full strength but being drained it caused her to fall over landing on her petite behind. The demon didn't make any pained noises as she landed with a hard thud on the scorched earth nor did she complain. She sat their briefly as a bead of sweat dripped down her tender forehead. She kept it all in though so as to not appear weak and defenceless before her the man she had formed a devilish contract with.

Yumi sat on the ground for a few seconds to allow her strength to recover before she allowed herself to stand. The demon forced her body up, ignoring the quivering of her legs and stood proudly. The demon focused her attention to vance while dusting off her clothing, "Now that we have completed the trade..." began the demon before a light bulb went off and her gaze changed as if she suddenly realised something. The demon approached Vance ignoring her shaky legs, "Wait. I do know you. Your hair is certainly different but no mistaking it." She would walk up to Vance until she was only two meters away, looking up at him with an inquisitive gaze inspecting his facial features, "It, surely not. But its there, a few things are different but its the same. But not recognising me how strange." spoke the demon in a befuddled tone. She as very confused about the situation as no matter how much she looked at him Vance resembled a colleague of hers, Strategist or as his real name was Erebus.

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Vance was hypnotized by the destruction caused from his revolvers, so much so that he had not noticed Yumi's struggle and loss of stamina until he heard her hit the ground directly behind his position. His eyes looked her up, top to bottom. She was a cute girl, but she was worn out. Had she not been a demon who had just taken soul and shown him the face of a satanic beast... Then he might have had reason to believe she needed his aide. She seemed to pick herself up, proving his gut instinct to help a girl in need was not needed. The in her eyes was confused, mystified.

She acted as if she'd known him before. But he couldn't place it; after all his mind was wiped. Even if it weren't though, an easy going guy like Vance didn't dabble in affairs like slaughter. Especially with demons as scary as Yumi and her master, Malum of the Underworld.


"Know me? I wouldn't think so, I'm a common kid, can't even use magic magic.
You must have me mistaken for someone very different. My name's Vance."

The boy answered, the guns still loosely wrapped within his grip.

"Trust me."

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Yumi wasn't quite sure, something was telling her she knew just who this guy was, that he was Erebus. A member of Grimoire Heart and someone she had gotten along well with in the guild. They had even gone on a mission together and fought one another in a tournament. The demon took a step closer and as she did she felt a pain in her leg, the same leg that Yumi had broken in order to break free of Erebus's grip during the tournament. It was as if the leg was reminding her. The demon's inquisitive gaze inspects 'vance' from head to toe if it was Erebus why didn't he recognise her? "I'm positive its you, my instincts never lie." mumbled out the demon but it was loud enough for Vance to hear as she was right in front of him inspecting him completely.

"But you don't recognise me your guild-mates its as if you've forgotten everything," Said the demon as she stood on her tippy toes in order to get a closer look at the young man's facial features. She had brought up the guild but didn't mention what guild just in case it wasn't Erebus. "But it makes sense rumour was you'd disappeared without a trace, but I couldn't confirm it. Surely it's not true." The demon took a few steps back and tilted her head to the right and cupped her chin with her right hand adorning an adorable thinking pose. "Erebus, is that really you?"

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Who was this... What was going on? Had the adventurer really been a respected member of a guild, friends with a demon like Yumi in another life? He didn't think so. It seemed like h shouldn't have known her, in fact he was willing to bet that she was making it all up. Playing on his choked down fear of what she could do to him. Erebus... The name didn't even and familiar to him, though, the way she acted really was hinting for something.

With no other details to go off though. Vance sided his worries, he knew this couldn't be true. Surel he'd have been searched for by comrades if he ran off. Then again, it was a plausible justification to assume someone did something to him, even if that were the case. He didn't have a guild tattoo for anybody. Only recently he'd obtained Phantom Lord and that was due to his affair with one of their higher members.

"I've never met an Erebus, truth is my memories are kinda ... Gone. But I really think you've got me mixed up."

Van was kinda worried now. What kind of life had he abandoned? Was he this character? One he'd never heard of. The idea appalled him. It just couldn't be true. The boy wanted to leave, he felt like a good drink would help him ignore this new bit of information. Very well, he was leaving.

"Look you have my soul now or something right? So I'll see you again, but uh. I left a cake in the oven. I've gotta be going... If I see your friend I'll tell him he's missed."

The lycan looked away, somewhat saddened. He turned on his heels, the guns still in hand. Hi departure had been done. But he was owned by Yumi, a slave by contract. Friend in a past life or not... She was now something very different. The demon who he'd forked his afterlife too. A finalized end-note. Erebus was never going to be seen again... Only Vance.


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Yumi allowed a soft frown to form on her facial features as the boy denied it saying she had him confused with someone else, that he had never met Erebus. But he had said his memories were gone if Erebus had decided to leave Grimoire Heart the demon didn't put it against the guild master to wipe his memories or the memories of anyone who chose to leave. But would he wipe away everything about them all of their past that was the question, and Yumi couldn't answer it unless she confronted Crowley or even Icarus, but Yumi doubted she'd be able to get an answer from the two.

The demon tsked with her teeth after the boy had said he had to get, something about leaving a cake in the oven, it was obviously a lie. But Yumi decided not to chase it up simply allowing him to go. His soul belonged to her and her glorious lord Malum now. "Soul with a dark past, keep an eye on him my acolyte the demonic words of her lord would echo through her mind as he gave his commands before going silent to return to his rest. "Yes my lord." The demon nodded her head before walking off in the other direction, she would leave him be for now but track him down from time to time to see how 'Vance' was doing.


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