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Rune Knight For A Day [Quest: Snow & Chel]

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#1Venus Rosé 

Rune Knight For A Day [Quest: Snow & Chel] Empty Sun Sep 24, 2017 12:42 pm

Venus Rosé

Another day in Hargeon, and all Snowflake could think about was accomplishing quests in the town. Her regular routine of checking the quest boards permitted her to select one that was of her interest and was a simple request on its own, which was to interrogate the man who is involved in drug trafficking without harming him in any way. However, her first task was to meet her client before she began her mission to gain more information about the entire quest. In her hand was the request, the paper now folded and crinkled as she stapled into her prior and proceeded towards the Hargeon Docks, the location where her client had promised to meet her.

The weather was warm, with a hint of its own chilliness, indicating that summer was going to be over soon, making its way for the upcoming seasons. Snowflake pushed herself through the crowds that filtered the streets of Hargeon, weaving through swirls and eddies of people as fast as possible since she disliked bizarre places like these, she’d rather prefer reading a book at a library or perhaps, in a park underneath the shade of the tree. If not, she would spend her time training alone as she is a perfectionist who always seek out to hone her abilities.

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#2Chelvaric Walderkat 

Rune Knight For A Day [Quest: Snow & Chel] Empty Sun Sep 24, 2017 12:42 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was sitting in the grass with an odd little creature in front of him. When he went out of its way yesterday to the forest this little creature suddenly showed up and he didn’t know why or where she came from. It was a yellow cat like creature that had leaves as a tail and spread over her body. It seems this was one of nature’s creatures. He wondered why it came to him. The animal was hurt when he found it and treated it.

“How should I call you? What do you think of June?”, Chelvaric asked of the creature but it shook her head. “What about this name then it’s a very special name meaning source of life. And it is…Elisa”, he would say to her with a small break in his speaking to make it more dramatic. The head of the Leafeon would bend a bit to the side as she was thinking deep about it. It then smiled and jumped on Chelvaric pushing him on the ground licking his face.

“Alright it seems you like your new name!”, he said while he smiled he pushed Elisa off him and then pushed himself from the ground. “Wait Snow is in town why don’t we go introduce you!”, he said by himself while slapping his fist into his open hand. They both started to walk off to the request board of Hargeon. Snow always hanged out there a lot to do job’s so it would be the first place to search for her.


Rune Knight For A Day [Quest: Snow & Chel] HVEbuMl

#3Venus Rosé 

Rune Knight For A Day [Quest: Snow & Chel] Empty Sun Sep 24, 2017 12:44 pm

Venus Rosé

As usual, the streets of Hargeon was filtered with tons of citizens, some visitors from other towns and countries to enjoy the spectacular view of the lovely town. Among the crowds was a young woman with an eccentric appearance, gathering a few stares from those who passed by her but she would just simply ignore them, wondering what they might have found so interesting on her features. She gently circled her wrists with her gloved hands; an old habit of hers that she’s had to get rid of, before tugging onto the cloth of her eyeband to fix it perfectly around her eyes.

The snow haired cyborg weaved through swirls and eddies of people, inching closer towards the Hargeon Docks until she noticed one of her teammates just around the corner of the road with a creature, whom she would rather call strange. It was an animal she’s never seen before and she wondered where his previous companion was since she hadn’t seen Scraggy for a while now. The young woman gave a small wave in his direction as he’d approach her while she walked towards him. ”What a coincidence seeing you here. I was just on my way to a quest.”

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#4Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was walking through the streets on his way to the request board. The streets were quite busy for a working day. He guessed a lot of people had business somewhere. It was sometimes quite annoying when you needed to walk through a group of people. They would bump into you and not say sorry or just look mad at you. Normally in Hargeon it didn’t happen much as it was a smaller town. Well somethings you just couldn’t choose and you just had to deal with it. Not that it mattered to him. He was fine with it. He came around a corner and suddenly saw the familiar face of his favorite robotic girl.

Snowflake appeared in front of him looking great as always. She was wearing her visor as always, the black was contrasting against her pure snow white hair. Her skin looked flawless as always. Probably one of the advantages of being a robot. Snow started to say how it was a coincidence that they ran into each other. But he started to doubt that since they lately always ran into each other. “I am starting to think it’s fate that we keep bumping into each other”, he said a bit teasingly. “I was actually searching for you. I wanted you to meet my new friend Elisa ”, Chelvaric said to Snow while his Leafeon made a slight bow to Snow. “Since we're here anyway can we join your job?”, he asked of her while he looked at her waiting for her answer.


Rune Knight For A Day [Quest: Snow & Chel] HVEbuMl

#5Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

”Hm, perhaps.”

The woman raised one eyebrow at the man regarding his joke and her attention would quickly glide over to his pet, whom he had introduced her as Elisa. Snowflake bent over slightly and reached out a hand over Elisa’s head to stroke the creature and considering how she was named Elisa, it was definitely a female. ”Is this your new companion?” She’d ask, which brought reminded her of his old companion, who was one little strange creature. ”What about Scraggy? What happened to him?” Perhaps, it wasn’t the best idea to bring onto the discussion of that topic but Snowflake was genuinely curious.

”Sure, why not.” She’d say, nodding in agreement when Chelvaric asked if he could join the quest with her. The more people there is, the merrier it is, was what she’d like to say however, she never liked being around with so many people so the statement would be the entire opposite of it in her situation. The two Fiore wizards would catch up talking to each other, questioning what they have been doing while they away and whatnot, as they walked to the Hargeon Docks.

There, she’d suddenly be bumped into by a young man with dark brown hair, frantically pacing up and down the road. Upon colliding with her, he would immediately bow down at her in apology. She figured that he probably had a reason to be in this panic situation until she rea lised that it could be the client of her quest. The white haired woman studied his face for a moment and questioned, ”Are you, by any chance, Collin Sinners?”

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#6Chelvaric Walderkat 

Rune Knight For A Day [Quest: Snow & Chel] Empty Sun Sep 24, 2017 12:46 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat
It seemed Snow sort of agreed with him. But she wasn’t fully convinced as she had a questioning look on her face. She quickly bended over and started to stroke his Elisa. The leafeon rubbed her head against the hand of Snow as she liked Snow since her master was so close to her. Normally Elisa wouldn’t approach strangers with such contact. He smiled it was good to see that they got along already. “Oh yeah she is my new pet. I found her wounded in the forest while she was being chased by some demons. I could barely save her”, he would say to Snow and then his face darkened as she asked about Scraggy. He didn’t really wanted to talk about it but he knew that Snow would support him no matter what so he started talking.

“He…he died when I was meeting someone. I don’t know by who. We were attacked from out of nowhere and the area was bombarded when the smoke cleared Scraggy was laying dead on the ground fading out of this world. I miss him a lot”, Chelvaric said looking a bit sad but not too sad he didn’t wanted to look weak in front of Snow after all. After that they waked towards the docks while they talked about what had happened since their last meeting. Chelvaric liked it since talking to Snow came very naturally. When they were near the docks Snow suddenly bumped into a person and asked if he was Collin Sinners. He wondered if this was about the job.


Rune Knight For A Day [Quest: Snow & Chel] HVEbuMl

#7Venus Rosé 

Rune Knight For A Day [Quest: Snow & Chel] Empty Sun Sep 24, 2017 12:47 pm

Venus Rosé

When Chelvaric mentioned that Scraggy died in some sort of a horrible accident, the girl couldn’t contain her surprise. How could this happen?, she thought and placed a reassuring hand on her teammate’s shoulder. She couldn’t imagine the hard times he went through while Scraggy was gone since she knew how long they had been together. ”It must’ve been horrible for you. I’m sorry.” She spoke, a wave of regret washing over her for bringing up the topic, thinking that she probably shouldn’t have ever mentioned it. But now that Chelvaric found a new companion, perhaps, Elisa would be able to help her owner cope with Scraggy’s death better.

The boy that they encountered afterwards gazed up at her with his wide eyes before his lips broke into a large smile. ”You must be the mage! I’m so glad you’re finally here.” The boy, whose name was Collin Simmers exclaimed, almost on the verge of tears upon noticing their appearances which made Snowflake very confused. It seemed that this quest was extremely important to him. She watched him sniffle as he would begin to explain how the lord of Hargeon had called him to find someone who was able to patrol the streets. According to his information, there had been rumours of drug trafficking around the town and the wizards’ responsibility was to find the person and report it back to him.

”I’ll be back here by the end of the day if you’ve found the person. Now, I must leave for the lord requested my assistance again.” With that, the boy shuffled quietly away, leaving the task to be completed by the mages.

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#8Chelvaric Walderkat 

Rune Knight For A Day [Quest: Snow & Chel] Empty Sun Sep 24, 2017 12:47 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric felt Snow’s hand on his shoulder and he smiled at her thanking her for the support she was giving to him. He liked that she was caring about how he was feeling. When she expressed how she was sorry he silently nodded to her in thanks. The boy seemed to be sniffing while he explained the situation to them. it seemed some drug trafficking was happening and he needed someone to find out about it for the lord.

The boy was very busy as he quickly left and would come to check up on them at the end of the day. By now they had a bit of experience on patrolling streets and finding stuff out about the city. They had done it before so it wasn’t as hard as it used to be. He looked around and then turned to Snow before he would start talking.

“if we are to catch these traffickers we should be a bit discrete. They obviously will do it as hidden as possible. Let’s walk around and try to see if we find anything unusual” he would say to Snow and started to walk into a random direction. It would be mostly boring but it was for a good cause so he didn’t mind too much.


Rune Knight For A Day [Quest: Snow & Chel] HVEbuMl

#9Venus Rosé 

Rune Knight For A Day [Quest: Snow & Chel] Empty Sun Sep 24, 2017 12:48 pm

Venus Rosé

Once the boy walked away, her teammate suggested that they should begin patrolling the streets to see who’s been up to with this drug trafficking problem. The town was quite large and it was impossible to search for a single person through the entire city within just single day. Hopefully, luck would be on their side and she hoped to be able to find the person soon without roaming through the entire town of Hargeon. As she walked through the streets, her senses were on guard; ears peeled for any conversation that might relate to the current problem and eyes searching for those who appeared suspicious. The town appeared normal with the citizens meandering and shopkeepers tending their own business until she suddenly overheard a conversation nearby.

Perhaps, it was due to the reason that she was a machine, which was why she was able to pick up sounds and senses quite easily, though her sense of smell was nothing compared to other animals, specifically wolves. Sapphire hues wandered within the area, attempting to search for the source of the sound when her attention landed on two men, whispering among each other in a dark alley. “Come.”  She called out for Chelvaric to follow her, her index finger resting on her lips to indicate that he remain quiet while she sneaked up behind those men. By accident, she stepped onto a pile of dry leaves that was scattered on the ground and it seemed that the men immediately reacted to the sound, turning to face into their direction before their eyes widened in shock. The two of them scrambled and panicking, they began to run, each escaping in opposite directions.

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#10Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was walking with Snow through the streets for a while as they hadn’t found anything so far. He wondered if they even would as the city was so big and hard to search through. He was about to give up when Snow suddenly motioned to follow him. She laid a finger on her soft lips to indicate that he had to be quiet. He started following her slowly and very silent through the streets. As a neko he was one of the most quiet walkers around so he was sure they wouldn’t hear him. But none the less as by accident they had looked in their direction and the men started to run. “I am going to go after the guy on the left!”, he shouted to Snow and he started running not knowing if she would follow or go After the other guy.

He sprinted around the corner and jumped over some barrels that were blocking the way. It was a good thing he was a bit agile or he would have crashed into them. The man was close to him but he was just always a bit faster. It was time he cheated a bit and he threw a card on his back forming a engine propelling him forwards while a boost of fire came from the little engine on his back. Chelvaric slided over the ground and knocked the man of its feet as he fell over Chelvaric onto the ground. He quickly regained his footing and put his foot on the man’s chest. “Time for some answers mister”, he would say to the man lying on the ground looking at its tired face.


Rune Knight For A Day [Quest: Snow & Chel] HVEbuMl

#11Venus Rosé 

Rune Knight For A Day [Quest: Snow & Chel] Empty Sun Sep 24, 2017 12:49 pm

Venus Rosé

”Tch.” – was the first thing that escaped her lips after Snowflake ruined the moment by stepping on some dry leaves which had caused her targets to flee from the scene. Her teammate, on the other hand, wasted no second and declared that he was going to chase for the guy on the left. ”Huh. Left?” She’d ask, but it was already too late since Chelvaric had whizzed away chasing one of the men. The woman groaned internally, not wanting to be a part of this mundane task but if it was to catch the criminals, she’d be up for it. ”I’ll go for the other guy then!” The android yelled over the distance, hoping that Chelvaric would hear it as she began to chase the guy that ran to the other direction.

To be honest, she didn’t know who was who but mayhap, catching both of them will give her some answers. The woman pushed her legs forward and began sprinting, dodging the masses of people along the way, making sure not to harm them. The man’s face was apparent of fear and distraught as he glanced over his shoulder to look behind him, after he noticed that Snowflake was easily catching up with his speed, who also seemed to be slowed down by his weight and plump legs. Her legs were accustomed to running at fast speeds and with how rapid she was travelling, she could catch up to the old man in no time.  

Albeit, as she approached closer to him, there was an increase of citizens in the streets for some reason. Crowds gathered around her until she was no longer able to run or dash out of the scene. People pushed back and forth and she would be carried away with the crowd to a different location. ”Ugh. This is a disaster.” The woman balled her fists tightly, clearly disappointed at the fact that the criminal slipped from just the tips of her fingers. She was irritated at herself for being incompetent today, if she had noticed the pile of dry leaves before then, the mages would’ve probably caught them already. Furious, she decided to ditch the entire plan and silently hoped that at least Chelvaric will catch the other man to complete their quest.  

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#12Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
A few moments ago before Chelvaric had caught the criminal, Chelvaric heard Snowflake’s voice in the distance but he couldn’t understand her clearly. He assumed she would go after the other guy and left it at that as he had his hands full with the one he was chasing. It would be the best if they atleast catched one after all. Now he had caught the culprit he could start questioning on what they were doing here in the city in the first place. He picked up the man and pushed him against the wall. He pulled his sword from his sheath and pushed it against the man’s throat.

“I am not in a good mood today because I had to walk all over the place just to find you. So you better spit out what you know about the trafficking before I cut you an extra breathing hole”, he would say to the man and pressed his blade a bit more tight against his throat. The man would swallow and looked in fear at Chelvaric. “Okay cat man take it easy. Were all friends here right. I was just talking to someone there is no crime in that”, the man whimpered away trying to talk himself out of it. “You’re going to make me believe you took you friend to some dark alley to talk about some mundane things and even if that was true why did you run when we showed up then?”, he would ask of the man while still holding him on the edge of his blade.

He pressed It a bit closer. Starting to cut into the man’s flesh slowly. “Okay calm down, I will tell you everything, Okay, just put that blade down. I do sell drugs but I don’t run the show. That other guy does I am just the runner I don’t make deals or anything. Reagan Hulston is his name. please let me go now”, the man begged of Chelvaric. Chelvaric let the man loose and knocked him out with the pummel of his blade. He pushed the man over his shoulder. He brought him to the little boy of this morning and explained what the man had said to him after which he got paid. He would bring Snow’s share to her afterwards.


Rune Knight For A Day [Quest: Snow & Chel] HVEbuMl

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