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Crocus to Hargeon [Foot Travel] [Hyoen|Eva]

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Crocus to Hargeon [Foot Travel] [Hyoen|Eva] Empty Sun Sep 24, 2017 1:33 am

Eva adjusted the bag behind her again. It had been a few days since she arrived in Crocus and it was finally time to move on to Hargeon. The news of Grimoire Heart’s attack had reached her ears too, something that upset her greatly since she could not get there in time. She wondered how Alice was doing now. Was there anyone else there to help her? Had she fought alone? Everything just made Eva so very frustrated that she had decided to pack everything up and leave right after she had heard of the news of it ending. Since Hanase san already went back before her, Eva also decided that she would travel with someone else and it just so happened that Hyoen was going to Hargeon as well. She tapped her foot on the ground, again shifting the weight of her bag from one shoulder to another. “Ah, where is that bird?” She sighed, looking back at the path that would lead them out of the town to Hargeon. It will be a long travel going through about four cities meaning it would take about four days. She sighed. She wanted to make sure Alice was doing alright first.


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Daiko Flayme
… So, during the time that he spent in Worth Woodsea and Crocus, someone had the nerves to start some kind of battle in Hargeon. The only reason that he caught words of it was because that the battles was between wizards, and strong ones at that. He wondered how the situation might have turned out there, and he did remember some of his guild’s members being apparent at the city, including Arisa for instance. It was a little anxious to think that he wasn’t there himself, which really played with his veins. Coda could feel the heat erupt when he packed his stuff in his small leather backpack, readied fresh supplies of water and raw meat for the long journey, and dashed out of the window to meet up with her. Yes, while he thought that he would never have the opportunity to meet the same Rune Knight three times in a row, she just had to be heading for Hargeon Town for the same reason as well. It would be a good opportunity for them both to socialize a little, rather than taking the long walk on their own…

He saw her stepping her foot on the ground in patience at the exit to the roads outside of Crocus as he came soaring down, braking only feet away from the ground with his jet-like flames that erupted from his feet. “Hey..!” he greeted quickly as his feet gained foothold on the ground, “Sorry for the wait. I guess we’re good to go..?”


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Eva turned when Hyoen landed next to her. “Yes, let’s go!” she said, glancing back at the bird he had before turning on her heels and walking down the road that would eventually lead them to Hargeon, the port town that she hoped would still be standing when she gets there. She was sure that Blue Pegasus had able mages to help them defend themselves but it still made her worry like crazy, not the Hargeon might be half destroyed, but that something may have happened to Alice. She wanted to make sure that the one person Eva probably really cared about would be fine.

“It’s a four day travel. I wish we could get there faster but there is no other way,” she told Hyoen as she kept walking on. Soon, just soon. They would get there and then Eva can finally figure out what she can do to help them. It was frustrating that she couldn’t have gotten there earlier but there was no use crying over spilt milk. The most important thing right now was to help the city rebuild itself and Blue Pegasus might need help too. However that went, Eva knew she would have to report to the Council with a long letter of apology.

They would no doubt be pissed off at her. After all, she was supposed to be on the case but she had gone off on her own to train and had missed out an important duty. Surely, her Lieutenant position might get affected too although her deeds in other part of Fiore may have reached them. She also realized that she missed out on a situation that could give her more information about the infamous guild, Grimoire Heart. Well, however that might go, Eva knew there were a lot of things she would have to start considering now.



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Crocus to Hargeon [Foot Travel] [Hyoen|Eva] R1pERCr
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Daiko Flayme
She was ready and quick to start off by walking out of the gate, in which Hyōen followed suit. They both seemed to hurry up a little, which was fairly reasonable, since they both had people to worry about on the other side. Perhaps Hargeon Town had begone and turned into ruins, or perhaps it was sieged by foreign wizards or by some new guilds. Then again, he wouldn’t want to think that those whom he knew were there couldn’t handle the situation, but he was so eager.

She mentioned too that it was long walk; four days of walking, through bushes and shrubbery, trees and forests, and only about three days later, they could spot the seas that characterized Hargeon Town from the distance. He could faintly see how well that the city was, and luckily, it didn’t seem to have taken that much damage from the battles… or, well, not from his perspective. “Ah, that’s good… the town is still standing on its feet,” he commented with a relieved sigh. He didn’t exactly know about Evangeline’s contacts in the city, her friends or family that may have been there during the news, but he too hoped that she would get to reach whoever she was going for…

He would soon enter the gate himself and look at the town that he casually passed by during his own journeys. A little frown thinking about all the situations that he got himself into here, but nonetheless did he miss the warm sand a little… despite how it hurt his feet in the beginning.



Crocus to Hargeon [Foot Travel] [Hyoen|Eva] EBm9FQq
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