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Worth Woodsea to Seighart Mountains [Travel | YUmi]

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Worth Woodsea to Seighart Mountains [Travel | YUmi] Empty Sun Sep 17, 2017 2:50 am

The demon lolita stood on the edge of the Worth Woodsea, looking to depart her new destination the Seighhart Mountains. YUmi had finished her prayers earning forgiveness from her god for her failure now it was time to move on. Gossip was spreading around Fiore about a strange statue that had appeared in the Seighart Mountains, whatever it was Yumi was curious and wanted to investigate to see just what it was. It seemed more and more of these strange little objects seemed to be popping up everywhere. Yumi hummed to herself as she closed her eyes allowing mana to course through her veins as she looked to activate one of her spells. Yumi was intending to fly towards the Seighart mountains.

The demon wanted to get there as soon as possible to monopolise the statue as much as possible so she could study it. The demon extended her arms out to the side and magic energy burst out from her shoulder blades stretching out into the air into two long black wings each one point five meters in length. The wings stretched out and Yumi slowly lifted up into the air rising ten meters before she took off. Yumi flew in the direction of the Seighart Mountains flying towards them in order to find out just what this statue was about.

YUmi's companion a Duskull named Venom was under her arm, having picked the little creature up before taking flight. YUmi flew towards the mountains flying above the roads and the trees taking the most direct route. Being able to fly meant she could avoid the roads and any bandits. Flying allowed for a straight direct path allowing her to reach her destination sooner than later.

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Worth Woodsea to Seighart Mountains [Travel | YUmi] FIXCi2K
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