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Fishing Content [Quest | Yumi]

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The demonic lolita scowled as she stood in a forest on her own, away from Hargeon, in her hand was her Executioners Sword. Yumi swung the massive sword with one hand giving an angry battle cry. The sword tore through the middle of a tree ripping it up out of its roots. With a twist of her heel, she threw the swords with an angry cry launching it into a boulder. The sword struck the boulder digging it. Yumi kicked off launching herself towards the boulder. Reaching out she grabbed the sword and with a pull tore the blade out ripping the stone in half. She swung down with an angry cry striking the earth with all her might. The blade struck making the ground shake as web like cracks spread out over a three-meter radius on impact. Yumi hefted the massive sword up into the air and rested it on her back strapping into place and she exhaled breathing out attempting to calm her nerves. Yumi was angry extremely so, the source of her rage her loss against FInn and his blasted Dog Jake. SHe hadn't expected to fail so spectacularly, it pissed her off that she got blindsided. How could she allow herself to get into such a position what a fool, she was angry at herself, incredibly so.

Yumi exhaled as she left heading back to town, maybe taking a quest would calm her down. Hopefully, she could find a quest that would allow her to do a little destruction to settle her nerves. She marched her way down the path making her way to the front gates, where she revealed her user ID which allowed herself entry into the guild. Walking through the main gates Yumi ignored the looks she was receiving, mainly to do with the massive sword she was carrying on her back. Walking through the streets she made her way onto the bad quest board to find a new quest. Yumi silently hoped for a B or even a C rank quest but if there was only D she just hoped there would be something to alleviate her amusement.

Approaching the board she began to examine it with her crimson red hues inspecting it for any signs of a quest to alleviate her boredom, sadly for here there appeared to be only one available. Yumi ripped the quest off and began to read it, it seemed she had to meet up with some guy named Jacob Fischer in order to deal with a quest regarding some fishing contest. The contest started in two hours and she was to meet him beforehand. Yumi rolled the quest up and made her way onto the meeting point, down by the docks at Warehouse one. As she arrived a young boy with blue hair would be waiting for her. Yumi handed the quest over to him and the nodded to her in thanks.

"Thanks for taking my quest. I entered a fishing contest and I want to win, by any measure! The goal is to catch the biggest fish. I want you to sabotage the competition, steal their catch, mess with their lines whatever it takes I don't care just make sure I win and no one else can!" requested the young fisherman as he explained the details of the quest and began revealing a little of his ruthless nature. Yumi rubbed her chin humming slightly as she mulled the quest over, she would do this no problem. With a nod of her head she would follow his instructions, the contest would take place at dock five. With an hour and a half left Yumi went to a nearby scuba store.

Yumi purchased a set of diving gear, goggles, mask, wetsuit, flippers and scuba tank. She had half an hour to go. Making her way over to Dock three yumi found a private spot to strip down and change into her gear. With everything in place, Yumi slipped into the water and waited patiently until there were five minutes to. When twenty-five minutes had passed Yumi slipped the breathing device on and slipped under the water. She swam over to dock five where she could see boats slipping out onto the water. FIscher had told her his boat would be a dark blue one with his name in white running along the sides and bottom. Sotting his boat she ignored it and looked around at the others, there was a total of twenty boats, nineteen she had to sabotage.

The easiest method would be to just sink them all. Yumi swam down to the deepest darkest depth she could go to cover up the use of her spell. Yumi swiped her right hand out to the right releasing her magical aura which flooded out shaping itself into four black magical swords each 2m long, 30cm wide and 2cm thick. WIth the swords formed Yumi swam back up until she was eight meters from the surface. Using her mind she commanded the swords launching four in four different directions at four targets. The swords shot out and impaled sections of four boats but she made sure not to impale all the way just enough to allow the tips to break through. Retracting her swords the boats began to fill with water earning shocked cries. Yumi continued her work using the swords to cut lines and impale boats making them sink, all along avoiding Fischer. By the end she had sabotaged all nineteen boats as the contest came to an end, while at the same time finding the largest fish she could, killing it and placing it on Fischer's line, making it appear as if he had killed it.

Once that was done she swam away as the winner as declared. Climbing up to the dock, Yumi removed her clothing and changed. As time passed Yumi met up with fischer and received her reward. With her money collected Yumi departed.

WC: 996 / 900

10% WC reduction: GH perk


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