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[Event] Operation: Fast Forward

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Yumi came to a halt outside Hargeon having sprinted the last mile. She had used magic to fly a good distance and once she was close cancelled her spell in order to recoup her magical energy for the battle that was to come. It was already eleven in the morning, the attack was to commence at midday she had arrived with an hour to spare. Yumi sighed in relief as she cracked her neck and approached the gates in order to gain entry. She took out her fake ID with the name ‘Yu’. She flashed the guard a friendly smile giving him a seductive lick of her lips to distract him as he stamped her passport allowing her entry.

Yumi made her way into the town of Hargeon and looked around; the sun was shining high in the sky. The weather was not unpleasant; it wasn’t too hot nor to cold one could say the weather was perfect. Without much time to spare the demon headed to the closest hotel in order to book in and drop off her gear, before prepping herself for battle.

Yumi found a hotel after a good ten minutes off walk, the Moonlight Blue. She entered the hotel and walked up to the reception and began to interact with the woman behind the counter, booking in a room for the night. Yumi paid ahead of time, accepted the key after filling in her fake details and left for room fifteen. Walking up the stairs she walked down the corridor arriving at her room. She inserted the key and entered. Yumi was greeted by a reasonably large room with a single queen size double bed, a clock above it. Just off the bedroom was a large kitchen containing a fridge, microwave, sink, toaster, and kettle. The kitchen was linked to a decent sized bathroom, with a walk in shower large enough for two. Yumi put her bag down and stripped down heading into the shower for a quick wash.

Yumi cleaned the sweat off her body, drying herself with a towel and dressed back into her viking gear, another twenty minutes had passed. She had half an hour left before the attack was to begin. The demon fixed her Viking Helm into place, pushing her hair up under it so it wouldn’t get in the way, before strapping her massive sword on her back, angling it so the handle was resting by her right shoulder, which would allowing for her to draw it with her right hand. The blade’s point rested only an inch from the ground, any lower and the tip would be cutting into the earth as Yumi walked. With its positioning the massive sword would be far easier for her to draw it, after all it was taller tha Yumi was. Once she was ready Yumi departed locking the hotel room door behind her and left entering back into the streets of Hargeon. Yumi surveyed the area and quickly departed making her way through the long wide streets, avoiding the crowds by slipping through nearby alleys that connected to multiple streets, the less people who sore her better. She contemplated using her Physique Disguise spell to turn into one of the new faces she had acquired, but she decided against it.

Yumi thought it was better to converse her magical energy as much as possible. She didn’t know who she would end up facing and if it was someone strong she would need all the mana she had in order to defeat them, as long as she could. Yumi began praying to Malum her Demonic God, Praying that she would fight for honour is his name and that may he grant her his blessing in order to claim victory for him. As she prayed in her heart she moved covering a large distance in a short amount of time as the clock ticked down.  Yumi looked at the plain watch on her left wrist, five minutes to go. Releasing a breath of relief Yumi stepped out onto a street that would lead directly towards the Blue Pegasus Guild. The street was relatively busy, but once the fighting began no doubt the streets would empty as everyone scattered.

The street was a good ten meters wide with shop stalls on every side and numerous back alleys. There were vendors off to the sides with their own private carts selling vegetables, fruits, toys, magic items even sweets. Yumi licked her lips as she moved to the sweet vendor approaching him in order to cast her gaze over his delicious treats. She didn’t have to attack Blue Pegasus right away, beside this would give her a chance to a bit of scouting if she made herself look like a tourist, after all the Blue Pegasus guild was roughly two blocks down, one hundred meters distance from her current location. Yumi slapped some money down on the vendors cart purchasing a large pink cotton candy; the cotton was twice the size of her head. With the candy bought she went to another stand buying a number of balloons, followed by a goody bag with a mix of souvenirs, including a white Pegasus bobble head, a blue Pegasus fake tattoo sticker,  a little mini boat and more. Yumi held the goody back in her right hand, having tied the balloons to the handle, and her cotton candy in her left. Yumi nibbled on the candy as she resumed walking through the relatively busy streets, listening to the hustle and bustle. Even with the massive sword on her back and strange Viking Armour, with the balloons, cotton candy, and goody bag Yumi appeared as an odd looking tourist enjoying what Hargeon had to offer.

On her approach Yumi made herself appear as gentle and harmless as possible, she wanted to appear as an innocent young woman even with what she was wearing. In order to so soe she hid her demonic presence keeping it sealed within her body not daring to release it, if she did not only would it give away her race but it would also reveal her intentions. After all her demonic presence had quiet the intimidating and menacing feel to it, driving fear into all her experienced it. Just a feel of her presence would indicate her evil intentions, or at the least make people thing she was intending to bring a little misery and chaos.  Of course this was what Yumi intended to do, but the world didn’t know that. Besides her presence she kept her killer intent and blood lust tucked away, allowing a fake almost real smile to show itself on her cute little Lolita features. A cheerful twinkle flashed within those ruby red hues that shimmered like diamonds as she closed the distance between herself and the Blue Pegasus guild, having covered another fifty meters, meaning she was only fifty meters away from Blue Pegasus.  The time was ten past twelve, ten minutes after everyone else might have begun their own attacks. Yumi as she said before she was not in any rush to begin the attack.


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Tenshi †
The day seemed like any other, with no one really able to put their finger as to how or why it felt any different. There was an uneasy feeling in the air for many of the residents, but they couldn't describe why. There was nothing in particular that stood out, nor was there an actual tangible reason for this feeling. It was just a feeling that made them wonder if there was anything particular happening. This feeling had wormed itself into Finn's chest too, enough to have made him bring it up to Jake. The two had talked about it enough that Jake had done him the favor of going out to inspect, though it wasn't as if he'd find anything.

He had gone down a side road, unaware that it had taken him completely away from the woman who was trouble. It wasn't as though meeting her would have solved their problems. She was not giving off any sort of intimidating vibes. She was doing very well to completely check her power, as well as to not come across as an aggressor. Even if Jake had gone the right way, it wouldn't have helped. He had come back as she was still, unbeknownst to them, fifty meters out and assured Finn that there was nothing to worry about.

Both of them sat in front of the building, the building ten meters behind them and the road stopping fifteen meters in front of them. The front yard of the Blue Pegasus was large, matching the rather large guild building. The two of them sat outside discussing what Jake had seen on the walk. Finn stood with his arms crossed, facing out towards the street in which Yumi unwittingly was making her way down. Jake was doing a similar fashion. It was unrelated to the unknown threat, obviously. They were both simply enjoying their gaze down the busy street, as if confirmation that all was well.

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Yumi continued her approaching gradually getting closer and closer towards the Blue Pegasus Guild. The demonic woman hummed a low tune as she took a bite of her cotton candy enjoying the sweet taste as she allowed the flavour to explode over her taste buds lighting them up. A little piece of cotton was stuck to the right corner of her lips, but her tongue licked away at it collecting the fragment. She was slowly getting through the massive treat, biting in from the top and working her way down and around as she rotated the stick the candy was on in order to eat it in equal parts. The demon looked up, she was getting closer to the Blue Pegasus as she should see the large building in the distance, she was forty meters away. The road would stop in fifteen meters and she would officially enter into the terrain of Blue Pegasus. The demon inhaled as she continued her approach, the first thing anyone would see would be off course the balloons in her hand. The balloons numbered in over a dozen and were a mix of colours red, blue, yellow, green, pink, and orange. The balloons were floating directly in front of Yumi hiding her face.

Yumi came to a halt at the end of the road, twenty five meters from Blue Pegasus, and fifteen meters from Finn and his Dog Jake, not that Yumi was aware of anyone else there, just yet. Taking that first step, Yumi left the paved road and walked onto the dirt path that led towards Grimoire Heart, advancing five meters until she came to a stop as she spotted someone just ahead. Narrowing her eyes Yumi moved the balloons out of the way allowing her a clear view. The demon blinked in surprise, it was someone she recognised, the young boy she had met in Hargeon back as an old woman, Finn. Yumi was surprised to see him in her path. Besides the two of them and the dog there was no one else around. What exactly was he doing here?

Yumi eyed the young boy with a curious gaze before a smile formed on her lips, I had not expected to meet you again so soon, Finn. Spoke the Lolita as she gave a sweet seductive smile, flashing in the boys direction. Yumi released her hold on the goody bag, allowing the helium in the balloons to float it up into the air. The weight of the bag kept it from floating up, in the end it only floated five meters off the ground.

Seeing Finn in made Yumi think about just why he was here. The young boy was standing ten meters from the Blue Pegasus guild, arms crossed and gaze cast down the street. It was almost like he was standing guard.

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Tenshi †
As Finn spoke with Jake about what they had seen and how their odd feeling was unfounded, they found themselves reason to trail off. Approaching from the crowd was a girl, shorter than Finn. She carried with her balloons and other fun things, and on her back was a sword that was even taller than she was. The blade itself was sideways on her back, protruding far out from her side with the handle sticking almost sideways past her shoulder for access. It didn't seem like the best blade for her, even if she was strong enough to wield it.

However, Finn could almost guarantee that she could wield it one handed. The way the blade was, there was no way for her to conveniently grab it two handed. That led to two different possibilities. She was either a complete fool, or strong. Glancing at the balloons, maybe it was too early to make an assumption either way. Regardless, both were equally possible. "Hi!" Jake called out, waving. He turned his body to better face the approaching female, his left leg bending slightly as if to offer an angle to his stance.

Turning to face her as well, Jake likewise would slightly bend his right leg. The two were about a meter apart from one another, and the approaching woman had approached to about ten meters away before calling out to Finn. Looking slightly confused, Finn lifted his right hand to scratch at his temple. His back held his blade, and his body was adorned in his armor. "Hey there... You." He had no idea who this individual was, but she seemed to know him.

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Yumi eyed the two with a careful gaze, it had been awhile since she last met Finn, who knows what could have changed with the young boy. She had to keep her guard up but she didn’t show it. She remained innocent on the outside, friendly smile and a cheerful twinkle in those ruby red hues. The first to react to her presence was the strange yellow dog that stood on his hind legs, when it spoke it gave Yumi bit of a shock bit of a shock, she controlled her facial expressions revealing a light raise of her eyebrows in surprise and a slight opening of her mouth in an ‘O’ shape. “A talking dog, well I’ll be, how unique.” She gave the dog a gentle smile, while it seemed she was surprised by the act she quickly shook it off, revealing it didn’t bother her or she wasn’t all that interested anymore, in a world of a magic one witnesses many strange things, a talking dog was just the tipping point.

From Finn’s reaction, it seemed he didn’t recognise her, of course who could blame him. Yumi was no longer the frail, decrypted old woman that she was when they first met. While she had shown Finn a picture of herself in her younger years it was a form that was many years older than her current. The her then she had shown had looked like an older version of her current form, around her early twenties, while the current Yumi appeared only twelve-thirteen even if she was fairly developed for someone so ‘young’.

A mischievous smile flashed on those supple pink lips as Yumi began approach Finn, giving a seductive sway of her hips. Even though she was dressed in Viking Style Armour the armour clung to her body revealing every detail and outline of it. One could describe her as having a young yet seductive body that was matched by a creamy white skin, labelling her a snow white beauty. “I’m hurt you don’t recognise me, even if it’s been awhile. Then again I was much, much older back then” Said Yumi giving a little pout of her cute pink lips as her eyes twinkled with mirth.

The demon approached Finn, aiming to get right up to him, with only inches separating them. She would reach out with her right hand, and attempt to caress his right cheek in a clockwise manner allowing him to feel her silky smooth skin. As she did she would whisper in a hushed seductive voice loud enough for Finn and Jake to both hear, “You’re still as cute as when we first met. Such a shame I was far too old for you back then.”  The demon took a few steps back, allowing three meters to rest between them as she leaned her torso forward pressing her bust out, raising her right hand and blew a kiss at Finn, giving a flirty wink of her left eye.

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Tenshi †
A humans senses were nothing when compared to a dog. Finn was a young and naive man, unaware of the allures of most women. Their charms and their attempts to win his attention were often lost on him until made painfully obvious. Prior, when she had first said his name, he had not picked up her sultry smile for what it was. He could not pick up on such subtleties well, and that was part of what made him vulnerable.

It was for that reason he had Jake.

Jake had been relatively inactive during this exchange on the outside, but mentally he had already chalked this girl up for being a slut. An adventurer of some kind, but a slut. Her sword was proof enough that she was strong, as something that huge took strength to carry without any sort of issues as she was. He recognized the armor as well, of what he could see of it, from what Finn wore. He had been on more adventurers with Finn than anyone, and more adventures in general than Finn could imagine. He was the one with the keen eye.

His initial welcoming of the women had been replaced with an eerie feeling, though it was not strictly due to her appearance. The way she was acting around Finn wasn't appreciated. He didn't let it known on the outside, what with his blank expression still, but he was silently judging the woman. As she smiled, the two once again saw it entirely different. For Finn, she was smiling for a reason unbeknownst to him. Maybe of the memories she had of him, or of finding the situation humorous? For Jake though, that smile was practically a threat to Finn. It put what Finn had built up with Seira on the line.

The way she walked, the way she handled herself in general, he had seen it before. He eyed her with a minor suspicion as she closed the distance. While Finn was obviously also on guard, Jake was for a different reason. This girl was trying to get into Finn's heart, and his brother needed protection. He had only just discovered his own feelings. A woman such as this, though Jake didn't think Finn would make a mistake, it made Jake mad. Still the emotion didn't show, but it festered just beneath the surface.

Her words, her pouts, they were all made with the obvious reason of showing off her strong suits- Or at least what she considered her strong suits to be. At this point even Finn was noticeably flustered, his cheeks having tinted their embarrassment pink. Her eyes were locked on him like a tiger going in for the prey, and he was metaphorically and literally stuck in a corner. Too polite to state his discomfort or move away, Jake watched in horror (though still blank faced) as she closed the distance.

As she got up to Finn, allowing only inches to separate them, Finn had of course slid a single foot back some, hands going to the side and open as if he didn't know where to put them or what to do. He was uncomfortable with the situation. Jake had turned to face them, jaw dropping at the event. She was so close, her hand moving to his cheek as she whispered.


Jake had turned sideways, making his left side go out of her field of vision. With how close she was to Finn, she could not possibly see it. With her hand up on Finn's cheek as well, the taller individual, her arm was bent in a way to take up much of her vision of Jake's side. Jake's left hand was already pulled back, further out of Yumi's unfortunate vision. His body was not moving along with it, Jake was both lazy and efficient. He knew with his magic that he could move only his arm and get the full power behind it, and so that's what he was doing. Due to her proximity to Finn and his angle, she'd never even see it coming. The same moment she began to step back and her arm began to drop, Jake's left arm was taking two actions. It was swinging forward, and it was growing at normal spell speed. This meant not only was it growing at a rate of faster than normal spell speed, but it had only approximately a meter to travel.

His left hand was open, and would collide with the side of her face, around the back of her jaw due to the angle of the slap. It would rip her off the ground, potentially breaking her jaw, and most definitely knocking her out. The slap was hitting the area in which the jaw attached to the skull, as well as the entire side of the chin. It would rattle her brain, sending her flying and completely unconscious upon landing.


Finn was completely caught off guard, but Jake put a single big paw in his face. "Finn she was a sloozy." Finn obviously had questions, so Jake continued. "Finn, as your brother it is my job to protect you. This girl wanted to crawl in your dungeon. It's obvious. You just began a thing with Miss Seira, right? This girl would have ruined that." The mention of Seira quieted Finn and drew a strange look on his face as he glanced to Yumi, unconscious a few yards away.

"Is she okay?"

"She'll be fine! She had the same armor you do, only her helmet seemed to be some girlier version. And look at that sword! She's obviously strong, she can take it." Finn seemed unconvinced. "I guess... Still, it seems a bit much." Jake shook his head. Neither of them cared that it was a woman. Having been separated from society for so long, Finn got use to the rules of nature. Often times the woman was the hunter, the provider, and the protector. Striking a woman was not bad, but striking a potentially innocent individual was.

"Nah Finn, she was a total sloozy. Only way to deal with them is quick. Efficiently." His voice dropped an octave as he said that word. Walking over and grabbing her with his increased in size arm by the foot, Jake began walking away and dragging her. "I'll go take her somewhere to recover safely. Wanna come with?" Finn stared in a confused silence a bit more. It seemed a bit extreme, but Finn knew his brother wouldn't lie. "Uh... Sure."

Jake's Mana: 1200/1600:

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The action of Jake pulling back a giant hand, six times that of his own, at the height of his full speed would create a suction of wind, making a whooshing sound from behind Yumi. The sound of this noise filled her body and subconsciously her body out of pure reflex and survival instinct began to react to the sound. A body honed from sixty years of shedding blood, sweat and tears, coupled with sixty years’ experience of countless battles, spilling the blood of an inconceivable amount of foes reared its head. Even though her body had regained its youth it had not lost any of the muscle memory Yumi had obtained over the years.

Yumi right arm barely moved 1cm down after her attempt to caress Finn's face, began moving across and down moving into the path of a giant yellow object as it finally descended, her body turned slightly to the right, allowing the corner of her right eye to be filled with yellow. Her head would lean down to the right as her right arm lifted up the shoulder resting against her jaw. This action brought her right forearm into the path, allowing it to connect some strange giant yellow object. The arm guard positioned on her forearm had moved into the path of Jake's hand absorbing the damage behind the blow. A loud crack was heard as the armour piece broke, a long crack going down the middle length wise of the arm. The force behind the blow would launch Yumi’s petite body through the air.

Yumi would be launched left across the terrain crashing into the ground kicking up a little dust and a small amount of debris that wouldn’t hinder her. Yumi was launched ten meters away from Finn and Jake. During mid-flight her body acting again had coiled itself into a protective ball allowing the sword on her back to absorb the impact of the collision. Yumi lay there for but a moment, listening as Finn yelled as Jake by calling his name. Yumi lay there not moving in order to gather her thought, by lying there still unmoving it would also hope to fool the two into thinking she had been knocked it. Yumi's right arm stung from the impact as the arm guard fell off hitting the ground, her armour had absorbed the impact and prevented her arm from breaking, it had almost been dislocated though. They were shouting so loudly Yumi could hear what they were saying, something about a woman named Seira. A deep anger began to bottle up inside Yumi, the tight seal she kept was breaking and all the bottle rage for the last sixty years were rising to the surface. On reflecting she came to realise the giant yellow thing that hit her must have been the dog.

Yumi using her left hand shoved the little bits of debris on her body aside, at the same time Finn would have asked if she was okay to his companion. While shoving debris aside Yumi would launch her body back onto its feet in one swift clean motion, as she rose to her feet she would have extended her right arm pointing an index finger in Finn’s direction,  ignoring the slight pain in the forearm, it was nothing compared to breaking her leg during the tournament. During the extension immediately a black aura of mana shaped like flames flooded to her fingertip converging at the tip, and in mid conversation between Jake and Finn, a beam of black magical energy would be fired. The single beam was circular in appearance and that circular shape had a 25cm diameter as it launched itself towards Jake, covering the entire distance, but immediately after when no more than a tenth of a second had passed another beam was fired, before a second had even passed four beams of magical energy had been fired in rapid succession. Each beam moved at a speed of twenty meters per second, able to cover the ten-meter gap in half a second. All four beams aiming for the exact target, Jake, and the area they were shooting towards was the middle of his face, an intended vital point.

While she had been firing with her right hand, immediately after the first beam had been fired she swiped her left hand to the left calling forth her magic, not missing a beat as she began to chain her spells. Black magical energy peaked from her body, but at the exact same time, Yumi let loose her demonic presence, she could care less about subtle anymore. The thick presence burst forth from her body with the force of rushing water, a dark aura engulfed the entire area. It was thick, full of murderous intent installing fear into all those of a weaker rank than Yumi. Demonic presence, not only was it designed to instil fear and lower the opponent’s physical abilities, but it was to distort their vision and make them tremble. As her demonic presence flowed her magical energy shaped itself into four long black swords each 2ms long, 30cm wide and 2cm thick. The swords the moment they had formed launched forward at 10 meters per second half spell speed due to Yumi’s mental command. Simultaneously while the swords were forming, and Yumi was releasing her demonic presence she began to chain a third spell, by extending her limbs out to the side. The black magical energy burst forth from her back forming a back of long wings with a 1.5m wingspan each. By now the swords would have arrived not long after the beams.

Each of the swords was close together two on top, two on bottom only 1cm apart from one another, in a cube formation. All four swords were aimed at Jake’s chest a vital area with how stubby his build was most of his internal organs should be close together. If Jake had somehow managed to avoid the beams and attempted to avoid her swords, she would give a simple mental command to make the swords give chase not letting up until they pierce Jake or he destroyed them. The swords would be constantly aiming to pierce into a vital area through Yumi’s silent commands.

At that time if Finn attempted to interfere by rushing Yumi, she would give a mental command to two of the swords, those on the left of the four sword cube formation. The two swords Yumi commanded would fly after Finn, should he be so bold, the swords would attempt to fly in front of Finn to cut him off and lunge aiming to pierce into his sides, avoiding the vitals. If the swords couldn’t get around to the front they would aim from behind at his legs, the back of his calves attacking the muscles, they would do anything to slow him down at Yumi’s command.

As her wings formed Yumi’s right hand would have moved and undid the buckle of the leather strap that held her sword, and as the sword began to fall off, her left hand reached under grabbing it by the blunt side at the end, pulled the sword out around to the left and planted the tip in the ground. Her left hand would let go as the sword stood straight in the ground. Yumi's left hand coiled its fingers around the handle and she plucked the sword up out of the earth and rested the blunt edge on her left shoulder. While she could use her right arm, it was in no condition to be wielding the massive blade, luckily Yumi was ambidextrous, able to use both hands however she did prefer the right. The wings on her back after fully forming would flap lifting her tiny body ten meters up into the air, having moved at speeds of 20 meters per second covering the distance in half a second.

"Jesus Christ that hurt! What an ass. You’re lucky I’m not old and frail anymore, else I’d be dead from that!” Shouted the little Lolita as she glared at the spot Finn and Jake would occupy, if they had moved from her angle in the air she would have a perfect view of the battlefield, allowing her to catch their movements. “If you still haven’t figured it out it's me Yumi!” barked out the Lolita in an angry tone as her magic flared around her wildly. “It’s Finn I thought, let’s go say hi I thought. Let’s have a little fun and tease him, it be fun I thought. After he figured out it’s me we’d have a laugh I thought. Wasn’t I wrong!” The Lolita spat out a glob of saliva that had a little blood mixed into it, on the impact she had bit the left side of her lip a little drawing blood. “Do you know how much that hurt! God damn, I’m pissed. Sixty years of anger bottled away and you’ve gone and released it all at once good job!” shouted the pissed off little demon. There was an expression that would fit Yumi right now, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Sure her mission was to attack Blue Pegasus, not that Finn would know that, at the moment she just appeared to be a pissed off young woman who was about to unleash feminine fury.



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Tenshi †

They had, together, dragged her to a nearby inn where they requested a room for one for the night. Finn, feeling bad about the entire situation, decided to pay for it himself. As they carried her to the now available room, Finn opened the door as Jake flung her onto the bed from a meter or two away from it. She was completely unconscious, unable to react to such things, but the action still drew protest from Finn. "C'mon man, it's fine." Sighing, Finn took a piece of paper and a pen and decided to write her a note. The thing basically apologized for the actions of his brother, and wished her a speedy recovery.

Leaving the area, Finn and Jake made their way back to the guild hall. Deciding that standing outside now felt awkward, the entered the establishment and decided to relax there. The ordeal was over, and they could have never guessed the trouble that had been avoided due to Jake's actions. Maybe in the near future the truth would be divulged, but as of that time, they couldn't have realized what was happening throughout the rest of Hargeon.

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Yumi barely felt the flow as she was knocked out allowing darkness to consume her being. Her last thought was 'That dog is dead next time' as the fist connected and she was sent to lullaby land. She simply lay there unmoving even as Jake picked her up and began dragging her way like a sack of potato's. She was taken to some unknown inn and thrown into the room used by Finn and Jake, tossed onto to the bed. Jake seemed to have no care for the demon simply throwing her away like some bean bag. Afterwards, FInn would write and note and the two left. THe entire time Yumi barely reacted simply lying there as if dead to the world. What could she do she had been knocked out by a single blow from FInn's travelling companion. The fist had been completely unexpected, she hadn't thought she would get clocked and had been unprepared, perhaps she was getting cocky in her age. Whatever the case she had failed in her attack in BLue Pegasus before it ever began, how could she face the guild, they would never let her live this one down especially when she had been defeated in such a humilating way.


Defeated down and out.

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Blue Pegasus has stopped the operation.

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