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Operation: Dull Sword [Event]

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The star that granted light to the universe hung just over the city at the highest point of the day. A teal haired individual rolled up his long sleeve. It revealed a stainless steel watch was a family air loom. He looked down at his watch to see what the current time was. It was high noon, in other words, twelve in the afternoon. The sun shined brightly and there was no clouds present nor incoming overcast. Due to it getting dangerously close to fall the weather had lightened up a bit. Even more because it was a port town. Most importantly it was almost time for this whole thing to get started. The focal point of this chapter was Theseus. A man of few words but many talents. He had come to pay Hargeon a visit and have some fun with the locals. He just needed to make sure he did not break them before he had his fill.

Theseus came strolling into town in the midst of the locals, at first no one paid him any mind. He thought he could take this time to get a spot of tea before the party arrived. He looked around for a moment trying to get a idea of where he was. He stopped for a moment and noticed a man sitting down on the bench, reading the news paper. A older man who looked to be about in his sixties enjoying this wonderful day.

Theseus was in quite the cheerful mood so he took the time to properly address the man. He cleared his throat before speaking. “Excuse me, I was wondering if I could trouble you for a moment.” The old man did not budge or lower his paper. Just spoke a calm response, “coffee shop not to far from here, couple blocks down and on your right.” He still continued to read the 'Daily Sorcerer.' A paper that was designed to keep folks up to date on the events happening around the world. Sadly nothing interesting was happening 'at that moment.' That was about to change very soon.

Theseus looked down the street that was normal size, roughly twenty meters wide. People on both sides of the street walking on the sidewalk. He returned his gaze back to the man sitting on the bench before him. “If you don't mind, I am still rather new to the city, would you be so kind as to take me there?” The old man closed the paper and looked up at the rather tall individual looming over him. He did not automatically recognize who he was, it was most likely due to old age. “I could go for a cup of Joe. Not much happening today and paper is void of excitement.”

Theseus nodded in approval, he waited for the older male to take the lead. He kept a casual pace and Theseus was in tow. No names were shared just a unspoken respect for each other. People were beginning to stare and Theseus. He was still a wanted man. His notoriety had extended beyond the reaches of the first attack after he took out a couple of individuals during the break out. Whispers were accompanied by terrified looks, people began to move out of the way to not incur the wrath of the man who wiped out a entire noble family alone. It took roughly three minutes before the two stood before the coffee store. Theseus pushed the door open, to let the man in first. It was only a courtesy to let one in before themselves. Especially someone who was so helpful. The old man noticed the way people were acting, thinking it was him, not realizing he was with a dangerous man.

“You guys act as if you have never seen a old man before.”

“It is not you my friend. It is me.”

The old man turned around a pulled out glasses to make out the man's face. Then it all hit at once. He knew exactly who the man who stood before him was. He swallowed, and dropped the paper in his left hand tightly. “I think I will pass on the coffee today. I have some business to take care of. Good day.”

Theseus nodded and pushed the door open, knowing full well the man was just lying to get away. He was wise, this coffee shop was about to be ground zero. People froze in place, some escaping out various exits. The clerk was rooted in place out of sheer fear. Theseus took it upon himself to make his order. Looking up at the menu, several drinks filled it to the brim. He saw that there was Passion Fruit flavored tea. Served with a blueberry muffin. “I will take the Passion Bliss with the muffin if you please.” Theseus noticed that the shop was suddenly empty. The girl took her time fixing the the order as requested. This was to make sure she did not anger the beast. While she did that Theseus took the dropped paper and placed it under his arm. It took only five minutes, record time actually. The muffin was already baked from the morning, so it was not stale. Theseus was rather impressed with the speed of the clerk. He took both the tea and the muffin and left the counter. He turned around to say something but the girl had already slipped out the back. Theseus shrugged and went to the section where the utensils and sugar was located. With a pep in his step he exited to the store front. He wanted to sit out side to enjoy this fine weather on this day.

He walked back outside to sit down at the nicely dressed tables. There was one with a bleach, white cloth on it. He was taking the time to place sugar cubes in his tea with a silver spoon. He was looking at the paper on the table while doing so. While the cubes were melting he began to bite into the muffin. He took a moment to enjoy the explosion of flavor. 'Exquisite.' he thought to compliment the blueberry muffin. He picked the cup off the tiny plate and read the paper in front of him as if he did not have a care in the world. People had become scarce and no doubt the Rune Knights were on the way. All he had to do was wait.


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She had been aware, not completely about the how’s, why’s and what’s. But she was aware that things were going to start and she clenched her hands into fists as she patrolled the street. She was clad in her Scarle armour and looked left and right, her orange coloured ponytail sweeping a little from left to right as she looked everywhere trying to remain casual in the streets of Hargeon. Where would they be, and what would they do apart from attacking Blue Pegasus? She assumed they would be at the Guild Hall but you could never be sure. Alice walked next to her cousin Selena when a lot of people came running towards them and with one last look at Selena, Alice hurried to the spot where people came from, she didn’t get close to the store but stopped a six meters before that. It was a coffee shop where people were storming out, her eyes narrowed and she grabbed an upper arm of a random old man that passed her, ”What’s going on?” she said in hushed whispered and the man stuttered out: ”It’s him.” She let go of the old man, not entirely sure who this him was but if it made citizen hurry away, it couldn’t be right. She dragged Selena towards the alley, ”We have to be careful. Go, find out who this man is. I’ll wait here.” she didn’t like to stay behind or send Selena there but they needed to be sure that this person was an enemy and what enemy. As the both were suffering from amnesia for particular times it was difficult to be sure if they knew who this individual was but the both of them had seen enough warrant posters to make sure if it was one of them.

Her cat ears were flat on the back of her head and she summoned the straight spear while she was standing in the alley, six meters away from the Coffee shop, she wouldn’t be spotted as she was hidden by the buildings and there was no way her reflection could be seen by something else. She would just have to wait for Selena to tell her who it was, her plan was to not immediately attack, they would have to get information first and she hoped Selena got that from the short instruction she had given her, trusting that the Slime would not become a problem right now.


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Time has passed, no more Rune Knights may enter the topic.


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Theseus took a small napkin from his small pocket located on his chest. A white napkin that he used to dab the regions around his mouth. The blueberry muffin was leaving bits around his mouth. Also to wipe away any wet residue left from the tea. A mixture of fruit flooded his taste buds, it only made this day better. The shame was no one was here yet. He was supposed to be entertained for a bit but people neglected to come. “I guess the Rune Knights are not what they used to be.” Theseus tone was light yet cold at the same time. He was hoping to have a good day today. That was not the case however. But he was not going to let it ruin this fine day. With his back turned to the shop he was facing the street. The paper sat in front of him on the table, he was currently multitasking. Reading the paper while enjoying his tea and muffin. To the common eye he appeared to be unprepared. But Theseus was ready to move at any sign of aggression shown towards him.

Silence filled the streets with no sign of changing. He was not aware of the single knight that was located in an alleyway close to the shop. Being the patient individual he was, he waited for any challengers.

[48 Hours to post from this point on]


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Had she just commented on her cousin to go and work out who this person was, had that slime chick disappeared. For a second Alice had thought she was making it all up but the blood was boiling in her veins. There was almost a twitch in her right eye, where the heck was everyone. What kind of group was she leading when no one showed up or ran away just as well.. She bit her lip to not sigh too loudly but took a deep breath through her teeth not much later and let the spear disappear again, fine she needed to play this smart and honest.. oh well screw honesty in case of fighting though, she was all alone in this case.

She let her shoulders drop and decided that the only way to figure out what was going on was to act the way like any normal citizen would do, there was only one problem, she stared at her armour, who would believe that, but there was no way that she would take it off. That would be asking for trouble and she already was, on the other hand it was obvious that a smart person would understand it was simply for precaution as she was in a city that was known to be under attack by a dark guild, hello Blue Pegasus. Who knew people might think she thought that way, which she technically speaking did too. She just had to focus, so her orange cat ears were perked up and she placed her right foot a little behind her left and made a small dash for it, all in the way of acting. She looked left and right but as she had assumed the street was empty, empty but for one person on a table on her left. She kept her face neutral but noticed him from the corner of her eye, for as far as she could see she did recognize him. They lost him or well the Rune Knights back at the time lost him in the same evening that she was fighting against that person in the auction house, the time when she wasn’t a knight yet. She recognized him as Theseus or something along the way, but she had to play it cool, no sign on her face showed that she recognized him or knew anything about him. She simply let herself act as if she just noticed someone was there and she walked towards him, ”Excuse me, Hello. I was wondering if you perhaps have seen my cousin, we are about the same height only her hair is blue instead of orange.” she tried to ask as casual as possible, she should fight him, arrest him, stop him for whatever he was doing. She didn’t doubt her capabilities but she also wasn’t entirely sure she could do it by herself. What a lieutenant she was. She was standing about five meters away from the table, trying to look innocent, acing that and just casual.


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Theseus continued to read the stories of the land. A look of disinterest covered his face. He is also getting a bit annoyed that no one was showing up. He was going to be left uncontested in his attack. He picked up the tea and began to drink some more. The tea glass was almost empty. ‘I need to get some more. At least the tea was good.’ Then his right ear began to twitch slightly. Someone had entered the scene. The sounds of metal brushing against each other during movement caused him to turn to the right. Enter a female in full body armor with a spear in tow. He continued to drink his tea unphased. The girl grew ever so closer, past the other tables and such. She stood five meters away from Theseus. He finished off the rest of his drink and placed it down. He turned his head to the right to acknowledge her existence. She spoke softly, as if she was innocent. Theseus smiled for a moment. It was entertaining really. She must have taken Theseus for a dunce of some sort. As much as he wanted to play along he had to keep to the plan. Maybe she would be able to give some form of enjoyment in battle.

Theseus pushed back from the table and stood up. He removed the napkin from his lap and cleaned off his mouth. “Surely you jest.” He said while dabbing his mouth. He placed his handkerchief back in the coat pocket located on his chest. The thing was he never once took his eyes of the contender. “You can put away the act. There is no one else here and you show up in full battle dress. We both know you aren’t looking for a lost child.  I can only hope your combat skills are more than your acting skills.” Theseus was not here to be toyed with. The basis of this thought process was completely grounded. People had completely evacuated the area due to his presence. Only those who came to stop him would have the gall to engage. Or they were just completely oblivious to the danger they were in. Theseus dusted himself off before speaking once more. He focused on the individual with a piercing gaze. Waiting for something to happen.

“Come now let's not waste anymore time.” Theseus was trying to taunt her into attacking him. He was curious to how strong this girl was. It would be a shame if all that gear was just for show and not action.


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[48 Hours have passed and these hits are confirmed. Operation ended.]

Theseus waited for a moment but the girl did not move nor speak. He looked at her with a raised eyebrow. Waiting for something, anything but nothing. Once again he was only left with disappointment. He took the time to come in, not cause any destruction and wait. Wait patiently for someone to show up and entertain him. It was infuriating to know his reputation wasn’t enough for anyone to show up. He unfurled his arms from behind his back. There was a silver lining to all of this. He was able to enjoy the day for what it was. The tea was above and beyond his expectations. He felt no need to say anything at this point it was clear what needed to be done. Theseus let out a bored sigh, and took action.

He walked down the aisle with no tables in the path. He had just the thing in mind for such an occasion. This technique was special, no magic required. He walked casually over to the lass, while doing so he made sure his clothes were on correctly. No crookedness or anything of that nature. He had to look proper even when about to cause pain. Casually walking over he grabbed the girl by her throat. Considering she was facing him it was rather easy. With no resistance this was more so a chore. He wanted this to be a recreational activity they both could enjoy.

He felt her slender neck within his palm. He gripped it to make sure resistance was impossible now. The noose was tightened now. She dropped her weapon and began too scraped rapidly at his arm with her hands. The weapon in hand made a clanking noise as the metal hit the concrete. Theseus had a disinterested look on his face showing how excited he was to do this. It wasn’t that he felt bad let’s not confuse his look with sorrow. Where is the fun in this? Creating examples out of people who did not struggle was boring. But a job needed to be done. This girl would become a tool of the guild. She was A message sent to the Rune Knights. His grip tightened too the point of no return. The life in the girl’s eyes had drain and she passed out.

With that she was out of this fight but it did not stop there. With her already suspended in the air he did not have to gain much momentum. He put his entire body into it and slammed her into the ground. Theseus used all of his strength and body weight to add force to the attack causing the tables to be blown outward. The concrete broke apart as her back slammed into it. The armor on her body shattered and returned back to mana. Now defenseless she was lighter. Theseus wanted to make sure nothing softened this next attack. Picking her back up off the ground by her face this time, he turned to his left quickly while throwing her unconscious body.

The focus was a house across the street. With his strength this was easy, she cleared the distance between the shop and the house easily. Her body blew through the front door and into someone’s living room. He didn’t care what collateral was caused. A woman could be heard screaming from within the house. She her body would be riddled with bruises and breaks. She was not dead no that would be easy. Everyone knows, dead men tell no tales. The Rune knights needed to be told who did this. Theseus knew he wasn’t the main event. Granted this only meant plans went without a hitch on the others end. If the Rune Knight's didn't fight here most likely others were not met with resistance. Theseus placed his arms behind his back and exited the scene.



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Grimoire Heart has completed the operation.

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