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Magnolia To Crocus [Foot Travel]

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A wanderer King was and yet, it was time for the man to leave the town once again. The brimming town called Magnolia had been one of his best journey so far, allowing him to meet beautiful girls as well as the wonderful sight around the city. The city was always packed with people, no matter what and it was one of the most alive cities that he has ever seen. There were many things that were different, compared to what he had back in his country; the place was not as dry, people lived in huge, tall buildings, food was deliciously amazing although he does miss the traditional food back in his land, sometimes.

Beyond him was the sky, stretching on for eons without seeing the end to it. King would tip himself a loop-sided grin as he weakly conjured up random analogies in his head; something about the blue yonder above him, and a journey too, maybe even the distance it took to span the entire sky. The young wizard rubbed his finger against his chin as his golden hues worked seamlessly across his small map’s directions, circling over the various dips and turns of the area. He wasn’t too sure about where he was heading to next, although he wouldn’t have minded wherever he ended, as long as food and water was available, as well as women.

The man pulled the hood over his face, shielding himself from the blistering sun that blared down upon the city. As he wandered through swirls and eddies of people, King would glance around the city, taking in everything that enters his sight and registered it into his brain, so as not to forget the experience he had gained from being in the town as well as not to get lost the next time if he was to travel to Magnolia once again. “Well, I’ll see where this path will lead me to.”


Magnolia To Crocus [Foot Travel] VESQ2Ff

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