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Crocus to Era [Walking]

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Crocus to Era [Walking] Empty Fri Aug 04, 2017 7:33 pm

As she had made her pitstop here in Crocus, did these ridiculous jobs, it was time to quickly catch up with Konstantin in Era, she had been here two days, she arrived yesterday, did a night shift for the Inn, changed to sleep, got up, went to translate this note for Luciel and hurried back to the hotel to hurry off to Era. There was a lot that she needed to do once she would arrive there but she sure as hell needed a day to breath. Before she left a new letter came in with that they needed her for some meeting in the Headquarters. She didn't even wonder what it was and threw the envelope back into her bag and made sure she got everything again, it was easy as she had not unpacked. She paid the hotel, headed off on the road to Era. One day walk and she could stop travelling for a few weeks before she would probably go back to Orchidia, who knows work on a time, be invited to a party and the like.

The road was easy, there were many merchants at this hour already even though it was early. If she would continue like this she would reach in the early morning around eight, find the right inn and be back on her feet and jobs at nine. Good start if she said so herself.

Wordcount: 235/200

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