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Translate the Note [Alice: Quest]

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She had arrived in the evening to find a job to start baking hamburgers and she had been very angry about that. Now that she thought about it, she had been angry a lot lately, which was weird considering she would feel better if you looked at all the circumstances. Sure there were still things that were not changeable but she couldn’t understand why she had been so grumpy about anything. It was also the capability of her body that made her feel slow like a slug and she was sure that there was a fever coming because her body was sore all over the place and sometimes, thing smelled horrible. But she would be fine, some medicine, and a hot bath (she would have prepared for that mentally) but it would probably work for the best. She was seeing things that weren’t there and she would sure as hell be fine if she would take a minute to rest but not now. She would wait for a few more days until she would sit down and do nothing again but she could go to bed early and take rest when needed. She wasn’t a weakling anymore, not that she considered others weak but she was very strict to herself except when it came to food. She stood up from her seat where she had just finished some toast and read the quest that was send to her. She wondered if this time it was within her capability and if it was more interesting than baking hamburgers, French fries and hot dogs. She yawned behind her hand as she walked out of the door, immediately changing into her armour because she didn’t feel safe on the streets. She felt like she was getting paranoid and maybe she should talk to someone about it, but whom would listen and whom didn’t had their own troubles too big to care about another? She didn’t want to bring it up with Konstantin, he had enough to worry about, and neither Evangeline was a good option as also she had trouble that required her full focus and not some whiny person about not feeling well and being paranoid. She sighed heavily as she walked over the cobblestones towards the address that was on the quest, it was for Luciel which she had only met once and which was another translation to enchant an amulet that had gone wrong and had given her the cat ears, the cat tail and the claws and eyesight that she had now. Thanks to that enchantment she had become half cat and half human and up till now she only missed being close to water most of the time but she had never been a big fan of swimming so it wasn’t all that bad. The mental preparation for a shower was getting used to as she was faster now to get used to the idea of getting soaked at a moment that she wanted it. The address appeared to be the Library.

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Translate the Note [Alice: Quest] Empty Fri Aug 04, 2017 7:27 pm

She had never been in the Library before in Crocus. She had tried her luck in the one in Magnolia but it didn’t held any answers yet or she had not found them and she had left to not return immediately or any time quickly. It had too many reasons to not go back and she would rather go to Era at this point. She shook her head to get rid of the bad emotions in her head and entered the library. First the job, then possible answers. She had to find a dictionary from the Valan Runic Language. The note she had gotten from Luciel was in the envelope as well and she would find the book first before finding a quiet spot in the back of the library to try and translate it. The book was rather thick and heavy but that wasn’t a problem, the problem was to find the words. She kept checking if she found the right spelling. Especially the second word, the first word was Hare Meat and it could still be anything however the second was cabbage, which made her frown and quickly work on the third. Potatoes. Her frown only got bigger, it more sounded like a grocery list than anything interesting. She continued and the last word that she could translate was Ox Hooves. Who knew what kind of potion people would use cabbage for? She really doubted it, it was almost sure that it was an old grocery list but it was interesting to look in the dictionary and she skipped a bit more through the words to find some other information but in the end she decided she was done with this and she stood up with the book and the note back in the envelope. She put the book back on the shelve where she had found it and walked to the desk at the front of the library, ”Hi, Luciel will pick this up today.” She didn’t have to explain who Luciel was as the apprentice of Merlin was very clear, she just had to make sure that it was clear but the woman behind the desk seemed to know about it as there was a pigeon hole for Luciel personally. Alice stared at it before saying goodbye, she decided that it was time to leave.

This meant that she headed out of the Library, back towards her hotel to go travel towards Era, there was enough that she would have to realize and she planned to do that quickly as well as make sure that the information she had created was still safe and sound. She should have told Tori about her plan but she was sure the Fairy Tail mage would quickly catch up with the plan. She yawned and hurried on, she wanted to go to out of Crocus, she didn’t like this town and she would never like it for that matter. She had not even unpacked for she was sure she would only do the jobs send to her and hurry on. Maybe, maybe she would tell Evangeline, if she wanted to know.

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