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Crocus to Magnolia [Foot Travel]

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#1Xandra Queen † 

Crocus to Magnolia [Foot Travel] Empty Fri Aug 04, 2017 12:12 pm

Xandra Queen †
Waking up in the morning, she silently groaned in inwardly cursed the rays of the sun that shone through the uncovered window. Xandra's blonde hair was in a mess as strands wildly escaped the rotting strength of the rubber band which intended to hold it together. She rubbed her eyes and lazily hauled herself into a sitting position, noticing that fatigue had taken over her last night as she slept in the same attire which she had worn yesterday while working to earn some money. Her parted lips let out a sigh, as she stood up, removing the wrinkled shirt and lazily strolling into the bathroom. After a quick shower, she changed into pair of new clothes which consisted of an over-sized green, sleeveless shirt, a pair of black jeans and her reliable combat boots. Today was the day she left the city of Crocus and ventured into the outside world to explore more and get closer to her goal because of which she became a Rune Knight in the first place. Xandra had a long way to go but she was determined.

Quickly packing her essential items and clothes, which were not much to be honest, into a backpack, she ventured out into the streets and began her three day journey towards her next destination, Magnolia. Being alone has its perks but not in this case, she thought as she sauntered out of the town alone. She had to admit, travelling alone was not fun, especially since she realized she was rather bad at reading a map but somehow, she had managed to reach the nearby town within two days as she rested the nights seeking shelter within the Inn that was cheapest. Travelling was hard, much harder than she had expected, however; she was determined to reach the city of magnolia. One more day of perspiration inducing walking and constant sighs was all that was required for her to reach her next destination. "Magnolia."

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Crocus to Magnolia [Foot Travel] Sig10

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