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Translate The Note [Quest: Xandra]

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Xandra Queen †
It was yet another fine morning in the capital city of Fiore, Crocus as the sun showers the vast area with it's warm rays and the light breeze danced through the air. Xandra strolled forward while keeping her gaze fixated on the piece of paper in her hand. Reading through the content, she pushed the wild strands of her blonde hair behind her ear. It didn't take her long to arrive at the well-known library of the city, where book-worms and fantasy lovers fathered everyday. She halted in front of the giant wooden doors where her client, a girl named Luciel would would be waiting for her. She had arrived on time, luckily and found a young girl, clad in a dress and a sunhat, standing in front of the door. Xandra sauntered over and took a good look at the young girl. Her greenish-blonde hair was divided and tied into two pigtails as her pale skin was shaded from the gaze of the sun. Over her right eye, she wore a black eye patch. The young girl, Luciel, noticed the blonde female standing there and proceeded to speak, "You must be the mage I asked for?" As a reply, she received nothing more than a nod from the woman.

When she observed the young girl, Xandra couldn't help but see a different version of herself. The girl, too, like herself, showed no expression while she spoke. Her words were familiarly monotonous and her voice was rather low. Handing over an envelope to Xandra, Luciel proceeded to talk, "This is the note that I wish for you to translate." She shuffled through her bag, "And this is the reward. My apologies, I will be unable to come back for a while as I have to assist my mother. Once you have finished the translation, please leave it at the library desk. I will collect it from there." Once again, the only reply she received from the expressionless mage was a small note. The blonde female took the envelope and her reward, shoving it into the pocket of her black jeans and walked into the building as her client walked away.

As she entered the library, she was surprised. She was aware that the library had been a huge from inside but the interior before her was not what she had expected. The smell of freshly printed books mingling with the scent of polished wood lingered in the air. Before her stood shelves, two to three times as tall as she was, with each shelf containing at least twenty rows of books. Appearing colorful and vivid, the books were arranged so neatly and perfectly. Further away from the shelves, her lilac gaze landed upon the tables upon which she saw youngsters people, young and old, spread out and each engrossed in the book within their hands. The sight, to say, was stunningly beautiful. Folding up the sleeves of her white button down, she moved towards the shelves, prepared to start her search for dictionaries, books written in valan runic language and any other material which she could find, which may be helpful.

Silence embraced the building. The only thing that could be heard was the soft clashes of her shoes against the wooden floor. Peace and quiet was evident in the vicinity and Xandra couldn't help but love. Unfortunately, her expression couldn't show her true feelings. Her eyes wandered from book to book, looking for the object she had to find, until she found it and repeated the same action numerous times until she had thought she found enough material that would be needed to help her translate this note. Carrying the pile of books and papers to the table, furthest from the other people in the library, she slid them onto the table. She shoved her hand in the back pocket of her pants and pulled out a rubber band which she used to haul her hair up into a tamed ponytail to avoid any wild strands from tickling her face. Taking a seat, she pulled out the note from the envelop that was handed to her and straightened it out on the table. Digging into the books she found, she pointed out any words that looked familiar. She borrowed a pencil from the librarian in charge and proceeded to write down the English translations of the runic words over the underlined word in the note itself.

Time flew past as she scanned word after word, one page after another and jolted down the words which were necessary, whispering them to herself, "Cabbage" Confusion seeped through her but it was not her job to understand the note, her jobs was to simply decipher the words, "Hare meat" The note seemed nothing significant to her from what she had found so far but then again, what may seem insignificant to her may be of importance to her client. "Potatoes" She went on to do her job and had gotten the gist of the meaning of the notes. She figured that this note was probably just a grocery list or perhaps a list of important ingredients for a potion but that mattered not to her. "Ox Hooves"

Before she even realized it, two hours had passed by. Some of the people who she saw there had gone away while some stayed and new ones came to dig their noses into the books in their hand. Sighing, the female stretched her arms that had been working through those books and took a good look at the note. Most of the runic words had been underlined with their translation written above them. There were of course words which she could not comprehend, due to the handwriting or due to the fact that she was unable to find them in the dictionary at hand. However, she felt that she had completed what was asked of her. Closing the books, she returned them to the shelves which she had picked them up from and headed towards the librarian, to return the pencil which she had borrowed and also left there the note, on the library desk to be picked up by Luciel later. With that, she walked out of the library, feeling slightly knowledgeable, ample tired and very hungry.

[Word Count: 1043/1000]

Translate The Note [Quest: Xandra] Sig10

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