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Hargeon to Era [Travel]

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Yumi stretched out her limbs as she rose from her slumber. Her demonic gaze cast itself upon the room she was sleeping in, it was a simple room of a simple apartment she was staying in while she was in Hargeon. The room wasn't overly fancy but it was decent for what she needed. Yumi stretched her limbs out again as she stood up tossing the silk sheet of revealing her naked frame. The lolita moved towards her cupboard sliding it open grabbing a towel and went to the bathroom turning the taps on the shower and entering. Yumi washed herself from the night, making sure she was clean. She washed her hair thoroughly, scrubbing her body done with sponge and soap.

Yumi spent a good half hour in the shower cleaning herself up before finally getting out. Grabbing her towel she began drying her body off. Yumi left the bathroom returning to the bedroom where she moved to the cupboard to retrieve her clothing. The Lolita got dressed in the style of the Vikings, an armour she had bought but not worn since she received it. Yumi dressed herself in the armour of the north, tossing cape over her shoulder and making sure the leather material and breastplate were in place. Once Yumi had her viking armour on she retrieved her viking helm, a helmet with a pair of horns on it. Yumi shoved the helmet in place making sure her hair didn't get caught.

Once it was in place Yumi retrieved her Viking Axe taking it and tossing it onto her back, making sure it was strapped in with the leather strap. With the axe in place Yumi departed from the bedroom leaving the apartment, paying at the front for her room before leaving. It was time she left Hargeon and Yumi had the perfect place in mind, she was going to head to Era and see what the Rune Knights were up to.

Yumi rubbed her hands together before touching her hearts as a swirl of magic encased her changing her entire form. Her entire body grew in size as it developed, her hair turned orange as she took on the shape of Alice, the girl she had done quests with. With her disguise in place Yumi left Hargeon heading towards Era.

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Hargeon to Era [Travel] FIXCi2K
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