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Smuggle The Goods [SOLO]

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The little demon known as Hateshiginai Yumi, made her way through the streets of Hargeon a soft so smile on her luscious pink lips. She walked with a bounce in her steps and hummed a merry tune. One may ask just why the little lolita was so happy on this day. It was quite simply, it was because she had finally grown stronger. For years Yumi had been stuck at the bottleneck between B and A rank never capable of advancing in her old age. When she had regained her youth by sacrificing her life up to her Dark Lord Malum and became a demon she felt herself slowly breaking through that bottleneck, but became stuck again. But recently after doing quest after quest with growing stakes, she felt her strength ever growing. Finally, she had managed to push past the threshold of B rank and force her way into the Ranks of an A rank mage. With her growth, her mana had increased by almost fifty percent, a massive increase. While her Physical Strength and Endurance had remained the same barely budging, but they were already at a high point, she did feel herself growing stronger in other areas. Her body became lighter and she felt the elasticity in her muscles growing, booming with power and when tested she had discovered her speed at greatly increased. Before Yumi could run at dashing speeds of six meters per second in combat, and her top running speed was fifteen meters per second. Now she was capable of running at speeds of eight meters per second when dashing, and while sprinting speeds of twenty meters per second. It was not only a light increase in movement speed but would assist her greatly in her upcoming battles. She had plans that she would soon begin.

Besides the sudden boost in speed, Yumi felt her mind breaking open as her perception of the world and her ability to perceive the world widening. Her mind unlocked as a wealthy of memories rushed in, she found she was able to recall and think faster, even retain information and gathering quicker. It was as if her intellect as increased. She had always been a person with a broad open mind with a high intellect but now she felt it on a whole new level. With her rise in intellect, she had come to discover that her control over her magical energy had greatly increased, to the point she was able to use twenty percent less mana per spell. By being able to use less mana per spell, it would enable her to conserve her mana longer, allowing her to outlast others in battle but would also allow her to utilise more spells than her opponents. But she would still have to be careful as to not overdo it.

SO due to her ranking up, Yumi was incredibly happy, giddy as could be. After so long she had grown in power now she rivalled Caius in terms of power. She was still one of the strongest in the guild, outside of THesues, the guild master and the second in command. Now that was she was A rank, Yumi would begin aiming to achieve S rank. IF she could become an S rank class mage who knows just how powerful she could become.

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The thought of making S rank made the giddiness in Yumi grow even more. She really wanted to reach S rank. Something or someone was telling her that once she reached S rank her demonic heritage would begin showing itself again. She wondered just what would happen when she ranked to S what kind of demonic powers would she obtain from it. But sadly Yumi had only just reached A rank and it would be some time before she could obtain S rank. But she would never stop working towards her dream. Once she as S rank who knows perhaps she could even attempt to take over the guild and become Grimoire Heart's new Guild Master. It was time for a change.

Yumi kept these treasonous thoughts to herself, she didn't need Crowley or Icarus finding out about her traitorous thoughts. If they did who knows what they might plan to do to her. Yumi may have the goal of taking over the guild but she wasn't stupid enough to advertise it. SHe would wait patiently and slowly bide her time to grow in strength. She didn't know how strong Theseus, Crowley or Icarus was so she would have to build herself up in order to try and take them down. Once she was strong enough, with the confidence that she could handle them then she would fight them. Perhaps she would have to wait until she was beyond S rank. Yumi had once heard rumours that beyond S there was the rank of X, superior to S in every way. And beyond X was the legendary Z rank, it was but a fleeting dream but if she could reach X or Z then perhaps she would definitely be able to take over the guild and claim it as her own.

Yumi inhaled as she calmed herself down, and went back to strolling happily through the streets of Hargeon. For now, she would just be happy with what she was. It would be some time before she could even reach that level, but if she could do it within less than a year she would be overcome with joy. That was her new goal to reach S rank before twelve months had passed. She would love to try and reach S rank sooner, but she estimated that she should be able to achieve it in twelve months time. If not she would have to try for another twelve months after that, two years was the maximum amount of time she would allow to pass. She would definitely make sure she reached S-rank by the time two years was up.

Yumi would make sure no one stood in her way to growing in power, even the guild. Yumi would crush everyone who stands in her way making sure no one prevented her from getting the power she desired. Yumi wanted nothing but power, the power engulfs the world in glorious chaos. THe demon within her began to rise, becoming alive at the thought of bringing a never ending chaos to the world. Ever since she became a demon the desire to destroy and end mankind became even stronger. Yumi was after all a demon a natural bringer of death and destruction, she thrived off of the chaos caused by humans.

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Yumi turned her focus back to the streets of Hargeon and away from the thoughts of ranking up to S let alone X and Z, they were a distance away. For now she would only focus on the present and work on climbing her way to the top. Firstly she needed more money as he had recently bought a new set of armour, Viking armour to go with her axe. SO Yumi changed her course and headed toward the quest board in order to retrieve a quest to earn herself so more jewels as in this world money made the world go round. It was a sad truth of life, that if you wanted to get things done you needed money. If you wanted power you needed to have money. Without money you were nothing, you couldn't do anything. With the money, you could buy the world and it was true. Those with money could be physically weak but could easily hire powerful mage's to work for them. THey could hire entire armies to serve under them with their overwhelming wealth and use it to do as they please. That was the world that Yumi and everyone else lived in. The rules were made by the rich and the poor suffered.

Yumi snorted in amusement as she moved through the streets of Hargeon, pushing her way through. The streets weres crowded, as it was Saturday morning and the market stalls were up. People were running about seeing the merchants wares, amazed gasps and cries echoed through the air as people examined the exotic merchandise being sold here today. Yumi ignored it as she continued on her destinated path, the axe on her back bouncing up and down as she parted the crowds with ease. Her tiny figure allowed her to easily move through the gaps. Yumi increased her walking pace in order to reach her destination faster. WIth her strength she forced people aside getting gasps from them, due to the sudden forced movements, but Yumi paid them no mind.

After ten minutes of pushing through the busy crowds, Yumi finally arrived at the quest board in the middle of town. Yumi began examing the quests looking for one that suited her. Her eyes darted towards a section of C rank quests, as they were the highest ones currently listed. She found one particular quest from Reagan. She had worked for the smuggler twice before on similar quests so she decided to take it. She was to meet him down by the docks. Yumi folded the quest over and began making her way down to the dock in order to meet up with Reagan.

Upon her arrival, however, she found him arguing ith a rune knight. "How dare you sink my shipment! I paid good money for it! ANd yet you dare to accuse that it was moving illegal goods and sunk it out there in the water! How barbaric!" Barked out Reagan his face red from anger. The rune knight merely snorted at him, "Who are you to talk about what we dare! We are the law and we declared there were illegal goods on board. NO move along or else I will throw you in the slammer for the night!" With that the rune knight turned around and walked off, completely ignoring Yumi as he headed back to town.

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Yumi raised an eyebrow at the argument and approached Reagan who was taking in deep breaths to calm himself. It seemed something had happened, yumi was curious about what. Yumi approached from the side and came to a halt just meters from Reagan and spoke up in her usual soft tone. "It seems like your having a little trouble. I originally came to help you move some goods off your recent shipment, but from what I understand the Rune Knight's sunk your ship. Want me to go and slaughter them like the pigs they are?" Enquired Yumi as she reached up to grab the handle of her axe.

Reagan sighed and shook his head, having finally calmed down. "No, don't, if you do it may just draw attention to me. For now let things cool down, I will probably have you deal with them later. As for the quest, I may have to change things up. You see I had a shipment coming in on one of Balthazar Barbossa's ships. HE's a captain of a pirate ship specialising in raids and sea expeditions. He usually sells his wares to me, before the rune knights catch on, but this time they were a step ahead of us and told bombarded his ship. The ship sunk by the beach, luckily Balthazar has retrieved the shipment before it could sink. But he can't bring it to me as the knights are keeping an eye on his crew. I can't go either as the Knights are keeping an eye on me, so we need a middle man. I will give you the money for the shipment and you'll go retrieve it, pretending to be the buyer. The shipment is magical goods which are illegal for someone like me to possess, but not a mage. Once you have the goods find me at the docks, warehouse three and I'll take them off your hand." Explained Reagan as he retrieved an envelope full of jewels and handed it over to Yumi. "By the way this will no longer be a C rank quest, but a B rank. SO you'll be paid double what you'd normally get."

Yumi retrieved the envelope and tucked it into her bosom. "Down by the beach right?" Reagan nodded his head to indicate yes, "Very well. I'll be off." YUmi turned on her black heels and began making her way away from the docks. As she departed Reagan went his own ways heading to the warehouse where they were supposed to meet up. Yumi smiled to herself, it seemed her luck was looking up. She had only expected to earn fifty thousand jewels today, but it looked like she was going to have the chance to earn one hundred thousand. SHe had only completed one B rank as of late, so it would be nice to have another under her belt. SHe was getting tired of D and C rank quests, especially now that she was an A rank mage. She needed to be doing A and B rank quests but they were both incredibly rare, in the last few years she had taken nothing but D and C ranks. It was as if no one had needed for B or A rank quests, but she did. But it seemed things were beginning to change.

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Yumi arrived at the Hargeon beach after an hour of walking, mainly to make sure no one was trailing her. SHe had just visited Reagan and if she was to suddenly head to the beach while rune knights were poking around it would raise much suspicion. SO Yumi took her time. As she arrived at the beach she could see the scuttled pirate ship off shore, it's flag stick up out of the water with crates floating around. By the beach were a group of men sitting by a single crate. Out of all the crates, they had only recovered the one, meaning it was the one of most importance.

Yumi began her approach as she did, the men took notice of her and began to wolf whistle and cat call. Yumi rolled her eyes at their actions as she walked right up, they easily towered over her four foot ten frame as the shortest of the group was only five foot six, still taller then yumi by a larger margin. "How'd you like to spend some time with us little lady." They looked on with lustful gazes sizing up her body.

Yumi snorted at them and began to slowly release her demonic pressure. The force slammed down upon the pirates, as if gravity had suddenly doubled and began to install fear into them. The gulped and began falling down bodies quivering. "I'm here for a shipment." yumi pulled out the envelope from her bosom and handed it over to the pirate sitting on the crate. The pirate gulped and took the offered item, opening up finding money and a note inside. He pulled the note out and began to read. The note was from Reagan detailing that Yumi was here to collect the shipment in his place.

The pirate hopped down and allowed Yumi to collect the crate. Yumi walked over and picked it up with ease. As she turned and began walking away she was stopped by someone, who introduced himself as Balthazar. The man spoke to her saying he had plans for the future, and would be wanting her assistance as he had heard good things about the little lolita from Reagan. Even though she had only worked for him twice it seemed she left a lasting impression.

Yumi merely grunted in acknowledgement and returned to her leaving. She moved through the back alleys of Hargeon, avoiding the rune knight patrols, even moving from roof top to roof top as she travelled back to the Hargeon docks. She landed on the docks in a crouched position, crate on her back and headed to the designated warehouse to meet up with Reagan. Yumi walked on in sliding the metal door shut behind her and approached Reagan who stood in the middle of the warehouse.

Yumi placed the shipment down in front of Reagan. The smuggler popped the lid and began to inspect the goods making sure everything was there. He nodded and removed a wad of jewels from his bag and handed it over to Yumi. Yumi collected the money and counted it up making sure it tallied to one hundred thousand. Yumi nodded her head in thanks as she pocketed the jewels and turned leaving the warehouse. She first checked that no one was around then left, disappearing from sight.

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