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Crocus to Magnolia [Foot Travel]

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Crocus to Magnolia [Foot Travel] Empty Mon Jun 26, 2017 6:30 pm

She hadn’t been long in Crocus, which she totally didn’t mind but many things had already changed again. She had found Konstantin or more like he found her. He was a Holy Knight now, she came to respect her decision about running away, this however didn’t mean that she was happy about it but it was in the past and she couldn’t change anything about it. And last but definitely not least: she was now half cat, half human. Thank god she didn’t have a fur or anything but she had a tail and two orange coloured ears on top of her head. She wasn’t absolutely happy about that but the claws that came with the transformation or the fact that she could walk over the smallest of objects as in robes between roofs that made it more amazing. Most of all she was on her way to Magnolia to buy a diadem which she had wanted the moment she had left Magnolia about a month ago. Besides who knew what would happen again in Magnolia, hopefully something that didn’t include for her to faint much. Besides Konstantin was with her that was positive enough. That reminded her of the thought she had today about the settling down, which made her shiver again. Better not tell him that!

It would be a three days travel and she and Ophelia would leave this evening immediately after having done three jobs today. She felt rather satisfied about her day today. It made her rather content with being a Rune Knight, which had definitely had been different before. Especially before she had reached Crocus. She would now head to the Bed & Breakfast just outside Magnolia and she was definitely satisfied about that whole idea. She looked forward to Clara and wondered if she could have the same room and if her stuff was still there that she had left behind because of the running of to Seighart Mountains in a rather hurried departure.

Wordcount: 332/300 Arrival in Magnolia

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