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Let's Get Physical [Quest: Alice]

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When she was still counting on the jewels that Armin had given her, he was apparently looking still looking at her. It was just when she looked up, planning to put the jewels in her backpack. ”Anything wrong?” His face suddenly seemed to turn green and she could step out of the way quick enough while he hunched and puked. She was a bit surprised because well he was an example for her, not one of many and he had seem fine just a few minutes ago! What happened in that hour, ”let me carry you home.” She slung his left arm around her shoulders and half carried, half walked him home. Which didn’t go very fast but Ophelia kept muttering her healing spells. It only didn’t seem to help much. When the three of them entered the house, she immediately brought him to his bed and tried to find a page, that seemed to come in at the right moment, ”Quick! Get a physician!” and he ran off to find one. She remained at Armin his side, trying to cool down the fever and just hoping it would be alright. When she heard footsteps, she was relieved, she wasn’t made for this yet. ”Out of my way.” Her mouth felt open as she stepped aside to see Lady Merlin, she had asked for a physician but alright, if she knew what to do. She didn’t do anything, didn’t say anything while Lady Merlin was doing the examination. ”Well you should stay in bed mister Bartolomew.” she said and turned to look at Alice to thank her for bringing him back home, ”I can’t stay here. I need to teach the children.” Which only brought more question marks in Alice her head which was clearly seen on her raised eyebrow and the twist of her left cat-ear. Armin his eyes looked at her again, pleading for her help, ”eh train children?” she said with a little bit of an edge in her voice. She was sure she couldn’t do that properly. In the end she simply shrugged and said it was fine. Armin told her the time and place where she had to be and she had enough time to get some food before she would go there. It would probably not very good to get a grumbling stomach while teaching young soldiers. If only she been a proper Knight.. wait that made no sense.. she was!

She said a proper goodbye towards Lady Merlin and Armin and left back into the town to get some food somewhere. She wouldn’t eat much, she carried Ophelia for the time being and decided that it would be good enough to just buy a sandwich somewhere, she had eaten just about an hour or two ago. She entered the market again and found something for her and Ophelia that they could share. She would simply go to the bench near the quest board again. She would simply nibble on the sandwich and pluck parts from the sandwich to give to Ophelia. ”Let’s show those young boys what we can do.” she didn’t know why she assumed it were boys. She shrugged and continue to eat and relax on that bench, watching people pass as they did before. But she would also sit here to relax and make sure that she could run around and do whatever she needed to do later. When it was 30 minutes before the lesson would start, she and Ophelia headed to the place. Thank god they were the first to arrive.

In trickled the five boys indeed that were preparing for training, ”Where’s mister Bartolomew?” they immediately asked and she explained as nicely as she could that he was ill and that he was replaced by her for today, ”But you are a woman,” she opened her mouth to say something nasty, ”And a cat!” Yeah well everyone had their points, ”And a seated Knight so you beter show some respect if you want to join the ranks rather sooner than later.” She said with a harsh tone in her voice, ”Besides that, respect for other people including females is smarter if you want to be a Knight. After all you are there to support and protect the nation in the name of justice.” she held up her hands and was surrounded by the lights for her transformation into the scarle armour as well as holding on to the straight spear that was her favourite weapon, ”Besides that never judge a book by its cover.” one or two of the boys gasped and the third mentioned that it was a limited magic called Requip magic one that could summon armours and weapons and she was happy to see that they had done their homework, ”Now get to work. Five laps around this grass patch.” If they went to slow she hit their calves with the back of her spear and they would go faster. After that she didn’t give them time to breath and they would have to do push ups that she would do quicker than them, for their stupidity of calling her out as a woman, she made them buckle up. Using everything for the fitness training that she could come up with during her break. She would make sure they drank enough though and switched out of the armour while they were looking at her. She would demand them to do more action at that moment. When the training was done she let them go and cleaned up the mess that they left with the attributes. When she was done cleaning up and picked up Ophelia, who was grumpy for being bored and perhaps hungry, she decided to go back to the hotel as soon as she was done by reporting to Armin.

So she would go back to Armin and sit by his bedside to tell him about what happened, not forgetting to mention that she was sure those little bastards should know to respect women. If they would behave like that in front of higher ups and she didn’t only meant her but for example Lady Merlin, it wouldn’t be a pretty sight. He paid her the money after he laughed but mentioned that she had a good point. She wished him a speedy recovery and headed back home with Ophelia who definitely needed attention today.

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