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[Foot Travel ]- Crocus The Ho!y Capital -> Magnolia

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#1Marina Wulfstan 

[Foot Travel ]- Crocus The Ho!y Capital -> Magnolia Empty Sun Jun 25, 2017 3:08 pm

Marina Wulfstan
The Ho!y Capital of Crocus, it was a fine city to waste time in. The young beast master who was currently without a beast to call her own was currently resting in a classy little hotel without a care in the world.  When you spent most of your childhood in the wastelands moving from place to place a woman like Marina rarely got a chance to enjoy the finer things in life like a comfy bed in an area she really didn't have to worry about some raider trying to steal her clothes or a wild animal trying to get into her food stash. A warm bed, a staff of cute boys and girls tending towards your every need and the best part is she had a room to herself! No longer didn't she had to share a room or worse a bathroom with her older brothers. Life was good for Marina, but still Fiore had so much more to offer.

With a reluctant sigh, Marina would finally rise up from her loafing around and take one last look at her hotel room. It was fun while it lasted.  Taking a look at a map of Fiore, Marina would look for a new town to travel too. Mangolia look like a fun place to stay in for a bit, she thought. Putting the map away in her backpack Marina would gather her things and leave her room, pay the clerk at the front desk and thank him for the wonderful service. It was around noon as Marina begin her trip towards Mangolia. "I walk a lonely road." Marina would begin to sing as she made her way towards Mangolia.

Her voice grew quieter as the city of Crocus shrunk from her view. She wondered if she find some more excitement. While her stay. in Crocus was comfy, she did find herself growing a bit bored. Soon Mangolia would appear and with that Marina enter the city of Mango!is.

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