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Welcoming Committee | Snowflake

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#1Venus Rosé 

Welcoming Committee | Snowflake Empty Thu May 11, 2017 9:59 pm

Venus Rosé

The cyborg walked through the crowded streets of Orchidia, drawing attention from nearby passengers. Whispers erupted from the people as they chatted among each other, their eyes fixed on her. Although, she had a form of a human body, she was not exactly human – not anymore. She had gone through experiments to transform her body, into a much sturdier and developed one. Not only did her appearance changed, she was no longer able to use her magic. Instead, she was required to upgrade her body to withstand whatever that was targeted towards her – whether it be a magic spell or just a simple object.

A piece of black cloth concealed her eyes and only revealed her nose and thin lips. She appeared blind, but little did they know that the cloth acted as her visor and she could see every detail that comes before her eyes, even the statistics of a person. The numbers did not have any meaning, although it gave her the ability to differentiate a normal human and a mage. As she meandered through the mob of people, she would ignore the gazes that were fastened upon her.

The warm breeze blew through the lands, causing strands of silver hair to caress her pinkish cheeks. The mild weather announced the upcoming summer days although the heat did not seem to bother her much due to her new body. Another day, another quest. The girl thought to herself while she tucked away a few loose strands behind her ear. She was on her way to meet her client, whose name was Dacol Lubex. The man had hired her before albeit, she doubted he would remember her face now that her appearance had completely altered.

Through the streets, the smell of chocolate and desserts wafted through her nose and her eyes would drift towards the source. Just a few meters ahead of her was a cupcake store, a lovely one in fact, with colourful decorations adorned outside the shop. Without any hesitation, the girl entered, her eyes scanning through the entire store before it landed onto the shelves filled with numerous cupcakes, each with a different flavour. ”Could I have all the chocolate ones please?” The worker stared at her in disbelief as she began to gather the chocolate cupcakes and placed them in a large box. There were at least 20 of them, more than enough for her to eat them within a couple of weeks.

Upon arriving the gates of the town, she would soon notice a tall figure waiting by the entrance with a pile of fliers tucked underneath his arm. ”Dacol, am I right?” The man turned around to face her and raised his eyebrow in curiosity, as if he was questioning who she was. ”The one you hired?” Snow enquired, while still holding onto her bag of cupcakes. ”Oh, yes. I apologize. Now that you’re here, I’d like to give this to you.” The man handed her stack of papers in her hands as she stared down at them. ”These are the fliers and pass them out to every single person who has entered the gate, alright? Here, I’ll help you out with the first one.” He took a single sheet of flier from the pile and began handing it out to a random person that just walked through the entrance.

The person was a traveller and he seemed excited about exploring the town since he instantly accepted the offer when Dacol suggested to show them around the place. Thus, she was left alone in the middle of the gates with a stack of fliers in her hand. She figured it wouldn’t be much of a hassle since all she had to do was to pass out the fliers, whether they like it or not. Not long after Dacol left, another traveller approaches and when she attempted to pass out the flier just like Dacol demonstrated, she received a disdaining glare from a woman. ”I don’t need these bullshit. Stop passing these around.” The woman hissed. ”It doesn’t hurt to accept these, does it?” She retorted and thrusted the paper in the woman’s hand. The woman was apparently shocked by her behaviour, but Snow could care less what she thought about her.

It was necessary to hand out the fliers with a smile, so that the she would appear friendly towards the travellers but it was uncomfortable for her since she rarely smiles or ever express any of her feelings. The girl would force a smile occasionally, and it would mostly end up looking awkward only leading to the travellers giggling at her face. Most people who passed by took the fliers that she had distributed although they barely paid any attention to her and just continued walking in their path. Some were rude, just like the woman she had encountered before but as long as she was doing the job she was not bothered by such attitudes.

Snow heaved out a sigh and glanced down at her bag of cupcakes that was placed beside her feet. She had been wanting to try out the taste and when there weren’t any people passing by, she reached out for one and took a bite. Cupcakes were not necessarily her favourite however, they tasted sweet and delicious. It was starting to get boring with no travellers passing through until Dacol returned with a smile on his face, indicating that he had successfully guided his customers through the town. He would wait until another visitor enters the gate and somehow, the travellers would always be convinced by whatever he had stated. Once again, they would disappear into the crowds while Dacol lead them around the city.

Before she knew, the day had come closer to an end. The sun has set down the horizon, leaving a bright shade of orange and red. Snow wondered if her cupcakes were still good since they had been out in the sun for the entire afternoon while she worked. After the day had ended and the people have returned back to their homes, Dacol handed her a bag of jewels, rewarding her for the work she has done during the day.


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