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#1Venus Rosé 

Work Work Work | Solo Empty Thu May 11, 2017 9:45 am

Venus Rosé


Quest: All In A Day's Work

Rank: D

Type: Good

Requirements: None

Dex Miller: Dex got in an accident ten years ago and ever since believes he's a real detective. He will be seen around town striking poses, as if he's a detective in a noir film, and doing typical noir film detective things like drinking whiskey in bars late at night and complaining about his cases that aren't real. Confronting him about these things will only worsen the condition.

Summary: Dex Miller is a hard-boiled detective. Or at least, he thinks so. After the incident, Dex was never really the same. Obsessing over far-fetched conspiracies, solving cases that didn't exist, all the while maintaining the composure of a typical noir sleuth. Dex has figured that it's about time for him to train a successor, as he is under the belief there is an assassination plot against him. So he has reached out to a mage to shadow him for the day.

Enemies: None

Objective: Follow Dex around as he shows you the ropes of a detective's life.

Extra Rewards: None


  • Create a topic in Orchidia Streets.
  • Dex specified to meet him at a coffee shop, and when you locate it, you will see him sipping away at some coffee, musing about life.
  • When you greet him, he will do a brief inspection of you to see if you are suspicious, and he confirms to himself that you are actually the mage who took the request.
  • When he finishes his coffee, he asks you to follow him along in his current investigation of a murder.
  • As you get into some zany antics with his cross-examinations of random pedestrians, and ridiculous inspection for clues, it becomes clear that there was no murder that happened.
  • You can either indulge in Dex's fantasy with him, acting as a true detective's assistant, or you can try and point out to him that there is nothing out of the ordinary and he is deluding himself. Of course, if you try the second option, he will disregard you and will only become more ridiculous.
  • No matter the course of action, at the end of the time you spend, he will pay you the reward, though he will be incredibly disheartened if you spent the whole time telling him he was wrong.

#2Venus Rosé 

Work Work Work | Solo Empty Thu May 11, 2017 10:36 am

Venus Rosé

Spring draws closer to an end each day and the temperature gets warmer and warmer, making its way for the next season. The girl weaved through the crowds that filled up the streets of Orchidia. Strands of blue hair that framed her small visage flew behind her as a warm breeze blew through the land. In her hands was a piece of paper that she had received from the client. It told her to meet him at a particular coffee shop to discuss the details about the quest. Her client was someone she had worked with previously but on the other hand, her identity was still unknown to him.

”This one?” She stared up at the building that towered above her with the name of the shop written on a wooden board that was hung up at the top of the store. Bells chimed the moment she pushed the door open and she would be warmly greeted by the employees that were working at the store. Just as she stepped foot inside, the fresh aroma of coffee and bread wafted through her nose. Around the corner, she noticed a familiar face – Dex Miller. She would never struggle finding him through the crowd for his afro and dark outfit stood out so much that it easily attracted attention.

The girl ordered a cup of cappuccino and some croissants, as usual and requested to be delivered at Dex’s table. As she approached towards him, she could see him eyeing her suspiciously from head to toe before his eyes widened. ”I’ve hired you before!” He broke into a huge grin. The girl nodded and took a seat right across him, without bothering to ask permission. Some would say that she has no manners or she could just say she simply does not care. ”Such coincidence! I did not think you’d be the one.” He uttered, clearly excited to see her again. ”How do you feel?” She questioned, referring to the moment when Dex was knocked out the force that was emitted from the entity lurking around the river.

For a moment, Dex did not seem to understand what she was asking until he recalled his memories. ”Oh, I felt horrible afterwards. But I feel much better thanks to you.” She was glad she delivered him to the hospital right afterwards and was now released without any serious injury. ”So, what do you want me to do this time?” She enquired, leaning back into her seat with her arms folded and crossed her slender legs underneath the table. The waiter would place her order in front of her while she beamed down at Snow and walked away afterwards. Snow took a sip from the coffee while Dex explained about what he had discovered. The man claimed that he had been working on an investigation about a murder in the forests of Orchidia.

He brought out his notes that he had jotted down from his bag and showed it to her. It didn’t make sense to her. If there had been a murder, the knights would be taking care of it, not the locals that live in the town.


#3Venus Rosé 

Work Work Work | Solo Empty Thu May 11, 2017 11:24 am

Venus Rosé

While Snow listened to Dex’s story of his murder case, she gulped down her cappuccino and nibbled on the croissants. She wasn’t exactly paying attention to what he had been saying, although she would nod as if she understood during times she thought was necessary. The croissant was buttery, crispy yet, moist on the inside – just the way she wanted her croissant to be. The coffee was not her favourite albeit, it wasn’t bad either. The store reminded her of the one back in Era and all of a sudden, she wanted to try out the cakes from the store once again. They were mouth-wateringly delicious, she hasn’t encountered any shops that could top the one in Era.

Lost in her thoughts, she had almost forgotten Dex was still talking to her. Both of them have finished their coffees and snacks and it was finally time to leave. ”Follow me for my investigation.” And, so she did after they paid for their expenses at the coffee shop. Dex seemed to be thrilled about his investigation about the murder but Snow, on the other hand only  had cakes and desserts on her mind. If it was to follow him around and indulge in his fantasy, then so be it. She did not care either way. Along their way to the forest, Dex would ask random people that were passing by and enquired them if they have heard anything about the murder scene. He would go so far as to examine their body, much to their discomfort.

Snow was already getting uncomfortable with the looks they were getting from the locals. They didn’t seem to like what Dex was doing. ”Oh! Look at this!” He exclaimed, pointing at the footprint engraved into the ground. A sigh left her lips out of exasperation. ”Dex, it’s just a random footprint. There are hundreds of people walking by every day. How are you going to find out anything from it?” Despite of what she had been trying to say, Dex just completely ignores her and continues doing with his ridiculous work. He bent down and began measuring the size of the footprint and took notes of the measurements. No matter what she say, it would not get through his head.

It did not take her long enough to find out that the murder was not real but just his own fantasy. The people on the streets did not seem to know what he was talking about, nor bought any of his bullshit. She was to act as his assistant, a detective’s assistant to be precise but this was ridiculous. It was as if she was taking care of a child, much worse, an adult who would not heed any advice. ”I keep telling you, you’re deluding yourself. There is no murder case.” She was persistent with her argument just as Dex is as well. Soon, Dex would cease in his tracks and turn around to face him. ”You’re a terrible assistant. However, I’ll reward you for coming along with me.” He handed her a bag of jewels and disappeared to continue his work while Snow just shook her head in disbelief.



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