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Distraction | Solo

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#1Venus Rosé 

Distraction | Solo Empty Thu May 11, 2017 3:54 am

Venus Rosé


Quest: Distraction

Rank: D

Type: Good

Requirements: None

Jelies Sov: Jelies is the head guard of the noble family. Oddly enough, he isn't a very powerful person. He managed to secure this position by bluffing his way up. One of his lieutenants, for example, is multiple times stronger than him. Sometimes Jelies can be seen wandering into town asking putting up quests in order to continue living his bluff.

Summary: The Muramasas are having a large event in a few days, and many noble families will be visiting. It is a source of a lot of excitement, but for Jelies Sov, it is just one big headache. The coordination for security is a big enough issue for the event, but on top of that, he has to deal with Leis. The old man is almost comical with his senile ranting, but having a feeble man spouting ridiculous nonsense right in front of the entrance to the castle would bring nothing but shame on the Muramasa family. He can't deal with this himself, so he is employing someone to distract the man for the day, and make sure he doesn't come anywhere near the castle.

Leis: Leis is known as the village-idiot. He begins his day by spouting about satan in front of the noble castle each day. A few years ago he broke his legs during an accident and tragically lost his wife, he's been preaching from a wheelchair since, that was until a street urchin stole his wheelchair. Enil and some other citizens got together and made him a new wheelchair.

Objective: Keep Leis away from the castle.

Extra Rewards:

  • +1 Intelligence


  • Create a topic in Orchida Streets.
  • You will be waiting outside the castle a few hours before the event, waiting for Leis to show up at his usual time.
  • When the crazy old man shows up, you need to do whatever you can to keep him away. You can try luring him to follow you, convincing him of better places to create a ruckus, attempt to talk him down and rattle him out of his craziness for a while, or whatever. Just get him away from the castle.
  • Leis won't put up much resistance, and will allow you to lead him off somewhere else as long as you put some effort into your argument, and the two of you will go through the streets of Orchidia. Leis will act a little crazy, but also have some surprisingly melancholy moments where he talks about his wife.
  • Eventually, he will ask you to lead him back to his house, and will thank you for spending time with him.
  • Once the event at the castle is over, report back to Jelies, and he will give you your reward, thanking you for your time.

#2Venus Rosé 

Distraction | Solo Empty Thu May 11, 2017 12:11 pm

Venus Rosé

The streets were bizarre and loud with crowds filling up the streets, like the usual. It was a rather warm day but the frigid winds that blew through the land would cool her down and soothe her. The market was busy as ever: customers trying to bargain to the lowest prices possible, shopkeepers yelling on top of their voices to attract customers and a lost child wailing for his mother in a corner. The noise was something she had an aversion to and Snow never liked big crowds. Quest after quest, Snow has been accomplishing them every day. Now, she was hired to distract someone from entering the castle. It appeared to be a boring job with not much to do however, she needed the jewels after all.

The maiden entered a cake store nearby, her eyes scanning over a number of desserts that were placed on the shelf. ”Can I have 2 eclairs, please?” She ordered, pointing at the dessert with chocolate icing on it. She figured she should get some snack before proceeding towards the castle. Reaching into her pocket for the jewels, she placed them on the counter to pay for her purchase. She took a small bite of her éclair as she walked out of the store. The cream that was filled inside the dough bursted within her mouth; sweet and delicious. Snow decided to come back to the store again to buy more eclairs for herself after she was done with the quest.

Snow glanced over at the huge clock that was hung up against a tall building. The appointed time was in at least an hour and she had no choice but to wait. With her arms folded against her chest, she tapped her foot against the ground impatiently for the man to arrive. ”Is he late?” Her eyes drifted towards the clock once again only to find out that she was the one who had been overthinking. ”Why is it taking so long?” She mumbled to herself, frustrated. ”Who’re you talking to, young child?” An old man approached. Silver eyes scanned the man from head to toe before finally confirming that he was the one she had been waiting for.

The old man was petite and short also, incapable of walking. Before he could begin speaking, the girl grabbed the handles of his wheelchair and began pushing him away from the direction of the caste, ”Old man, let’s go somewhere interesting.”
”Hey! Hey! Where are you taking me? I have things to do!” He exclaimed, squirming in his seat.
”I’m just going to take for a short walk in the streets. It’s healthy, refreshing and there are beautiful things around the town as well.” She insisted while continuing to take him further away from the castle. She found it easy to convince him since the old man immediately agreed to be taken elsewhere. ”Don’t call me an old man! I have a name too – Leis.” The girl nodded and heaved out a sigh of exasperation. He was a talkative him, no doubt.


#3Venus Rosé 

Distraction | Solo Empty Thu May 11, 2017 12:39 pm

Venus Rosé

The girl wondered where she should take him to. It was not as if she has been to many places in Orchidia. The scent of sweat that lingered in the air mixed with the fragrance of flowers from a florist shop nearby. The two weaved through swirls and eddies of people and she would make sure no other person would bump into the old man or his wheelchair. As they wandered, she caught notice of how Leis was staring at the vendor that sold street food. ”Do you want some?” She asked.
”N-No. I was just looking.” The way he stuttered his words – it was obvious that he was bad at lying. A sigh left her lips. ”I’ll get it for you.” The young woman walked over to the vender and quickly skimmed over a variety of meat that was placed in front of her. All of them were skewed through a wooden stick – a technique most street vendors would use for an easier way to eat for their customers.

”Two of these, please.” She pointed at the barbequed chicken skewers and immediately, her stomach would produce a low grumble within for she had not eaten lunch for the day. The girl would take him to one of the few places that was peaceful and less bizarre: the Orchidia river. It was the only place she knew apart from the streets. She discovered it during a quest when a strange entity appeared above the river. It had been solved and ever since then, Snow has been vising the river frequently since it was very different from the streets: peaceful and beautiful.

The blue haired mage would sit on the grass just beside the river while the two nibbled on their barbeque meat. It tasted delicious and somehow, she wanted more of it. She was hungry, after all. Eventually, the old man would begin talking about Satan and questioned her if she knew about the creature. Not paying her full attention, the girl just nodded away at whatever he had been blabbering about. Leis would switch subject to her wife who had passed away in an accident. There was a hint of sadness in his voice and eyes and Snow almost felt pity for him, which was very rare of her. Normally, she would not react to the stories she had heard from her clients and would just let them open their heart out to her. She stared ahead, towards the location she had seen the glowing entity. Snow understood the pain Leis was suffering very well for she knew how it was like to lose someone special.

It was growing slightly dark and the sun had begun to set down the horizons. ”Can you take me back to the castle?” The girl would nod before pushing herself back onto her feet. ”Thank you for spending time with me. It was lovely.” The old man beamed up at her and a small smile finally grew on her lips. One thing she knew about the man was that he may be talkative and unreasonable with his beliefs, he was a truly nice and loving man.



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