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Strange Entity To A Spirit | Solo

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#1Venus Rosé 

Strange Entity To A Spirit | Solo Empty Thu May 11, 2017 12:47 am

Venus Rosé

The young maiden stared up at the blue sky above, wondering about the previous quest she had completed. Normally, the missions she did would not be stuck on her mind but it was different this time. She encountered a mysterious ball that had given her vision, not just any normal vision – the one where she saw her parents. She was curious about it, albeit she knew that she would not see it again. The scene played on her mind repeatedly as she watched the clouds raced over the cobalt sky. She pushed herself up and stared down at the crowds of people that roamed about in the streets of Orchidia. Blue hair sailed behind her like a kite, the sun catching its ends and turning it silver. She jumped off the rooftop and landed on the ground graciously with a thud, startling nearby passengers as they stared at her with their eyes wide.

In the palm of her hands was a piece of paper that she had retrieved earlier from the quest board. The details were yet, unexplained but it appeared that another strange entity has been seen once again. She figured, this time she would get answers from the object. Snow crunched up the sheet of paper in her hands and proceeded to meet her client, Dacol Lubex. They had appointed to meet at a park nearby where Dacol promised to tell her the specifics of the quest.

A tall figure stood by the park with his arms folded, as if he was waiting for someone. ”Dacol?” She called out, approaching towards him. The man would turn around before breaking into a small smile. ”You must be the Blue Pegasus mage.” He reached out for her hand and Snow would shook his firmly. ”There’s another strange entity by the river again and I’m quite worried about what it might be.” His eyes flickered from side to side and his voice immediately lowered as if he was afraid that someone might have heard him. ”We’ll walk to the river and you can tell me more about it.” The girl suggested. She didn’t want to waste time talking at a park when she could check the entity herself.

Along the way, the man would tell him that the object appeared to be in a humanoid form, glowing. It was something she did not want to believe but the last time, it turned out exactly true as her previous client described. The sky grew darker by each passing second and the sun would set down the horizon while the moon ascended the empyreans. Before she knew, everything was still and quiet and the town was hushed with no noises but the low whistle of the wind and the rustle of the leaves.

It was true, after all. Snow stared at the glowing creature that hung up above the river. The last time was a glowing orb however, this time it has taken shape of a small child. She figured that the ball had grown into a humanoid form as time passes and now, it had started drawing attention from the locals. Just like before, she found herself being enchanted by the glowing entity and she could not help but being drawn towards it as if someone was calling her.

”Come, come closer.”

A voice demanded. Snow was entirely in a trance that she was not even aware of what she was doing. ”I am a spirit of a person who had passed away a long time ago.” The voice spoke to her once again and Snow wondered if anyone else could hear the conversation. ”I am only speaking to you telepathically.” The creature stated, as if it had been reading her mind the entire time. ”Due to the magic I had as a human, I have now become a semi-tangible creature.” As the entity explained why it had been floating around the river, Dacol requested her to tell him everything so that he could report it back to the higher ups. And, so she did.

The girl wondered why the entity was telling her all of this although, she doubt it would answer the numerous questions she had in her mind. ”Now, listen carefully.” The creature announced. ”I need you to do me a favour. There is danger coming to the town. However, it is preventable, which is why I’m telling you. And, I want you to find…” Its voice trailed off, fading away and before she could ask what it wanted her to find, the entity had long vanished into the ground. She had yet to question the entity about the vision she received about her parents. She was curious to know if it was true or just imaginary albeit, all her questions were left unanswered.

”I-Is that it? I think I got everything.” The man was still stuttering. It appeared that he could not believe his eyes either and he sounded almost scared. ”It’s over, Dacol.” She concluded with a heave of sigh. Snow was quite disappointed but there was nothing she could have done. All of a sudden, she could feel the energy from her body being drained away as a sharp pain struck her head. The girl wobbled on her feet and almost lost her balance until Dacol grabbed her by the arm and pulled her up and suggested her that she should go back to take a rest. The telepathic communication must be the reason her body felt so weak. She rubbed her head, as if to soothe the pain and both Dacol and Snow would return to where they originally came from.

Once she was in her room, she threw herself on the bed. She had no desire to take off her shoes nor change her outfit. Strands of cerulean hair were messily sprawled upon the white sheets of her bed as she rolled to the side and reminisced about what had happened. What was the danger it was talking about? While the girl laid bare on the bed, confused, she thought about these things and before she knew, her mind had dragged her into the oblivion of sleep.


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