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The Drunk | Solo

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#1Venus Rosé 

The Drunk | Solo Empty Mon May 08, 2017 5:05 pm

Venus Rosé


Quest: Remove The Drunk

Rank: D

Type: Good

Requirements: None

Enil Issir: With black bags under his eyes Enil sweeps the curb in front of his bar every morning at 6AM. The tall brown haired barman doesn't take crap from anyone. He has a tough guy face and is visibly muscled, picking a fight with him seems like a bad idea. He got in trouble a few years ago because of gambling, but has since fixed that habit.

Summary: Enil is generally pretty friendly with Mitya. He can usually tolerate the man’s drunken rants. However, it’s gotten to the point where Enil can’t ignore Mitya’s outrageous behavior. He’s worried about the man, and his presence in his bar is driving other customers away. He needs someone to make it clear to Mitya that he can no longer come into his bar until he has shaped up his attitude, as Mitya never listens to him.

Mitya Noran: Mitya's bar is across the street from Enil's. He has no particular reason for it, but he really hates Enil. Being very childish, he is easily antagonized by even Enil's kind words directed at him. Mitya enjoys killing time by going to his competition's bar and complaining about the beverages they serve. He can go on for hours when drunk, speaking of his childhood, his lovelife, talking on and on about really, nothing. Beyond this, he is very passionate about the wellbeing of his mother despite the fact that she doesn't seem to feel the same way - which aggravates him.

Objective: Get Mitya out of the bar, and prevent him from coming back in.

Extra Rewards: None


  • Create a topic in Orchida Streets.
  • You will be sitting in Enil's bar, waiting for Mitya. Eventually, Mitya does end up showing up.
  • Enil has said that he wants to give Mitya the benefit of the doubt, and told you to only make Mitya leave if he causes a scene.
  • At first, the man seems to be doing fine, only grumbling a little, but as some time passes, he starts to get a little rowdy: It's time.
  • Talk to him, and try and get him to leave, if that doesn't work, lead him out. He is so drunk that he doesn't put much of a fight up.
  • Once he is out of the bar, he will try to get in, but you must block him from going back in, and make it clear he isn't welcome. He will eventually stumble away back to his home, and Enil will pay you for a job well done.

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The Drunk | Solo Empty Tue May 09, 2017 1:06 pm

Venus Rosé

The bells that were hung up on the door chimed the moment a young girl entered the bistro, her blue hair sailing behind her like a kite. It was no other than Snowflake, a fellow Blue Pegasus mage. Eyes were fixed on her as she approached towards the bar, some ogling at her assets and her slender frame but Snow ignored all the hawkish gazes upon her. The girl seated herself on a stool and clasped her hands in front of her. Soon, a man would stand in front of her, staring down at her while he cleaned the empty glasses with a dirty cloth. He was tough and bulky with muscles protruding from his arms and chest. ”I suppose you’re Enil. I’m Snow, the one you hired.” She introduced herself, her dead eyes staring back at the man that stood before her.

Enil broke into a huge grin. ”You’re early. He won’t be here in a while.” He informed her and stowed the clean glass away in the cabinet behind him. ”Do you want any drinks?”
”Just a basic Bloody Mary.” She answered in response after thinking what drink she should try out. Snow never liked to consume booze but every once in a while, she would have a very light drink that had almost little to none alcohol in it. After a while, a glass would be placed in front of her, filled with a liquid as red as blood and ice to keep the drink cold. A slice of lemon and some leaves were decorated at the edge of the glass and she would remove them before taking a sip on the drink from the plastic straw.

Normally, Snow would not try out alcoholic drinks but this time, it was different. The drink was much tastier than she had expected although she was taken aback by how cold it was on her tongue. It had a slight bitter taste of alcohol in the drink but she thought it was what made the drink unique from the simple ones she had tried before. She had been waiting for a particular man to arrive the bistro and it appeared that the man had been causing trouble at Enil’s work. The identity of the man was, of course, unknown to her. Before she knew, her drink was already empty and if she wanted, she could have ordered a second one but the sudden remark from Enil caused her to turn around from her seat.

”Here he comes.”

Much to her surprise, the person who she was in charge to take care of had been one of her clients previously. ”Mitya?” She asked out of confusion, although the man barely even noticed her. Mitya had hired her a few days ago to take care of his mother but now she was responsible of driving him out of the bar. ”…Enil!” He roared and forced his way towards the bar. He staggered in his steps and bumped into tables, only to receive a mocking laughter from the audience.


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The Drunk | Solo Empty Wed May 10, 2017 12:59 am

Venus Rosé

The scent of alcohol lingered in the air, stronger each passing second as Mitya approached the bar. He does not seem to notice her presence but only to rant out at Enil for some reason. Snow watched him struggle to keep his balance on his two feet while he swayed left and right in his steps, his arms flimsy. Mitya settled himself on a random seat at the bar and cursed in dismay, ”Go get another drink for me! You damn bastard.” Enil, who seemed to have been tolerating his drunken rants began making a drink for him, one that he preferred in fact. By his actions, it was apparent that the two men had been good friends although Mitya was the one who ruined the relationship with his senseless behaviour.

Mitya would gulped down the drink that Enil had placed in front of him before spitting it out of his mouth. ”Bleh. Your drinks are terrible! My bar is way better!” He shouted. Glares of the customers were fixed on Mitya and it was obvious that they did not enjoy his unpleasant company. Despite how he kept complaining about the beverages, he finished his drink either way and ranted about how his love life sucked. He continued to grumble about how his ex-wife left him for another man and how no girl was interested in him back in his younger days. It was not surprising for her since she believed that no woman would want to live together with a crazy alcoholic.

At first, the customers did not seem to mind his drunken rants however, Mitya began to get rowdy after a couple more drinks and knocked down the glasses on the counter. They landed with a crash on the hard ground and now, Enil was pissed. He was not going to let Mitya have his way and cause trouble at his work place anymore. Seeing this, Snow suggested that she would handle it and left the customers up to Enil. ”Mitya.” She began, reaching over his shoulder to calm him down. The man slapped her hand away and it appeared that Mitya still could not remember her. She couldn’t blame him, for he was entirely wasted. Snow tried again and this time, she forced him to face her and he would begin to inspect her through sleepy eyes. ”…Aren’t you…the girl that took care of my mother? The hell are you doing here?” He spat with a few hiccups interrupting his sentence.

”To get you out of here.” She compelled him up the seat and across the room. It would have been harder if he had resisted but since he was extremely drunk, he had no choice but to be dragged out of the bistro. ”What are you doing here? Your mother will be worried.” She helped him back up on his feet and he would finally quiet down as if he was reflecting on his own actions. ”Enil asked me to tell you that you’re not allowed to enter his bar unless you change your attitude.” The man nodded in response and apologized before staggering back to his own apartment.


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