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The Blue Sky [Snow & Chel]

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#1Akiva Xerxes 

The Blue Sky [Snow & Chel] Empty Sun May 07, 2017 11:27 am

Akiva Xerxes
Right he was now in Orchidia and not more lost than before, since that wasn't possible anymore. He stared at Hazael, no idea what the two of them needed to do, nothing more but search for answers. His mind looking at the buildings while he held on to the duffle bag. He was wearing a black t-shirt that showed the Blue Pegasus Insignia on his Right shoulderblade. It more looked like as if he was on his way to the gym with this shirt yet he was wearing jeans, so it was fine, right? It was too hot today to walk in his jacket and well he had been walking from Crocus to here so he better go and find a place to refresh, drink something.

Orchidia wasn't bigger than Crocus yet he felt confused, so many people in the same places. Which made him uncomfortable because he didn't like crowds that much, now he was a tall guy so he could easily get over the uncomfort feeling but he tried to spot a place that wasn't that busy, most people sat outside, so he could probably go inside. He even got a paper with information about the town, ridiculous but useful at the same time. He hadn't talked to people for a long time that it made him more focused on his solitude, he only liked talking to Hazael but he avoided doing that in public. Apart from that, he only liked places now where his companion was allowed to enter.

Finally the heat and the travelling was enough for him so he entered a place where he decided to take something cold to drink, something like ice tea or so would do good. Inside there was no one but him at the moment, he turned his back on the door, people would probably leave him alone as long as they were able to see the Blue Pegasus insignia, so they wouldn't think he was some sort of thief or bad character, he at least hoped.

#2Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé


Beyond The Sun & Stars

”I don’t like this heat.”

Snow mumbled under her breath, her stormy eyes apparent of her distaste in the weather while she fanned herself too cool down. The wet roots of her blue hair stick to her sweaty neck and her clothes clung to her body like a child to a mother as harsh gales blew through the vicinity. Her vulpix was in her arms cuddled up against her chest and from how drained her companion looked, she did not seem to be enjoying the weather either. Beads of sweat glistened on her forehead, and everyone else’s. A wave of colour flushed onto her cheeks due to the sweltering heat as she wiped the perspiration off her face with her forehand.

The streets of Orchidia were bizarre and loud, although not as much as Magnolia or Crocus, with swirls and eddies of people wandering about on the cobblestones that were paved on the roads. A horde of people were gathered at the centre of the town to watch a magic show as they ’ooh’ and ’aah’ at the tricks that were not too impressive for her, a young girl demanding her beau to purchase some street food for her and adolescents yelling and cheering some nonsense at an open café, much to a great disapproval from the other customers.

Due to the growing heat, Snow decided to take a shelter somewhere and perhaps, rest for a while before she set out explore the town again. It has only been a few days since she arrived in Orchidia and she has still yet to discover the city. Across an ice cream stall, there was a small bistro that had attracted her attention. Snow was always picky about cafés and she would not enter one unless it suited her taste. Through the glass windows, she inspected the interior of the store. The store did not have a lot customers during the time and it appeared tranquil enough for her to take a breather or so.

The door creaked open and a figure stood before her as she waited in line to order a drink or a small snack. The person was much taller than her, at least a foot above her to be precise and his physique was muscular and well-built. Silver pools would glide down his structure until it landed on a familiar emblem – Blue Pegasus. A member?, the thought crossed her mind. ”You’re from Blue Pegasus as well.” She began, her voice flat and emotionless. When the man turn around, he would see a petite girl staring up at him with a white fox in her arms.

#3Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric felt sunrays on his face and turned around to not feel them anymore. The cool atmosphere from the night was abruptly pulled away for the heat of the day as he was waking up slightly. As he turned on his side a small orange creature named scraggy fell on the ground next to him. Scraggy opened his eyes and pushed Chelvaric back on his back and crawled in his original place before sleeping further. Chelvaric slowly opened his eyes as the sun was poking his face with needles of light. He yawned big and his hooky teeth were very visible. He had scraped his hook teeth into more feline looking ones to be more cat-like. He always did his best to look like a cat as good as he could. He stretched out and pushed off scraggy as he sat up to see the city in all its glory stretching in front of him as he was sleeping on top of the church. The highest point in the city.

“Why are you waking up already let me sleep!” Scraggy nagged at Chelvaric. As he was waking up as well and rubbing his back from the second fall. “aren’t you supposed to be a demon? I didn’t think a little fall would hurt you.”,Chelvaric said very sleepily to scraggy to sleepy to really hear the angry tone in Scraggy’s voice. The heat was blaring down on Chelvarics naked skin. While his back was still a bit cool because of his long hair his front muscular body was drained in sweat and was shining really hard. “Now that were awake anyway let's get something cold to drink to cool off.”, Chelvaric said as he jumped on his feet all bright awake. Scraggy crawled up sleepy and walked after Chelvaric.

Chelvaric slid on the slope of the roof and jumped off the roof before he would fell to his death. He landed his feet against the opposite wall and bounced between the walls till he dropped on the ground. Scraggy dropped behind them and they started walking through the sweaty heat filled streets that were filled with heated human bodies of Orchedias citizens. After a short walk, they arrived at a little café that looked a nice place to drink. While he was looking through the windows he recognized the pale blue hair color from miles away. He opened the door and walked up to snow his one and dearest friend in Blue Pegasus. “”Snow, it been a while.  How are you?”, Chelvaric said to her back while scraggy was rolling his eyes

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#4Akiva Xerxes 

The Blue Sky [Snow & Chel] Empty Thu May 11, 2017 12:44 pm

Akiva Xerxes
While he was miming over what he would order, he heard someone behind him, asking if he was a Blue Pegasus member. He turned around to look at the female that had spoken to him, he had to look a bit down because she was rather petite, having blue hair too, only a different shade of colour than his, he now realized that she hadn't asked a question but she stated it. She also didn't looked like she was asking a question. Before he could answer, someone else came in and stared to talk to the person in front of him. He wasn't sure what he had to say, it was impolite to not answer the girl. "That's right." He turned to look at the male that came in to. Hazael didn't seem to be enthusiast about him but the Growlithe didn't show anything in first glance, Akiva just noticed because he knew Hazael.

He quickly turned his attention back to the girl, he gave her a smile because well polite to do. He had noticed she had said as well, that would mean specifically that she knew someone that was a Blue Pegasus as well and he would think she mostly meant herself, since he didn't know, he would have to ask. "You said as well, does this mean that you are a member of Blue Pegasus as well?" It would make sense, she was a beauty after all, not that Blue Pegasus was only about that but he saw it as a main reason. His blue eyes shifted shortly to the other guy that had arrived, maybe he was one too?

#5Venus Rosé 

The Blue Sky [Snow & Chel] Empty Mon May 15, 2017 1:45 am

Venus Rosé


Beyond The Sun & Stars

The man turned around, gazing down at her with his blue eyes, his height much taller than hers that she was required to strain her neck to stare up at him. Snow took in the appearance of the man and confirmed that he was, indeed, an attractive man; with looks that could stop any girl in their tracks. Sharp jawline, straight nose, eyes fused with a diversity of colours, she wondered if he was used to the sudden pause in a person’s natural expression when they looked at his way, followed by a nonchalant gaze and a weak smile. Yet, the features on her face strangely remained the same while she thought about those things. After all, she was a woman almost without any expressions.

The man was a Blue Pegasus mage, just like her and Snow would nod in response to his question. A familiar voice called out for her name and as she turned around, she was greeted by the sight of Chelvaric walking towards her. ”What a coincidence, Chel. I’m good, as always.” She stated, not bothering to return the question back to him. Vysella perked up her ears and neck when she heard the voice of Chelvaric, although her eyes were mainly fixed on Scraggy – Chelvaric’s companion. Snow had never seen Vysella so interested in someone else other than herself and Snow that she was almost taken aback by her reaction.

After the man had made his order, Snow proceeded on continuing hers. ”Could I have a chocolate milkshake, please?” The girl paused, thinking about what she should include in her order next. ”And, also those chocolate eclairs.” She pointed at the pastries located inside the shelves that displayed different kinds of desserts. ”As fellow Blue Pegasus mages, would you mind if we sit together?” She glanced up at the the blue-haired man, the colour a few shades lighter than hers.

The young maiden finished her little snack rather faster than she had expected, for she had enjoyed the food so far. She loved the cream that filled up the eclairs exploding inside her mouth and the sweetness of the dessert would linger on her tongue. After she was done, the girl gently patted her stomach, satisfied with whatever meal she had bought and stood up on her feet. "I suppose it's time for me to leave. I'm sure we'll meet again soon, Akiva." With that, she departed the store in hope to search for something that might attract her attention.


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#6Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric looked at snow as she looked as cute as ever. Even though she didn’t show any emotion when he asked her something he knew that somewhere deep in that iced heart she did care that he was here. It seemed scraggy was acting a bit cool and made a flair around him when snow’s Vulpix looked at him. He wasn’t the sort of guy to boast off like that. Yeah, he was arrogant but he was not egocentric. Or maybe he was a bit though. He smiled to snow and nodded to her that he was all right. She didn’t ask but he knew she would know what he means if he did something like that. He looked at the tall guy behind her. He had to look up a bit as he was way taller than Chelvaric. Eh, he probably did well with the girls since they were always biased toward tall guys. Gender inequality he called it, Such discrimination. It seemed the man was also a Blue Pegasus as after snow had ordered her food she asked if they would all sit together.

“Of course we shall snack together.”, Chelvaric said and pulled a chair back for snow before he went to order his own food. He was thinking deep on what to get. He wasn’t a super dessert fan, but he ordered the velvet sundae. Then for a drink, he would try something new as he loved trying new kinds of stuff. “Give me the berry blast with exotic surprise!”, he said to the clerk behind the counter and he waited proudly on his drink. Which was purple with black dots in it. He took the glass with a purple straw and his velvet sundae and sat down next to snow. “So what are all of you doing here in Orchidia and you I didn’t catch your name yet how long have you been in blue Pegasus?” he said to them

The Blue Sky [Snow & Chel] HVEbuMl

#7Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric looked at his clock. He forgot something important he felt it. Oh no he had a doctors appointment! That wasn’t good. Why wasn’t he there when he made an appointment! “oh sorry guy’s it looks like I can’t eat with you. I forgot I have an appointment with the doctor!”, Chelvaric said to them in a hurry. “I hope you two at least can eat together ill catch up with you all when I get back from the doctor!”, Chelvaric said while he ran out of the door into the streets of Orchidia. He didn’t want to leave snow with some random stranger on a one on one eating. But then again she was emotionless so it wouldn’t be that much of a worry.


The Blue Sky [Snow & Chel] HVEbuMl

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