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Crocus To Magnolia | Foot Travel

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#1Venus Rosé 

Crocus To Magnolia | Foot Travel Empty Fri Apr 14, 2017 2:04 pm

Venus Rosé

The weather was perfect; much warmer than the previous days in Crocus. Beige curtains that were draped against the window blew in at one end and out the other like pale flags. Snow gave a one last scan of her room to make sure she hasn’t forgotten anything before locking her luggage and strode out her hotel room. ”Thanks for the stay.” she locked eyes with the recipient, with a hint of a small smile and passed her a set amount of jewels. She had stayed at Crocus much longer than she had expected and thus, she decided to leave the town to explore more of the other places and perhaps, meet new people.

There was still a single place left to visit before she departs the town – Batra’s Inn. The owner of the inn and Snow had bonded really well after Batra hired her temporarily to play a part as a chef in their kitchen. After the little mission, Snow had been visiting Batra ever since and even considered him as her uncle. The bells chimed as soon as she entered the inn and the scent of liquor wafted into her nose. She noticed Batra smiling towards her upon her entrance, however, the moment he saw her luggage the smile had already turned into a slight frown. ”Eh, are you leaving already?” he asked.  
”Sorry, Batra. I just wanted to say goodbye to you before I leave.” She grasped his big, warm hand into hers and squeezed it lightly. ”Take care. I’ll see you again soon.” They said their goodbyes as she promised to visit the inn again when she returns for Crocus.

Magnolia was her destination. She read from the books and heard from numerous people along the streets that it was a lively and a beautiful town and is currently a home to one of the famous guilds – Fairy Tail. With her luggage dragged behind her, she weaved through the crowds, edging through the dense flow of people. Snow realised, once she leaves the town, she probably won’t see any place like this before, not a city that would have as many beautiful flowers as Crocus – a city brimming with knights and nobles.


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