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The Sunny Beaches.. [Travel]

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The Sunny Beaches.. [Travel] Empty Sun Apr 02, 2017 6:35 pm

Geb was almost there - Hargeon! Soon he would finally be able to have a pleasant vacation. Having got off the train, Geb would make no wasted time and headed straight on the path to Hargeon. Perhaps first he'd dine, or maybe book himself in at a hotel. He'd figure it out when he got there, he supposed.

Walking down the short path, Geb found himself at Hargeon. He took a deep breath in as he entered the seaside city. Wow, this was looking great! Perhaps he really would enjoy this vacation to the maximum.. he looked around, a wide smile on his face as though he was a child in a candy store.

He was here.



The Sunny Beaches.. [Travel] BORZAPv

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