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Mag to Era on Foot

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#1Kazumi Kiseki 

Mag to Era on Foot Empty Wed Mar 22, 2017 11:09 pm

Kazumi Kiseki

•Kazumi Kiseki•

With what a long journey her original trip to Magnolia was, back when she first joined the guild, Kazumi felt like she had just been on the road days before, even though in reality, it had already been nearly a month. This time, she was on her way to Era, the home of the magic council. There were some quests back at the Fairy Tail guild Hall that needed to take place in this other town, and the young Crystal mage felt as though this was the best time to actually go. Luckily, Era wasn't too far away, and since she left in the morning, the trip would only take a couple of days by foot. It also helped that there was a distinct road from  Mag that she could take.  Because of this, the journey was a simple one, Though lonely. Kazumi was not a fan on traveling alone, but at least she could say hi to the people who passed her by either on foot or by mount. Before she new it, she was seeing the outskirts of Era, finally making it to this new city that she had never seen before. Here was hoping for bight new adventures ahead.

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Mag to Era

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