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The Holy Capital Bores Me [Travel: Crocus --> Orchidia]

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#1Daiko Flayme 

The Holy Capital Bores Me [Travel: Crocus --> Orchidia] Empty Sat Mar 11, 2017 6:05 pm

Daiko Flayme
“Okay, Coda!” the firebird mage called upon his feathered companion, “You can come down now! We’re heading out!” The raptor made its way onto Daiko’s shoulder, before he settled his look at the gate. Crocus had been fun, perhaps funnier than he expected. However, a world awaited his curious mind, and the next city that came to mind was Orchidia. Looking back at the capital, Daiko waved to the buildings and gave his farewell to the surroundings. He was too eager to meet the next surroundings that his feet already made it pass the gate…

The two ‘birds’ made their way across the woods that populated the areas between cities, Daiko’s eyes rolling around and looking at every wonder. The nature gave such a blessing harmony to him that the urban areas couldn’t give him. Too bad that his magic wasn’t quite the close friend to the forest… oh well, back to the track! Apparently, the roads weren’t as deserted as one might think. Remember, this country was quite civilized, and people weren’t absent anywhere except in more vast parts. Daiko didn’t care about any of that, because his thoughts were somewhere else. They always were, nailed right at what his eyes were laid upon…

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