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#1Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
It’d been a while since Daiko had met his guild. A world-striving guy like him acted and lived like some nomad; walking from place to place and eating up what could be found in each town. Heck, if he ever remembered, then he only ever met his guild like twice... or maybe less. That had to be dealt with, obviously. Many things could go wrong with the guild and his connection to it - maybe they would miss him too much? Or perhaps go on a rampage to find him and punish him for living his life? At least he took quests here and there for them, but he felt an even greater need to rejoin with his guildmates. Something that wasn’t able to be expressed…

Obviously, he thought of them expecting something from him due to his long journey, so today was the day of training! That was why you would be able to spot him outside of the walls of Crocus, the capital of Fiore that he was visiting at the moment. There, Coda began soaring around his head in excitement. “I know, I know, it’ll be so cool if this succeeds!” he assured it while holding up his clenched fists, “Okay, I’ve come up with an idea… all that I have to do now is make it real!” His eyes quickly switched focus towards the large rock in front of him; I had a good enough size to be his sparring dummy. He slowly pulled back his head due to the force of inhaling so much air, in which his lungs and gums widened. With a quick move, he let out the air that contained several, small bullets of… saliva. Apparently, the first try was never a reality for the fire wizard as he moped over the result. “…” He quickly shook his head a moment later, “It’ll work! Do you believe in that, Coda?” The strange raptor cried in return, assuring Daiko of it. “Then there’s nothing more to that,” he continued, while facing the large rock again. Nothing had appeared on it for now, though, but that wouldn’t decrease his excitement at all.

Although, on his tenth try, he spotted what looked to be small impacts on the rock. Small, almost invisible craters on the wall were visible. As soon as his eyes spotted them, he cried: “Improvement! I told you that it would happen, Coda!” The bird would cry again in honor of his development, while the fire mage yet focused on the wall. He did something this time to cause his wished ability… a good size of areal was to be covered with small embers that erupted from his lungs, that was his idea. His lungs felt a little dizzy, though, and he stretched up to release the strain. “Ahh… breathe in, breathe out,” he began repeating in silence, quite surprised that none from the city had passed him yet, “… Okay. That was enough; let’s continue.” Thus, he focused on the rock again and remembered what he did last time; slowly breathing in, he collected the air from the surroundings. Inside his lungs, mana would ignite the air slowly, and as he exhaled, then the ignites would quickly form into what looked like small embers of fire. They struck the rock almost simultaneously and with a good area as well. Even more small holes were visible now. “Hehe, this is great!” he commented, “I’m getting closer and closer to mastering it..!”

Another moment later, and you could see Daiko hanging on a branch out of boredom; he was trying to regain his focus and goal again. That began to ignite pictures in his mind as he noticed the downfall of several leaves from the tree; each leaf was an individual, and all leaves created the duvet that covered the ground. It reminded him of his spell, in which he had just the right thought to finish the training! Landing on the ground again, he began breathing heavily as he noticed that the rock was having quite a lot of holes in it. The embers did something, but it wasn’t done yet. They had to be bigger than that. “Breathe in…” he spoke as he did just as spoken, while pictures of the descending leaves filled his lungs. Then, he exhaled all the leaves out - the idea of having leaves in his lungs was obviously a mere imagination - and the result was pleasant. A large volley of fire bullets, each sturdy enough to drill into the boulder a little, was fired. What he saw before him was a successful development of a spell, a new spell that he would call Fierce Bullet Volley…

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