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The Search For The Temple [Descend Into The Abyss CQ | Yumi]

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The Search For The Temple [Descend Into The Abyss CQ | Yumi] Empty Fri Feb 10, 2017 7:12 pm

Yumi awoke to find herself standing just outside the entrance to the worth wood sea, her companion Venom had followed her from Oak, never once leaving her side. It seemed the elderly woman had been sleeping walking for the last few days only to awake now in the middle of the night outside the deep forest. The old woman had been received dreams over the last couple of weeks of a strange temple that called out to her through her connection to the Dark God Malum, the so-called evil one. A dark chaotic God she had worshipped since she was a little child. Yumi had been raised by an Apostle of Malum, one of few who remained. Her father had raised her in the ways of Malum teaching her scriptures, law and to be worthy of the God she had dedicated her life to.

For the seventy-five years she had lived, Yumi had sacrificed many in the name of her god, allowing their blood to give him power. From the scriptures she had read from the Malum religion was one that had many followers but the numbers had dwindled greatly when Malum's followers were discovered and annihilated by the Holy Knights. Malum's power came from the sacrifices made in his name, and the blood sacrificed to him by those killed by his worshippers. Many had risen to worship Malum in her time only to be stomped into the ground by Holy Knights. She was one of few who had survived, living on for many years attempting to help her God reclaim his strength.

Now it seemed Malum had finally recovered enough power, just enough to deliver a message to her, sending her dreams of a Temple dedicated to the worship of Malum. Her Lord and saviour wanted her to find the temple, for what reason she would only know upon finding it, to do so she needed to journey into the Worth Wood Sea.

Yumi made her way down the path, coming to a stop the moment she entered the forest. The old woman was feeling hungry. First, she would eat before finding the temple. In her trance-like state, she had avoided her hunger, but now her stomach was rumbling something fierce.  Yumi surveyed the forest, finding a large boar the size of a horse in the distance, it would do nicely. Yumi sped forth moving at six meters per second catching the boar by surprise. Yumi flicked her right wrist before flexing her muscles allowing mana to course through her veins empowering her physical strength, almost doubling it. Yumi gave a battle cry as she grabbed the Boar by its tusks and flipped it over her shoulder slamming it into the ground hard. The boar cried out in pain, but Yumi continued leaping up into the air and bringing her foot down into its throat with enough force to snap its neck, with a twist of her foot.

Yumi then started setting up a camp fire, using rocks she could find, and breaking branches off trees. She grabbed to sticks and began rubbing them together using friction to spark flames which she used to start a fire. She then put together a spit tearing off a piece of the boars front right leg and cooked it up, but not before removing, making sure to cook it properly. When it was ready she tore a piece off for Venom who ate it happily. Yumi tore into the boar leg to satisfy her hunger. When she was done she put the fire out, leaving behind the dead boar for scavengers.

Yumi began her adventure, starting to explore the forest. She followed her instincts as they cried out to her. She travelled deep into the forest, every time she went in the wrong direction something inside would tell her to turn around, pointing out the real path for her. Venom followed watching his master with a curious gaze, unsure of just what she was doing.

Yumi used her strength to tear trees out of her path as she went deeper into the forest looking for the temple. Yumi leapt over a ravine that blocked her path, grabbing the edge and pulled herself up as she ran off. Anytime a monster go in her path she disposed of it with brutal force tearing it to pieces and discarding the body. The moon's light illuminated her path as she continued trekking finally approaching a darker area of the forest, it seemed to be excreting a dark aura. Yumi's magic went wild at the feel, as if jumping for joy. A dark sinister smile began to form on Yumi's lips, she could feel herself getting closer.

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The Search For The Temple [Descend Into The Abyss CQ | Yumi] Empty Fri Feb 10, 2017 10:40 pm

Yumi trekked down the path, pushing the undergrowth of the worth woodsea forest aside. The forest had long since blocked the light of the moon, consuming Yumi in the darkness of the forest in the middle of the night. One would be called crazy for walking through a forest at night especially with the Worth Woodsea. Yumi stepped out a fallen tree, her crimson gaze glaring through the darkness that surrounded her barely able to see six feet in front of her, though she could not see an unseen force was guiding Yumi through the forest towards her destination, the Temple of Malum.

Yumi came to a halt as she heard the sound of something whistling through the air. She turned towards the source, eyes watching as a log came flying through the air on vines. Yumi prepared her stance and brought right fist forward slamming it into the middle of the logs side. The log groaned and cracked before coming to a halt and landing on the ground in front of her with a loud thud. It seemed the forest may have a number of old traps in place, she says old as the ropes holding the log were quite frail, fraying along the ropes entire length.

Yumi dusted her hands off and continued walking along her path, keeping an eye out for any other traps, but being that it was night it would be difficult. Yumi rubbed her chin as she moved deeper into the forest, she could feel herself getting closer to the temple, how? Because the call that was reaching out to her was getting stronger, the rage she normally kept bottled was trying to burst open in the presence of her lord. Yumi forced her emotions down sealing them up tight, no need for them to be released now.

Yumi came to a halt, there was a number of rising steps in front of her. Yumi took a step forward, the moment he foot touched the first step an arrow went flying towards her. Yumi's eyes narrowed as she quickly stepped to the right allowing the arrow to shoot past her. Yumi returned to walking up the steps rising up higher and higher to the top of a dark plateau consumed in a thick purple mist. Yumi flared her magic allowing it to burst open with the force of an exploding dam. Her magic exploded outwards forcing the mist aside as it consumed the area revealing to Yumi a decaying stone Temple.

Before Yumi was the Temple of Malum, but it clearly had seen better days. The stone was chipped and some pillar were broken, it would need some repairs done immediately to be back in tip top shape. Yumi took a step forward, her gaze cast upon the temple. With each step closer she felt her body burning, a desire for wanting to enter the temple. A whisper telling her if she was to enter she would receive what she had been after for all these years. Without another thought Yumi approached entering the temple, her familiar Venom following after.

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The Search For The Temple [Descend Into The Abyss CQ | Yumi] FIXCi2K
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