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Calling for Snow

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#1Tenshi † 

Calling for Snow Empty Mon Jan 30, 2017 9:01 pm

Tenshi †
Just like that, he was back. The brick walkways and the smooth buildings that starkly contrasted all the nature that lead up to it. Crocus was a testament to the tenacity of man, and their ability to take what was and create images of what could be in reality. Once, long ago, there were trees in this spot. Animals other than humans made that spot their home, and the amount of change that happened through the eons was enough to ensure that there was likely something before the trees. Whether that was magma or open field, maybe even just other trees, no one could say for certain.

Now, though, any proof of what was had been lost in the annals of time. Recorded on paper that was likely produced using those same trees. It wasn't necessarily something to get upset about, simply something that had to be understood. When one wanted to usher in the new, the old must be cleared away. The new could only be built on the foundation that was set before it. That was how the world worked, from cities to people.

Not everything changed. Some things were the same. The spot itself had not changed. It was the same relative patch of land that it had always been, no more or less than it ever was. Only what people could see had truly changed. It brought about the question- When one desired change, how much could remain the same to allocate room for the different?

The thoughts were deeper than Finn had truly dove before. His own processing of this information might not have been in these exact words, but they were no less astounding. The feeling of growth was still present. The aspiration to change was still there. The level of change was equivalent to any amount of eloquence or lack thereof. What, though, was it that he needed to change?

Planning ahead would probably do him good, however that was something about Finn that wasn't likely to change quite yet. He didn't know what he wanted to do to start his change, and making plans without knowledge wouldn't get him anywhere. That much, at the very least, he was certain of.

A smile touched his lips. He was back on a bench, randomly chosen from the plethora of seats that hat been placed throughout the streets. In front of him, quite some distance, was a fountain that was placed in the middle of a large empty area. There were a few street vendors selling odd goods and foods. Near by, stores were bustling with customers. The sun was high, and the people were in the full swing of enjoying their days.

Yet there sat Finn, on a single seat all alone. Jake had gone off to handle some of his own business, leaving Finn to explore his own thoughts. All he could wonder was where he'd be going from there-

And it was terrifying.

Calling for Snow D09aavQ
#2Venus Rosé 

Calling for Snow Empty Tue Jan 31, 2017 6:48 pm

Venus Rosé


Beyond The Sun & Stars

The harsh gales of Crocus blew through the land, whisking away strands of cerulean hair that framed her pale face. Silver pools ran along the lines written on the brittle yellow pages of the novel that she had been reading, with her brows creased into the middle of her forehead in concentration. The young maiden released a long sigh and flipped over the remaining page of the book before shifting her attention back to the bustling crowd. The end of the book had brought her back to reality and Snow failed to realize she had been sitting on the bench for over 5 hours, completely engrossed in the novel. ”What a shame.” she murmured to none other than herself, a silver of emotion in those cool eyes and her features solemn by the fact that a novel she had come to enjoy was finally over. She stowed away the book in her bag and her eyes darted across the streets of Crocus that had became so congested over the past few hours.

Farmers and street vendors stood beside their wagons, bellowing out, “Apples, the best apples, cheap at twice the price”, and, “Melons, sweet as honey.” The sun mercilessly shone down on the town and the clouds filled up the empyreans above. Beads of sweat glistened on everyone’s forehead and faces turned flushed due to the heat. Some held a hand against their forehead to shield themselves from the sun, others made fans out of newspapers and magazines. There was not a single empty space between the stalls. For a brief moment, the maiden continued to watch the actions of random strangers that walked past her. Pushing herself off the bench, Snow grabbed the bag and draped it over her shoulder and slid past the crowd.

The umbrella protected her from the blazing heat as she strolled towards the fountain that was right across her. The marble stones that adorned the fountain itself glistened underneath the sunlight and the sound of water gushing out from the fountain filled her ears. There was a saying that if a coin was thrown into the fountain, their wishes would come true. Perhaps Snow was foolish enough to heed the old sayings. She fetched a coin that was lying around in her bag and closed her eyes before tossing it into the water. The water that splashed from the weight of the coin soaked her heels barely and watched as her wish sank towards the bottom of the fountain.

#3Tenshi † 

Calling for Snow Empty Tue Jan 31, 2017 8:16 pm

Tenshi †
His watching of the fountain had continued over time, and he had found himself engrossed in it. There was no make or pattern of the water. It was simply an umbrella of clear liquid, launched just high enough in the air to fall back down in a blanketing pattern. He couldn't help but start to wonder whether or not he should start moving, to head to another location in the attempt to find something to do.

Before the decision was finalized within his own head, there was a change in scenery. His constant monitoring of the fountain had actually turned fruitful, something he couldn't have expected. Before him stood a member of his guild- A member of his team, even.

He knew her only as Snowflake. She had been at the meeting, a person in his guild that he had only met that one time when they were first forming. She was easy to remember, her long sky blue hair with eyes silver. Her skin was as fair as her namesake, and she was quite the beautiful woman, though then again all the women within Blue Pegasus could claim such.

Standing and realizing how contracted his muscles had become, Finn quickly reached as high as he could to stretch his muscles. Bending his back and extending his legs fully, he quickly loosened himself up before walking up to Snow, coming behind her at an angle. Taking a wider arc than necessarily was needed, he made sure that she could easily glance over and see him before he was directly on top of her.

"Hey, Snowflake. How's it been?"

Enough time had passed that Baska wasn't the only thing on his mind anymore. Seeing someone familiar, even if only hardly so, was a relief. It was someone that he could relate to, someone with a commonality with him. It was a nice way to start stepping out of his miniature depression. His face was already showing the lightness he could now feel. A smile, eyes sparkling with the light being reflected off the water- He was truly happy to be in the presence of someone he knew.

Calling for Snow D09aavQ
#4Venus Rosé 

Calling for Snow Empty Thu Feb 02, 2017 9:58 pm

Venus Rosé


Beyond The Sun & Stars

Her chain of thoughts was interrupted by a familiar voice that reached into her restless mind as she lifted up her gaze, that was concealed by the shade of her umbrella. Snow shifted her body slightly, just enough for herself to glance over her shoulder to see someone very unexpected. Her lips parted in surprise before the ends of her lips twitched into a small smile. ”Hello Finn. It’s nice to see you again.” she spoke, wrapping her fingers around the straps of her bag over her shoulder.  The first time she had met Finn was at the Artisan’s building when the team was established and she figured he was a kind gentleman full of smiles, with an approachable demeanor.

Strands of blue hair slipped past her shoulder, her umbrella tilted over her head an angle and revealed the soft features that adorned her face. ”There hasn’t been much going on for me lately.” She paused briefly as silver pools crossed over the gaze of gold, fused with diversity. ”What about you?” It is a rare sight for her to be engaging in conversations with people due to her reserved nature, which is why she remains alone most of the time. Snow had always been known as a cold-hearted person, whose eyes are similar to those of a dead corpse, or so people would say. Nonetheless, she made no comments to whoever made snide remarks about her appearance or her personality. Despite her bratty attitude, Snow knew her manners at the least, and often shows her gentle side to her friends.  

”Would you like to go eat for lunch, as a celebration of our reunion perhaps?” she tilted her head to the side and directed her question towards Finn. ”I could listen to the stories of your recent activities as well.”

Note: Sorry, it's not that great of a post. ;w;

#5Tenshi † 

Calling for Snow Empty Fri Feb 10, 2017 8:46 pm

Tenshi †
Finn looked at her in silence for a few seconds. He didn't know what to tell her, or how to bring up the things in his mind. If she simply wanted stories, that could be done, but could he bring them out without blurting out the things in his head already? The ideas swarmed his mind like flies to a carcass, and he couldn't shoo them away no matter how he tried. As his mind tried to process exactly what he wanted to say, he opened his mouth to speak.

"I am going to be leaving Team Odyssey."

Fuck. That's not what he wanted to say. Still, he spoke it from the heart. It came out suddenly, but when he said those words it sounded right. Team Odyssey had been formed under the guidance of the guild master. The pretense of the guild had been for Alisa and Finn to help the other members along their own journeys, and to strengthen their bonds. Despite that, Finn and Alisa were most certainly expected to lead the group. With how things were now, though, Finn didn't feel confident leading anyone. He barely felt confident with himself.

His discomfort and confusion likely showed on his face, but true to himself he shrugged it off and gave her a smile. It held some genuine happiness to it, but the usual vibrant feeling that he gave off was nowhere to be found.

"Sorry, that probably came out of no where it's just... Things have happened I guess. I'd love lunch! I'll tell you all my stories, as long as you return the favor."

The two of them had never hung out alone, but then he hadn't really gotten alone time with any of his fellow guild members with few exceptions. The chance to get to know her, even if he would be leaving the team, was something that he was looking forward to. She could very well turn out to be his best friend in Blue Pegasus! At the very least he was confident that they could enjoy each others company.

"So where would you like to eat..?"

Calling for Snow D09aavQ

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